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"Michelle Rovinsky, 32, poses for a photograph while holding a Sig 556 patrol rifle and a M1 carbine in front of her guns collection at home in Tampa, Florida%22 (caption and photo courtesy

“During the trial it’s become clear that Pistorius is a man about as unhinged as as the barn door at Dorothy’s house after the tornado blew through. He took his gun with him to weddings, to restaurants, in his car. He slept with a gun beside his bed although most other people, even in a nation as dangerous as South Africa can be, did not. He took it out and waved it around, he fired it in public, he asked others to take the blame for him. He wanted more than the one gun that would surely be all you need to protect yourself – he ordered a pump-action shotgun, and a semi-automatic rifle, and cancelled the order only after Reeva died. Who needs a pump-action AND a semi-automatic? You’re either planning a killing spree, or your paranoia has reached the level of a padded cell and some tranquilisers.” – “Fleet Street Fox” in How do you get fewer gun-nuts? Fewer guns would be a start [via]

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  1. Wow, and here I thought he was a legitimate “gun nut” when all he was is a wannabe “gun nut”. Oh, and a murderer. Can’t leave that out!

    Wonder what “Fleet Street Fox” would think of my EDC habits? Or the number of accessible loaded weapons there are in my home?

    • I know they would not approve of my EDC habits. I’ve done everything they listed as heinous.

      Well, except the waving the gun around and blaming other people.

      I frequently blam others for my flatulence, does that count?

    • Or the ordinary hunter, that likes to go hunting both ducs and deers, he most be ready to occopy the vacent cell next to Hannibal Lecter 😉

    • He is doing it wrong, I SLEEP with my gun and I own VARIOUS Semi-Auto’s AND a pump action shotgun.
      If he’s a gun nut…I am a gun fanatic super ultra nutter supreme insane hyper crazy assault commando.

    • Let’s see, the 6 or 7 loaded 1911 .45 around the house, a Kimberly or Ruger 1911 in my conceal carry 511 bag. Various rifles and shotguns in the safe. I’m not a gun fanatic, just well prepared if the power goes out.

  2. Why would you need a pair of athletic shoes, a pair of formal shoes, and a pair of high heels?
    I’m going to assume the author’s a liberal, so he obviously doesn’t own any workboots.

    • My response now to people who ask, “Why do you need more than one gun” is:

      -Why do you need more than one knife to cook? They’re just tools.

      Then if they ask, “Why do you need more than 5 or 6 guns?” I reply:

      -Why does anyone need more than one dog or cat?

  3. Bad journalism regarding a poor example of a gun owner. Pistouris being handicapped knew he could be a target for violence so daily carry was probably the only smart decision he made regarding firearms. I wasn’t there the night he shot and killed another human, but he didn’t follow simple gun rules if it was accidental “know your target”. There are lots of reasons people need both a semi auto and a pump action shotgun, a big reason would be how do you compete in 3 gun without 3 guns? I know UK journalism spitting false emotional anti propaganda.

  4. Who needs a pump-action AND a semi-automatic?

    Is this a rhetorical question?

    If he would have used his prosthetic as his weapon of choice than what would the article surmise?

    Another rhetorical question!

  5. Who needs a pump-action AND a semi-automatic?

    Such a bizarre question has to be coming from a place of complete ignorance.
    Considering the context of one being a rifle and the other a shotgun it’s even more bizarre.
    Like asking: who needs a ham sandwich AND a bicycle?

      • Who needs an apple and an orange?!?

        It’s… If they didn’t take time to thumb their nose at us they would have to accept how horrible their own country is. Pretty much the way it has been throughout history. Brits love to put on their superior hat and forget that nobody with half a brain cares what they think. We are talking about people that would point out how horrible slavery in the U.S. was but forget all about their hand in any of it and that little thing about mine workers being property of the mine owners.

    • “Like asking: who needs a ham sandwich AND a bicycle?” THIS has so much win dripping off of it you should have to file an EIR with the DEP!!!!!

    • It’s the Daily Mirror, which is the lowbrow end of the left-wing press (the Guardian’s for the entitled and educated lefties). Piers Morgan used to edit it, until he got caught running fake photographs on the front page and had to resign – which should give you a good idea of its provenance.

      Why does anyone need a pistol, a semi-automatic rifle *and* a shotgun? Well, one answer is because three-gun matches sound like really good fun, but the real answer is “none of your business”: if you’re lawfully enjoying your property while causing no harm or inconvenience to others, my only question about your firearm collection is “cool, can I try some of those?”

      Oh, and the “no gun ban” vote was at 66% when I cast mine…

  6. Who needs a wood, an iron AND a putter?

    Obviously someone planning a mass window-breaking spree, because “no one needs fourteen golf clubs.”

    • Golf clubs really are one of the best analogies for gun ownership. There are lots of different reasons people buy golf clubs. And while they might all just seems like golf clubs to the outsider, they all serve a very specific purpose and you can only substitute so much before you’re making things way harder on yourself. Also people like to buy new ones all the time because they think it’s the clubs that are making their game suck, rather than them not being skilled enough in using them.

      Personally I love golf, but it’s hard for me to go to the golf range and spent $30 bucks when all I can think of is how much more fun and relaxing that $30 bucks would have been shooting guns. I’ve not been at a gun range and heard people swearing about “low and left” but I’ve sure heard people swearing when they hook or slice a ball on the driving range.

  7. I can’t imagine being disabled and white living in SA, a place where the locals’ idea of a catchy folk song is “Kill the Boer” and where meat hooks are used to hang farmers, not livestock.

    He had good reason to be paranoid, but I’m still curious how he thought his girlfriend in the bathroom was an intruder. Nobody who owns firearms wants to be disarmed and nobody wants to leave someone with no legs helpless in Africa. Unfortunately Oscar had some pretty serious red flags regarding gun ownership that have come out during the trial. He was reckless and had rages and it cost that poor girl her life whether he meant to do it or not.

    • “I can’t imagine being disabled and white living in SA, a place where the locals’ idea of a catchy folk song is “Kill the Boer” and where meat hooks are used to hang farmers, not livestock.”

      Can’t forget the classic marriage of a worn-out truck tire, diesel fuel and a match…

      A very special necklace.

    • Your words gave me pause. We go on and on about defending ourselves and our homes, but when something happens—when you think someone is in your yard or your house, when the threat is happening Right Now— it’s damned scary. Being physically handicapped, effectively immobilized, adds a dimension of fear that i can only guess at. It’s reasonable to think that a person might panic and make a terrible mistake. And living in a place that’s highly dangerous just adds another very good reason to be so afraid.

      • Being physically handicapped, effectively immobilized, and still able enough to win an Olympic medal adds a dimension of BS that just staggers the imagination of any sane person.

        Let’s not forget that you are only as disabled as you allow yourself to be. Steven Hawking is able to speak to paying crowds and teach at an Ivy League university even though he makes Gabby Giffords and Bill Brady look like an exhibition break dancing team. Can we end the pity party for him now?

  8. I really haven’t followed the Pistorius story, but I read this statement and say wow.

    “In a nation as dangerous as South Africa” ,

    So the author acknowledges that SA has a high violent crime rate but you’re a “nutter” if you want a gun to defend yourself.

    He sounds like the nutter. But what is really crazy is that England was the origin of the idea that the ability to keep and bear arms by the common people was a right.

    How the mighty have fallen.

    Mean while, our own “nutters” in this country look to England as the gunless “utopia” we should emulate.

    • Well, the English mentality is for the victim to just lie on the ground and throw themselves at the attackers tender mercy. After all, the attacker is such a nice gentle giant who is an honor student and has plans to becoming a famous rapper.

    • I have a good friend from South Africa, he served in their special forces. He’s told me of crime the likes of which we can’t even imagine here. And gun ownership is difficult, uncommon and prohibitively expensive.

      SA is a fine example of the failure of gun control.

  9. “He slept with a gun beside his bed although most other people, even in a nation as dangerous as South Africa can be, did not.”

    [citation needed]

      • Fait accompli “fact”. Even here in the US “most people” don’t own guns (about one third of the population does, which means by default…), and therefore “most people” don’t sleep with a firearm bedside.

        This is how statist thinking works – if you don’t do what the herd does, your confidence makes me insecure since I have none of my own. I shall lobby Father Government to ban your independence so I feel better.

        Liberalism and Statism are perpetual childhood.

        • The one third number is from polls, and is highly suspect because of the sensitive nature of the question. If an anonymous “pollster” calls you up, and asks if you keep much cash in your house, would the results be likely to be accurate?

    • I sleep with a loaded Walther P1 under my pillow every night, get up in the morning, pull it out, go downstairs and put it on the low shelf by my computer and make coffee. What the hell does that make me? An under-caffeinated “gun nut”?

  10. Q: ” Who needs a pump-action AND a semi-automatic?”
    A: Everybody who wants them!

    Or the question should be “Who DOESN’T need a pump-action AND a semi-automatic?”

    It sounds like he’s made some incredibly stupid decisions (shooting out of a sunroof and shooting in a restaurant) but I wish they’d stop conflating those with carrying at a wedding, in a car, etc.

    • I carry in all manner of places, and yet never felt the need to whip a piece out and fire it in the air. Perhaps THAT is the difference this guntarded idiots do not grasp?!?!?

  11. Silly me.. I actually read the story posted on the Mirror… why? Trying to figure out what the blonde pictured above (and in the original article) had to do with the story at hand. I just don’t see the connection… Just eye candy to grab some attention? Or am I missing something??

    Pretty blonde with a few guns and pig-stickers….could be my daughter… definitively not what I’d call a “gun nut”

  12. Who needs a rich former healthcare executive responsible for denying coverage to millions in california and a midget billionaire tyrant and former big city mayor who wants to restrict your sodas to 12 oz or less because he is unhappy with his useless life?

    Oh yeah. Exactly

  13. This story isn’t about guns. It’s about nuts. If Pisstoryus hadn’t have been wealthy and famous his behaviour would have gotten him jugged long before he killed the young lady.

    And the young lady showed about as much judgement as christy mack did hanging with war machine. She did not deserve to be killed but actions have consequences. Hang with crazy and you take your chances.

  14. Funny, I have way more guns than that and I’m neither a murderer nor am I planning a killing spree.

    I love what passes as logic outside our borders

  15. Who needs a pump-action AND a semi-automatic? Most people I know have an AR-15 and an 870. You’re either planning a killing spree, or your paranoia has reached the level of a padded cell and some tranquilisers.” – “Fleet Street Fox”
    Gee, I have 3 shotguns; an Ithaca, a Winchester, and a Remington. I have more rifles and handguns. We need to move bed wetting Fleet Street Fox to the Mid West for him to see people enjoying proper amounts of gun ownership. After that we can move Fleet Street Fox to a proper padded cell and give him some tranquilizers to calm his nerves. Fleet Street Fox then needs to be sent to a Lutheran Elementary School where he will learn to spell correctly and be taught proper English.

  16. IT is not to be thought of that the Flood
    Of British freedom, which, to the open sea
    Of the world’s praise, from dark antiquity
    Hath flowed, “with pomp of waters, unwithstood,”
    Roused though it be full often to a mood
    Which spurns the check of salutary bands,
    That this most famous Stream in bogs and sands
    Should perish; and to evil and to good
    Be lost for ever. In our halls is hung
    Armoury of the invincible Knights of old:
    We must be free or die, who speak the tongue
    That Shakspeare spake; the faith and morals hold
    Which Milton held.–In everything we are sprung
    Of Earth’s first blood, have titles manifold.

    When did that last great Englishman die?

    • “I’ve got this snippet that’s kind of catchy, boss, but I think the Mirror might want to edit the refrain. It seems a bit out of step with the times. Most of us are afraid of guns and, needless to say, our navy is at less than half its Falkland Islands War strength. Nobody in the leadership actually wants to mention slavery anymore as it might upset the, well, domesticated masses. Sure, we’ve got the SAS and Special Boat Service to blast competitors to bits when we get the urge, but do we really want the British middle class to get any notions? I didn’t think so!”

      “When Britain fi-i-irst, at heaven’s command,
      Aro-o-o-ose from out the a-a-a-zure main,
      Arose, arose, arose from out the a-azure main,
      This was the charter, the charter of the land,
      And guardian a-a-angels sang this strain:

      Rule Britannia!
      Britannia rule the waves
      Britons never, never, never shall be slaves.
      Rule Britannia!
      Britannia rule the waves.
      Britons never, never, never shall be slaves.”

        • I think it has something to do with free stuff, free healthcare, council houses, and preference for quiet country living at someone else’s expence: When 50% of those living outside metro London are either government employees or living on benefits, elections become simple and liberty is of little interest. The flood of immigrants is changing that picture, but slowly. The emphasis is on the monopoly of force by the the government, even the force needed to repel a home invader or high street yob.

          Englishmen simply haven’t realized what the new arrangements mean, and that the upper classes have become both global and very rich, with little interest in the sustainability of family life and work in the countryside. Like the U.S., they’ve bought off the dissent for the time being with lots of government employement and deficit spending. What cannot go on forever will not.

  17. Who needs an SLR and a “point and shoot” digital camera? Anyone wanting that kind of photographic capability must be planning on producing child pornography, what with those high capacity memory cards and all.

  18. The written word leaves a lot out. I bet the logic behind this rant would be much clearer if we could see the frothing around the mouth that surely accompanied it.

  19. Two things here:

    1. The fact the author hides behind a nom-du plume and has no comments section tells you everything you need to know about anti gunners and their real intentions- their way is right without any debate nor any accountability. When the door is kicked in and you are the only one between the perp and your family they won’t care what happens.

    2. It is no wonder why Scotland is going to secede from this lot. We should invite them to join the USA

    • Scotland. The 51st state with 2a rights sharing a common border with England. Nice. They’ll have to open a whole new factory in England to produce adult size diapers.

      • As some business people have pointed out, an independent Scotland will quickly realize that their level of welfare benefits cannot be sustained. Need will force a reevaluation of Scottish finances, and that will affect the citizens’ thoughts.

        • Yeah, but at this point it looks like the “Yes” is gonna squeak through.

          It’s possible the Highlanders may step up to the challenge of the necessary austerity, Just as possible they get a nasty case of buyer’s regret.

          I’m hoping they step up. But that’s just the Scot blood in me talking.

      • That is only because the English have used their lap dog lairds to keep the people divided. I know many scots who long to rearm. Why should the Prince of Wales have his castle full of swords, guns, and mortars and not the common folk who pay for his pampered arse?

    • Unfortunately, Scotland’s got an enshrined hoplophobia to an extent that even this Mirror columnist would like, trying hard to outlaw even air weapons (imagine the carnage you could cause with a .22 air rifle having a muzzle energy of no more than twelve foot-pounds!); while the UK Independence Party’s at least making noises about repealing the 1997 handgun ban (whether they’ll get anywhere in the polls is a different question, but we can live in hope)

      If we ever see any unwinding of the UK’s gun laws, it’ll happen south, not north, of Carter Bar; and if they go independent, Scotland’s going to be tightening, not loosening, their controls.

    • Those who only wish to read a newspaper that confirms their own views and sustains the particular narrative they live by will need a variety of tabloids, that one may fit their delusions and provide them with confirmation-bias comfort.

  20. The last line in the above, which appears to be the title of the article makes no logical sense at all. IF there are too many gun “nuts” (which I doubt) then having less guns would help with that issue? One does not follow from the other at all. Makes no logical sense. Where do folks like this get the idea that they can actually write? Why would anybody reading trash like this believe it and why would anyone pay someone for an article like this with so many illogical statements? Can only be called a very poor attempt at propaganda.

  21. I see their poll at the end of the article is trending 70% in favor of banning guns. Yes, they are most definitely subjects and not citizens.

  22. He carried a gun IN HIS CAR?? Why have a trial, just execute him live on the evening news.

    Come drive around some of my old service areas in St. Louis and tell me I’m crazy for carrying a gun. Stopping at red lights, now THAT’s crazy.

  23. My satire meter is pegged on this one for some reason, probably because I’m American. That, and the British are famous for that sort of thing. This seems a bit over the top even for a disarmed subject, so I will take it as satire of the English abhorrence of personal weapons we see today.

  24. This article is mostly pure slander. The tired argument that “if the gun wasn’t there…, so let’s ban guns” of course leaves out the fact that far more lives are saved by people using guns than lost by idiots like Pistorious.

  25. Another article filed with the anti gun script. (There must be a website to download the anti gun mad libs format.) I had to stop reading it because it was such a poor article devoid of real critical thought and evidence to support their “ideas”.

  26. I think “Fleet street Fox” is a woman, from the name and from the , what, avatar? at the top of the piece. Not that we aren’t afflicted by men with exactly the same mental and emotional deficiencies on display in the article. Just responding to those who are assuming the author is male.

  27. Have way more guns than I need but not near as many as I want. Same with shoes
    That does not make me a gun nut or a shoe nut.

    Sure glad my great grand parents left Germany and Scotland over a hundred and fifty years ago.

  28. And is example to follow is …the landmine ban, famous for being signed by all the countries that don’t have hostile borders, and ignored by the ones who do–even progressive paradises like Finland.


    • I have never been a big fan of “leave behind” ordnance. Need to use mines? Command detonate. When you pull out of an area, police up your sh*t.

        • Yea, just a personal preference. And no law is going to end the use of mines, especially since Russia and China are still selling as many as the market will take, after having signed on to the Land Mine Ban.

  29. The Mirror is like the Sun newspaper, written by idiots for idiots. I doubt many of them got further than page 3 before flicking straight to the sports pages in the rear so they can read about football.

  30. ‘He slept with a gun beside his bed although most other people, even in a nation as dangerous as South Africa can be, did not.’

    News flash Susie, most people in South Africa have legs!

  31. “He took his gun with him to weddings, to restaurants, in his car. ” Having been to South Africa many times I consider that a perfectly reasonable precaution. I’d say the nut would be the person who had the opportunity to be armed for self defense who did not take advantage to do so in SA.

  32. The author of this article lives in the fantasy-land of “all evil is due to guns and if we could make them all go poof tomorrow the unicorns would come back and we could all live in peace with the care bears”.

    He’s so far out there in denial he doesn’t even get a seat at the conversational table.

  33. From the article: “There are two over-riding truths about humanity. The first is that we kill and hurt one another for no good reason, unlike most other animals on the planet. And the second is that we have the self-awareness to see our failings and overcome them.” Well.

    No argument on the first. Agree 100%. On the second, well, some people do have that self-awareness and ability. Some heinous and hurtful others, however, not so much. Those people may require the bright flash of what I’ll generously call “inspiration”, and some assistance in overcoming their injurious inclinations.

    • Most animals on the planet, other than cattle and cervidae, paint the landscape red with tooth and claw, eating their fellow animals, often beginning the meal while their prey is still alive. The urban neats who no nothing of nature are no more comprehensive in their knowledge than the six-year-old who just watched Bambi.

  34. Ever notice how sites like this never allow people to comment on these oceans digital diarrhea?

    digital diarrhea
    The social networking equivilant of verbal diarhhe. Usually involves an excessive amount of pointless quips on ones blog page, facebook wall, twitter etc.

  35. heh. The UK Mirror, the State Organ of the Left Labour party. The one run by Pierced Organ from 1994-2005?

    Riiighhhhttt. Say, isnt the UK about to become a little smaller here, when all the leftists leave to run Scotland as the latest version of oil funded Marxism?

    I tend to follow Mark Steyn on the UK-

    Any culture that disarms itself while looking the other way as islamonazi’s rape its kids is gone, over, done.

  36. When you keep demonizing all gun owners for criminals shooting each other, wage a political war to whip all gun owners as penance for criminals shooting each other, and when you want to take away everyone’s rights because some tiny sub-sample used them for evil, you CREATE a gun nut.

    Becoming a gun nut is a response to being singled out and attacked by politicians and gun grabbers who find that they are impotent when it comes to fighting crime for real, and that taking a symbolic pound of flesh out of a non-criminal’s ass is easier to accomplish and close enough an accomplishment to brag about on the evening news or next election.


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