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“When they violate that oath by trying to erase the Second Amendment, then I think we have a duty … to remove that threat.” – California Assemblyman Tim Donnelly, Gun owners groups consider recalls of Calif. lawmakers [at]

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    • Good luck with that. These are the same people that just gave non doctors the legal ability to vacuum out a fetus and illegal aliens the ability to practice law, while being cool with no knocks on homes of the law abiding to have a look around for EBRs. It’s bizzaro world out there.

    • The real question is whether enough of the tony little self important self indulgent fashionably modern progressive California sheeple will give a darn enough to pay attention, sign a petition and follow through with any effort to save their Constitutional protections, starting with the 2nd Amendment, ‘cause you know which ones are next; the 4th and the 5th, and the 1st.

      Until it seriously affects each of them personally in the pocket book, I doubt the sheeple voters will pay attention long enough to even remember what a recall effort is for, let alone show up to vote should it make it to the ballot. Then again, that liberal apathy could prove prophetic for the pro-2a pro-gun folks if only the pro-gunners show up at the polls and it is a single issue vote – good luck with that plan.

      • There might be hope:

        We will have to remind Governor Moonbeam that he’s also supposed to support the rest of the Constitution as well. But Henry Waxman (pictured above) is a kingpin of both the Church of Antismokerism and the Church of Warmingism, so it’ll be an uphill battle;I have little doubt that the professional hoplophobes will call on his expertise as a propagandist..

      • I’ve already contacted his office, sending a letter of gratitude and best wishes. I stand by this attempted recall and will do my best, whenever, and however I can.

        CRPA, CGF, CCRKBA, 2AF Member…

      • The antis, and progressives in general, have always started out failing. The key to their success has been a constant, unceasing push. I think we would do well to mimic their strategy to some degree.

  1. I’m supprised this hasn’t happened earlier. Did any recalls happen when the 94 ban happen? I remember hearing seats flipping on the federal level but not state level.

    • You cannot recall federal officials, and the 1994 AWB was a federal matter.

      Remember, at the time California has just turned blue. We still had a GOP governor, but we had went from supporting Reagan and Bush (88) to Clinton in 1992. We also went from having 2 GOP Senators pre-1992, and suddenly had 2 Democratic Senators in 1992. Boxer won the proper election. Feinstein won a special election. See the GOP Senator Pete Wilson ran for governor, and Feinstein was the Democratic opponent. She lost. For a shortwhile an appointee of Wilson sat in the Senate, and a special election was called in 1992 to replace him. The appointee ran for the GOP, and lost badly (38% of the vote only).

      BUT, Feinstein almost lost here seat over the AWB. She receive 46.7% in 1994 (the proper election). The Republic lost because he was a smug rich guy who tried to buy the election. Sadly, this was the best opportunity to get rid of her. But since the GOP candidate was not conservative enough (ironically) he lost. With 2.1% of the vote going to the Libertarian and 1.7 to the American Independent (fmr. affiliate of thew Constitution Party, and the only third party to qualify in California…it had even better showing in 1992). Just the libertarian vote would have won him the seat.

      But we also tried recalling Roberti over the Roberti-Ross AWB that was before the 1994 Federal one. He beat the recall by the skin of his teeth. And ended up losing the general election shortly after, having exhausted his effort beating the recall. So he lost his seat.

      • Dr. Vino is correct. Mrs. Kerns is from CO. She was active in the recalls there and is now working with Tim Donnelly here.
        While the process is different here in California she and those in her group are no strangers to politics, or political action.

        Now don’t expect Governor Brown to be on the recall list. Other like Yee, Skinner, Steinberg, are all in areas where a recall would be really hard to pull off, so I don’t think they will go there either.

        What we can expect is smaller districts, and areas where there are lots of gun owners. Central Valley, and areas north of the Bay Area. Those are areas where we will see success.

        Now it won’t change the balance in the CA legislature. Let’s put this out here right now. What it will do is show the politicians that they are on notice. If they think this is a joke, or we can be ignored, they are wrong. It might cause a few to shy away from any further gun legislation coming up next year which will happen.

  2. Its the thought that counts I suppose. I appalud this group for their efforts, but from what I can see, only one of the targeted incumbents may be vulnerable to the recall.

    • Oddly enough, the actor known for that quote, Rob Schneider, recently converted to Republicanism/Conservatism and endorsed Tim Donnelly, the (R) gubernatorial candidate in CA.

      • Interesting.

        I know a few Highway Rangers who would gladly support recall efforts. It won’t work, but I’ll support them anyways.

  3. Tim Donnelly is a good man. I’ve listened to him in the CA legislature and he is a voice of reason in a sea of chaos. That said, there will be no recall in CA. The leaders in the gun-rights community there won’t support it because they view it as a waste of time and resources. Unfortunate but true.

  4. I encourage the organizers to carefully consider which elected officials they intend to recall. I would identify officials who won by thin margins in 2012 … suggesting they rode on Obama’s coat tails in the classic election sense and might have lost during an election year without a Governor or President on the ballot.

    Other than that, it seems like the citizens of California who voted for their representatives are so wildly in favor of civilian disarmament that it would be impossible to recall anyone else.

    I had the opportunity to speak with a middle-aged women from California who was visiting another state. We were both traveling to the downtown area of a large city with a longstanding reputation for violent crime. She was shocked and appalled that citizens can purchase any firearm they want, as many as they want, and with no waiting periods. Of course she was really flabbergasted to learn that the state’s concealed handgun license law was “shall issue”. She just could not wrap her head around the fact that just about anyone passing her on the street was very likely armed. It seemed rather apparent to me that she would never embrace the Second Amendment. That sentiment, along with California’s super majority in government and their open disregard for the Second Amendment, leads me to believe that nothing will change in California.

    Therefore, I recommend an alternate strategy which we reviewed before on The Truth About Guns. All people of the gun in California, regardless of party affiliation, should register as Democrats and vote without exception in every primary to eliminate incumbents who supported civilian disarmament. It doesn’t matter if their challengers in the Democratic party also support civilian disarmament. If the Democrats are going to retain their super majority anyway — and it looks like they will — at least make it cost them their jobs. If California’s people of the gun organize and go to the polls, they can absolutely guarantee that incumbents will lose their jobs. That might actually get their attention because they certainly have no fear (rightly so) of losing their office to a Republican.

    • You make some good points, particularly in regards to picking incumbents with thin margins of victory last election. It makes no sense to target the speaker of the Assembly when he is a Latino in a district that is heavily Latino and democratic. There is no way he loses, thus it is a waste of time.

    • I’ll look into that. I’m not sure if my moral safeguards would allow me to register as a Democrat, even as a saboteur.

      • Look at it this way Accur81. Your elected incumbent is not listening to you nor upholding their oath of office. And a republican challenger is never going to unseat that incumbent. Your only recourse via the polls, at that point, is to vote in the primary to throw out the incumbent. If we cannot get incumbents to hear our voices when they are in office, perhaps they will hear our voices when they lose their jobs.

        Note that voting in the democratic primary does not obligate you to vote for a democrat during the next election. There is nothing to lose and everything to gain.

      • I don’t know what state you’re in, but I know that at least in CA, you only need to be registered in a party to vote in that party’s primaries. For the general election, party is irrelevant. I changed from Libertarian to Republican so that I could vote for Ron Paul in the last primary. We lost, but at least I know I Did The Right Thing. I’ll be changing back, re-registering Libertarian, as soon as that round tuit comes in.

        • Interesting fact….if you are not registered with any party (and last I check, Libertarians did not qualify as a party under CA law) you can vote in the primary of any party, provided that party allows in.

          So in 2004 I voted in the GOP primary. But was not allowed to vote in the GOP primary in 2008, but had to vote in one of the two other qualifying parties, Democrats or American Independent (again, Libertarians didn’t count as a party)

          Apparently they do now, as do several other third parties. But in anycase, being independent of any registered party gives some flexibility.

          The point is moot with state elections of course.

    • All people of the gun in California, regardless of party affiliation, should register as Democrats and vote without exception in every primary to eliminate incumbents who supported civilian disarmament.

      There’s no need to register as a Democrat. California law changed a few years ago, and now primaries are open. The two candidates that get the most votes, regardless of party, are in the general election.

      You have two Democrats running against each other in the general election.

      You can be a registered Republican, and vote against the Democratic incumbent in the primary.

  5. Color me a pessimist, but I don’t see this succeeding. Even pro-gun people in Cali often seem blind to what’s happening to them.

    • I don’t think it’s a good idea to write off California as a “lost cause.” No matter how bad it looks, we can’t give up, because that means the gun grabbers have a solid permanent victory. They’ll hold up California as a “model for the nation” and seek to turn every state deep blue and gun-free.

  6. As long as they fight smart, and don’t waste time “sending messages” over actually getting the vulnerable ones, this could happen.

    I think years down the road, we’re all going to remember Colorado as the turning point, where we jammed the tide.

  7. If it happens more power to California’s POTG. That said, I highly doubt it will succeed. If it’s just to send a message I don’t think that will work either they are too self righteous, too self centered, and surrounded with too many brown nosers to ever grasp the message let alone think on it. They will more than likely turn a failed recall into an example of how petty and paranoid the NRA is.

  8. Even were a recall successful, the recalled politician would be replaced with another democrat. I don’t think there is a single Republican holding political office in San Francisco (Senator Yee’s district–who is termed out after this session anyway), and few if any in the Bar Area communities. “MWG!” calls from distressed soccer moms in San Jose and San Mateo lead directly to the open carry ban. Los Angeles is no different, where the police, the politicos, and the “beautiful people” are solidly anti-gun. Although Alameda County ultimately caved and allowed gun shows on county property ( See Nordyke v. King), that didn’t stop the legislature from passing a law (vetoed by the Governor) that would have effectively banned gun shows at San Francisco’s Cow Palace or Local communities from trying to pass or passing zoning ordinances designed to force gun shops out of town. San Francisco just passed an ordinance banning standard capacity magazines (which is probably violative of the State’s law allowing “grandfathered” standard capacity mags) and also tried to pass a hollow point ban–as it is the only gun shop in town cannot sell hollow points. Oakland tried to get a statute passed granting it “home rule” on gun regulation (passed and vetoed as well). And as a general proposition, there are three democrats for every republican in the state, most of them concentrated along the coast in the large urban areas that, as Denver in Colorado or NYC in NY, effectively run state government. CalGuns has apparently reached the conclusion that political solutions are not available, and has focused its efforts in the courts. I cannot disagree with their approach.

    • There is Los Angeles and there is Los Angeles

      I am a resident of LA county. My precinct goes overwhelmingly GOP. Always had. The latest gerrymandering forced us into a new district with Democrats at the helm. Honestly, losing the GOP incumbents caused confusion and low voter turnout and the Dem area of the precinct carried the day.

      But we could put up one hell of a fight. If the same number hold as in 2008 or 2012 GOP/Dem, and we had the voter turn out we did in 2008, I would have a GOP representative right now. And a really conservative one at that.

      In any case, of the 5 listed, only one is very unlikely, that is Perez. Two of them are San Diego. While not as red as it once was, still a GOP leaning area. Pomona would be a hard fight but doable, and Fullerton? That would be the pro-gunners to lose

      California is not overwhelmingly antigun. It is overwhelmingly partisan. There is a difference. I note that many of the communities that support Dems, when surveyed generally oppose many of their individual policies. And gun control is no different. I remember right after Newtown, ABC reported a survey of Los Angeles county that revealed that the majority though new gun laws would not help. They don’t believe in this. The difference here, is many are more apathetic than outraged over this issue.

      • The voters are one thing, the people running for election another. And if all of the candidates run with anti-gun agendas, it doesn’t matter who gets the vote. Up here in the north sate we don’t have these issues–although there has been an increasingly vocal anti-gun and heavily Democrat influx of voters, the north counties are reliably Republican and pro-gun. But we only get one representative in the Legislature, and he has a (mostly) lonely voice.

  9. All I can say is that I wish you folks the best of luck.

    Even if a recall is successful, and as it stands now there’s only ever been or ever going to be all of a snow-ball’s chance in Hell of it ever taking off in the first place let alone actually ousting these fucking scumbags, they’re only going to be replaced by another anti-rights, anti-Humanist, regressive Statist hoplophobe.

    That is literally the only kind of candidate there running for any public office in that God-forsaken Hell-hole whatsoever that stands any realistic chance of winning. Those kinds of bottom-feeding bleeding-hearts are the only candidates that ever pick up any statistically relevant number of votes, and that is primarily because of the anti-rights, anti-Humanist, regressive Statist hoplophobes down-state that pretty much run the whole show.

    They are not going to allow anyone of good moral fiber and character, that will actually uphold their oath of office, to be elected. They would rather watch that entire state — along with it’s entire population and all of its infrastructure and industry — fall into utter ruin, anarchy, and fire before they ever willingly see the light. Even then, they would rather die before actually admitting that they did anything wrong.

    They will go to their graves desperately clinging to their dystopian delusions, and they want nothing more than to drag everyone they can with them.

    So, for The People of The Gun living in The People’s Republik of COMMIEfornistan, I’m so very sorry.

    You’re S.O.L.

    Good luck and God bless — you’re gonna’ need it.

    • You sir have never been to California, have you?

      You do realize, e.g., how ignorant you rant is? Heck the man in the picture, Donnelly, is an elected representative in California. So hurumph to you.

      Oh, and I am “anti-humanist” in general, but pro-gun. Not sure what you think humanist means.

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