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A few days back, Ammoland reported that Space Cadet Mark Kelly and Gabby Giffords sent yet another tiresome open letter to Congress in which they made the claim that since Sandy Hook, “there have been 16 more mass shootings in communities across America.” Though they declined to actually list those incidents specifically, the Civilian Disarmament Movement isn’t known for making things up out of whole cloth, so it must be true. In response,, not being the trusting souls that we are here at TTAG, pressed the issue with the question above. His answer is below. Watch this space. . .

“Those debates were always a lot of fun — especially when the people were from England — but over time I noticed that my opponents were mostly leaving angry. I was winning debates, but I wasn’t helping to change views.” — How To Win A Debate With An Anti-Gunner

SAFE Act provisions regarding background checks on ammunition buyers will not go into effect January 15th, the NY State Police has announced. The agency said Friday that they need more time to develop a system that will check the backgrounds of individuals before they purchase ammunition. Also, a requirement that ammunition sellers compile and retain information — from name and occupation to the type and amount of ammo purchased — which was slated to go live on January 15th is also on indefinite hold. Officials did not give a new expected date for the suspension of Constitutional rights.

This is the Primary Weapons Systems Tactical Forearm Lengthener, the next (possibly only) must-have accessory for your AR platform weapon system. H/T to ENDO-Mike, without whom this would have escaped my attention. NOTE: I’ve warned you in the past to put your drink down. Some haven’t listened. Consider yourself warned again.

The San Francisco Board of Supervisors on Tuesday passed a retroactive ban on magazines holding greater than 10 rounds. Though it’s already illegal in California to buy, sell, or carry the magazines, any magazines owned when the state law went into effect in 2000 were grandfathered. Under the new law, that grandfathering is negated and folks have 90 days to turn the magazines into police or be guilty of a misdemeanor. Naturally, criminals were lined up around the block Wednesday morning to turn theirs in, because a misdemeanor is a big deal and could ruin their whole future. Equally naturally, the new law doesn’t apply to law enforcement. [UPDATE:] Apparently the SF Examiner reporter has the law wrong, and those magazines are very likely not illegal to buy, sell, or carry. Also, it’s very likely that this new SF law will be struck down, as it violates state preemption. See this comment from Jeremy S below for the full explanation.

It should come as no surprise given his recent videos that Jerry Miculek will be carving a pumpkin with a Barret M82A1 this year.

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  1. I caught a sound bite of Mrs. Space Cadet from her visit to my state of Iowa and this is my one and only thought: That bastard of a Husband deserves an a$$ beating for parading her around and letting her speak.

    • Money, honey. That’s why he does what he does. Well, that and I’m 99% sure he’s going to run for something in the not too distant future.

      • I’m with you on the running for something thought. He’s absolutely and completely a control freak and publicity whore.

  2. Sage advice on the drink. Coffee was placed out of arms reach.
    I may have slightly pissed myself from laughing.
    New note to self….

    • Heh. Please no heart attacks. It should come as no great surprise. I comment over there all the time. In a way, ENDO is the “original” source for most of my funny videos, because if it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t have subscribed to their channels. My subscriptions to mattv2099, Carnik Con, RatedRR, Joerg Sprave, and Dynamic Pie Concepts all originated on ENDO. So if I can drive a few clicks his way, that’s a good thing.

  3. The other day i see a headline that says “mass shooting in Vallejo” I open the article to find out it was a gang drive by shooting that hit 7 killing 1. Now gang bangers are being called mass shooters. For the antis its the only way they can make sense of it.

  4. Mark Kelly will let us know all 16 mass shootings next week, after he prays 8 or 9 happen this weekend, so he can add up to 16.

  5. Every gun owner should read the article “How To Win A Debate With An Anti-Gunner”. See the link above. It was published in the October issue of America’s First Freedom, an NRA magazine.

    Great article!

      • Thank you Mina. This is some excellent reading.
        At first blush, it explains why liberalism is a mental disorder, and they truly can’t help themselves.
        Going to put down my current book and dive into this.

    • Can you really win a debate with progressives? Most are so deep in their ideology, they will not listen to facts. Even though this Democrat knew that I have been writing psoftware for nearly 30 years for some of the most well known companies in the world, she refused to believe me that 600 million was way too much money for the Obamacare website or any website for that matter. Most of these people have a devotion to their Furor that is unshakable where facts do not matter to them.

      • How To Win Over an Anti-Gunner:

        Step 1: Don’t accuse people who disagree with you of being mentally ill. It’s as likely of winning hearts and minds as walking into a church and yelling out “WOW LOOK AT ALL THESE SCHIZOPHRENICS”.

        Step 2: If you’re going to invoke Godwin’s Law, at least try to spell “Fuhrer” correctly.


        A Liberal Gun Owner
        (Who actually does quite well turning antigunners into pro-gunners)

  6. Not that I’d ever want to be shot with a .50BMG, but if I ever do, I hope it’s not loaded with a V-Max bullet.

  7. I only read the headline: A Colt 1911 primary, 2 spare mags and a S&W 380 bodyguard backup with one spare.

    Holly hell if I run out of working guns and ammo it was terrible! I keep an Ar15 in the truck with 300rnds up in mags. . . if I can’t fight my way to that either I’m scattered and running or I’m dead. Still though, What the heck happened!

  8. All depends on what the definition of “mass shooting” is. If it’s multiple person’s hit and injured within one event, then 16 is doable. If it’s multiple person’s killed, then not so much. A few weeks ago here in Chicago, we had a triple homicide followed by two double homicides a few days later. Those incidents barely lasted a news cycle but don’t likely qualify as a mass shooting or homicide (depending on who is doing the counting).

    Illustrating Chicago Crime, Murder and Mayhem at

    • Then you add in the hijinks in that other gun free paradise, New York City, and you have it. Or really close.

  9. In reference to Nevada shooting:

    “Tragedies like these should not be common in America” – G Gillfords.

    Tragedies like these aren’t common in America. In fact if you run the numbers they are roughly equal to being struck and killed by lightning. However lightning deaths are not well publicized. Death by school shooting is. Mainstream media never … ever … lets a tradegy go to waste – after all there is money to be made.

  10. Mass shootings? Maybe Kelly meant “center mass shootings.” I’ve read about several at “Guns Save Lives.”

  11. Commander Kelly can’t tell you about some of the shootings, because they happened in orbit.

    “Fast and Furious” went further than any of you can imagine. Obama actually let the Martians have an Illudium Q-36 Explosive Space Modulator, if you can believe that.

    I heard all of this from a very drunk Space Shuttle door gunner who was every bit as believable as El Comandante Kelly.

  12. You go ahead and take your time, Mark.

    We’re not holding our breath over a list of “16” mass-casualty shootings since Sandy Hook that doesn’t actually exist.

    Two tops, but not 16.

  13. “The San Francisco Board of Supervisors on Tuesday passed a retroactive ban on magazines holding greater than 10 rounds. Though it’s already illegal in California to buy, sell, or carry the magazines, that ban did not apply to magazines already owned when the law went into effect in 2000.”

    FYI, this is a common misconception, even among gun owners in CA. It is NOT illegal to own >10-round magazines, nor is it illegal to use them, carry them, buy them*, etc. Doesn’t matter when they were made or when you got them. The law clearly defines the illegal actions with “high capacity” mags as selling, importing, loaning, or manufacturing (which applies to assembling one from parts). Therefore, it is not actually illegal to buy one *as long as you did not import it or cause it to be imported (e.g. you didn’t have somebody ship it to you from another state and you didn’t drive it across the state border yourself). It is not illegal to possess one, even if it’s for a gun that didn’t exist until recently. Maybe you found it in the woods! The general consensus is that nobody has ever been prosecuted or likely even arrested, and almost nobody has ever even been questioned, for being in possession of or using (at a range w/ LEOs present, for example) a “high capacity” magazine. Apparently the ONLY time somebody has been charged with this part of the law is when it’s tacked onto other, more serious crimes for which a person was arrested. It’s an “add-on” offense meant to increase penalties for gang bangers or help ensure other charges stick, etc. At any rate, even if you were arrested for having a 11+ round mag on you, it would be up to the State to prove that you had imported or manufactured it. Unless you open your big, stupid mouth or did something else stupid like leaving some sort of paper trail that shows you actually did break the law, it’s impossible to prove. Say “I own this legally” and NOTHING else. Or nothing at all.

    ON TOP OF ALL OF THAT… I would expect that CA’s preemption law makes SF’s new law unenforceable. It should get overturned the first time it comes up in court, and I’m sure CalGuns and the NRA would be all over it should they get wind of the City of San Francisco trying to charge somebody under that law. If I still lived in San Francisco, I would have already contacted the CalGuns Foundation to tell them to just go ahead and sue right away… which I’m sure we’ll find out soon that they’re doing. Oh haha… check out the first paragraph here:

    The worst thing of all is how much taxpayer money San Francisco has wasted passing laws it KNOWS are illegal and will get shot down in court, and that the city continues doing it anyway. Check out this doc and look at how many lawsuits San Francisco has lost to the NRA and other groups …most of them had the city coughing up $$$ to compensate for lawyers’ fees. This one will be the same.

    • Thanks for saying it better, and more thoroughly, than I have energy to apply tonight.

      For what it’s worth, I ran a whole passel of 30-round mags 100% legally during the 3-day carbine course I attended last week. They were used in a so-called “featureless rifle” with an Exile Machine grip.

    • Typical. Same as prohibition where it was never illegal to drink alcohol, just to manufacture, import or sell it.

      At any rate, the politicians at the City and County of San Francisco know full well that none of these laws will pass legal muster and will be almost immediately declared null and void. The ONLY reason they pass these things is to make points with their low-information ultra-liberal constituents keep getting elected over and over again. It’s all about political power and being among the liberal elite. They’re not stupid, but they may be crazy.

    • Oh, wow. Thanks for that. The relevant parts of that sentence were lifted word-for-word from the SFExaminer article, so it appears that author’s got it flat wrong. It’s funny that he didn’t even research far enough to find the other reporter’s story in the same paper… And they (SF) knew this would happen, too. From that first article you linked,

      But the proposed ban is a “significant litigation risk,” the City Attorney’s Office informed San Francisco elected officials in a June 5 memo.

      So they passed it, knowing it was a bad law. Outstanding.

    • Aren’t “retroactive” (ex post facto) laws strictly unconstitutional? See clause 1 of Article I, Section 10 of the US Constitution.

      Maybe they know something I don’t…

  14. How does one turn a magazine into police? Or into much of anything else, for that matter?

    I always figured only people, dogs and robots could be turned into police.

  15. That video was, er, hmmm. Well, that happened.

    Knew a guy years back who’d had his forearm lengthened by a threshing machine…

  16. Mother Jones is listing five mass shootings since Sandy Hook, eleven short of Giffords’ claim. Mother freaking Jones.

  17. Does anyone know where I can get an updated version of the US Constitution, because my copy doesn’t make a distinction between non-LEO citizens and LEO and ex-LEO citizens.

    • Be sure to get the updated version that includes former Space Cadets. They can buy pistols from any state they want without having it shipped to an ffl in their home state. They also get to ignore draconian laws such as the NY Safe Act.

  18. I’ve found “mass shootings” are like “binge drinking” where studies are concerned. Depending on the study binge drinking is 4, 5 or 50 drinks. Depending on the study a “mass shooting” is 4, 5 or 50 victims.

    There is no shock value in saying 60% of college aged adults consume 5 drinks on a Friday night. There is plenty in saying 60% of college aged adults binge drink every weekend.

    • I don’t think I’d really heard of anything about them beyond their name prior to seeing that video, but now I want to throw at least some money at them.

      • To my knowledge it’s the only long-stroke AR piston system, and is apparently a fantastic gun. Let us all know if you pick one up; my shopping list is pretty full out to 2015ish for $1,000+ range toys.

  19. Background check on Ammo. Absolutely unbelievable. Commie-O needs arrested every time he and his body guards step out of NY on charges of not having a ccw license etc. Tennessee needs to quit recognizing those states that don’t recognize theirs as well. Florida doesn’t recognize those that don’t recognize ours and I am going to press for legislation that prevents body guards from douch canoes like Bloomer, Commie-O, Michael Moore, Pussy Morgan et al from getting them as non-residents.

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