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“It doesn’t matter what the issue is. The instant knee jerk reaction is, they’re coming after our guns. And that’s not it at all.” – Tucson city councilman Steve Kozachik, City councilman asks gun stores to post suicide prevention signs [at]

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  1. Maybe we would stop reacting that way if you people would stop trying to come after them with every hidden, sneaky, underhanded way you can dream up.

    • See that is the thing: these folks will say to you, “nobody is coming for your guns,” – except if you own scary-looking guns with pistol grips and plastc parts, 30 round magazines, “high powered armor piercing bullets” (.223 lol), concealed carry permits, semi-auto anything, and so on.

      I wish they would just be honest – “they aren’t coming for [all of] your guns [yet]”

  2. He says, “if it happens once and you save that person’s life, that’s frequently enough in my world.”

    The problem is, the answer to the question, “If it saves one life, isn’t it worth it?” is frequently “No, it’s not”.

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  3. Gun owners now oppose any and all gun legislation because they have come to understand that their opponents have no honor and cannot be trusted.

    One simply does not conduct business of any kind with such an opponent. Period.

    • I actually had a guy tell me just the other day, that gun owners make ourselves look bad by being unwilling to negotiate. He then told me that NO politicians have ever wanted to confiscate our guns… After I posted about a half dozen examples of exactly that, he stopped responding to my posts…lol.

      • Gun owners negotiated all the way up to 1994. After that, most gun owners realized what the words “negotiate” and “compromise” meant to the other side.

      • Gun owners have been “negotiating” (capitulating by the Left’s true definition of the word) since the passage of the National Firearms Act of 1934. That’s 80 years, this year, of trying it their way — and it is quite clear that it does not work.

  4. If you want to commit suicide wouldnt such a sign be a positive indicator for you?

    “Gee, I’d really like to kill myself. Now how should I go about it?”

    —-Sees sign in gun store window—-

    “Hey, a gun will get it done!”

  5. When a man uses candy to lure a child into a dark alley, we shouldn’t have the knee jerk reaction that he’ll kidnap the child.

    Maybe he’s just providing a delicious treat.

    • That’s what I said to the arresting officer! I think, since a majority of suicides seek medical attention first, that we post those signs in doctor’s offices rather than in gun stores.

      • Great point. It’s a twisted mode of “thinking”, and I’m happy I can’t wrap my brain around it. Some things are incomprehensible, and I don’t know how some people get there.

  6. Why is it that progressive/liberal/socialist types always think that signs and public service announcements are the magic cure for all societal ills? Put up a “Don’t Commit Suicide” sign and suddenly anyone contemplating suicide that reads the sign is immediately dissuaded. Put up a “No Guns Allowed” sign and criminals and crazies turn into innocent angels that forget all thoughts of murder and mayhem.

    In reality, they don’t care. They just need to look like they are doing something,

    • In his defense, it’s a “suicide prevention” sign, so maybe it has a hotline or something. Sometimes suicidal folks are open to persuasion. I’m not ready to take sides on the suicide sign issue. It’s not necessarily a bad idea. What is a bad idea is thinking that more and more gun legislation is unlikely to lead to some form of confiscation, which I think is the point of this.

        • Oh, I didn’t know this was being considered as mandatory. Ouch.

          Of course, what “mandatory” means is that if someone doesn’t obey, doesn’t pay the fine or sign over property, and continues to not comply, there’s going to be a potentially violent situation when the store owner’s property is taken or he’s arrested.

    • “In reality, they don’t care. They just need to look like they are doing something,”

      Yep. Excellent grasp of the situation. But WHY do they need to look like there are doing something? That’s the $64,000 Question.

  7. Kozachik is a political tranny. He ran and got elected as a Republican. After the election, he changed his party affiliation to Democrat.

  8. I don’t think it is unreasonable to put up suicide prevention posters in gun stores. Let’s be honest – firearms are used in suicides. They don’t make people kill themselves, but they are certainly the instrument.

    However, if we are going to deal with the problem honestly, the same posters need to be put up in pharmacies.

    The crux of the problem is that suicide is a mental health issue, not a gun issue. It is a problem that all of society needs to get honest and serious about.

    And I don’t think we’re ready.

  9. Wow. This guy knows less than nothing when it comes to suicide and mental illness. When someone has reached the point of action in their desire to end their own life, a posted sign is not going to prevent them from taking action. That sign’s purpose is solely to make politicians and uninformed citizens feel better about themselves, not to help a person suffering from mental issues. Someone pushed to the verge of suicide needs much more help than a sign. Their pain has amassed over months and years. There is no easy fix for them or those that care about them. But for those that just want to give the perception that they care, a sign is their mindless magical remedy. It is absolutely sickening.

  10. ….because guns are only used for suicides and nothing else can be considered by depressed individuals. How about we start addressing the pharma people are taking (or suddenly stop taking) as a principle cause in all kinds of bad events?

    • Because progressives would have to admit that their policy of getting as many people as possible to take mind altering, psychotropic drugs wasn’t such a good idea.

  11. Only if the campaign was a city-wide initiative for all local businesses. What they’re trying to do is link gun owners and gun sellers as suicide enablers. The whole Merchant of Death thing.

    So yeah, put these signs up in Bed Bath & Beyond and RiteAid, then we’ll talk.

  12. So it’s wrong to speak based on past experience but whenever any crime happens with a gun involved (usually by a prohibited repeat offender) it’s ok to punish every law-abiding citizen with more restrictions or complete bans of the guns they don’t like? I see, it’s only ridiculous if it doesn’t support their cause, even if it is true.

  13. Dear politicians: if you’d like voters to stop thinking you want to take their guns, please stop allowing your firearms agenda to be set by people who do in fact want to take their guns.

  14. Actually, this is a good idea. Make it part of a package. Abortion clinics would be required to prominently display posters offering anti-depression hotlines and posters condemning murder; government offices should have large signs giving numbers for anti-fraud hotlines, and any appearance by a politician should be accompanied by a large banner stating “Don’t Trust, Verify.”

  15. better post signs next to the bottles of Drano and other strong cleaning acids. In my pathology class, I’ve seen many pictures of the stomachs and esophaguses of those who have chosen this hideous way to end their lives.

    • My daughter knew this guy (The Jerk) who had a drug test coming up – I think it was probation, but I’ve forgotten that part.

      He definitely would have had Cannabis metabolites in his system, and the idiot drank half a bottle of CHLOROX, thinking it would cleanse his system. I forget what happened about the drug test, but the fool survived, without hospitalization.

      You know that bit about Chlorine being a “pale green gas” in its natural state? That’s exactly the color his skin looked. Kind of a pale pistachio color. I was convinced the guy was going to die in my house. Sadly, he didn’t.

  16. Is that guy a space alien, or just a pencil-necked carnival geek? Hey, Steve, here’s a thought: post your suicide signs in pharmacies and rooftops.

  17. I live in Tucson and am exposed to this Hole’s B.S. constantly. Trust me, anything having to do with firearms gets him publicity and anything having to do with the truth doesn’t exist.


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