Daily Digest: Riding The Release Edition

Ruger LCP .380 pink courtesy ruger.com

A parent volunteer at Newington Elementary School in Summerville, South Carolina is demonstrating how to be a bad parent and a bad gun owner in one shot. Stick with me here, I’m breaking this one into sections. On February 6th, police were called to the school because a 2nd grader had found a gun in her book bag. Reports say that when the child discovered the gun, she immediately called her teacher over and told her. The student’s mother works as a parent volunteer at the school. Now, we back up a day, and hear from another volunteer (we’ll call her “A”) that the same mother had bragged to her about having a gun . . .

opening her purse and showing her a black and pink pistol (actual gun not shown). When questioned by “A” about the wisdom of having the gun, her response was that she had a concealed weapons permit. [Not for much longer, I’m thinking.] Volunteer A then told another volunteer (“B”) about the gun, and the next day (now we’re back to February 6th), “B” told the principal. That same day, the mother had a conversation with one of the volunteers who the previous day had asked her if having the gun at school was a good idea. That volunteer said the mother became “flustered” and left. Later that day, the pink & black Ruger .380 was found in the child’s bag. The child’s teacher later told police that the mother had stopped by her daughter’s classroom and asked the teacher if she could put a book in her bag. The teacher OK’d it, and the mom put the bag back in the classroom after she was done.

So, in case you had trouble following the Pulp Fiction-esque timeline twisting, here’s the short, in-order version: Mom brags about gun to coworkers, coworkers question mom’s gun, mom and coworkers have another conversation about gun the next day, mom gets nervous that she might get reported for having it, mom decides to stash gun in her child’s bookbag so she won’t have it if confronted, child (unfortunately for mom) finds gun, tells teacher, police are called, The Aristocrats.

A man traveling south to Mexico was arrested recently at the Brownsville & Matamoros Bridge in Brownsville, Texas, after Customs & Border Protection officers discovered he was carrying two boxes (100 rounds) of .40-caliber ammunition inside a box containing juice bottles. The man agreed to give statements to agents with Homeland Security without an attorney present, and told them that in the last six months he’d “smuggled approximately 15,000 rounds of various high-caliber rifle and handgun ammunition and approximately 600 magazines for various high-caliber rifles and handguns and delivered them to unknown persons in Mexico.” Well, smuggling is bad, of course, but I’m not nearly as mad as I would be if he’d been transporting .22LR ammo out of the country. That’s a hanging offense at this point.

Colion Noir quick-reviews the SIG Sauer P229 .40 S&W.

Just an advisory for the California folks. State Sen. Kevin de Lèon, of “ghost gun” fame, is proposing an ammunition background check bill, currently under consideration in the Assembly Public Safety Committee. Capital Public Radio reports he says that his bill would provide commonsense safeguards to the sale of a potentially lethal product and give law enforcement a useful tracking tool. “We have no regulations whatsoever. We don’t know who buys it. We don’t know who sells it. And that’s simply wrong.” This will be de Lèon’s second attempt at this type of bill; a previous effort in 2008 failed in the Senate. Governor Jerry Brown’s office is working with Senator de Lèon on drafting the latest bill.

Gabby Giffords is working on a book about gun control. She is collaborating with her husband, Space Cadet Mark Kelly on “Enough: Our Fight to Keep America Safe from Gun Violence.” The book is based on an essay by Giffords that appeared in the New York Times in April, in which she raged against the senators who blocked the gun control legislation that had failed to make it through the Senate. Kelly, in a statement released by Scribner, the book’s publisher, said in part, “As Second Amendment supporters and gun owners ourselves, we hope our book rouses the long-overdue conversation our country needs to make responsible changes to our gun laws so that no more precious lives are lost.” The book is due out in June, be sure to reserve your copy so you don’t miss out.

Primary Weapons Systems Half Cocked returns with Episode #2 (I guess the SHOT Show episode doesn’t count), “Lizard Lick.” It’s, um… not safe for work.

It’s gotta be the heat.


  1. avatar Highwayman says:

    “The Aristocrats”, Nice touch!

    1. avatar SilentSecessionist says:


      As Cleveland Brown says “Oh, that’s nasty…”

  2. avatar William Burke says:

    It’s true; I had trouble navigating the narrative, until you distilled it for my sleep-deprived brain.

    This is what happens when you have people who think guns are ticking time bombs, ready to blow the roof off the sucker.

    And others who are even more ignorant. Rationality comes through knowledge about a given subject. Some seem to think knowledge itself will make the gun turn on them.

    SO. MUCH. WILLFUL. STUPIDITY. I fear for the children.

  3. avatar jwm says:

    68gca made signing for every box of ammo mandatory. Every dealer had to have a ledger and enter the buyer’s info from their id in the book for all ammo purchases. This went on for years until it was done away with. One of the reasons the requirement was done away with was that leo’s had never solved a crime based on that info.

    The lady was dumb enough to show off her gun to others at the school and then stashed it in her kids back pack? You can’t make this sh!t up.

    1. avatar Tom in Oregon says:

      I remember buying ammo, then one day, my parents had to buy it for me.
      That sucked.

      1. avatar jwm says:

        Exactly. I used to go to a country store and the guy sold everything from shoes to guns and ammo. Prior to 68gca us kids would stop in there and buy ammo. He knew us and our families. He would even open a box of shells and sell you 5 if that’s all the money you had. Lots of times I would buy 5-10 rounds of .410 and spend the afternoon tramping the hills.

        That changed with the 68 gca. But it also got me interested in gun rights.

  4. avatar peirsonb says:

    She is collaborating with her husband, Space Cadet Mark Kelly on

    She is trying to color inside the lines while her space cadet husband writes the book under her name, using and abusing. Again. Still.


    1. avatar michael nieto says:

      mark Kelly is evil for manipulating his wife to line his pockets and attack our freedom at the same time.

      1. avatar Jus Bill says:

        It’s all about the money, And the control. Kelly’s ego is bigger than his head.

      2. avatar MiketheHopsFarmer says:

        I think I saw Mr Kelly this weekend. He had an acting part in the Lego movie. There was this plastic character who was singularly focused and always going on about building a spaceship!

    2. avatar ropingdown says:

      It is obvious that Mark is doing all the thinking and writing, and it’s about his career, not about hers.

      I was just disgusted when I saw Giffords testify recently. She had obviously been coached to give a short vague speech punctuated by her “just fight, fight, fight” bit during which she sounded exactly like a young Shirley Temple. Mark is a product of the amoral ambition mentality that sees only future fame and profits as the measure of good conduct.

    3. avatar Matt in FL says:

      Yeah, that’s kinda what I was going for.

  5. avatar Tom in Oregon says:

    Entra-peda-phenerial. What a great new word.

  6. avatar Jus Bill says:

    The book is based on an essay by Gabby Giffords, who channeled it through her promoter Mark Kelly via automatic writing and that appeared in the New York Times in April, in which she raged against the senators who blocked the gun control legislation that had failed to make it through the Senate.


  7. avatar Hannibal says:

    Thank you volunteer A for being the perfect case for gun control advocates to point to when they say it’s a bad idea to have parents carrying guns in schools. Showing off your concealed gun and then stashing it in your kid’s bag? Was she drunk too?

    1. avatar Barstow Cowboy says:

      I’ll go ahead and start the bidding here; it’s obvious that volunteer A was an agent of the NSA/CIA/FEMA, and her actions were designed to provide ammunition for the powers that be so that they can repeal the 2nd Amendment. Discuss.

        1. avatar Cliff H says:

          I’ve never considered Obama stupid.

        2. avatar peirsonb says:

          “Conspiracy” implies a certain level of job competency. Experiment: when you think “United States government agency” is “competent” the description that comes to mind?

    2. avatar Dennis says:

      If book bag in SC mom really had a CWP she missed two things she could have done. The first was preemptive, she could have asked permission from the school principal to carry in the school, not likely to get permission but it can be done sometimes. Second, again if she really does have a CWP, she could have placed it in her car (assumes she drove to school) and locked it up. Most CWP holders know that, all should have been taught that. Whole lot’ta fail there.

  8. avatar Maineuh says:

    So, that mom thought she’d be better off stashing her gun in a kid’s backpack than potentially face questioning from an administrator? More Lois Griffin, this one, than Carol Brady.

    1. avatar JoshtheViking says:

      Honestly, it sounds more like something Peter Griffin (or maybe Randy Marsh) would do.

      1. avatar NYC2AZ says:


        I can totally see Randy doing that.

      2. avatar Maineuh says:

        Yeah, I didn’t mean to malign Lois. She’s actually quite hot and would be fun to party with.

    2. avatar Matt in FL says:

      Well, if the daughter hadn’t found it, or had found it but hadn’t told the teacher, it would have worked out fine.

      Just to play devil’s advocate, you know how I know that parent hadn’t done much (if anything) in the way of educating her kid about guns?

      Of course, now that I think about it, even if she had, Eddie Eagle says, “Stop, don’t touch, tell an adult.” There’s nothing in there about what to do differently if it’s your mom’s secretly stashed gun.

      1. avatar peirsonb says:

        From what I can see the daughter is the ONLY one that did the right thing.

        Mom: Concealed is concealed. AND carrying in a school zone is a good way to earn a prolonged stay in a federally sponsored hotel.

        Volunteer A: Constitutionality aside, should have informed the administration immediately. Otherwise that’s called “accomplice.”

        By contrast, daughter: tell an adult.

  9. avatar Hannibal says:

    ““As Second Amendment supporters and gun owners ourselves…”

    “I have lots of black friends, but..”

    1. avatar ropingdown says:

      “Some of my best friends are Jewish, but consider the …..”

      1. avatar Gyufygy says:

        I like Mexican food, but…

  10. avatar KMc says:

    I will be running low on toilet paper in June, thanks for the heads up, Matt!

  11. avatar Dave357 says:

    Looks like Gov. Brown won’t be vetoing this ammo background check bill. I wonder how soon CA gun laws will become as offensive as the worst East Coast ones.

    1. avatar Jus Bill says:

      When does the chain link and razor wire fence around CA go up? Except on the southern border, of course. Gotta get their drugz and servants.

  12. avatar NYC2AZ says:

    “Kelly, in a statement released by Scribner, the book’s publisher, said in part, “As Second Amendment supporters and gun owners ourselves, we hope our book rouses the long-overdue conversation our country needs to make responsible changes to our gun laws so that no more precious lives are lost.””

    Again with the “conversation” talk. Hey Mark, we’ve had the conversation. I understand why didn’t know because you disable comments on every piece of propaganda you put out. Your side lost. Again. Still. Support search and rescue, get lost.

    1. avatar General Zod says:

      Yep. Whining, lying, making demands and being repeatedly told “no” is not a conversation.

  13. avatar Mitchell! says:

    You know, a book written by a seriously addled congresswoman with NO EDITING could be entertaining.

    The title might be more like “Enove: the Figgit to change Albuquerque to Alabama, and Super Golden Crisp, it’s Got the Crunch With Punch.”

    1. avatar Barstow Cowboy says:

      Brain damage jokes…still not funny. Not at all.

      1. avatar Lord Wulfgen says:

        Disagree. Everything can be funny. Like your pretension.

      2. avatar ensitue says:

        Says the man that rides a slickfork!

      3. avatar Matt in FL says:

        I dunno, I sorta smiled.

      4. avatar Cliff H says:

        The joke, unfortunately, is that anyone thinks that unconstitutional gun-control advice from a person with obvious brain damage, regardless of the cause, is worth serious consideration.

        I can forgive Gabby, considering her unfortunate condition, I cannot explain other than as treasonous avarice how an officer in the U.S. Navy has trouble understanding “…the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.”

        Any record of hypoxia during his training or missions?

        1. avatar Barstow Cowboy says:

          I don’t know what a slickfork is, and I don’t know what my blood pressure has to do with anything, but I think that all the vitriol should be directed at Kelly, not his poor wife. For all we know she has no idea that she’s being used. Her condition is really sad. Mocking it is juvenile, and ask anyone who knows me, I KNOW juvenile.

        2. avatar Dave357 says:

          Before the shooting, Ms. Giffords posed with a gun on occasion during her reelection campaigns, but let’s not forget that her ratings from the NRA ranged between D and F (here is one summary that googled up: https://www.ar15.com/archive/topic.html?b=1&f=5&t=1139403). She was an anti-gunner before Jared Loughner committed his crime.

      5. avatar peirsonb says:

        “I believe you can joke about anything. It all depends on how you construct the joke. What the exaggeration is. What the exaggeration is. Because every joke needs one exaggeration. Every joke needs one thing to be way out of proportion…” George Carlin

        1. avatar Barstow Cowboy says:

          Yeah, you know what guys, I thought about it today when I was out working in the yard, and you’re right, brain damage IS funny! Next time I see an obviously brain damaged person, I’m not going to hold back. I don’t care if I’m out in public, if their family is there; whatever man, I’m going to get some laughs out of this unfortunate but HILARIOUS comedy gold mine. I love you guys.

  14. avatar Sixpack70 says:

    Litigation just can’t move fast enough in California. At this rate civilians won’t be able to own guns in the state in a few decades. Judges that deal with California will continue to rule against the 2A because they do not believe in the Constitution or Bill of Rights. I think the big fight is against these post constitutionalists who believe the ends justify the means and that a 200 year old document is not valid anymore. We need some wins in that state and some people in the legislature that actually support liberty.

    1. avatar Jake F. says:


      Being a bit optimistic, aren’t we?

    2. avatar Paul G. says:

      Our rights were enumerated because the government always has a vested interest in finding some end to justify the usurping our rights. The end never justifies the means.

  15. avatar Werewolf1021 says:

    I swear. Kevin De Lame-o tries the same ammo bill every year.

    Frack him and the horse he rode in on too.

    I need to move before I get an aneurysm from all the idiots with power in this state….

  16. avatar ensitue says:

    Ruger Jumped the shark
    Women are biologically geared to seek out bright/pretty objects. Black/Pink is outside that parameter!
    #No women on Ruger’s Mtk Team

    1. avatar Matt in FL says:

      It also comes in purple.

      And I hate to point out the obvious, but the woman in this story is proof positive that women buy pink guns. Maybe not all women, but they do buy them.

      Also: note the 5-6 ladies in our currently running contest that have pink guns and/or accessories.

      1. avatar Michelle says:

        Do have purple. (one.) I do not have any pink ones, and don’t plan on it.

      2. avatar fuque says:

        I Must confess, I won a pink Taurus in a drawing a couple of years back.. and was too embarrassed to claim it.

        1. avatar Michelle says:

          You know a little Rit dye would have fixed that right up… Not a Taurus fan , but I’ve also never won anything.

          If you win any more pink guns I’ll gladly be your female free-gun-receiving surrogate 😉

        2. avatar JoshinTX says:

          Y’know, I shoot my wife’s pink and blue lace pattern LCP all the time, even CC occasionally. Wonder of it all is my wiener is still attached! 😉 Gotta think like a college kid with food. NEVER turn down a free pizza..er, gun. Also, that little colorful LCP has gotten more females interested in going to the range than any other gun wife and I have owned.

      3. avatar peirsonb says:

        women buy pink guns

        While shopping for her first carry gun, my wife sent me a link to a Diamondback DB9. Because it came in pink.

        My first stop was here to see if it had been reviewed. Tim gave it 5 stars, but based on the problems he pointed to in the text of the review there is no way in hell I’d ever buy one.

    2. avatar jwm says:

      I showed my daughter the picture of the pink Ruger. She wants. Her motorcycle helmet is pink and her boots and protective gear are pink themed. She also has a pink theme for her skydiving.

      Pink is so sissy.

  17. avatar Vhyrus says:

    Why would a bunch of gun dealers driving through Arizona be a) unarmed and b) afraid of inbred locals? DID THEY NOT BRING ANY GUNS WITH THEM TO THE GUN SHOW?!

  18. avatar tmm says:

    …he says that his bill would provide commonsense safeguards…

    Would that be commonsense©® safeguards?

    1. avatar Jeff the Griz says:

      It’s common sense to waste tax payer money with Bills that only affect tax paying, law abiding citizens.

  19. avatar C says:

    That kid’s a little narc. Bad parenting, indeed.

  20. avatar Renegade Dave says:

    Women who don’t take their husband’s name are a pet peeve of mine. “Giffords” should be Kelly.

    1. avatar Jus Bill says:

      I’ll bet she’s still not competent enough to do that now. Sad, that.

  21. avatar G. GIFFoordss says:

    THAnnnk yoo ffforr pllluggiing book my!!1 MMMaaark heeelped wwwriitee itt! IT wiilll bee goood boook!!!!11 I suppoorttthee sekond aaamendmnt butt wee neeeed too ban guuns theey arre baad.

    PLeeze buyyy bbbook!!!111 THAANXS!!!111

    1. avatar jwm says:

      I ain’t no comedian, but that stuff;s funny right there.

  22. avatar Mike says:

    “The Aristocrats.”
    Bwahahahahahahahhaaha! Well played.

  23. avatar Jus Bill says:

    Looks like people ARE voting with their feet.

    People leaving NY in droves

    More people are moving out of New Jersey than are moving in. The same is true for Illinois and New York. Those three states top the “outbound” list compiled by United Van Lines, the big St. Louis-based moving company that has put together an annual survey of where Americans are moving for the last 37 years. The company analyzed a total of 125,000 moves across the 48 continental states and the District of Columbia in 2013 and came up with a picture of migration patterns across the U.S.

  24. avatar Ralph says:

    I offered to buy my ex-gf (the crazy one) a pink handgun because she loved pink. She said that if she ever had to point the pistol at a bad guy, she wanted him to sh1t his pants, not say “oooo, pretty.”

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