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  1. Well, yes I would put that sign in my front yard. I am a proud Life member to the NRA and I urge folks to vote (LOL, for me) but if anything to make the rich, greedy, power hungering, gun grabbers have a harder day. Again, I would Proudly place that in my front yard and even the side yard, both face streets.

    If everyone else can shove there believes in my face and try to get me to swallow it then I also get my right to display my believes. If my OC doesn’t say that enough I’ll let the neighbors think I’m and even bigger nut. But when the sh*t hits the fan and they are in trouble they come to me. Go figure…LOL

  2. I Never advertise gun ownership. Puts me at a tactical disadvatage and that sign would set up my house for a theft.

    • NRA membership does not necessarily mean gun ownership. One of the first applicants for a CCW here in Fla. was a minister. When asked why he needed a carry permit, he replied, I may not own a gun or carry, but it’s my right to get one, so I am. Just as you don’t have to be black to belong to the NAACP, or own a car to have a drivers license.

      • NO.
        Lawn signs and bumper-stickers are not the right place to let your position on 2 A. rights be known. It only makes your (un-occupied) home a target of burglary, or your car a target of theft. Voice your opinion on every other place available, e.g. here, and other internet venues, and by letters to your political reps.

        P S —– The NY Times needs some Pro-gun responses to the article on the Empire State Building shooting by Facebook members. The link is provided in Nick Leghorn’s post.

      • Tell that to the guy that broke into your house looking to steal your guns. Even if you don’t actually own guns, but are a member of the NRA…. well, you just got broken into.

  3. Yes. Maybe some of the campaigning politicos would stay off my property then and quit acting so offended when they walk up into
    My yard and realize I am carrying my firearm.
    Actually had a local Dem politician leave without giving his spiel after he walked up to me and realized I was carrying my 1911 on me while cutting wood. As a side note that 1911 has killed 3 coyotes and probably 10 or 12 copperheads in the last two years. Is a GSG 1911 .22LR. Love It for around the yard, and it matches my 1911 .45acp!!

  4. Not in my neighborhood. It’s bad enough the hoodrats around me see me carrying my rifle cases to the car occasionally. I’m not interested in advertising my gun ownership further.

    • Same here. I bundle my rifle cases in moving blankets when I load them to go shooting. I do NOT want some of my neighbors to know I have guns.

      My children, in addition to having been taught gun safety, have been strictly instructed to keep their mouths shut about our firearms when they are out and about.

      • I guess I’m lucky to live in a nice neighborhood. Don’t have a problem with security in the least, but I still don’t try to advertise my collection. In fact I saw my neighbor unloading a big gun safe into his garage and next time I saw him we talked life, ladies, and guns. Then he helped me build my reloading bench over some beer. When I get a rifle with some range he’s offered to show me some long range shooting skills. Good friends are hard to find, but because of a mutual love of the shooting sports, I’ve got one next door.

      • I keep my rifles in guitar cases. It makes moving things around in public that much easier.

        The only time it got any notice was when someone asked me what kind of music I like to play.

        I smiled and said “Death Metal”.

  5. May as well put up-“burglarize this house!!”Same with your vehicle-“follow me home”.Just be well-armed and low key.

  6. Nope. I don’t even put those stickers they send on my car. It’s just an invitation to get burglarized.
    I’d like to think I could proclaim my support for the Second Amendment more openly, but no sense in making yourself a bad guys magnet.

  7. No. Single-issue voters who yoke themselves to a single party always end up abused and ignored by that party. Ask the NAACP.

  8. While most of my neighbors know that I am gun owner I would not want to add a “Stop and Rob Me” sign in my front yard. I also do not have any gun related stickers on my car.

    • The story of the lady who was arrested for a minor weapon storage violation after the cop saw her NRA hat in the back window and said that was what “alerted him to the possible presence of a weapon in the vehicle” keeps me from putting stickers up in addition to the theft problem

      • That smells of a cop looking for any excuse to pull someone over. Probably needed to fill his unpublished quota requirement.

  9. No.

    Not only for reasons people have already mentioned, but we also know that gun-grabbers are children and tantrum-throwers at heart, and utterly loathe the fact that other people have the right to disagree with them. This invites vandalism.

      • That appears to not be what the poster you are responding to was saying. I believe he was indicating that some lefties do do something, not that all righties do not do that something. You can actually in fact say one without the other. Just like Bush can be bad without Obama being good.

  10. I wouldn’t even put a bumper sticker on my car, political or otherwise. Aside from it being a tacky eyesore, some collectivist puke might decide to take a “share” of my property in the form of some paint as they stroll by with a key.

  11. Nope. Probably most of my neighbors on our quiet street are gun owners. Why advertise that I have guns to steal? The only time that I wear my JPFO polo shirt is when I go bike riding or go to the gun show. Another potential issue: if you ever have an altercation with a neighbor that person could maliciously tell police you verbally threatened them with bringing out your gun when you did not do so. Such is life in a modern western society.

  12. Nope!!! I even took the sticker off my car years ago. No advertising of gun ownership.

    Criminals are constantly adapting, and even though I am a member of the NRA, I choose not to flagrantly promote it.

    Low-profile, just like Obama and the Brady Bunch are working:

    “Under The Radar”.

  13. hell no. even if I joined that benighted organization I still wouldn’t vote in keeping with their approved candidate. even if obama decided to steal everyone’s guns, which he isn’t going to do, I’d still rather vote for him than that assmunch romney. creating jobs overseas, building wealth for his elitni friends.

  14. Not where I live, I wouldn’t. But if I lived in a rural area, I’d certainly put one on my lawn, right next to the “No Trespassing” sign and the tie-out for the pit bull. I think the message would come across loud and clear.

  15. No. I don’t put political stuff in my yard.

    No. I don’t support the NRA, which I find is little more than a money grubbing tool that has done little to advance the second amendment in the courts for the past 100+ years.

  16. I live at the end of a private dirt road. It wouldn’t do much good to put the sign up in my yard as only the UPS driver would see it. All my neighbors know I have guns. I know they do as well.

    I’d consider putting a bumper sticker on my truck but I’m not willing to cover up one of the NOBAMA stickers that are already there.

  17. Why not? Some of my good friends here are displaying paranoid behavior. Do you really think we can restore and preserve our liberties & traditions by becoming a secretive society?

      • No I don’t brother Mike; what I do know is that the Civil Rights Act of 1964 for example was not passed because the proponents thereof were secretly in favor of it.

        Each of us I suppose can choose their own way and still be allies.

  18. Wouldn’t put it on my lawn.
    But I have my NRA sticker on my bumper with my “Obama 2012” sticker.

  19. Yes. I would.

    Everyone is saying that letting criminals know you have guns invites theft. I see it the other way. I think the sign tells criminals that if they illegally enter this house, they could leave in a body bag. The neighbor’s house is an easier target, because he is unarmed and defenseless.

    I also enjoy pissing off liberals every chance I get.

  20. No, because I’d like to think I’m in “stealth mode.” (Until I look in the mirror and disabuse myself of that notion!)

  21. No pro gun lawn signs or stickers on my vehicle, like others I think it would just encourage thieves.
    I did put stickers on my screaming liberal family members vehicles when I visited them in Massachusetts a few years ago.
    Not sure why but they were all kind of pissy after that, I thought I was being helpful.
    I only go there to see my conservative 88 year old Mom.

  22. I’d like to, but as said above, it’s bad opsec. Plus I’ve learned to not put political stuff on my car after my brother got all 4 of his truck tires slashed for the anti-Obama bumper stickers he had on his bumper.

    • Perhaps he should have a bumper sticker that says:

      “Before you slash my tires, please consider that you brought a knife to a gunfight.”

  23. I would rather comply wih the law of the State. But right now I am curious about what lawn to have installed in my new house. I wish anybody could ever help.

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