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Before you get started, TTAG will NOT ignore Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America. For one thing, we agree with Saul Alinsky’s Rule 12: “Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.” Second, MDA is the mainstream media’s civilian disarmament darling – despite the fact that they are an astroturf organization. Check out the Indianapolis WRTV video above, which gives play to three Moms demanding Kroger ban open carry from its stores. With three pre-pubescent children wearing T-shirts declaring that they’re “Gun Sense Voters.” Sure, Indianapolis is Shannon Watts’ home town, but the Moms founder couldn’t even be bothered to show-up for the cameras. So why does WRTV and their ilk give these Moms PR action? Seriously, is the mainstream media anti-gun or are these poorly-attended (to say the least) protests legitimate news? Oh and notice how the station’s banner says MDA is calling for a ban on guns in Kroger. Not open carry. Guns.

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  1. ” we agree with Saul Alinsky’s Rule 12: “Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.” ” oh that’s rich around these parts. thanks for the lunch-time laugh

  2. because the media wants gun contyol as much as MDA does. our press left the Inform mission for the advocate mission lonfg ago.

    • Or because these local news shows are so eagerly craving viewership that they help stir up local controversies that barely exist at all.

    • The media doesn’t care one way or the other – they’re in business to sell papers or attract eyeballs. MDA has an attractive combination: moms/kids and guns. Both are sure fire “lightning rod” topics, so MDA becomes an easy sell.

  3. The media and MDA either, will never stop.

    My opinion is, he media cause it sells the news and gives them validity and MDA because they are ridiculous. No matter the facts, both will and do lie.

    I ignore it and them. Boycott the stores and States ($), where they have marginal successes. And laugh at their pathetic attitude. Eventually they learn that they must protect themselves. This is the real world not the fantasy land they think they live in.

    What are you doing about it?

  4. ‘Media’ gains/retains power thru influence. If they cannot control the focus of a portion of the nation, then they cannot be paid to control the focus of a portion of the nation. They were handy during WWII, ~ Korea, etc., their somewhat recent co-option/corruption is a permanent blight on their record(s) and without federal subsidation and governmental control on their competitors they would be thrown on the dust-heap.

    They remain handy, the first and only real question is “handy to whom”.

  5. All I can say is: the Kroger on 40 and 267 will be getting my business when I’m home again next week.

    MDA are daft if they think they’re going to effect a gun ban in Indiana.

  6. Why does the StateRunMedia™ support MDA?
    Easy enough to answer: If they didn’t have made up news, they’d have nothing else to sell.

    Proof is how the most progtarded are gone, or rapidly circling the drain; stock price, subscriptions, ad revenue;
    Newsweek, Boston Globe, MSNBC, CNN, NYT.

    There will always be true believers on the Left, so some will hang on, fighting for an increasingly smaller piece of the pie (MotherJones, RawStory) or dumbing down for the LIVs (HuffPo, Salon) or some rich guys plaything (WAPO? Bloomberg News). But the innertubz is disintermedating the “control” of information, and thought, which is exactly why folks like DiFi and Dirty Harry and Pelosi want to “regulate” it, top down.

    In the meantime, playing Alinsky Rules back on them is such great sport, watching their little bobble-head toy heads spin, and panties go wet.

    Hey! There’s a new toy idea: The Shannon Doll. Just say “Gun” and Watch the Fun. Just in time for XMAS.

  7. I hope Kroger stores stand strong. I absolutely will take my $7500/year elsewhere if they “request” that people not bring in legally carried firearms

  8. Q.: “Seriously, is the mainstream media anti-gun or are these poorly-attended (to say the least) protests legitimate news?”

    A.: Uh, DUH.

    And that is in spite of this:

    And even liberal “news” outlets widely reported it.

    We must remember, after all, that, “If it bleeds, it leads!” Is the official motto of the decaying, decrepit, morally and factually bankrupt, lamstream legacy so-called “news” media.

  9. “Why Doesn’t the Mainstream Media Ignore Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America?”

    Because the MSM and MDA are part of the same conspiracy, that’s why.

    • It’s worse than a conspiracy: it’s self-organizing. In the same way that looters flock to disorder without prior organization, the Left will always flock to causes that undermine property, family and tradition.

  10. I would love to see the moms face if the reporter she was talking at saying there have been many dangerous open carry incidents in other states if they asked for a couple examples.

  11. They show MDA for the same reason they have Honey Boo-boo, Jersey shore, and the rest: Watching stupid people make asses of themselves gets ratings.

  12. “Seriously, is the mainstream media anti-gun…?”

    Seriously? You even have to ask that question?

    The answer is “yes” – the mainstream media (aka Democrat Propaganda Ministry) is absolutely, definitely, slobbering-ly anti-gun. Just like their bosses in the “progressive” left.

    After all, we have seen many examples of how it ends badly for the ruling aristocrats when they let the serfs get effective weaponry.

    • Yup. One way or another, they pay. Local producer with eager beaver intern production assistant, gets call from college OFA pal, enviro-nitwit, or local Dem party activist…remember, its called networking- and even the liberal Pew Journalist Voter Affiliation poll found over 95% of journalists self-identifed as Democrat voters.

      Ambitious young people want to get out of the sticks to the big markets- NYC, DC, and do you think a favor, to Bloomberg and MDA wont go un-noticed… more like a badge of honor.

      Old school J-school ethics on report the facts, and nothing but the facts went out the window 30 years ago, when navel gazing journalists were idolized in movies like The Year of Living Dangerously (for making the “moral” choice to take sides, vs report the news), Salvador, etc.

      Thats why the rise of alternative media like talk radio, and now web blogs, zines, and new aggregators and content creators in sites like Breitbart, PJMedia, Daily Caller, The Blaze, are taking off, following the success of earlier trail blazers, like Horowitz Front Page, and DrudgeReport.

      Read the “Rise of the Anti-Media” to see how it worked for the Concealed Carry Movement, for grassroots efforts horizontally integrated to beat the top-down big media.

  13. “We will be working to change the laws in Indiana…”

    BAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Bring it! I hope uncle Bloomy writes you a huge check that you can squander here.

    • Good luck on changing laws in Indiana MDA. Even a sizable percentage of the liberal Democrats in the state are pro Second Amendment. My liberal union member nephew lives there and he opposes gun control.

  14. MDA is a bunch of soccer-mom nannys with zero experience whatsoever in regard to the subject of their arguments and Shannon watts is the epitome of ignorance, prejudice, bigotry, and advocate of statism for her ridiculous riffraff of ivory tower moms disconnected with things like “reality.”

    • Shannon Watts is a paid professional. Her job is to push the message she is paid for. Just a hired gun.

      Most of her “followers” are abysmally ignorant. Former Mayor Bloomberg is also screamingly ignorant about guns. There has never been any rationality or logic “there”, except in a completely superficial and simplistic way. If you have never really thought about the arguments, or considered the root assumptions, it is easy to do very stupid stuff.

      New York City was allowed to wallow in this ignorance for generations, and Bloomberg is the result.

      • I disagree. If it were just a matter of hiring a pro Bloomie Deep-pockets could surely hire a more competent one.

  15. I would love to know when these events happen. Simply to show up and say “no I don’t agree. Your crazy”. No open carry needed, no signs to carry, just make it on the news that they are nuts.

  16. I’d like to think the media largely ignores them but it’s been so long since I’ve seen the ‘mainstream media’ that I honestly couldn’t say.

  17. Today’s news media are a lazy bunch. When someone promises to spoon-feed them a story so they don’t have to actually work for it, bonus. When the story involves a controversial issue that will drive clicks, double bonus.

    They don’t know the difference between real news and a publicity stunt, and they don’t care. They have to fill 22 minutes of screen time with something.

  18. I have another question. Why are the mainstream media, and the “moms” too ignoring the kids shot up at that Florida “nightclub” a week or so ago? Demographics not right?

  19. I’d say that YES, the majority of the mainstream media are anti-gun. Remember how they treated the Tea Party types, who they portrayed as potential terrorists and racists, while the Bush/Iraq War protesters were portrayed as peaceful people. Or how 100,000 + pro-life people march in Washington, D.C. each year, and are continually ignored by the media. The media is left-wing.

    • Sure, a “dangerous incident” in the same vein as a cop’s accidental discharge within two blocks of a deserted community college is a “school shooting”.

  20. This video confirms my belief that the male mid-life crisis is caused by female mid-life hair chopping.

  21. I have a theory the billionaire bloomie is PAYING some of news lowlifes for positive coverage. I do find it interesting that Yahoo has pro-gun articles fairly regularly. Of course maybe it’s part of a greater conspiracy(tin foil hat time) 🙂

    • Yahoo has been hopelessly PC since forever, I personally think that is the basis for their worship at the gun-control altar.

    • Another layer:

      If Bloomberg’s empire withdraws coverage and prohibits use of its bylines most of the “Business Report” editors and anchors may as well go home, cuz there would be nearly nothing that they could report.

  22. MOMs usual crock of crap.
    “Incidents in other states”.
    In what Krogers??
    Where, when ,who what ???
    They have asked you nicely many times to leave and this is how you act??
    They follow the laws of their community.
    Are you Moms??
    If it were up to me.
    Id be banning MOMs from my store and I doubt Id loose much in doing so.

  23. Seriously, is the mainstream media anti-gun (Yes) or are these poorly-attended (to say the least) protests legitimate news?( To the Bolsheviks, Yes) Oh and notice how the station’s banner says MDA is calling for a ban on guns in Kroger. Not open carry. Guns. ( Of course)

  24. Well why are they not ignoring them?
    Shannon Watts is a PR pro. Perhaps people forget that time to time. She has lots of cash from Bloomberg, and she has every major news outlet on speed dial.
    The media runs with it, because it follows the program. Not every outlet will run with it, but most do.
    “You will never get fired for running an MDA story”
    It is mindless drivel to fill the airwaves..

  25. The Main Stream Media uses whatever group that agrees with its anti-gun agenda that has the most “memory traction” with the Public. MDA was formed just after Newtown, CT, by Bloomberg precisely because he knew such a group would have “memory traction” with the Public, which he could take advantage of..The Brady Bunch is old-hat because who even remembers James Brady was shot along with President Reagan? The Brady Bunch and other groups get some Media attention, for certain, but it will be whoever is deemed “most relevant” to whatever is held in the most recent Public memory who gets to be the Media Darling of the moment. Mark and Gabby Giffords have capitalized on this, as well.
    This is a propaganda war where the target audience’s attention span is too short to have to remind them of the “ancient history” origins of advocacy groups, so the MSM picks the ones with the strongest “instant recognition” factor.

  26. “Kroger doesn’t allow food or drink in their stores…”

    Since when? My local Kroger has a Starbucks, people walk around with drinks all time. Also, their analogy might make a bit more sense if Kroger was allowing people to walk around with a gun in their hand, possibly swinging it around with their finger on the trigger or something stupid like that. A holstered firearm (which is where it should be until you actually need to use it for self-defense) is MORE* akin to carrying around an unopened bottle of pop or food in an unopened package.

    *The reason that I emphasized the word “more” is because I acknowledge the fact that it’s still not a perfect analogy, but it’s at least closer than the one that MDA is using.

    Also, on the video in the comments section (on Youtube), user “lazerz4eyez” makes a very good point:

    “Why aren’t these ladies in the high crime areas volunteering and creating initiatives where the violence is occurring, tackling the real issues that generate violence (not just the media hyped phrase ‘gun violence’)? Nope, instead, they are attempting to curb the Right of law abiding Americans at…. Krogers???? Ridiculous.”

    In case anyone has noticed that the first part of this message also appeared verbatim on the Youtube comments section, please note that that is my Youtube profile, so this is not plagiarism.

  27. Ya know, it is high time that Kroger went pro-active on these screeching, corpulent toads. Allow them to enter, photograph and fully ID them, then slap an injunction on them barring them from ever entering a Kroger or any other property owned by the parent corporation of Kroger. And splash THAT all over the media, including 1/2 page ads in local papers publicly identifying these persons so the entire community can know who and what they are.

  28. A better question would be why does any person of intelligence, regardless of their political persuasion, still pay attention to the media?

    I don’t think it’s a conspiracy of any real organization, but the media has a collective agenda and factually reporting the events of the day is not a part of that agenda. They are an ideological filter for people to apathetic to think for themselves.

  29. What can I wear that would piss off these women? Because I want to irritate these people (who remind me of my ex on this issue) at every turn. Are there anti-MDA t-shirts somewhere I can buy?

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