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Senate Bill 290, which allows gun owners to carry a weapon during a riot, hurricane or other declared state or local emergency, will have the effect of putting more weapons into the hands of nervous people at the very time they are reeling from a crisis.” Do you see the thinking there?‘s editorial writer is afraid that “nervous” people “reeling” during a crisis will go crazy! With guns! It’s been my experience that . . .

most people find inner strength during a crisis. They use whatever’s at-hand to survive, both before the event and after. Both as individuals and as a community. Guns are just another tool for survival – useful when they are and not when they’re not. Bottom line: a crisis doesn’t make good people into killers – unless that’s what’s required. You know: for self-defense or cannibalism. (Same as it ever was.)

The paper’s gun control stance reflects its utter contempt for the common man’s ability to use common sense for the good of all. Where does that come from?

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  1. It’s called projection. They know they can’t be trusted not to become violent– so they assume others are the same.

    • While some fall into that category (projection), I believe most are just plain, clinically hysterical and vomit words hoping that something — anything — resonates and convinces people to disarm.

      I suppose you also have some who just plain have a sadistic desire to manipulate and control other people.

      I think those three camps cover just about everyone.

      • I concur with what others have said here about projecting their own instabilities on others. Many are simply humongous cowards. Just because I am carrying a firearm does not increase the chance that I will go batshit crazy and harm other people. If that is their fear, I would love to tell the average pencil-necked pansy liberal, that for the most part I could kill them with my bare hands with just a bit more effort, were that my intention.

        I’ve given up trying to reason with them. Anyone interested in denying me the right to defend myself…. I care not what they think about anything.

        I would suggest everyone do two things….
        1. Actively support (with dollars and time) at least one gun rights org (‘m a GOA man myself!)

        2. Join and support the Oath Keepers. We are making real quantifiable progress in gaining support from those men and women who the government eventually intends on using to put a boot down on your neck. (LEO, Military, etc.)

        • How did such an obviously brutish, violence-prone, insecure-about-his-penis-size-and-compensating-for-it-with-a-gun ruffian like you learn to write so eloquently and convincingly?

          We gasp and clutch our pearls more tightly at the mere thought of you.

          Quivering Antis Everwhere

  2. Projection. Perhaps they think little of themselves and project that image on the rest.

    Or fear. Fear that everyone else lacks self-control.

    • I think with anti gunners those two are the same. Projection is essentially the assumption that others are like you, no?

  3. Where does that come from?
    It comes from a life of being taught, indoctrinated, that we’re all so pathetically incapable of making our own decisions that we need a nanny state government to protect us from ourselves. It’s so ingrained in their thinking that they’ve stopped thinking for their own good.

  4. I’ve heard people say that it’s because these anti’s don’t have a good hold on their own mental states. And since they think that they could just shot anyone at a drop of a hat they assume that we’re all that damaged.

    Although I have my own theory in that we’re dealing with a lot of ‘progressives’ that just want to attack everything that the Republican’s support.

  5. “Why Do Gun Control Advocates Think So Little of Their Fellow Americans?‏”
    Liberal-us Progress-EVIL-us and their Sheeple-People followers do not concern themselves with the goings-on and tribulations of the masses.
    The are only concerned with their own safety and have made ample provisions for emergencies by hiring armed guards, erecting steel barred fences and window barriers, concrete walls, and such.
    if the masses deplete the supply of bread, let them eat cake!

  6. Projection is half the issue.

    The other half is simply that they believe that they are superior, enlightened among us. By inference, we, the unenlightened little people, are inferior. They are our betters, and know what is best for us. We are barbarians unable to control our base instincts.

    Typical progressivism.

    • It is human nature to fear what you are incapable of understanding.

      Given enough time, it is human nature for that fear to turn into hate.

  7. Today’s modern lib knows he or she is scum, but since they’re better than everyone else…

  8. Besides the projection, they also seem to assume that any law that restores a citizen’s right to carry somehow increases the number of guns and/or gunowners in the system. As if the passage of this bill would somehow create a flood of arms. They don’t realize that the guns and gunowners are already here – among them. They really hate laws that force them to face this reality.

    • Come on you guys. It’s not projection. “They” know exactly what they are doing. They hate us and they are trying to get to the dumb as**s who don’t have a clue.

  9. Funny how people think the constitution can be declared null and void during a state of emergency.

  10. Feelings. It’s always about “feelings” with the elitist, statist type. Never facts.

  11. Easy–because they are liberals/progressives/statists/whatever the term du jour is. They are either convinced that they are our betters and are the only ones who can and should tell us all how to live our lives, or they are sheep who can’t get along without the almighty “village” protecting and nurturing and taking care of them, and they assume and/or prefer that everybody else is the same. Or, in some particularly schizophrenic cases, they are a bit of both.

  12. During and after “State and local emergencies” are when the wolves abandon their sheep costumes. All the more reason for good people to be prepared IN CASE the need may arise.

  13. Gun control is just one facet of Progressivism, which is a “scientific” branch of socialism.

    What they hate is individualism. Individuals thinking for themselves implies they might not do something for the greater good. Adam Smith’s invisible hand is meaningless to them.

    Maybe deep down inside, they hate having to make decisions or the thinking required to do so in any meaningful fashion. Maybe they hate having to grow up.

    Whatever the root cause, it’s all part and parcel of the same deep root fear of having to think for themselves.

  14. Hell everytime there is a big hurricane the neighborhood sets up the LP/OP and we all have long arms slung (no 511 clothing). Sheriff’s just wave and drive by and don’t come back around. Amazingly enough we have 0 problems during a two week(more or less) blackout of all services, funny how that works.

  15. It doesn’t matter what the law is, during a crisis, rational people will carry their guns. Better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6.

  16. Why Do Gun Control Advocates Think So Little of Their Fellow Americans?

    Because they think that WE are THEM.

  17. Yes it puts the guns in their hands instead of in their abandoned homes, primed for opportunistic looters, criminals, and drug addicts.

    Whose hands would you rather the guns be in?

  18. I have been following this bill and a similar bill last year. No where does this bill give people the right to carry during emergencies (the 2A does that regardless of this bill). None the less. But what this bill does is correct a glaring issue with the current law.
    As of right now, it is illegal for any Floridian to take their guns with then while in the process of evacuating to a safer area of the state. Our CCWs are also null and void if we are evacuating.

    With the passage of this into law, anyone in the act of evacuating can take the firearms with them. This also includes allowing them to conceal carry them. But they must be in the act of evacuating. The law doesn’t permit anyone to patrol their neighborhood, which this “reporter” is suggesting the law does.

  19. Am I really the only one who didn’t read that as meaning people are going to go out on the rampage because suddenly they can carry guns?

    The concern I see there is that people who are nervous and on edge are more likely to shoot first and ask questions later. It is a valid concern I would have thought but really condescending and based more on media hype than actual fact.

    Seems to me as though there is a deliberate misunderstanding of what they are saying that isn’t needed. Their statements are just dumb and ignorant. This kind of response to them is about as useful as their initial article.

    • Yeah, the ignorance in that “Editorial: Public safety sacrificed on altar of NRA” is hardly more than the usual hoplophobic anti-gun rhetoric propagated by the disarmament crowd.

      The editorial does little to address that a few who keep firearms might misinterpret the actions of others – especially strangers – as a threat.

      It is possible those few might respond accordingly with lower levels of restraint due to the trauma of such an event as a riot or natural disaster, and the known propensity of thugs to seize any opportunity that presents to do harm.

      Good reason not to be out roaming around.

  20. Isn’t Florida still cleaning up all the “blood in the streets” predicted when they approved concealed carry?

    • Yeah, and the odd thing is, with all those ‘rivers of blood’ in the street, they still whine about the perpetual drought Florida seems to be in…

  21. I trust more people with guns than with cars, because driving is always a two way range and shooting is only a two way range in a fight.

  22. The agitprop comes from a deliberate change in editorial goale, since being split off from Poynter.
    My guess is ownership interests along the lines of Bloomberg or Soros shell.orgs.

    The left-progressives are running version two of the gun-grab post Sandy Hook, this time under the radar, but now even more coordinated, in order to set up a culture of fear that the One can cite as proof, of why he must issue some sort of Executive Action, as his legacy.

  23. If you’re nervous and/or reeling from a crisis, you shouldn’t have a gun (because you’re nervous and/or reeling). But if there ever comes a time when you truly need a gun to save your life (or someone else’s), by definition you *will* be in a crisis, and will be nervous and/or reeling.

    Catch-22. No guns for you.

  24. “Why Do Gun Control Advocates Think So Little of Their Fellow Americans?”

    Because they are idiots.

  25. So in other words, because people might get fearful during a hurricane or natural disaster, they should have their guns taken away so that they are then subject to being attacked by all the marauding criminals who will be be inclined to attack them (eye roll).

  26. These are the same people who believe it is too much of a burden for blacks to obtain a voter ID,so they don’t think well of anyone.

  27. It’s just more of the same old tired alarmist BS.

    Perhaps some of these losers really believe this stuff but most of them are just playing a worn and cynical script, hoping that the sheep will buy it.

  28. I spent 5 years in FL. When a storm came up we tooled up. Their opinions, feelings, suggestions be damned.

  29. Why in the HE!! do we need a law to give us what we should already have ? Why should our rights be suspended in an emergency ? So that all the looters and bad guys can have the upper hand ? Come on, this is totally idiotic ? I have a right to protect myself and I don’t need a law to confirm that right, do I ? I think the obvious counter to this proposal is to reiterate our right to defend ourselves in any kind of situation and tell these idiots that we do NOT need another law to tell us that. If anything we need someone to stand up and say that LOUD and CLEAR. Let these idiots know what our rights are and that we will NOT let them be taken away from us or allow then to tell us when and how our rights will apply.

  30. I think it is because there is something psychologically wrong with these types of people. They are true-believers in the secular religion of utopianism – in whatever version – and are elitists. They see themselves as better and entitled to control their lessers for their own good. They want our lives and society orderly and predictably organized like gears in a machine that they control. Individuals, or, subjects, having arms doesn’t fit in to that. The fundamental problem is that we who believe in individualism and freedom cannot co-exist with the neo-utopian power-addicts.

  31. Ahem. Eliminating laws that take guns out of (law-abiding) people’s hands during an emergency is not synonymous with “putting more guns in people’s hands,” etc. etc.

  32. Here is how the Idaho Constitution handles the issue:
    Section 11. RIGHT TO KEEP AND BEAR ARMS. The people have the right to keep and bear arms, which right shall not be abridged; but this provision shall not prevent the passage of laws to govern the carrying of weapons concealed on the person nor prevent passage of legislation providing minimum sentences for crimes committed while in possession of a firearm, nor prevent the passage of legislation providing penalties for the possession of firearms by a convicted felon, nor prevent the passage of any legislation punishing the use of a firearm. No law shall impose licensure, registration or special taxation on the ownership or possession of firearms or ammunition. NOR SHALL ANY LAW PERMIT THE CONFISCATION OF FIREARMS, EXCEPT THOSE ACTUALLY USED IN THE COMMISSION OF A FELONY.

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