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The Fritzmeister General sent me a link to (They’re no Lucky Gunner, but their blog is not without interest.) It’s a list of stuff that Isaac brings to the range, from notebook to First Aid kit. Curiously, he doesn’t mention any firearms or ammo. Or a cell phone/camera. Anyway TFG wants to know what TTAG’s Armed Intelligentsia brings to the range. To which I’d like to add three more questions. 1. What of the bag itself? Have you considered buying one of those wheely things? 2. Speaking of lucky gunners, do you tote any talismans or grab a good luck charm? 3. Do you have a set plan for your range session? Do you stick to it? Enquiring minds want to know.

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  1. I bring:
    1) gun
    2) Ammo
    3) Gun Bag (Cheap one from Cheaper than Dirt AR-15 shooter bag w/ mag pouches /mechanic’s tool bag.
    -pistol (H&K P30S .40 S&W)
    – 4 magazines
    -Maglula magazine loader
    -Bore Snake
    I work in a manufacturing facility (Aircraft components/My programs(V-22 Empennage, F135 Engine ducts for F-35s, Global Hawk wings) so I ususally have safety glasses and earplugs in my car.
    4) Ammo Can to carry ammo
    5) Outdoor range -Cooler with water for the Texas heat.

  2. I have a couple of bags that are ready to go with ears and glasses and ammo. Be careful not to mix the ammo up though.

  3. Guns and ammo, obviously. El cheapo Winchester range bag, staple gun, duct tape, leatherman, cleaning kit, eyes and ears, camera, cell phone, first aid kit and my roguish good looks.

  4. Handguns in hard cases, inside a nylon duffel bag with ammo, eyes & ears, targets, etc. I never, ever use that duffel bag for anything else. To me a stray empty 9mm case is poor housekeeping; to a TSA drone it’s a career advancement opportunity.

  5. The gun (or guns) I plan to shoot, with ammunition and the magazines (up to 5) for each. I have several cases which hold a handgun and 5 magazines (LAPG had a closeout sale and I bought 6). I usually load the magazines before I leave for the range. Spare ammunition, a bore snake, a small medical kit with pressure bandages, band-aids, scissors and surgical tape. A paint pen to mark magazines and black electrical tape to tape targets.
    And my carry gun with spare magazine. If my usual carry gun is one of those I plan on shooting that day I carry a BUG instead, either a PX4 subcompact or my mouse gun (.32NAA).

  6. I have a “large” gun-range bag, and a small one – which one I bring depends on what I’m doing that day. On days that I’m competing, the large bag usually is packed with my gun/magazines (obviously), AA belt, holster, and mag pouches. I also have 2 pairs of electronic ear muffs (HL brand – by far the best value for the buck!), a couple pair of safety glasses (some clear, some tinted), and a dozen or so “Sight Saver” cleaning wipes. I also keep some individually packaged disposable ear plugs and old (cheap and scratched) safety glasses. I can’t count the number of times I’ve been to the range where people forgot theirs, or their friends/family members are watching them shoot with their hands covering their ears!When I’m just shooting rifle or paper by myself, I sometimes bring the small bag – guns and ammo only. I have a small first-aid kit (not really necessary at my range as they’re well stocked and have trained medics on site) and a home-made cleaning kit. The cleaning kits consists of multiple bore snakes, Rem-Oil pump sprayer, a plastic bristled brush, small assortment of screw drivers, a Leatherman, and a few microfiber towels. The safety kit and cleaning kit are in clear, waterproof case that I take in whatever bag I’m bringing that day.

  7. Murphy’s Law seems to deomonstrate itself frequently, so I bring my entire gun toolbox to the range. More often than not it’s some other shooter who needs an odd-sized Allen wrench, but at least I’ve got it if I need it.

    This is way too much shit for any man-portable range bag, so I carry it (along w/ammo, targets, tape, notepad) in a plastic storage tub. It also keeps everything from being scattered around the trunk of my car.

    I bought some quick-clot trauma pads just for range use, but I always seem to forget them.

  8. Guns, ammo, eyes and ears, targets, pushpins for affixing targets, UpLula, spare mags, speed loaders and stripper clips, small tool kit, small cleaning kit, eyeglass cleaner, Windex for removing corrosive residue from chambers and barrels, hand wipes for removing similar residue from hands, Bat-Radio, sandwich, water, iodine tablets in case of thermonuclear meltdown, identification, handgun permit, range pass, sunglasses so I can look cool, rags, money, car keys, house keys, Alicia Keyes, change of underwear, change of outerwear, mittens, gloves, binocular, monocular, ocular and a truss.

  9. The most important thing I bring to the range is a positive attitude.

    I see too many folks arrive at the range frustrated, bored, anxious or angry and none of these will help you learn to be a better shooter (or a better person for that matter).

    I enjoy seeing parents bring their children to the range and begin that all important process of passing on a positive attitude about firearms, safety and personal responsibility.

    I may forget to bring my “eyes & ears” once in a while, but I never forget to bring a positive attitude, a desire to learn and a humble spirit. Pulling the trigger is easy. Making it fun, enjoyable and meaningful is a bit tougher, but it makes all the difference in the world.

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