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A shirtless Xavier Broseta (R), Executive Vice President for Human Resources and Labour Relations at Air France, is evacuated by security after employees interrupted a meeting with representatives staff at the Air France headquarters building at the Charles de Gaulle International Airport in Roissy, near Paris, France, October 5, 2015. Air France confirmed in a meeting with staff on Monday that it plans to cut 2,900 jobs by 2017 and shed 14 aircraft from its long-haul fleet as part of efforts to lower costs, two union sources said. REUTERS/Jacky Naegelen

Reader Mark L. writes:

I just read this account of Air France employees expressing their displeasure with executive management over their questionable HR plans to layoff 2,900 employees and asking pilots to work longer hours at the existing pay rate.  The public confronted these elites coming out of a corporate meeting and literally tore their clothes off in protest.  The article suggests that we should adopt such techniques and offers the example of America’s settling for the ridiculous ObamaCare fiasco . . .

The point I got from this is that protesting techniques are changing and we people of the gun should be willing to be just as disruptive as anyone else when it comes to our rights. Although I would hate to consider anyone losing their right to possess firearms over an incident like this.

As Officer Malone asked, what are you prepared to do?

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  1. I don’t believe it would be wise to state as to what lengths I would go to in defense of the Second Amendment/gun rights on an open forum as this.

    • With you on that Ross, but I will say if they decide to throw a gun confiscation party, my family and I won’t be home, and there won’t be much there for them to collect. I really shouldn’t have taken all those guns on the boat when I knew that the water intake for the engine needed to be replaced. Tragic loss of so many guns.

    • I would prefer to use my 1st amendment rights to state my use of my 5th amendment right regarding my purely theoretical defense of the 2nd amendment against possible 10th amendment infringements of my rights by the Federal government.

      • THIS is the most bestest epic reply evar…..

        to all the other fudds burying or boating with guns, seriously, wth are you even talking about?!!?!?!??!?!

        dont tread on me???? hellllooooo, anyone out there?!?!?!?!?!?

    • Sayz whom? Mikey’s got hundreds of guns protecting him…
      Just because they don’t want us to have guns, doesn’t mean they don’t want them…

      • This.

        Just because they don’t think we should have guns, doesn’t mean they won’t have their armed security neutralize you.

      • If someone tries to kill you, you try and kill them right back.

        Somehow, I think we’re a little better at the entire operation than crazy liberals.

        • Not if you count babies….. liberals have slaughter all worked out….. they even have us paying for it….

      • Correction. Mikey has hundreds of guns on the payroll. When one gun is centerpunched by an armed defender, his payroll will be a good bit lighter, and he will be alone and begging for mercy.

    • They won’t shoot and they don’t want to risk any scene that will spark a larger confrontation.
      What they want is to quietly get you in the middle of the night, so you won’t have the means or the numbers to object when it’s finally clear what’s been taking place. They have the patience to play the long game.

      That’s why they often talk about grandfathering, permits, background checks and registration. Because the goal is to use inconvenience and paperwork to dwindle the number of gun owners and eventually win by popular sentiment. They’ll be divisive by calling gun owners racists, homophobes, or whatever insult they can make stick just to further isolate us.

      If we don’t push back against the little things or try to grow our own numbers, there won’t be anyone to fight the big things.

      • Ruby Ridge, the Waco bikers, and the Branch Davidians would beg to differ. Or at least they would, if they weren’t shot and murdered, of course.

  2. Nothing like a bunch of armed people acting in a disruptive manner to advance the cause of gun rights. /sarc

    We want to show fence sitters that armed Armed Americans are a peaceful group. You don’t do that by threatening politicians and organizations who disagree with you who are exercising their First Amendment righrs.

    I hope this post was just presenting a classroom style hypothetical.

    • We want to show fence sitters that armed Armed Americans are a peaceful group. You don’t do that by threatening politicians and organizations who disagree with you who are exercising their First Amendment righrs.

      I understand your sentiment and I question your wisdom on two fronts.

      First of all, suppose we do get all the fence sitters on our side and we have a solid 54% majority that even votes! Politicians can and will do whatever they want. That includes acting against the wishes of the populace — especially if a few billionaires (cough … Bloomberg, Soros, Gates … cough) are willing to provide a “golden parachute” to the relatively few politicians who might lose office for their actions. Think about this. Those three could cough up $1 billion dollars each for a total of $3 billion. Split between 50 Congressman and 10 Senators, that would yield $50 million “incentive” pay for each of those few politicians to lose the next election … or $5 million each for 60 “loyal” politicians in the next 10 election cycles. How many politicians are going to pass on something like a $5 to $50 million payday to do the right thing? That is a LOT of mileage for a one time hit of $1 billion for a billionaire who is sitting on somewhere between $23 and $80 billion. After all, what can you do with $23 billion that you can’t do with $22 billion?

      Second of all, I do not see that our right to free speech protects speech in a conspiracy to deprive good people of their rights. I cannot use my right to keep and bear arms to steal someone’s property any more than someone can use their right to free speech to steal my right to bear arms.

      This is what we are facing. Billionaires can easily bribe as many members of government as is necessary to get the results that they want. (And when I say “they”, I mean the billionaires, not the good people of the United States.) And gun-grabbers are using free speech in a conspiracy to steal our right to keep and bear arms. That is wrong. Period.

      Can gun-grabbers use free speech to try and persuade us to disarm? Sure. Does free speech cover their speech to lobby government to criminalize keeping and bearing arms? No more so than free speech would cover our lobby of government to criminalize people for keeping, maintaining, and using blogs.

    • Yes and nudists shouldn’t protest in the nude because….it might offensive? A protest is a protest, regardless of the clothing, and/or accessory you chose to wear.

      Fence sitters don’t care. Until they find a personal reason and/or motivation one way or another they will always remain as such neutral observers without skin in the game. Actions can inspire just as easily as they can offend.

      Only fools think fence sitters can be convinced.

  3. I don’t want to see the a-holes who voted for Obamacare without their clothes. Keep them decently covered. With tar and feathers.

    • ^^^^^This. Besides, who wants to tear off Chuck Schumer’s pants just to discover that he goes commando. Even his wife Iris would be repulsed.

      • Word.

        Not only that, I’d probably use my gun to ensure the HildaBeast doesn’t get naked in public…

        “Over my dead body” indeed…

  4. See there’s the crux of the issue. Those of us who have behaved, or at least haven’t gotten caught, and are “allowed” to exercise our natural, civil, and Constitutionally protected rights have much to lose. Nothing would please me more than a million POTG march on the DC Mall while open carrying. Yet as powerful a message as that might be, needless to say we would all soon find ourselves on a “list”. So, how do you define tyranny?

  5. Violence is a last resort to be taken only if the courts and the voting booths are closed to us, or they try to confiscate guns.
    We should be peaceful and do our best to persuade. Though we might never convince the hard-core gun grabbers, we may convince the fence 30% of the population. I encourage everyone to read, “A Letter From A Birmingham Jail” and emulate Dr. King.

    • Hmm.

      Are the courts closed to us? Let us see. The Supreme Court of the United States of America refuses to hear any Second Amendment cases. The lower courts issue rulings that are in blatant conflict with the Second Amendment and Common Law. No court in any state or the United States will allow a defendant to explain “jury nullification” to the jury. And the official process to bring up a case and wind its way through the courts is so complex, convoluted, and obfuscated that only a select elite few attorney’s know the process well enough to actually file a case for hearing successfully. Oh, and only a select elite few people can afford the several hundred thousand dollars it will cost to work a case through the courts. That doesn’t sound like our courts are open and functioning properly to me.

      Are the voting booths “open”? Sure, and the minority of people in California and New York who do not wish to comply with the majority’s demand for forcible disarmament have no recourse at the voting booth. They vote and even lobby their politicians and it changes nothing: their states are still against them for “crimes against bureaucracy”.

      Finally, as for confiscating firearms, New York and California are confiscating most of their firearms. They are simply doing it slowly, through attrition. California has an “approved handgun list” that will (soon enough) have only handguns that manufacturers no longer produce. That means the good people of California will (soon enough) no longer be able to purchase new handguns. And when the existing supply of “approved” handguns is finally gone (due to wear and tear), there will be no more “legal” handguns in California — which is the goal of course. And New York’s SAFE Act requires that the good people of New York dispossess their military style semi-automatic rifles. No new purchases and no handing them down through inheritance.

      Oh, I suppose I should mention full auto firearms nationally. The Hughes Amendment in 1986 cutoff the acquisition of full auto firearms manufactured after 1986. The limited existing supply in the United States will eventually rust/wear out. And because of this fact, the people that have “legal” full auto firearms use them sparingly hoping to preserve them as long as possible.

      Have various state and federal law enforcement agencies gone door-to-door wholesale to confiscate firearms? No. Is the net result the same? It will be at some point in the not too distant future.

      • ” No court in any state or the United States will allow a defendant to explain “jury nullification” to the jury.”

        That’s why we need to do a billboard campaign.

        Something simple, like:

        “Unjust laws. What can we do?. Jury Nullification. Google it.”

        The very first result is Wikipedia.

        It starts:

        “Jury nullification occurs in a trial when a jury acquits a defendant, even though the members of the jury may believe that the defendant did the illegal act, yet they don’t believe he should be punished for it.”

        I bet the ACLU would go in on this.

  6. No way I’m stating on a public forum what I’d “do”. And what happened when a bunch of yahooes(as the lame stream media portrayed them) defied the gubmint at the Bundy Ranch? Anyone? 80000000 gun owner vs. “some” but not all of the gubmint…

  7. As I’m sure many know, NY State passed the “Safe Act,” a ridiculous gun control scheme that, among other things, forced a registration scheme on anyone who had what has now been deemed an “assault weapon” and prohibits passing those firearms down in wills. It also made it illegal to load more than 7 (7!) rounds in a magazine (that issue has been found unconstitutional by a court in part of NY). The point is, there was an election in 2014 after all this. Guess who won? The same governor and many of the same people that pushed this law through.

    It’s not as though liberals outnumbered the gun owners- it’s that turnout in conservative areas was dismal. Had everyone who owned a gun voted, there would have been a major shift in NY politics. But if we can’t even get people to vote, how can we expect them to do more?

    • I’m not so sure about that. As someone who lives in the tri-state NY area, the idiocy runs deep. You have scads of brainless leftists (let’s not refer to them as Liberals as they do not believe in freedom). You have so-called moderates who like to claim their independence from party affiliation and yet seem to agree with the democrats on everything. You have the fudds who may own a rifle or a handgun or two but can’t understand why anyone would “need” a “military style” arm. You have some rural folks who might have voted GOP but they want to keep the gravy train coming so they keep voting for benefits. And then you have the remaining 35-40% – guys like me who are as conservative as they come and yet are trapped by familial demands and the need to earn a living.

      NJ recently elected Cory Booker to the senate because of the fine job he’s done in Newark of all places. We continuously re-elect guys like Schumer, Rangel, et al. We just elected Bill DeBlasio as NYC mayor. Even if every gun owner voted, you’d still see these lefty pukes get elected. Frankly I don’t even believe the voting machines can properly register a Republican vote.

  8. I often think about how those with typically left-leaning causes (free shit) are so willing to go totally bananas setting fire to neighborhoods, blocking travel, physically assaulting random passerbys for their causes while those with typically right-leaning causes appear so reserved and relatively civil. Sure, there’s a Rudy or a McVeigh every once in a while I can’t recall any mobs trashing a downtown over property rights or a balanced budget.

    I don’t know whether that’s detrimental or not.

    • People like most of the readers here conduct our lives in a reasonably independent and competent manner. Those who riot demanding something they didn’t earn do not. They are self-assigned victims that depend on others to provide the most basic human needs then quickly become belligerent when the hand-outs aren’t timely. Western society has subsidized this immoral behavior and unsurprisingly we’ve gotten more of it. Now Europe is importing it from the Muslim world wholesale.

      • Yea, to put it in a more basic and simple way; we have jobs and don’t have time for such nonsense. The free shit army have nothing but time on their hands.

        Making the FSA work, that is to say reducing welfare benefits, and taxing everyone who earns equally and fairly would go a very long way to solving many of these problems.

        People who have to work, and who have to pay for the government that they are demanding, tend to make wiser decisions.

        Many of these problems are solved by the application of simple common sense. If you don’t work, then you don’t fucking eat.

    • Let’s not give our enemies comfort. Tim McVeigh wasn’t a conservative or christian warrior. He was a loon who happened to be Christian. He wasn’t representing our side and his actions were not motivated nor celebrated by anyone on the right.

      The left loves to mention McVeigh, usually when they are trying to argue that terrorism isn’t due to the machinations of one single so-called peaceful religion. Its just not accurate.

      • He should have just pulled a bowman and started getting agents outside of work, one by one.

        Would have been better.

        Also you really think he knew how to build a bomb that complex?

  9. The best strategy is to keep calm and carry on playing whack-a-mole with the antis’ oft-debunked claims. Let them be the ones losing their sh*t in the streets. The fence-sitters will see, as many already have, that the narrative of “gun nuts” randomly popping off like unstable sticks of dynamite is the opposite of what happens in real life.

    • Yes, there is that. It’s kind of hard not to notice the contrast between the prog-left’s tendency to go off the rails and the libertarian/conservative habit of actually respecting other peoples’ property and safety.

  10. First, I am a long time gun owner,I shoot not as often as I like, I am at the current time getting ready to buy an AR type rifle. I am also a lifelong democrat and I had just better hurry up or some Democrat jerks will make the ARs go away again. That’s so you know who I am.
    The main point of my post is, it kills me to hear in articles and comments how horrible obamacare is. Millions of your fellow Americans who have gone with out health insurance are able to get it now. I worked in my own business for many years and was repeatedly dumped on by health insurance companies. You don’t like Obama, ok, but he did a good thing for common people.

    • Yeah, there’s nothing as great as having to choose between paying for insurance I can’t afford or facing a fine I can’t afford. He really did me a favor there. What a great guy!

    • Horseshit, because my employer was giving me a Cadillac Healthcare plan they were going to be taxed on the very thing Obama wants everyone to have. So. Ow my employer lowered there Healthcare benefits so I now pay more for less which means I also pay more when I need healthcare.

      Obamacare is bullshit. I shouldn’t be taxed for living responsibly or irresponsibly we are freemen.

    • no, he actually didn’t do a good thing.

      As a matter of fact, he has failed at every single thing he has attempted.

      The reason this country is in such bad shape is that there are way too many people who have been fooled by the egomaniac charlatan in the White House and believe he is capable of accomplishing anything.

      he does have a pretty good track record on the destruction side of the equation though

    • That statement is demonstrably incorrect. What Obamacare has done is to force many people onto an exchange plan that has such high deductables and premiums that they still cannot afford to get healthcare. Sure, they may technically be on a plan, but they cannot afford to go to the doctor. Add to that the fact that so many more providers are not accepting ACA based plans and no longer accepting medicare/medicaid which existed before Obamacare to begin with. HAH HAH, helping people? You are misinformed.

      Oh, and all the rest of us are seeing higher premiums and deductables also.

      This is a complex subject and isn’t really the point of this post, but you have to understand that what you are trying to say is completely full of crap.

      Obamacare is an interference in what should be a free market, thus raising prices for everyone. Raising them so high that for many it will be completely unaffordable.

      This hurts low income people the most, do you understand this? This law is hurting everyone, and it hurts the common man the hardest.

    • You have got to be kidding me. The ACA tripled our family’s health care costs. So much for “affordable”. The only one’s getting “affordable” are the welfare folks. The ACA is the biggest pyramid scam of all time. Those who work the hardest and need health care the most are those who have been screwed. Democrats never do anything good for the “common” people. They create only one thing, a welfare state. And they fund it by redistributing our wealth. The only way to raise the standard of living for EVERYONE is to grow the economy. The only way for the economy to grow is to shrink government, shrink regulation, and shrink taxes. Then the economy grows and we all benefit.

      • “The ACA is the biggest pyramid scam of all time.”

        Nah, Social Security is a much bigger pyramid scheme. The ACA mostly just redistributes wealth, by making those who can (sort of) afford to pay for it carry the costs of the freeloaders. Social Security, on the other hand, is a textbook example of a pyramid scheme, where new members’ contributions are used to pay off the older members’ benefits.

    • As a self-employed guy who was paying retail for his own health care before it was mandated, I saw my insurance cost double almost overnight.

      I guess I’m just not one of the “common people” this law was so good for.

    • And what’s more, I don’t believe for a second you are in the process of getting an AR. What model? What kind of features are you looking for? Pump? Full auto? What kind of a clip will you be buying to go with it? 60 or 30 caliber clip? What do you plan to do with this AR?

      Go on and let us know, because I believe you are simply loking to push your little positive Obamacare post and know nothing about firearms at all.

      Go on, prove me wrong.

      • If I could figure out how to prove it I would. But here’s the thing every time I disagree politically on TTAG I’m accused of being a troll.. I realize my politics are not the same as most on the blog, but I have a right to speak them. I am a long time enthusiast I have plastic tubs of American rifleman in the barn , several years ago I took and passed the Ohio Police Officers training association armed security course just for fun at present I own a Bersa 22 a s&w 2214 A s& w 2206. A browning nomad a bitch to get mags for a Dan Wesson 22 a22 hi standard derringer a llama minimax a series 80 colt govt a s& w model 60 a model 66 a model 629 a contender pistol with 4 scoped barrels a moss erg 22 ( my first gun sister rifles both Chinese Charter arms version of the 22 survival rifle a nor info copy of the browning semi auto 22 a 303 smile made by savage a contender carbine in 223 a 10/22 a Winchester 94 trapper an h&r topper buck a single shot Winchester 20 ga a 410 double bbl 410 a moss berg 500 12ga 18″bbl a Remington 870 wing master 20 ga magnum. I think that’s it , and I still think Obama is the greatest president since Roosevelt.As to what kind of AR I’m looking for ,I don’t know there are a million of them,it will be in 223 not 300blackout as to what I’ll do with it, I probably won’t shoot it as much as I think I will.ill take you at your word no tests for you

        • For what it’s worth, I believe you.

          I have a hard time seeing how anyone could think Obama has done anything but a crappy job — if you ask me, even the unobjectionable things he’s done have been accomplished in the most harmful way possible — but then I don’t see eye to eye with my wife on that one either (and she’s a 100% Second Amendment supporter, no “buts”).

          There should be more people like you in the Democrat camp (I used to be there, but my libertarian ideals staged an armed revolt about 5 years ago). They need more sane, thinking people to offset the crazies.

        • I have no problem with your stating the facts as you believe them to be but you shouldn’t have a problem with any of us stating our opinion which is in opposition to yours.

          Now, let’s discuss how much you want for the S&W 2206 and yes i am willing to pay shipping and my FFL accepts from private parties.. PayPal, USPS money order or if you’re close enough to SW Missouri I will bring you cash.

    • John, is that you?

      Seriously though – if all he wanted to do was give “millions” access to health care, he could have just tried to pass a bill for a new benefit to provide health care for those who don’t have it (of course, even before ocare, people without insurance could still get care via myriad means). Instead he and his minions came up with this scheme that changes healthcare for the entire country, handing vast amounts of control to the government in the process. And the result has not been for the better. Kerry, start asking yourself why he did that.

    • You don’t like Obama, ok, but he did a good thing for common people.

      @Kerry, that’s a total crock! Everybody on Medicare — which means almost everybody over 65, because most people get kicked off their private health insurance when they turn the magic number — everybody will be getting huge increases in their premiums as part of the Obamacare farce. Many of those people are on a fixed income and now will be unable to afford supplemental Medicare plans. The result will be a disaster of monumental proportions, thanks to your jug-eared god.

    • I’m self-employed. What Obamacare did for me was to force me off of a high-deductible individual plan that I liked, and a primary care physician who knew me and my medical history. It forced me on to a more expensive high deductible plan with coverage I don’t need (pregnancy-really? I’m a late 50s single male) and institutional care where I never see the same provider twice.

      I got your Obamacare right here. . .

  11. The left wants to goad us into violent and disruptive confrontation. Nothing pleases them more than for us to fall into their stereotype of ranting and raving bunker-dwellers. Showing them up with intellectual discourse and logic is the way to beat them.

    Now, if they start the violence, I’ll leave the course of action up to everyone’s imaginations…

  12. I write checks to the NRA and SAF. I vote, which is meaningless in MA on the state and federal level (although my town is solidly red and my state reps are A rated). I would march in the streets but, let’s face it, most gun owners are rugged individualists and not “joiners.” We each do our own thing. And unlike you uncouth louts, I certainly would piss on Hillary if she was burning, because I’m a gentleman.

    • I think you just want to piss on hitlery, or maybe you want her to pull the lewenski bit on you. (Caps intentional) Now that I have made everyone with an active imagination and weak stomach thoroughly disgusted and sick, I shall go back to lurking.

  13. Well, I have probably spent $2000 + to attend three rallies – Skip Coryell’s 2A March in DC, and two Albany rallies against the SAFE Act.

  14. I strongly support the concept of having gun rights demonstrators show up at anti-gun rallies and public appearances by anti-gun politicians. That’s if you can find out when and where they will happen. However, I strongly feel that any kind of violent behavior on our part is counterproductive at this time in history.

    We must remember that the media is working against us. Any kind of unseemly behavior on our part would be magnified and used to make us look bad.

    Maybe someday we will see something like the Stonewall Riots (google it) involving oppressed gun owners and it will be very interesting to see how that works out.

  15. First, and foremost, we do NOT want to behave in a threatening manner. Maintain:
    – loading discipline; – muzzle discipline;
    – trigger discipline; – holster discipline.

    With that base, I advocate that just about ANYTHING goes. We must be prepared to be FLAMBOYANT to attract attention. I hold that Americans will tolerate just about anything we OFWGs might consider doing PROVIDED it is staged as a political demonstration.
    Look at history – within our own memories – of political demonstration:
    – 1960s Civil Rights marches (hundreds, thousands of Negros in their Sunday best, marching down the streets)
    – Anti-Viet-Nam demonstrations
    – Pro-Choice and Pro-Life demonstrations
    – Gay rights demonstrations
    Each, in its own way, more flamboyant than those that preceded it.
    Open-Carry and GFZs are probably good issues to coalesce around. The plight of minorities in: DC; NYC; MD; NJ; MA; CA where Won’t-Issue and high fees and onerous formal training requirements manifest as the New Jim Crow’s No Guns for Negros!

    After preparing each local “battlefield” with several well-publicized demonstrations we need to maintain that ground by practicing OC regularly. We don’t need EVERYone to carry EVERY day; just see to it that a few people in each precinct carries regularly enough so that OC becomes commonplace. Once it is no longer noticed then that area has been secured.

    We should demand that our voices be heard in Congress and that SCOTUS take gun-rights cases.

    We must emphasize that we PotG are law-abiding, peaceful and desirous of using the political process. We are petitioning for redress of grievance in demanding respect for our 2A rights. We will not tolerate an end-run around our Constitutional rights.

    If the Antis don’t like the 2A they have recourse to a Constitutional Amendment.

    The foundation of America’s political principles are expressed in these words:

    “. . . all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.–That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, –That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.”

    Sovereignty is vested in We the People. Ultimately, we are prepared to defend that sovereignty.

  16. Hey using your enemies own tactics against them is a time honored tradition and often VERY effective. Just keep it within the law people.

  17. Sounds like barely organized French mob mayhem to me.

    I’m willing to: vote, petition, demonstrate, sue, protest, fight, kill, and then die for liberty. In essentially that order.

  18. I think people who advocate in favor of gun rights could not do more of a disservice to that cause that acting like a bunch of lunatics and literally mobbing someone and tearing their clothes off.

    A mob grabbing your and ripping the clothes off an armed person inherently raises to the level of a reasonably belief of being the victim of great bodily harm.

    It makes no sense to engage in a form of protest in favor of gun rights, that if it occurred to against you you’d be justified in shooting them.

  19. What I have done, and will continue to do:
    1. Write letters to state and federal legislators stating my position on bills affecting 2A.
    2. Pay dues to the NRA and ISRA
    3. Participate in the Illinois Gun Owners’ Lobby Day, with rallies and visits to state legislators
    3. Vote for and financially support pro-2A candidates at all levels
    4. Speak up at public meetings regarding local ordinances affecting 2A.

  20. I will continue to speak directly to law makers, political candidates and office holders. I will financially support the ones I think matter if their interest align with mine.
    I won’t hide a bit.
    When it comes to immoral or unethical laws, I will not comply, and will engage in acts of civil disobedience following the example of Dr. King.
    If my rights, my person, or my family are threatened by force, I will respond by force, against any adversary, when necessary. I will do the same for others if I am physically able to do so.

    As an aside, those who are too afraid to use their first amendment rights will certainly be too cowardly to use their second. Too cowardly, and too late.

    • “As an aside, those who are too afraid to use their first amendment rights will certainly be too cowardly to use their second. Too cowardly, and too late.”

      Kinda makes me think of the folks that are brave enough to post anonymously on internet blogs but too scared to put an NRA sticker on their car.

      • Gee I have American flags on my truck and on my mailbox-where is your real name Curtis in Rockford if you are so brave? Sorry I don’t have any disposable income at the moment…I do what I can.

      • No stickers on my BMW, thank you very much. Stickers are pretty useless anyway, show me they accomplish anything.

  21. “Work, Family, Country” was the motto of France under the leadership of Marshal of France and Prime Minister Henri Phillippe Petain.

    Modern French motto: “Vacation, Domestic Partnership, European Union”.

    Future French motto: “Allahu Akbar!”

    • You do realize he was prime minister of Vichy France, a puppet of Nazi Germany, meaning national socialists, who supported the Nazi’s and their Holocaust by routinely rounding up Jews to put in concentration camps.

      I am not a fan of modern European thinking either but holding up a traitor and one who collaborated with the most evil socialists of all time is not a smart way to convey your message.

  22. Will the execs be male or female. I’ll handle the job if female. I have some gay friends if male. Heck I have LGBT friends. I can just stand back and enjoy the show.

  23. it’s probably not th profit ofe right place and I may be too late, but I have a very strong opinion on health care in our country. I believe very strongly that health insurance is the root cause of the problem of ever increasing health care cost. I believe that the setting of cost by health insurance companies coupled with the enormous amount of money being made by insurance companies kills the health care free market. I think that the best possible solution to health care problems in the United States is to 100% get rid of health insurance. it’s not saving anyone any money. if it was, it couldn’t turn a

  24. Have we forgotten “vote from the rooftops?”

    I haven’t.

    Sadly, all the big talk about what “we” are willing to do, never goes from potential to kinetic… So, it’s irrelevant.

    Preemptive surrender.

    • I disagree. God forbid it should ever come to a kinetic ‘debate’. But, if it should come then it must follow an energetic tour de force in the debating halls and town square. Consider, for example, the Revolution. The march to Concord was preceded by years – even decades – of spirited debates in taverns and town squares. The retreat from Concord was not altogether spontaneous. Thousands of militiamen responded to the cry because each knew he would not be alone.

      It is said that only 3% of the American population bore arms in the field to oppose the British; yet, these were backed-up by another 30% of men tilling the soil and hauling provisions. Women hauling water; daughters rolling cartridges.

      If we care too little to stand-up today, why might we imagine that we will know that 33% of the population supports the Constitution when the day arrives for kinetic action?

  25. I’m prepared to put my figurative money where my mouth is mostly.

    We always talk about how thing will not change despite what laws are passed. Well. Someday we may have to prove it. If the laws do change, and things do go south, and I don’t think any of this will happen in this lifetime, I think I would do what needed done to protect my family. I’d be willing to purchase a black market gun if it was my only recourse. Doubtless there will be plenty if the states are in enough chaos that I think I’ll need one. I pray it never comes to that, though. And I would think we’d need to be IN civil war for me to get motivated enough to do it. That or in a land war on this continent.

    • It is difficult to predict what civil disorder would look like on the day it arrives in America. It’s also pointless to try to construct any particular image. Fundamentally, we know the requisite preparations: water; duct-tape; food; fuel; firearms; power and ball. All these must be in-place well before the day arrives.

      And, as by design of our founding generation, the better prepared we are the less likely the need will arise.

      As disheartened as we may be from time to time we need to remember that the breeze is behind our sails. We have a more numerous committed base; one that can not be overcome by a tap-root and Astroturf. As the threat of crisis waxes and wanes those of us who are prepared – i.e., at least they have a shotgun in the closet with a half-box of shells – will have the disposition to rise-up on the 2’nd Tuesday of November.

      We need to come out-of-the-closet and present our answer to the profound question: “What is it that you are proposing?” To this there are 2 basic responses:
      – Antis: “We’ve Got to do SOMEthing!!!”
      – PotG: “Carry! – It’s for the children.”


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