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Spencer Stone (courtesy

“Spencer Stone, one of the American heroes who stopped a terrorist attack on a French train in August, was stabbed multiple times early Thursday in downtown Sacramento and is in stable condition, the U.S. Air Force confirmed to USA TODAY.” You may recall that Mr. Stone as one of the three Americans who suffered wounds while subduing a Islamic terrorist on a Paris-bound train in August (characterized only as a “gunman” in USA Today’s report).  ABC10 in Sacramento reports that Stone was stabbed . . .

several times near 21st and K streets in downtown Sacramento around 12:45 a.m. According to the Air Force Times, Stone was stabbed ‘four times in the chest.’ CBS News reports he suffered a wound to the heart and the lung. He was outside a bar with a female companion when the stabbing occurred.

While it’s not known if Airman Stone, a native Californian, had a concealed carry permit, I think it’s safe to say he was unarmed at the time of the attack. Nor do we know the exact circumstances of the assault. But we can surmise that The Golden State vet wasn’t engaged in criminal activity, and deserved a fighting, armed chance against his assailant.

Oh, and it looks like California’s extensive knife laws didn’t stop the attack. Time for universal knife background checks? I kid. And one more thing. Fifty killed in a knife attack at a Chinese collieryJust for reference.

[h/t DrVino]

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    • Common sense dictates that we only need to ban or register the knives with the shoulder thing that goes up.

      • I know you are joking, but in Britain, they are dead serious about it.

        Besides, doesn’t an edged weapon count as an armament (certainly a sword or bayonet does), and doesn’t the 14th ensure that a State can no more infringe on the 2nd than can the Feds?

        • That is something that amuses immensely about progressives; they seem to assume that the second amendment is just about “guns” when in actuality, it refers to “arms”. Since at the time of it’s writing swords and bayonets were still in wide use, it is no stretch to assume the second amendment should shield us from things like a US version of the UK’s knife ban.

          Then again, I’m using common sense.

  1. But he wasn’t shot. Another gun control success story. And since he wasn’t shot he isn’t dead (yet). Everybody knows if you get shot you will die. If we eliminate guns nobody will ever die.

  2. Latest chatter is this was a coordinated revenge attack, and that the shooting in Oregon was as well. (One of the other French Train guys went to that school in Oregon)

    Not sure if this could just be a coincidental drunken bar brawl, but it makes you think…

    • I don’t know the facts of this case. What I can say is that I am always bewildered when criminals and terrorists choose not to exact revenge. I think it is utterly foolish to publish the identity of anyone who fights back and stops a violent criminal or terrorist.

    • It’s just Internet chatter cobbling a couple of coincidences into a conspiracy.

      One of the other French train guys was supposed to attend classes there this semester, that’s been widely reported. However, due to his fame from the train, he’s been invited to appear on and is currently in California preparing for “Dancing with the Stars.” That’s also been widely reported, even before the college attack.

      Seems a silly vengeance plot when the target is in another state and nobody bothered to confirm whether he’s actually a student. We’re several weeks into the semester already. You’d think somebody might have done some surveillance to see which class the guy’s in.

    • and this is why Barry Soetoro is headed to Oregon. . . . he wants to make sure he gives someone a clear opportunity with the police distracted trying to protect his sissiness. . . .

    • If something obviously has happened to your spouse and when you ask them about it they change the subject… Are we being told the whole story about the shooting? Did the media and our “leader” instantly change the discussion to one of “gun control”? Suspicion is a healthy insinct when all of the facts are not willingly given and the other party has changed the headlines to “gun control” and emotion. Oh and there is that whole reaction time of bho and the potential “hacking” of the shooters social networking info…

  3. This is one of the reasons I don’t like going to bars here in Seattle. The law makes no sense, of course, because it makes no mention of drinking while carrying. So you are allowed to go into a restaurant and have as many drinks as you want while armed, but sit in a bar sipping a Diet Coke and you’re committing a felony.

    If there’s a case to be made for a law around this topic, it’s for intoxication while carrying. Mere presence at a location where alcohol is served doesn’t affect that.

    • Yeah, heaven forbid the designated driver carries because lord knows drunk and therefore vulnerable people are never targeted for attack.

  4. The federal switchblade law – 15 USC 1241–44 – makes it a crime to:
    – introduce or transport a switchblade in interstate commerce34, or
    possess a switchblade on federal or Indian lands, or lands subject to federal jurisdiction; unless
    – you are a member of the armed forces acting in the performance of his or her duty, or
    you have only one arm and the blade is three inches or less in length.

    Better close that “one-armed man” loophole. You all know how The Fugitive went down, don’t you?

  5. When I read that last line I genuinely thought someone had finally finished off fifty cent before clicking the link and feeling relieved (and stupid).

  6. I don’t know what his career field is but regulations make owning a firearm on base a hassle. You have to keep it stored in the armory…at least that’s the way it was before I retired.

    If he’s Security Forces, that MIGHT make it easier but I am uncertain.

    I hope he recovers soon.

  7. If he had a gun on him he would of been arrested. He was drinking which means he shouldn’t of had it on him anyway, even if he could.

  8. 2 things:

    1) If he had been shot the gun control people who be ALL OVER this talking about how we need more laws to protect our brave men and women who can’t walk down a street without getting shot…

    2) There was no description of the suspect given in the newspapers. None. That leads me to believe it must be a tall Norwegian bloke. That’s what it always seems to be when the newspapers won’t release a description…

    • The one description I saw said Asian men. Of course, that could be Chinese/Japanese/Korean Asian or it could be Indonesian Asian, or SouthEastern Asian….

    • No, they don’t give a description if the perp is black or muslim, unless a cop shoots one of them.

  9. Geez, that poor bastard has been sliced more than an imported mortadella.

    And does this remind anyone of the plot of “Final Destination?”

  10. George W. Bush said pick a side.

    (D) chose Obama.

    FU(D) we’ll be cleaning up your sh_t for years.

  11. First, California’s knife laws are not all that onerous. You can legally carry (except in LA) a fixed bladed knife as long as it is open carried (concealed is a crime). There are no knife length restrictions (except in LA of course, and some other municipalities for sure). (Technically, you can legally carry a sword.) Assisted opening knives are perfectly legal (Kershaw anyone? Just picked up a new one today myself), by statute. The specifically illegal knives are mostly historical laws, and were enacted at the same time as laws intended to keep “foreigners” from being armed, e.g., Asians (balisongs) and Mexicans (switch blades).

    Second. Sacramento County is “essentially shall issue,” which means the sheriff accepts “self defense” as good cause for issuance of a CCW. However, the license is issued with a restriction against drinking and carrying.

  12. “And one more thing. Fifty killed in a knife attack at a Chinese colliery. Just for reference.”

    Nice going, China. Way to blow your shot at the cover of next month’s copy of “Better Mines and Gardens.”

  13. Seriously England has stated a program to limit some knives. Wish I had the link. It said something about not needing knives for cooking? England can defend itself, they have a king and queen.Thinking for yourself is always good.
    No double standards put DC politicians on Obamacare and SS.Thanks for your support and vote.Pass the word.

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