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As the intrepid reporters at TMZ note, former child star Hillary Duff is a single mom who lives alone. And their cameras caught her recently waking out of a Culver City, California gun store with a GLOCK box and a bag of gun food. Nothing wrong with that, right? Well…the first comment under our post linking to the article at our Facebook page was, “All that money and she still bought a Glock.” That, as you might expect, touched off a spirited round of back-and-forth debate . . .

Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 10.03.53 AM

The great thing about the free market system is that self-interested consumers can determine what they do and don’t like. While the size of your bank balance certainly may come into play, everyone makes the same decisions to one extent or another. Do you value utilitarian simplicity or status-enhancing bling? A clean Bauhaus aesthetic or rococo flair. Ms. Duff seems to have gone with the former. Was that wrong?

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  1. People bitch that Hollywood is ant-gun.

    Now they bitch when a Hollywood celeb doesn’t buy the right gun?

    • The comments to that post are probably all TTAG readers.

      I loaded up that article on TMZ and was surprised. There are a couple of people complaining about the purchase, but most of the comments are taking TMZ to task for trying to spin it as a negative. A handful are even taking CA to task for their CCW and de facto new gun ban.

    • I think most ofthe anti-Hollywood views are directed at Hollywood’s hypocrisy. That is, Hollywood stars are typically liberals who would have the government confiscate your guns in an instant. Yet, they have armed bodyguards, live in gated/guarded communities, zip around in limos to guarded locations, and have staff who venture into thd real world to run their errands.

      The anti-GLOCK comments here are exactly that, anti-GLOCK. The celebrity involved is incidental.

    • Hooray for Hillary Duff…I don’t care what she bought, as long as she is on our side, and not azzhole buddies with Amy Schumer, Hillary Clinton or Shannon Watts and the MDA crowd…You go girl, and if you need range buddy, give me call…just ask for Joe

      • Joe, you are right. People should mind their own business. It is ridiculous to be concerned as to what kind of gun she carries. I carry a Colt .45 (WHO CARES!!!). Leave her alone people!!!

    • Well, if we’re being honest, it’s mostly just japing and shop talk rather than being malicious.
      So long as she’s “with us,” we’re just poking fun about taste rather than objective feelings about essential freedoms to defend ourselves against an uncaring at best, unkind at worst, disarmament movement.

      (e.g. I, for one, applaud the choice of skub.)

  2. I still do not understand why anyone would prefer a glock. You needed a new trigger, sights and grip at the very least. Why not just start with a good gun? If you’re willing to make the investment a Glock is a great pistol.

        • If you are into guns, “adequate” is less than satisfying. If you just want something reliable for protection, “adequate” will get the job done.

        • 2000 rounds in this day and age is not a big deal. My 1911 is up to 4000 this year, no malfunctions not ammo related.

        • I have a very expensive, gorgeous 1911.

          But, I trust my Glock to go bang and to hit what I aim at – 100% of the time. That is perfection. Mine is bone stock and that won’t change.

        • Problem is you’re a fool!!!!
          It not the gun, it is the operator behind it my friend. So go back to playing Call of Duty or wherever it is you get your firearms training from.

        • Hey Jon…

          1. Grow up.
          2. Going bang every time is called the bare minimum smart one. You have to be able to hit what you are aiming at and affect it with your hit. If you don’t understand that, perhaps you’re the one who needs to get his head out of his ass?

    • Nobody NEEDS those things. A GLOCK is a perfectly cromulent pistol out of the box, she probably bought it on the salesman’s recommendation as a gun she wouldn’t have to do anything special with.

      • Most people don’t buy Glocks to punch out a dime sized hole at 25 yards. People buy Glocks for self defense, and a Glock is one of the premier self defense handguns on the market.

        The trigger is fine, and has a solid reset that enables rapid follow up shots. The sights are different, but work just fine, and a plethora of night sights are available. They are reliable. I’ve put over 20,000 rounds total through four different Glocks I’ve owned or been assigned in 9×19 and .40, and not had one single malfunction. This ammunition was expended on a variety of different scenarios, not merely standing still shooting at a paper target.

        If you want to say “Glock just isn’t for me,” that’s a fair statement. But making a blanket statement saying “I don’t know why anyone would buy one” and then regurgitate a list of “issues” you read on the Internet seems a bit silly to me.

        For the record I am not a Glock fanboy, my EDC is a Shield.

        • Glock just isn’t for me (and I used to own one). Why would anyone buy one? Well, maybe because their list of criteria are different than mine. Just like the Sig P226 and P239 I currently own aren’t going to be for everyone else.

          I agree with everything you said… Glocks go bang when you pull the trigger, and hit what you’re aiming at within a reasonable distance. If you shoot it well and at least somewhat enjoy it, what more do you need in a self defense gun?

    • Glocks out of the box are fine, it’s the user who has the problem. If you want a plastic where you don’t have swap things out to obtain full satisfaction buy a Springfield.

      She probably bought a Glock because “everybody has one.”

      • Probably bought a Glock because that seems to be what 90% of the pistols used in Hollywood TV/Movies are these days.

        By the way, all you experts on what she should have bought – are you still carrying your first ever pistol?

        • My wife is a big fan of cop shows, and one of the funny things I’ve noticed about the NY based crime dramas (like SVU, and its offspring) is that the bad guys always carry a full sized Beretta–and I’ve always wondered if it is the same prop gun used in all of the shows, since it seems to be the very same gun each time. Funny.

        • I was actually needling Glock [im]Perfection fans with daming with faint praise.

          But to answer your question. I am not carrying the first Pistol I selected because I sold my old very beat up Colt Government model and bought a Springfield Milspec which I regularly carry.

        • Not an expert criticizing what she bought because Glock is a well-recognized and oft recommended brand; but yes I still own and carry the first pistol I bought. Springfield XD 45. It’s not my EDC because of its size but when I am able to dress around it, particularly when I’m traveling, it is on my hip. I’ve had it about 8 years now.

    • Glock triggers are ok… It’s not like ppq and vp9 triggers are comparable to a fined tuned SAO like a p226x6 or a custom 1911 anyway. I do run the Minus connector though. I would never recommend a glock to a newbie because of the hump on the backstrap would form a habit were they to choose to run other guns further down the road. I used to be an hk fanboy until the LEM trigger on my hk45 jammed up on me by a slightest amount of mud.

      • To all those who complain about Glock triggers. $25 can make it better than any other striker fired gun on the market. And $150 can give it a trigger comparable to a custom 1911.

        But for defensive purposes, just put a “minus” connector in it and call it a day.


        • No it can’t, and no it doesn’t. I’ve personally handled a grip of tuned glock triggers and they’re just flat not as good as most hammer fired guns or some of the other striker guns in the game at this point. Zev, DK, TTI, Ghost,, Vanek, they’re all better, but you’re still faced with the reality of glock trigger geometry/ method of operation.

      • Out of curiosity, what does this mean?

        “I would never recommend a glock to a newbie because of the hump on the backstrap would form a habit were they to choose to run other guns further down the road”

        Are you referring to the grip angle being different? Complete non issue.

        • People complain about the glock grip angle because they are used to the grip angle of sig, hk, cz, sw, 1911 etc which tend to be similar. Glock is like the only oddball. Nothing wrong with it, but since a newbie has a lot to explore during his/her development as a shooter, i wouldnt want them to feel like every gun other than a glock feels wrong. Just remove the backstrap hump will solve the problem, but i doubt anyone new to gun ownership would do that right after getting a new gun

        • By the way i never figured out why glock did that in the first place. Was it to help ripping the mag for a double feed? Or did the austrians think their troop so incompetent that they would just punch the gun out with a straight, locked arm and point shoot…

        • James Lee,

          The slightly sharper grip angle helps lower the bore axis in relation to the arm, which keeps the muzzle-flip on firing to a minimum. This is one of the reasons why Glocks are more controllable even though they are lighter than much of the competition. Glocks are FAR from the only handguns to have a “different” grip angle, and if you don’t agree, you need to get out to the gun shops a bit more often.

          For instance, check how many Ruger .22 pistols have been sold in the last half-century-plus, and note the vast majority of them had a significantly sharper grip angle than any Glock.

    • My G26 has done everything I’ve ever demanded it. GLOCK haters remind be of city building and zoning boards in liberal cities, always demanding your plans have more this, extra that, “nicer” everything.

      All of that costs money, which may not be worth it to the owner or tenants. In the board’s mind, someone else’s money, so why not indulge their command economy obsessions?

    • Horse Hockey! I shoot the stock 5.5lb trigger on my Glock 19 very well thank yeh and I prefer the standard Glock sights. They just make sense to me. I do the extended mag and slide release and cerakote that nasty gen4 grey slide, but that’s it.

      I hated Glocks until I shot one. Rental G19 that looked like it had never been cleaned. Ran flawlessly and I nailed the center of the target 25 feet away with the first shot. Wasn’t much for the looks, but it fit my hands very well and I could shoot the hell out of it from the get go.
      I’ve tried to replace it as my daily CCW 5 times and every challenger fell to the perfection (for me) of this Austrian wonder. If I were a billionaire I would still carry the gun I have on me right now. Hell, guns ain’t that expensive. Thank goodness we live in a time with lots of excellent choices for handguns and everyone can have a gun that is perfection for them.

      • One cav-eat is that it requires a trigger-pull on the takedown for field strip.

        Not so safe in somes’ opinion.

        • Maybe. Then again, sometimes I think that knowing I must intentionally pull that trigger makes me all the more cautious about the four rules.

          It’s like the economists’ observation that seatbelt laws and airbags do reduce the incidence of fatal accidents, but they tend to increase the incidence of accidents overall. People feel much safer, so they drive more recklessly.

          So if you really want to reduce accidents, fatal and nonfatal, then never mind the airbag. Put a driver-facing spike in the steering wheel, instead. That’ll keep his attention….sharp.

        • Is that comment for real??????? Yeah if you are complete effing moron then everything you do is not safe.

        • Pulling the trigger to disassemble is no different than dry fire practice which is a useful training tool. But to each their own.

    • Becauseits dependable and cheap compared to the other options I was looking at. Fits my hand nicely and i can hit my target If it gets beat up from use or taken as evidence during a self defense shooting I’m not out that much and can get another quickly. That’s why I picked a glock they aren’t safe queens and do the job

    • I’m going to put XS Big Dot sights on any conceal carry handgun I buy regardless, and while I wish the trigger was a little better, I wouldn’t change it out a Glock that I’m using for EDC. For a conceal carry handgun, the single most important factor for me, is that it goes bang every time I pull the trigger. Why spend more money on a gun that isn’t going to offer me anything more than a Glock does?

    • New sights I would agree with. I would say there are probably more sight options for Glock’s than there for any other pistol and many and great prices. One of the reasons for choosing a Glock. Massive 3rd party support for everything.

      Nothing else needs to be changed. I do like the Glock OEM minus connector, which for me lessons the wall of the trigger, for $12, but I could do with out it just as well.

    • So you make the investments you feel are necessary, and you end up with a gun on par with any other and probably more reliable than any other, with more accessories to boot. The huge aftermarket is another bonus. You can’t buy a .22LR conversion for any comparable polymer frame pistol. And you can get excellent drop-in parts for the Glock you’d need custom made with other guns.

  3. Does a Glock have less utility if you have a large bank account? Is this her only pistol? I have a Glock 19 that lives in my bedroom, but that is far from the only pistol I have. Good for her that she takes her security and that of her child seriously!

  4. Were there no roster (and she wanted to pay a little more) I’m sure she would have bought a vp9.

    But alas, the glock is bread and butter in California (due to the whole “safe handgun roster”). I don’t know anyone back home (who owns guns) that doesn’t at least have one glock in a common flavor.

    • I am a California resident, and I have “a number” of pistols–and not one is a Glock. (My first pistol was a Springfield XD9.) True, choices are limited, but the real deficit is in pocketable .380s (not sure why there have been so few on the roster), but enough in 9mm that the loss isn’t too critical. And a fairly substantial selection of 1911s. Ruger got the short end of the stick with the microstamping law, as did S&W, but other than no new guns, there are still plenty of old models from Glock and Springfield, Kahr and others so that we are not totally disarmed.

  5. If the gun fits her hand, and she can shoot it accurately and comfortably, then she bought the right gun for her. There is no “one size fits all” in firearms.

  6. Maybe it’s her first and she’ll buy more. Maybe she already has a few others. Who cares?

    A Glock is a solid gun– hope she shoots often and well and that it serves her reliably for years.

    Be nice if a lot more Hollywood folks were seen participating in the shooting sports. At least she has the money/influence to get the LA Sheriff to issue her a CCW.

  7. Maybe, just maybe, she took someone’s advice and bought the pistol that was comfortable to hold. Heck, maybe she’s been shooting and bought a pistol she enjoyed shooting.

  8. Glocks are a fine modern firearm and will serve her or anyone else well. GLOCKS aren’t my personal cup of tea but that’s really besides the point.

  9. All this back and forth is all based on something most do not take into account. This is Kalifornia her choices are limited due to the shrinking size of the “safe gun roster” of government approved pistol.

    • THANK YOU. And we wonder why people don’t want to join our club. “Sniff. Oh, you shoot a _____? Derp much?”

      Get over it, snobs. If a millionaire wants to drive a Chevy Cobalt, what of it?

    • My thoughts exactly! I have a Hi Point, 2 Rugers and a SIG. Like all of em for different reasons. All made on American soil. That’s my preference. Who cares what she bought as long as she buys something? When people see “celebrities” buying guns/ammo, maybe they will think they’re not as evil as they’ve been told?

    • Precisely. Many (maybe even most) gun shops will recommend a Glock for a novice. It has no extraneous levers, it is easy to load and easy to disassemble for cleaning. And I have read repeatedly that “1911s are not for novices”, that they are “expert guns” (yeah right, whatever). So I applaud that she bought a gun and for all the right reasons. I hope she takes classes and learns to shoot it well–if she doesn’t already. (Never safe to make assumptions.) The only thing I would have done differently (were I a star) would have been to remove it from the store in a bag. Not a good idea to walk down the street with a gun case in your hand; someone might call 911!

    • Seriously, Glocks are excellent pistols. If it’s good enough for Larry Vickers or Hickok45… VP9’s or PPQ’s is not even on the California DOJ list. And no, I don’t own any Glocks.

      On a side note, a lot of professional race car drivers daily drive… extremely ordinary cars. Michael Schumacher drives a Fiat Croma sometimes.

  10. It’s none of our business what anyone buys.

    The take away here is that a gun was sold to a mother that demands action and is willing to do something about it on her own.

  11. A Glock is a perfect gun for newbie like Ms. Duff who doesn’t know any better. What she should have done is sought some advice from Sean Penn, who used to be a big-time gun guy until Charlize Theron made him give up his firearms. Okay, then she dumped him for being so stupidly whipped, but he still knows something about guns.

    • I keep seeing this “a Glock is a good newbie gun.” Easy to shoot yes which is why it isn’t a safe gun for a newbie. Newbies are more likely to make the kind of mistake that leads to an ND. Safe handling has to to made habitual and that takes operator time.

      • Yes, newbies should all get DA revolvers or 1911s. Revolvers are inherently safe because of the single long trigger pull. 1911’s are safe because they have multiple safeties that all have to be defeated before they will fire. This is why nobody has ND’s with revolvers or 1911’s. It has literally never happened.

        But Glocks, you’re doomed. You might as well just shoot yourself on purpose and get it over with.

        • Despite your attempt at sarcasm you have inadvertently hit the nail squarely on the head. Newbies crash cars and airplanes more often than experienced users because it takes time to develop a respect for your own limitations and ingrain safety habits. We all know that there are common mistakes that experienced users make leading to an ND and probability that a newbie will make those mistakes is much higher.

        • Not an attempt, actually dripping with the sarcastic.
          And yes, all guns are dangerous, especially for newbies. Nothing special about a Glock.

        • 42 years with handguns & I have had one ND Glock 22 combination of pistol, holster & jacket I had on that day. String from coach style jacket got caught reholstering into a blackhawk. I still carry a Glock on occasion prefer my 4506, P99 or 1911. If I had been carrying any of those muscle memory I automatically put the safety on or decock reholstering. 1911 carrying cocked & locked does have a learning curve & with any requires range time, instruction & practice.
          Kudos to her for going through the PRC’s idiotic gun laws. Now practice young lady, practice. If you make it to Where I live my wife will be happy to babysit while you shoot all you want on a friend and my range setup. Steel, reactives, and general fun. Welcome to use any weapon either of us own even .458 if you are going into grizzly country. It was inherited so can’t sell, trade and gets shot once every couple of years, clean, oil & back to the safe monthly.

      • tdiinva (Now in Wisconsin)

        No firearm is safe, they are all inherently dangerous if use incorrectly. That is why we have the four basic safety rules for ALL firearms. So please stop making such stupid statements, because it truly make you look stupid!!!!

        • Talk about stupud statements — We have four rules as a stock answer is about as stupid as you can get. Just because you the muzxle pointed in a safe direction does not make an ND no harm no foul. Some states will pull your CHL if it is found out that you had one. An ND is a serious matter even if occurs miles away from another person. It means that you screwed up handling a firearm in a big way.

          It is foolish to think that the four ruled are end all of gun safety. The four rules do not help when you get a piece of clothing inside the trigger guard on a Glock — documented in a TTAG artucle. I know because it hapoened to me once except it was an XD/m and the grip safety was not depressed so no bang.

    • Yep – Sean Penn had 65 firearms and that was a “collection.” A guy in New York was arrested with 7 and that was an “arsenal.”

      Hilarious and hypocritical media.

  12. Just because someone has money does not mean they need to spent it.

    I know this may seem outlandish to most, but it is ok to buy only what you need and save your money…

    I know, I know, I know, saving your money, I mean who does that?!?!

    • Everybody does that, it’s like a game, how can I get a piece of crap for less than the reasonable cost of a piece of crap. Not talking guns, talking about *everything*, from airplanes to loaves of bread. I really don’t understand it, I have had to tell my lgs owner that he doesn’t need to find me something cheaper when I ask for a product, nor does he have to sell it to me cheaper than retail. A culture of cheapskates is not what I aspire to, I can pay for what I want.

    • Sitting in the back of the class… Slowly raising his hand…

      BUT… It helps keep the wheels of capitalism spinning!

  13. Apple anything, bicycle with training wheels, warm milk, near beer, a Prius – Gluck

    “a single mom who lives alone”. Big freaking deal. It’s 2015; there are no longer points or nobilityhood for getting knocked up or bailing on a marriage (after having a kid).

    • The last coupla years I was prosecuting I was really getting annoyed at the “single mom” defense–in my case, generally employed in the context of some alcohol-related offense (DWI or drinking after hours or some such). But it seemed to get traction, so I can’t blame the defense for using it.

  14. If Hilary Duff asked me for advice I’d recommend a Glock too. And if she asked me out to dinner as a way of saying thanks, I could hardly say no, could I?

    • “9mm? What does she have a deathwish?”

      “Now now, she probably just doesn’t know any better.”

      “She should have bought a gun in [obscure caliber with only boutique loads available].”

      I can see it now.

  15. I see her as an ally and a gun owner.

    I see the complainers as small minded, self important whiners who have no concept of or respect for “difference of opinion”.

    • As a member of the 10mm cult, you have no idea how much I wish this is the case.

      I’d go see every one of her movies. Twice. And then buy them on Blu-Ray.

    • I desperately want to join the 10mm cult in a big way, but I’m just not able to buy in yet because reasons.

  16. She simply bought the Toyota of guns. Solid, reliable and accurate enough. It’s good that someone bought what they needed without regard to what they could afford. I am not a Glock fan but it is what it is and that is all that is needed.

    • Toyotas dont nearly have the dependability glocks have… They skimp on everything. Lexus is especially bad. Toyota is the real role model on “squeeze off every bit of cost possible”. Not necessarily wrong but they leave a very narrow margin over the required performance of a car

  17. What is interesting is seeing a celebrity rag NOT knock the celebrity for purchasing a gun. Reminds one of the press’ selective chagrin against gun owners, guns are bad, lest of course you are a star……..or just well connected.

  18. And by the way, “expensive” does not equal “more reliable” (>cough< Cabot) or better. I had an SR9 whose trigger whupped the Glock's at $100 less.

  19. You were expecting maybe a Cabot? Maybe she saw one of those “he picked the wrong girl to attack” ads with R. Lee Ermey and thought, hey, I’m as good-looking as she is, I’ll get one too.” or maybe she figured a few thousand LEOs can’t be wrong. At least she took responsibility for herself.

  20. My only criticism is that it’s unwise to flash an obviously unready firearm in public. Nothing worse than being robbed of you unloaded and cased gun by a guy with a knife.

  21. Glock has become the S&W K frame of yesteryear. Somebody needs a working gun for their house and they ain’t a gun person. 60 years ago that person would have bought a .38 revolver. Now they buy a 9mm glock.

    And yeah, in CA you have limited choices in handguns.

  22. Her life, her choice, her business.

    I applaud her for making a huge decision to protect herself, instead of depending upon an ideal (police protection).

  23. The right gun is the one she’ll practice with and the one she’s comfortable with. The takeaway here is she is role modeling a good behavior, a parent ensuring the safety of herself and her children in her home.

  24. She chose a good gun, even if she paid MSRP. She should have gotten a discount. Maybe Glock could use her in a promo?

  25. Well you just revealed why some of us don’t bother with TTAG FB page. I belong to dozens of FB gun pages-rarely look at yours. Lots of stupid on FB. And most leave their real names. PROPS for Ms. Duff on being seen with a gun-ANY gun…

  26. Not sure why anyone cares what she buys. That said, if she is a single mom as the article states then I would suggest a gun with a real safety on it. Depends on the age of her children though. If she pays attention to safety procedures around her kids it might not make a difference. But I like the idea of one in the chamber for protection and a manual safety is one more thing that a little kid might not be able to manipulate or at least give someone a few more moments if a child gets their hands on a firearm somehow. Glocks don’t really have a safety at all. That trigger thing is a bad joke. Israeli carry, manual safety and strict safety procedures around the kids, all combined, would probably be the best way to go. By the time a kid can rack the slide they should know enough about gun safety to not harm themselves or others.

  27. People buy glocks for the same reason people buy Toyotas, sometimes all you want is a boring, reliable appliance. Nothing wrong with that.

  28. All that money, and she bought only one Glock!!!! 🙂 How about a few Glocks, a couple of Sigs, and a few Springfields.

  29. I value reliability and accuracy in a defensive weapon. A Glock has plenty of both. Who cares if she could have spent more? She has what she needs. Bonus points if she tried a few guns at the range and chose the Glock because it fit her best.

    By the way, I’m a card carrying SIG Sauer fan who doesn’t own a single Glock. I don’t like Glock’s ergonomics, but I can’t fault their effectiveness.

  30. Yes you can still purchase a gun in Califormia. I would not be suprised to find out its a gun she ordered in 2008 and it just finally got released to her after a California style background check.


    Seriously – Any time any one buys any gun its a win for the 2nd amendment.

  31. I’ve taught a few folks about the joys of gun ownership. I’m not certified, trained by the state, or “bonafide”. Just a man.

    So. I usually start them with a Glock 19. IMHO, this is the pistol that should be in the hands of every citizen.

    Then I steer them to a Glock21. .45, whats not to love?

    Then, its on to AR’s. Bare bones, no muss, no fuss.

    Then its .308. Bolt action. Beast kicks, but great for range.

    Perhaps after that, a little AK action. Reliable, fun, cheap.

    Finally, 12 gauge. At this point they understand ballistics, and can appreciate the kick.

    But, I always start them on the Glock 19. Why? Reliable, concealable, cheap, and you can literally build a Non-Glock Glock 19 with aftermarket parts. It shoots straight, and with the right ammo is enough to deal with most every bumpinthenight.

    So did this person whom I’ve never met, have no affinity for, make the right decision in buying a Glock (probably a 19)? IMHO, YES.

    Sushi, thigh rolled by unblemished virgins may taste great (I’m talking to you HK and Sig owners here).

    But, give me steak and potatoes every day.

  32. I’m happy that she decided to take her and her child’s safety into her own hands. I couldn’t care less which firearm she chose to purchase. People who think that the fact she bought a Glock is the part of the story you need to focus in on need to stop, think about what their priorities are, and send her nice little fan mail thanking her for not being just another Hollywood Hypocrite.

  33. Wow, this is the biggest bunch of whiny complainers.

    Who cares.

    Whats SO BAD about a glock that it wont be good enough?
    Who said she was buying it for competition use that her salary depended on?
    All it has to do is go bang reliably, if ever.

    This kind of inside argument crap is what brings down society.

    If I had her money and I wanted to haul 2X4’s home from Lowes, and I bought a ford ranger.
    So what.
    “with his money he could of bought a Cadillac or a frieghtliner……”

    Shut it…. just……shhhhhhh

  34. This is kind of like that picture of Madona and Guy Ritchie walking out of a store with a bag of dildos, only sexier…..

  35. Lots of discussion on the Glock. One comment on the caliber (and what it might be), but nobody is asking what kind of ammunition she bought. Looking at the bag and the way it is shaping, my guess is a few boxes of Gold Dot. Maybe 124 +P? I’d have stuck with HST myself.

    I await your judgement on why is is foolish for buying what she did, based on nothing more than speculation after looking at the bag. Or maybe telling me that I’m a fool and that those are obviously boxes of Brown Bear.

  36. Question of the Day: Should Hillary Duff Have Bought a More Expensive Gun? The is answer NO she could not buy a more expensive one even if she wanted to. The reason is with CA Roster of Handguns Certified for Sale there are virtually no new guns available to buy.

    No Glock Gen 4’s + Glock 42
    No Smith and Wesson M&P’s
    No H&K VP9’s
    No FN FNS or FNX

    If you are a manufacture and want to sell a new hand gun in the state of CA at this time. It must be tested by the DOJ which the manufacture must pay for and has to have the following requirements Drop Safe, Magazine Disconnect, Loaded Chamber Indicator and Microstamping.

    So welcome to liberal CA where you must be compliant to be safe.

  37. I’ve never understood the anti-glock sentiment from so many. They are beyond reliable and who cares if they aren’t pretty or fancy, I understand if they don’t fit your hand or that the trigger pull isn’t your cup of tea, but to hate on the gun just because it’s a boring choice and millions upon millions have made them their go-to carry gun is quite foolish. I equate glock-haters to being the hipsters of the firearms world, they need to be different and bash those who arn’t lol. To each his own but I happily carry my Glock 19 everyday.

  38. most likely her experience went like this: she walks up to counter, “i want a gun that is easy to use but good” gun counter hands her a glock, she pays for it and leaves. so basically she let someone else pick out her gun for her, a mistake.
    But it also could have been she shot someone elses and it worked well for her. either way, yes, its still a block. err sorry glock.

  39. I seriously doubt she actually realizes the difference. Undoubtedly some salesperson told her that Glocks are the best gun, and she bought that. Unfortunately, she will take it out shooting, will hate the ergonomics, and will never shoot another gun for as long as she lives. Missed opportunities to get another gun lover on our side in Hollywood.

  40. Everybody is jumping to conclusions… she could very well be beating feet back home to break out her midway catalog to start slobbering over grips, triggers and sights.. I’m just happy to see another person taking responsibility for their own safety.

  41. Why does any one have an opinion about this other than to congratulate her for purchasing a firearm?

    Choice! MURICA!!
    Yes I used MURICA just to piss off those of you how hate that word. Own it.

  42. Odd, gun store did not bag the gun in the case, since they had already bagged the ammo.
    Every handgun I’ve ever picked up at gun store was put in a plain black plastic bag, over the years a lot of handguns. Never walked out with it just in the branded case.

    • Agreed, but the case does already have a handle, and it IS California, where I believe it’s a misdemeanor to use one more bag than necessary to carry your purchases. 🙂

  43. Was I the only one that thought the fact the writer said “gun food” was amusing . Maybe I found it funny cause before I saw it I though it was her dinner and she got take out. Now I learn that the take out isn’t for her it’s for her Glock. Also everyone seems to be arguing whether or not they are good pistols shouldn’t we be trying to guess what ammunition she bought, excuse me “gun food”.

  44. I never heard of Hillary Duff before today and am not a Glockophile. However, I applaud her mightily and do not give one tinker’s DAMN what that label says on her pistol box, nor do I care what caliber it shoots!!! I admire her for having what it takes to stand up for herself in the state of “Commiefornia”. Hooray for her! Now, I will go find a flick or 2 of hers to see, just to support her cause, whether I like the show or not.

  45. The stunning hypocrisy of those fools never ends.
    Why should anyone care how much she spends on a pistol? She isn’t buying jewelry. She isn’t buying a dress.
    She is buying what many regard as one of the most reliable pistols on the market.
    If this is her first pistol, no doubt she will soon by more. But she is in Cali after all and the state severely restricts her options and the insane federal laws make it illegal for to buy what she actually wants in another state.
    I’m sure the lovely Ms Duff could care less what other people think of her choice. She is killing the targets and learning to defend her family when the police can’t. Eff everyone else.

  46. But she bought it in that communist hell hole california, where government made her wait for two weeks for absolutely no valid or constitutional reason, forced her to register it with state authorities like she’s some criminal merely for buying an item of property, and taxed her for all these “privileges.” Oh and she can’t be trusted with a box with a spring in it, so the state made her have some arbitrarily limited magazine for that gun. Ten rounds for a magazine is an entirely arbitrary limit, REGARDLESS of the good intentions libs feel are behind that limit. I can have normal magazines in my state, for my Glocks, and guess what, those magazines hold more than ten rounds and haven’t jumped up and harmed anyone.

  47. In the realm of dependability, Glock can not be improved upon. More $ will not equal more reliability. Taking this, a long track record and a lot of after-market support into account, why wouldn’t you buy a Glock? The only one reason that I can think of is accuracy. A lot of folks, myself included, just don’t shoot them as accurately as other platforms. If you can shoot a Glock accurately, buy one and don’t look back. Other guns MAY be as reliable but can literally can’t be more reliable.

    • First time I fired a Glock, it was a rental. Failed to feed twice in the first mag. Rental guy said I was not holding it right, I followed his advice and it worked fine. If that is what the Glock fans define as “reliable”, we have a difference of opinion. My first Colt Python, in 1969, did not care how you held it, including upside down. My first Sig, my first Kimber, my first AR-15, my first M1A, hell, *any* other brand, never was concerned with how I held them, when I pulled the trigger they fired. And fed. And fired again. I may like to own one for fun shooting, not for defense, I do not trust them to fire a second shot, never mind the capacity of the mag.

      • Never judge the reliability of ANY firearm by how well the rental works. Especially a popular rental model that gets fired often and cleaned not-so-often. Filthy, (usually) dry, and worn-out is not a good combo.

        All my Glocks can be fired reliably when held by one finger on the grip, even after being carried and not cleaned or freshly lubed for months.

  48. I don’t really care what type of weapon system she bought it’s the simple fact that we have another member added to the pro 2nd Amendment team that matters to me…… But she did pick a great firearm to either start with or be even more proficient with……. With the weapon systems that are out there, she really couldn’t go wrong…..?????

  49. Hollywood star buys a gun!?

    I’m stunned.

    Glock is a good gun, I’m happy for her and applaud her choice. I would have gone with a .357 (More reliable in a pinch), but glock is a good gun.

  50. I’m so far down in this comment section so it doesn’t really matter what I say, but… This is fuc**ng stupid! Complain about Hollywood not being gun friendly? Then a celeb possibly buys a gun and this is how we respond? Pathetic. We are our own worst enemy. She decided to purchase a gun!!! Embrace it! It could have been a mother fuc**ing high point and it is still a win for gun rights. Wow.

  51. Better to spend the rest of the budget on ammo and training.

    And for you snobs, maybe she’s planning to send it to Salient Arms, eh?

  52. How do we know she doesn’t already have a MASSIVE collection? This could just be one she doesn’t have yet. How many of you guys(and gals) have walked out of a gunstore with a Mosin when you’ve got a much better rifle at home? Maybe she bought the Glock brand Glock because she doesn’t want to scratch up her custom hand-made race gun collection.

    Maybe she just wanted something a bit easier to carry around than her Ma-Deuce….. The world may never know!

    • That’s a great comment ! I completely agree. Why would I ever consider a Rock Island .38 special? Because its cheap and I want it. Turns out its a lot of fun too

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