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“Who’s gonna rob or rape when there’s a fifty percent chance that Janie’s got a gun?” – Penn Jillette

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    • Except instead of throwing things at you when she’s going nuts for no reason, now she can shoot you! =p

      I doubt it’ll happen (often), but any man who’s been in a serious relationship should know to be nervous about a woman holding a deadly weapon.

      • I know that statistically, women are far less likely to commit violent crimes. Also, that they’re far less prone to engage in risk-taking behaviour to impress their friends or the opposite sex. I know I trust my woman with a deadly weapon any day.

  1. And think how embarrassing it must be for any lowlife who survives being shot by a woman with a pink gun – really hurts the street creds when you’re in the slammer. “She shot you with WHAT?”

  2. Sign me up for a pink S&W Model 29.

    “Now you’re thinking, ‘should I gave messed with a guy holding a pink gun?’ So, do ya feel lucky punk?”

  3. Just remember, my oldest daughter beat all the little red neck boys in a .22 rifle competition at the range. The women can shoot!

  4. Country wives were always expected to be able to fire the cabin gun if the men were away. In a modern urban context many women from Nancy Reagan to Senator Diane Feinstein have found a tasteful purse pistol to be a comfort. Who could object? Oh, they could…..

    • I object to Diane Feinstein owning any gun, since she has spent her career in the Senate trying to ban we peasants from owning guns. Her flaming hypocrisy more than annoys me.

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