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“Wouldn’t it be wonderful if they finally got some understanding and in memory of this officer said, ‘We can’t bring him back, but we’re gonna make sure his kids and parents are protected by getting guns off the streets and out of illegal hands.'” – Mayor Bloomberg on his weekly radio show

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  1. “We can’t bring him back, but we’re gonna make sure his kids and parents are protected by getting guns off the streets and out of illegal hands.’”

    Go to it Mikey boy you progressive weenie. Now go round up those illegal aliens who have illegal guns and are contributing to the crime wave they’ve brought with them.

    • Locking them up? How about executions? Then we not only permanently have them off the street, but we also don’t have to pay to keep them well fed watching cable TV and with access to free college courses and medical care.

    • More to the point, explain how this is accomplished without leaving law abiding vulnerable to these people?

    • There’s nothing wrong with getting guns out of the hands of criminals. That’s a laudable goal. But mikey, your fellow Mikey is full of sh!t. It’s not criminals that he wants to disarm. It’s me.

      • +1 You know TTAG, if there’s any way to allow the site to put in an option for giving points to posts (like how many sites have an up-vote / down-vote button), that would be awesome and save on a lot of nested comments.

      • Ralph, He’s full of shit for only one reason, because you don’t like his opinions, they differ from yours. And like you do with me and all the other gun control people, you exaggerate what he says in order to better argue against it. To argue against what he really says would make you sound unreasonable, even to your friends.

        • Mike:

          Your argument would carry more weight if it weren’t known that the NYC court system let a dangerous criminal back on the street despite an outstanding arrest warrant from North Carolina. Had the judge done his duty he would have taken a gun out of a criminal’s hands and kept him locked up waiting for extradition to North Carolina.

          Bloomberg is just trying to divert attention from the idiot judge who let a thug on the street to kill a cop.

        • Mike what is he really saying?
          What are you saying?
          This is the third time since Dec. 14th ( the 2nd today) that I have given you the opportunity to state your opinions for alternatives to firearms for protection of self and family.
          I know that you have many detractors on this site but I am not one of them. I am willing to listen to you, or anyone, who can give me better solutions than armed conflict to contend with someone intent upon causing harm.
          Again I ask what is YOUR plan for dealing with the possibility of grave danger?
          I am begining to believe that you do not have a plan or any real knowledge of which you speak.
          I do not know you and have no desire to belittle you, but so far all I have seen you do is make statements such as, “To argue against what he really says would make you sound unreasonable…….”without any facts to back you up.
          Where did Ralph exaggerate? What is Mayor Bloomberg really saying?
          I am new to this site so perhaps you simply enjoy being the antagonist, or this may be a game between yourself and some of the other readers of which I am unaware. If this is the case say so and I will ignore you in the future. If you are serious and want to be taken seriously, start backing up your statments.
          You can start right here.

          • Ron, the facts are that guns do more harm than good. If you want to own guns for whatever reason that’s your business. But owning guns as a protection against random violence is a mistake, in my opinion?

            This is backed up by surveys, polls and statistics, which of course you can counter with your own surveys, polls and statistics. I don’t play that game. I use my head and try to be rational about it.

            • “This is backed up by surveys, polls and statistics, which of course you can counter with your own surveys, polls and statistics.”
              Surveys, polls, and statistics which lack facts yet include emotive questions designed to agree with the premise.

        • No, Mike, he’s full of shit because, as often happens with politicians, he’s making bold claims about solving a Hard Problem without explaining any plausible plan for how he is going to do it.

          See also “Tame the Deficit”, “Secure the Border”, “Preserve the Environment”, etc.

        • To argue against what he really says would make you sound unreasonable, even to your friends.

          You don’t know my friends. Most of them are New Yorkers, most of them are not gun owners, and most of them think that Bloomberg is full of sh!t.

          Now tell me about your friends. Both of them.

    • Nothing. The fact that his policies (and the ones you promote) will take guns away from law abiding citizens and let criminals keep their guns is why people have a problem with his policies.

    • Let’s discuss facts:

      1) A career criminal killed that officer
      2) Said career criminal had an open arrest warrant for alleged crimes in NC, which crimes included attempted murder, while his bail was pending in NYC before NYC Judges on criminal charges pending in NYC
      3) Said NYC Judges, approved of by the Midget Bloomberg, despite being advised of said open arrest warrant from NC, allowed said career criminal out on bail
      4) Less than 2 weeks after being let out on bail by Midget Bloomberg-approved judges for criminal charges in NYC and despite an open arrest warrant from NC for a potential attempted murder charge, of which arrest warrant and charge said Midget Bloomberg-approved judges were aware of, said career criminal was involved in an attempted robbery and killed said officer.

      So – help me understand what Bloomberg is really doing to get guns off the street? His judges are dropping the ball and have blood on their hands.

    • If the judges here had enforced existing laws, Mike, this guy wouldn’t have had access to guns anyway. At least not if he were still in jail.

      Alas, he went out and broke the law anyway because criminals dont have respect for laws.

    • Hi Mike,
      On Dec. 14th under the topic ” When Should Ralphie Get an Upgrade to his Red Ryder BB Gun ?” I asked you what your plan is to protect yourself and your family from grave danger. To date I have not received a reply.
      Perhaps if you could share your thoughts on this subject with me you could persuade me to come around to your way of thinking.
      As I stated in an earlier communication I have no desire to harm anyone. Nor do I have the desire to deal with the aftermath of a justifiable shooting.
      However, I will do all that is necessary to protect myself and my family. I carry a gun because I believe the time may come when I will not be able to do all that is necessary without one.
      I would love to hear any ideas you may have. Also I would like to know that you have planned for that possibility.

      • What are you talking about Ron? Is pretending I’ve not answered that question supposed to make other readers think I really haven’t on many occasions and that I’m avoiding it?

        That’s pretty slick of you to imply that I’m irresponsible towards my family’s safety.

        I repeat, in my opinion you are the irresponsible one because you actually endanger your family by owning guns. The chances of your having to use that (precious) gun of yours to save the day are lower than the possibilities of something bad happening with it.

        So, I protect my family in exactly the opposite way you do, but having no guns around.

        In all fairness, perhaps you live in a dicey neighborhood and can’t afford to move, or maybe you’re an ATM service man and carry $20,000 around in cash, or any other number of proper justifications for needing guns. In one of those cases I suppose you are making the right decision, but it’s a shame, it’s like the lesser of two evils.

        I’m happy to report that I don’t have such a dilemma in my life.

        • Hi Mike,
          I was not implying anything. I was sincerely interested in your ideas.

          I also have not pretended you did not answere my question. The fact is it was asked five days ago with no reply.

          As for my endangering my family, my wife and I live alone now and she is very familiar with firearms and there safe use. However I did raise both of my sons around guns from birth, without incident of any kind.

          My guns are precious to me because my life and my family are precious to me. If I could count on police protection I would gladly do so, but I know the chance of timely arrival is next to none. Even police officers will tell you they rarely if ever prevent crime.

          No I don’t live in a “dicey ” neighborhood. Nor do I work in a profession which requires me to carry a gun. However on three (3) occasions I truly believe my life to have been in danger. Each time I was able to avoid confrontation by being aware and taking the appropriate actions. I am not always able to stay in my neighborhood. Not all thieves, murderers and rapist live in “dicey” neighborhoods and many who do choose not to work close to home. I have come in contact with many victims of violent crime through the years and every one said ” I wish I’d had a gun”.

          I was not asking how you plan to protect your family from guns, I was asking how you plan to protect them from those who would harm them.
          As you once again avoided the question, I will take your avoidance as the answere.

          Mike as I stated at the opening, I asked for your ideas because I thought you might have some worth listening to, but after reading your reply I realize you have no idea what either of us is talking about.
          So I will not contact you again.

          • Ron, you’re new here so I’ll give you a heads up. Mikey is an anti-gun troll who does nothing but foam at the mouth about how inanimate objects are evil and will kill us all.

            I say the best thing to do is to simply ignore his posts and eventually he’ll go away. Trying to engage him in a rational discussion is a waste of time because you won’t get it from him.

            • Hi Totenglocke,
              Thank you, I have seen the light and have already written him off.
              I try to respect everyone’s opinion.
              Most of the dribble from the gun grabbers is just ridiculous but I thought Mike actually had something to say. After reading his posts today I realized he is more of the same.
              I wanted to give him a chance to express his views but as is always the case, you can’t be logical where no logic exist.

              • I’ve tried it myself. He pops up, waits till folks shred his arguments then lies low. For the life of me I can’t figure out why he bothers to post at all. Logic, clearly worded queries, directly refuting his claims with fact, none of it works.

              • Well, Ron, that didn’t take you long to go from sincerely interested in what I have to say to writing me off. You know the problem? I feel differently than you do about guns, period. And just like so many others, you can’t accept that. I suppose to you it’s a tacit (or not so tacit) criticism.What exactly I would do in the event of an armed attack on my family has nothing to do with my decision to not have guns around, for the simple reason I believe it’s too unlikely to worry about. I don’t prepare or worry about meteorite strikes either.

                You think that makes me irresponsible and foolish or whatever, I feel the same way about you. We’re even, you see. There’s no need for all that nonsense about writing me off because you see how I avoid, blah, blah, blah.

        • Mike:You, like all gun control advocates, are fundamentally dishonest in your use of statistics. Most violent crime to include rape, armed robbery and assault along with both intentional and unintentional homicide (from guns, knives, baseball bats and fists) occurs at the nexus of gangs, welfare, single motherhood and illegal immigration. The rest of the country is safer than the UK and many part of the EU. Ron’s family is less endangered by his guns than from the simple act of getting in car and driving to the grocery store or mall.

          You posed the rhetorical question above about getting guns out of the hands of criminals is just a pose. I credit you with intelligence so I cannot accept that you really believe that keeping guns out of the hands of honest citizens will actually keep guns out of the hands of criminals.

          • Umm, I was raised by a single mother and we always struggled financially all because my dad was (and still is) words I can’t say on here. We’ve been on welfare and such. But I never ended up going into crime or shooting people up. I turned out just fine. I was raised right and to know right from wrong though…which is more than I can say about some of those asshats out there. So not all people from a single mother, welfare, etc home end up as some moral-less punk ass who ends up in gangs robbing people like Mikey with no guns or others. My friend even calls me the gun safety asshole since I’m always on him about stuff…I just don’t want to get shot nor do his wife and/or kids I imagine. He has it down now though since he doesn’t want me on him about it…esp since he’s in the military

            • Congratulations on making your way through the thicket. My Nephew was in the same situation as you and ended up attending a premier engineering program and an Ivy League Business School. He is now the CFO at a major corporation.

              Be that as it may, the fact is that crime is not uniformly distributed throughout the population. It is highest where the four factors converge and declines quickly as you get farther away.

              Mikey’s statistical arguments are based on fiction that the stable working or middle class family living in northern Virginia is just as likely to have be a crime victim or perpetrator of violence as someone living in the gang invested, welfare ghettos in Washington DC. We both know that is not true.

              • I’m not going to deny that a lot of the gangs and criminal activity tend to come out of lower class areas…because it does on average. I’ve just been fortunate to have a good up bringing and a good head on my shoulders. I get what you’re saying. I get nervous in sketchy neighborhoods. That’s great about your nephew…Congrats to him.

        • Mikeylotsanumbers, you have been given multiple chances to offer actual facts and realistic solutions other than ‘I’m-a-skeert of inanimate objects and my fellow man and so I want all guns gone and I’ll re-repeat emotional arguments and belittle anyone who questions me while pretending I did answer you when I didn’t” style rants.

          If you have nothing new – save some electrons, our eyes, and our brain cells. I have too many brain cells full of your b.s. already

  2. “getting guns off the streets and out of illegal hands.”
    Oh? How? Do you intend to craft more laws which, by definition, criminals will not respect? Harris and Klebold broke at least 20 state and federal laws. Would 21 have made a difference?

  3. I prefer “Gentlemen, get the thing straight once and for all– the policeman isn’t there to create disorder, the policeman is there to preserve disorder.”
    or “Fcuk you, you Jew son of a bitch, you lousy mother-fcuker, go home.” Mayor Richard J. Daley, regarding the ’68 DNC police riots.

    • I remember those statements well, matt. You only read about them (you’re a young guy), but I heard them live (I’m an old guy). Richard Daley was one of the biggest pr!cks who ever lived, and the prototype of a Chicago politician.

  4. Kim Il Jong is dead. If Bloomberg were to kick the bucket it would really round out what is shaping up to be a pretty good week.

        • He is a hero of mine, the Joy Brigades, what more do you need to say? I want to jump off the rock where he got his incisive wit.

            • Yeah, I used to have a propaganda video commissioned by the USSR about North Korea. It had a bunch of stuff, from museums full of gifts Kim got, to a part on the rocks he used to jump off as a kid, one of them gave Kim his “incisive wit”. The best part was a speech Kim gave, when it was over everyone started clapping, the camera focuses on the one guy not clapping or covered head to toe in medals, he is standing next to a phone, looking to see who is the first guest who stops clapping.

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