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OFWGs are Old Fat White Guys. We coined the term to highlight the fact that overweight white males—whose mid-life crisis coincided with Newt Gingrich’s Contract with America—seem to account for a disproportionately large percentage of shooters preparing for an full-on, multi-magazine gunfight. The people who really need this kind of training: law-abiding citizens of color living in high crime neighborhoods. The people who can afford it—and seriously love it—OFWGs. I’m all about freedom of choice, the joys of capitalism and Second Amendment rights. But what are the psycho-socio-economic underpinnings to this caucasian phenom? Are OFWGs retarded adolescents replaying gunfighting scene from Hollywood’s fertile imagination? Is it SHTF paranoia? And while we’re at it, what real-world drills should they be practicing? Ex-wives with knives? What?

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  1. What real-world drills should they be practicing? Push-aways.

    As in push away from the table…

  2. “a disproportionately large percentage of shooters ”

    Disproportinately large? They are the vast majority of shooters.

    “The people who need this kind of training: law-abiding citizens of color living in high crime neighborhoods.”

    What an ignorant statement.


    Umm … because it’s fun? Not to mention the fact that it hones gun handling skills.

  3. More fun and useful than golf!

    and yes, they should practice pushing away from the table more, since gunsite training can’t save you from a heart attack.

  4. Whats up with OFWG and decking out in camo for range time? If you’re gonna train, train in what you normally wear.

  5. I don’t see a whole lot wrong with this, as at least they’re out shooting vs. just posting online like they’re experts. The one criticism would be that they aren’t doing any sort of after action assessment (other threats, looking behind them, looking for leaks in themselves, topping off the gun behind cover, etc. ) after their ‘drill’.

  6. You’re right. Nobody should train to use their gun besides people who live in high crime areas. Because that’s where violent crimes are confined to.

  7. what are we magoo know? most shooters are fat, old, and white? I’m neither fat nor old. And I’m not really sure what white means, I’m kinda olive skinned,

  8. Listen up, fellow OFWGs. Now that you are eligible for a senior citizen’s discount at Ammunition to Go, this is your 7-Step drill. Follow it consistently and you will survive.

    1. Do not run toward the sound of gunfire. You’re not General Patton. You aren’t trying to attack Bastogne, you’re trying to be somewhere else. Even Miami Beach, which is way too hot this time of year.
    2. Do not wear camo, ever. It’s a fashion faux pas and the equivalent of wearing a sign on your back that says “arrest me, I’m a moron.”
    3. Practice rapid deployment of your personal defense firearm, hitting center mass with two shots. Two. No more, no less. Shots are like stewed prunes. One isn’t enough, and three are too many.
    4. Then, assess. If your target is dead, no further shots should be required. Otherwise, maintain your aim and slowly step away from the blood pool. Hide behind cover. Your wife does not qualify as cover.
    5. Don’t run, or you’ll get out of breath and possibly have a coronary. Call 911 on your Jitterbug, or press the emergency button on your Life Alert.
    6. Call your lawyer, but not the one who wrote your will. Call your criminal lawyer. The number should be on your speed dial, just ahead of your proctologist, your urologist and your podiatrist.
    7. When the police arrive, remind them that you’re old. Make old person noises. Groan often. Tell he cops about your prostate. Remember, if we play it right, we can get away with anything. We’re old.

    That’s it. The rest is just practice.

  9. This clearly has nothing to do with hunting, encourages dangerous high capacity magazines and uses guns designed solely to kill people. Plus it encourages whites guys to squander money that rightfully should be transfered to citizens of color in high crime neighborhoods. . .

    Who wrote this article, really?

    Barack is that you again?

  10. Lol. This site has to have the highest level of trolling by the owner I’ve ever seen. But hey, it must work, otherwise he wouldn’t keep doing it. Page views, baby!

    Not white, old or fat – IMO the fat ones should get it shape, if they actually are serious about self-defense. But you can’t change being old, and you can’t change being white. So leave ’em be.

  11. Doing the same old self-gratifying drills is likely to make you go blind and grow hair on your palms.

  12. Some people should use better passwords for their accounts so that obnoxious trolls don’t post articles as them.

  13. Actually it looks like a lot of fun, and I didn’t think those guys were particularly overweight. But as to your questions, I say “yes” to all of ’em.

    “Are they retarded adolescents replaying gunfighting scene from Hollywood’s fertile imagination? Is it SHTF paranoia? And while we’re at it, what real-world drills should they be practicing? ATM robberies? Ex-wives with knives? What?”

    • You agree that they are retarded adolescents replaying gunfighting scene from Hollywood’s fertile imagination. Yet you say it looks like a lot of fun. Does that mean you are a retarded adolescent too?

  14. Shooting guns is fun. Folks take tennis lessons, etc so I don’t see gun training as any different. Wanting to be better at something you enjoy doing makes sense to me. Not into the whole SHTF thing, personally I couldn’t make it more than a week if the local Wal-Mart closed.

    Added bonus, gun training could actually save your life someday.

  15. Let’s call this stuff what it is. It’s not real self-defense training. Nobody ever washes out (every OFWG gets a ribbon and a hug, just like in the special Olympics) while the exercises are designed for fun, not for developing practical skills. These are fantasy camps for OFWGs.

    Is there anything wrong with this? Not a thing. Not unless the OFWG starts to get his fantasy and reality turned around… and unfortunately, you see that all the time at TTAG.

      • Bowling is not a sport, it’s an excuse for drinking beer. Now quoits, that’s a sport.

        • Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean the world isn’t out to get you. And yes, I carry. And no, I don’t want to disarm anyone—who has a legal right to carry.

          • Oh lighten up. The mediocre / unrealistic training makes it a fantasy camp. I’m not paranoid. I accept that there is a chance of me getting robbed / murdered etc. And I choose to try to do something if it were to happen to me. There’s nothing paranoid about it. It’s just accepting that life is a numbers game.

            Actually, what constitutes being “permanently paranoid”? Does SHTF count? Storing up a year’s worth of food? Because natural disasters can happen once in a while.

      • Bowling is (almost) a sport

        Bowlers has those wrist thingies. When these guys have similar protective gear (maybe shoulder pads or helmets), the ESPN contract will follow.

  16. It is far better training than anything I can do at any of the nearby ranges. They get to move! They can fire more than once per second! They can take video!

  17. Hi Robert, I guess I qualify as an old fat white guy. I’m 60, weigh 190 lbs and classify as “white.” At one time I participated in IDPA at the local gun club range. (Glock M30) Now it hurts too much. What those guys are doing is about the limit of what I can do.

    Quick target acquisition and change of location would be a benefit to my self preservation.

    Some of the comments posted are pretty much a display of prejudice. Shooting is one sport I do not have to run or be super strong to participate in. As long as we do it safely why ask questions that have me thinking you are in favor of disarming me?

    I do note that when I did IDPA we showed safe while facing down range and then holstered. Not real comfortable with the way that group did it.

  18. So is it your intent to drive traffic by spitting on your audience? It’s understandable that you accept dissenting voices, but then you tolerate them abusing your commenters. And now you begin insulting your audience.

    And notice who is chiming in to agree with you — the gun grabbers.

    Screw this noise. This site is a false-flag operation in spirit, if not in fact.

  19. As a not quite OFWG I have a suggestion for this to be more realistic training. Start close and move back. Everyone that writes about self-defense talks about shooting and getting behind cover and getting away from the threat. They should start at the closest target on the outside, fire, move diagonally to the next row back, fire, reload and holster. Once you start moving towards the threat an over zealous police or DA could paint you as the aggressor.

    As for those saying wearing camo is a fashion faux pas, in small town South it is pretty common. Not as much on guys the age of the ones in the video but you’ll see it in them also, and not just during hunting season.

    • There’s nothing wrong with camo per se. But try convincing a DA that you were defending yourself when the other guy is dead after taking two to the chest and you’re standing there with the smoking gun in your hand, looking like a mall ninja. See what I’m saying? All other things being equal, who do you think gets prosecuted — the guy in camo, or the guy wearing Bermuda shorts?

      • Hey-you KNOW that everything in my closet is tactical in one way or another! And the clothes are strategically hung to hide weapons behind them and among them…I don’t hang ties, I have shoulder rigs hanging instead. And I put on my combat boots one foot at a time, just like you do! (After I slip on the Thunderwear and an ankle rig)

  20. It’s okay to make fun of them, they’re white!

    Didn’t you know that’s how it works?

    I don’t know how this site can be so starkly hit-and-miss with its articles…

    Yeah, this is exactly what the country needs: a supposed 2A-supporting website belittling what certain harmless things gun owners do for fun. Divide and conquer.

    • This question comes from a place of love.

      I’m a white African American. And I have no hesitation about naming races (cultures?). Previously on Who Wants to Piss On PC, I excoriated African American leaders for disarming their people. And will again. Just did. And don’t get me started on Jewish gun grabbers . . .

      I don’t mind OFWG training. I’ve taken some myself, although I don’t quite fit the profile. Yet. But you gotta laff mate.

      In my experience, a large part of OFWG training is mucho macho gunfighting theater, providing military and LEO-style drills (pie the room?). I’d like to see more emphasis on the basics and real world-based force-on-force instruction.

      Ultimately, the marketplace decides what’s “useful” and what’s not. And I reserve the right to point out folly where and whenever I perceived it.

      Just so we’re clear: I believe in Americans’ right to keep and bear arms. If you’re an American, you should be able top walk into a gun store, choose a gun and bullets, show ID, wait for the gun store to see if you’ve got a warrant for your arrest and, if not, put the bullets into the gun put the gun into a holster (preferably) and walk out.

      • Nomenclature, RF. 1. Cartridges go into the gun, bullets come out of the muzzle. It’s a yin-yang thang. Unless you’re shooting a ball and powder muzzle-loader. 2. To be an official OFWG, you gotta be older than me. You know, like dirt. Or the pyramids. Or cave paintings.

  21. …and someone in the blogosphere (whether in jest or of a serious nature) has found the 2,378th way for the gun community to”eat their own”…

  22. And while we’re at it, what real-world drills should they be practicing?

    More realistic and challenging (training wise) would be basic close in gun retention and self defense techniques…

    Don’t get me wrong. Any training in which you regularly practice draw from a holster (preferably the CCW or other rig you routinely use), target acquisition, movement, and shooting is a good thing.

  23. This is nothing new. If you look at it from just a little friendly competiton, no harm. Look at the history behind ISPC, IDPA, and others. When and why to use force are philosophical and legal discussions, how to use is it more of skill development. Remember why people train. And the inner city needs it greatly, but until social ostracism (and fear) of guns is removed, it will remain a limited desire sport. Mostly for those who can afford the time and money for travel. Adult book shops get more respect then inner city shooting ranges.

  24. Prior to 2 PM Sept 30th 2010 I rarely carried and I never trained. LEO’s took 90 minutes to respond to the first armed assualt against me and did not respond to the second assualt the next day or the one that followed the next week, all carried out by the same ARMED drug addled perp.
    Since that day I ALWAYS carry, I train weekly, shooting over 100 rounds a session. I now own my 1st AR and body armor.
    Joke about OFWG’s if you must but at least someone is taking responseablity for thier own safety.

  25. After rereading the post and comments a few times, I finally got it. This is about “need” versus “wants”.

    Those that need it cannot afford it and those that can afford it want it and have made into a game.

  26. “…what real-world drills should they be practicing”?

    Being unemployed.

    I’m an OFW…uh, I can’t remember the rest. I gotta go lie down now.

  27. Robert, we’ve seen videos of you shooting. Perhaps you could benefit from a little more of the OFWG training. 😉

  28. Why are the colored areas the high crime areas. Because of NIGGERS. And guess what, NIGGERS like to travel to white neighborhoods. They usually are expecting OFWGs, but not expecting OFWGs to make them good when they decide to go jewelry shopping or looking at new cars.

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