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“Though referred to as the ‘modern rifle’, the AR-15 semi-automatic rifle has been deployed with military personnel and law enforcement agencies for decades,” Mossberg’s press release proclaims. “More recently, this very adaptable and versatile platform has become popular with recreational shooters and hunters alike.” Note: the correct nomenclature for firearms manufacturers wishing to avoid the term “assault rifle” is “modern sporting rifle.” This despite the fact that the term is about as popular as “facial tissue.” What’s more (or less), if you remove the word “sporting” from your product description your long gun could soon be replaced by a post-modern rifle. I nominate pistol caliber carbines for the job. Meanwhile, Mossberg’s AR is here, and not a minute too soon . . .

When you’re really really late to a shindig, it helps to bring one hell of a gift. Here’s the gun that Mossberg’s minions reckon will let them party like it’s 1999.

All MMR rifles feature a traditional direct-impingement gas system for reliable, smooth operation; free-floating, button-rifled, carbon steel barrels with 1:9 twist rates for increased accuracy in this standard military chambering; single stage triggers; and black phosphate/anodized metal finishes for enhanced durability. An oversized trigger guard allows for use with gloves. For a more positive grip and less shooter fatigue, these value-packed rifles feature Stark® Ergo Pistol Grips with a convenient battery storage compartment. To further enhance operation of the MMR rifles, the charging handle is oversized for quick and effective engagement by right or left-handed shooters and the forward assist has been removed.

MMR Hunter – Three initial offerings of this series in 5.56mm NATO (.223 Rem) will be dedicated to the predator, varmint and small game hunter: a black phosphate/anodized version and two fully camouflaged versions in Mossy Oak® Treestand® and Mossy Oak Brush®. A slender, checkered aluminum tubular fore-end is matched with an A2-style buttstock for a more traditional fit and feel. Dual swivel studs grace the forend for the addition of bipod and sling and the stock features a rear stud with attached sling swivel. The clean profile 20-inch barrel is optimized with a 1:9 twist rate and features a recessed hunting crown. The machined aluminum receiver has an integral Picatinny rail for ease of adding optics with Weaver-style rings. A five-round magazine is included; however, the MMR Hunter accepts most higher-capacity AR-15 style magazines.

MMR Tactical – Designed to support both sport shooting and tactical applications, the MMR will meet your needs. Chambered in 5.56mm NATO (.223 Rem) the Tactical versions come with a durable black phosphate/anodized finish and feature a 16.25 inch free-floating barrel with removable A2-style muzzlebrake; aluminum Picatinny quad-rail forend with vents for maximum cooling; receiver-mounted integral Picatinny rail; and standard dust cover. Options include 6-position adjustable or fixed stock which allows for up to 4 inches of LOP adjustment; available with or without removable Picatinny-mounted front sight (adjustable for elevation) and rear sight (adjustable for windage and elevation); and choice of 10-round or 30-round magazine. MMR Tactical rifles accept most higher-capacity AR-15 style magazines.

As far as I can tell, Mossberg’s Unique Selling Point is price. A black Mossberg MMR Hunter msrps at $921, jumping to $1010 for a Mossy Oak finish. A black Mossberg MMR Tactical’ll run ya $885 sans sights, rising to $921 with optics.

The Tactical is almost two hundred dollars more than an entry-level Smith & Wesson M&P15 Sport. That modern sporting home defense sporting black rifle msrps at $709 [click here for TTAG’s review]. Now that Smith has brought M&P15 production in-house, the guns’ quality issues have pretty much disappeared.

Can Mossberg’s marketing muscle sustain sales of a me-too gun in an AR-intensive world? Watch this space.

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  1. Talk about getting to the dance late…. I agree, the only thing that Mossberg has going for it with these rifles is their existing distribution model. An uneducated ‘black rifle’ purchaser will be drawn to the rail but an informed buyer will bypass these and opt for proven names at more competitive prices.

    • “I agree, the only thing that Mossberg has going for it with these rifles is their existing distribution model”

      Wal-Mart carries Mossberg. I’d be curious if Walmart would allow it on their shelves as standard stock.

      *They carry Remington and Ruger, but I’ve never seen any of their AR type product in the WallyWorld gun case.

      • Walmart does carry AR-15 rifles. In fact they carry a couple different macufacturers. I haven’t looked at them closely but they do have them.

      • I dont know why people have issues with mossberg.l am a avid hunter l also own different makes of guns .I’ ve used Remington Marlin and Winchesters but there are people out there that think they have to have the highest gun when a Mossburg is just as sufficint as the others to me anyday. I will put a mossberg up against any others .thats my opinion

      • MY local walmart carries all those guns and then some.. Maybe its just location.. I can buy a bushmaster, a colt M4 or any other black gun at wally world.. ironically my walmart doesnt have the MMR! HMMMMMMMMMM.. i own a few Mossberg rifles and they are the only ones that have NEVER JAMMED..

    • “The very atmosphere of the Mossberg AR-15 anywhere and everywhere restrains evil interference – they deserve a place of honor with all that’s good.” —US General George Washington

  2. Are the days of anything actually new from the US gun makers over? Is Kel Tec the only maker with an original idea?

    Mossberg AR. What next a Ruger 1911? 🙂

    • Hey , I just wrote to Ruger about them making a riot shotgun-stranger things have happened! I miss the original sleekness of riot guns like Ithaca and Stevens. I also asked Ruger to offer something more than 5 round magazines for their 6.8 SPC Mini 14-if they were interested in selling them. I said at least a 20 rounder would work. AND Mossberg should at least offer the new A-TACS camouflage pattern-it’s a fast up and comer and it truly works.

  3. Wow! A new AR! Alert the media! Now, to make my life truly complete, can we have a new 1911 and a new plastic nine? ‘Cause we don’t have enough of those, either.

    Question: if the evil gun manufacturers are so cunning, why is it that an original thought in the gun industry would die of loneliness?

  4. As a hunter I laugh at the idea that an AR type rifle is a sporting rifle what ever that means. It’s a varmint gun that is only useful for shooting groundhogs and coyotes. A 243 firing a 55 grain load is a much better round for that. AR type weapons are great for competitive shooting and self defense. They just aren’t hunting rifles.

    • I have friends who do competitive shooting with AR-15 based rifles. When the stainless barrels wear too much they are re chambered to get past the throat erosion and made into deer rifles. These people get a deer a year. Favorite ammunition seems to be the Federal 64 grain Power Point.

    • I am a power rifle competitor. Military rifles are what we mostly use. So what is my sport, chopped liver?

    • Hunting isn’t the only sport out there, you know. In fact, I’d define hunting as more of a utilitarian pursuit than a sporting endeavor, as a great many hunters in the south eastern US genuinely rely on the game they harvest with their guns to get enough to eat.

      And let’s not forget, there are upper receivers for the AR in numerous hunting calibers, e.g. 7.62X39, which is more than enough to harvest deer or pigs. It wouldn’t surprise me in the least to see multiple caliber options for these rifles from Mossberg if the .223/5.56 sells well.

    • If I had a rifle around a farm or ranch, I’d be inclined toward an AR type because I trained on the M-16 and it was the only rifle I carried and fired with any regularity. On the other hand, I would not use it in self-defense because 1) I’m in a densely populated neighborhood with neighbors downrange in all directions, and I’m not that good a shot and 2) prosecuting attorneys from three jurisdictions have told me a defendant should never show a black rifle to a jury.

    • I seem to unintentionally strike a nerve with some AR owners.

      The adjective “sporting” is assigned to things involving hunting for example both the UKC and AKC do not refer to gun dogs, retrievers or hounds as hunting dogs, they call them sporting dogs. So I think it’s fair to say that a sporting riflie refers to a hunting rifle.

      I think I was clear that I thought ARs are great for competitive shooting but they are not for hunting. Most states only allow three rounds in the magazine for the purpose of hunting so why would you use a rifle with a 20 or 30 magazine. You only get one shot per target because if you miss the deer is gone. I only carry five rounds with me when I hunt. Why drag around the extra weight. If it takes more then five shots to get your deer it’s time to go home.

      • Ok, where is my front post and rear peep?

        One of the best features of the little black rifle is the stock sighting system, with which even I can drive tacks at 200 meters.

      • So what? The law only allows three in the magazine/chamber at a given time. Brownings only carry 2+1. One empty is a little different from 27 empty.

        • Sorry, I was mainly addressing your point that the .223/5.56 is a varmint caliber by pointing out that other calibers are available.

    • WRONG! I hunt with both an AR-15 chambered in 6.8SPC and an AR-10A4 in 7.62X51(.308Win) calibers. The inherent accuracy of a well executed AR rifle or carbine makes them fine hunting rifles not to mention the soft recoil providing for fast follow up shots if needed.(I wouldn’t know about that but it is there if you can’t get it done with one). I’m looking toward purchasing another AR-10 in .243Win for a dual purpose varmint/whitetail deer rifle next so just because YOU don’t hunt with an AR you really should do a little research before making blanket statements such as “They (AR’s) just aren’t hunting rifles” as they are VERY popular hunting rifles indeed.

    • Are you truly serious that the AR is not a hunting rifle? I think you need to see my trophy room, where many big whitetail, hog, antelope, and Elk have been taken with “only” an ar15 platform. Is the 30/30 a hunting gun? Then why isn’t a 6.8spc, or 6.5 Grendel. I have shot BR for years with Bolt guns, and hunted with every style action available. Whats better than a fast follow up shot with a gun more accurate than most bolt guns? People like you are the reason we have guns taken from us. It’s America we should be able to own any gun we want.
      Can your bolt go from .22 rimfire to 50BMG within 15 seconds? What makes a good hunting rifle? weight? AR=6.5lbs/accurate? sub MOA/.
      It’s good enough for Military… I think it will work on game. RESEARCH MY FRIEND!

  5. If they want to hit the market with a splash instead of a splat, they’ll need to drop their prices in a hurry.

  6. If they’d made the Hunter in one of the 30 caliber variants I’d probably give it a shot. I really like my Mossberg shotguns and 30.06 bolt action. I don’t care to add 5.56 to my list of ammo, I have enough variety as it is.

  7. Direct gas impingement system and 1:9 twist……. ummm, this weapon was introduced 40 years ago. Where the hell has Mossberg been? Piston operation (short or long stroke) and 1:7 twist would bring this weapon up to last year’s design criteria.

    • Exactly what I was thinking! Start with the piston and get creative: offer something we don’t already have in every flavor. Hey, how about a piston drive bull pup for starters-and a different caliber than 5.56.

  8. To quote from The Simpsons:

    Moe: “It’s po-mo.”
    Homer: *blank stare*
    Moe: “Post-modern.”
    Homer: *blank stare*
    Moe: “You know, ‘Crap for crap’s sake.'”
    Homer: “Oh, I get it now!”

  9. I just bought a Bushmaster XM15 E2S M4A3 for $879 out the door from Bud’s. A Mossberg for more? I don’t think so.

  10. Well, I had a look at one of their imitation- AR style .22’s a few months back and it was the cheapest looking piece of crap I’d ever seen. There are “Airsoft” guns that look better made.

    Not a dig on Mossberg (my shotgun is a 500) but it goes to show you what aiming for a price point does.

    Also, I’d like to nominate “Tactical” as the most cliche’d, pointless adjective of 2011. Look in any gun or outdoor catalog and anything that is black and ugly is immediately characterized as “tactical:” Tactical belts, tactical holsters, tactical duffle bags. I’m sure if I looked hard enough I could find Tactical toothbrushes, Tactical shoelaces, and maybe some tactical fuzzy dice to hang from the tactical rear view mirror of your tactical personnel transportation vehicle (A/K/A your Ford Explorer.)

  11. IF their MMR isn’t any better than their SPX-930 shotgun…

    My SPX shotgun had the bonus prize of a front sight blade welded on at a cant. They promised a two week turnaround on a repair. Which, of course, turned into a four-month turn-around – and they acknowledged in the fourth call that the hold up was the huge numbers of defective barrels that left the factory needing replacement.

    To make matters worse, the damn shotgun still won’t fire a magazine full of rounds without at least one, sometimes two malfunctions.

    Here’s a picture:

    No, I’m done buying Mossberg products. I love the 590 I bought back in the early 90s and I’ve got two 500s that are plenty good. But after that 930 experience, they can keep their “MMR” and their semi-auto shotguns.


  12. So guys I am new to this AR game, I have been a bowhunter all my life but would like a AR for defense and to shoot some deer. Price is a consideration and ammo price, but I would like something that I could reach out and touch someone so to speak. Please let me know your thoughts. thanks

  13. i hunt dear and bear with my AR and i have never had a problem dropping anything!!! we are allowed 5 shells for open hunting season and these guys complaining about a big mag being a waist(wich the sport comes with a smaller mag if you would look into it!!!) haven’t you ever heard of a shooting range? and the extra weigh of a bigger mag….if thats to heavy maybe you should just forget about hunting and start hitting the gym or something. my AR drops deer,bear and what ever else i may shoot right ware it stands. i would recomend the AR to anyone who wants it. expecialy over a shot gun wich in my book is a varment killer and a duck gun. i think the mossberg AR will prove you all wrong. the tactacle and sport modles are both beutiful guns capable of alot more than these people give them credit for. i tip my hat to mossberg for keeping it simple.. all this new technolagy on guns is just a headache and a money pit. so hats off to you mossberg and a tissue to all you haters

  14. Did we crush Ruger for making an ar? NO, even if their 6.8 is a specI chamber, which is trash . Why buy a 6.8 if you can’t shoot the hot SSA ammo. Mosseberg has been making ARbarrels for years. Would I but one? Naa I think having 20+ AR’s in all calibers is enough.

  15. The comment about firearms manufacturers avoiding the term ‘assault rifle’ confuses me. It would seem that Farago is unaware that ‘AR’ stands for ‘Armalite Rifle,’ and not ‘assault rifle,’ as the lamestream media seems to think. Aside from that, there is actually no such thing as an ‘assault rifle,’ per se. Any rifle used in an assault is an assault rifle, but then, any wrench used to assault someone is an assault wrench. I’d think we should be careful not to use the anti’s own ammo on ourselves. And for those who are not impressed with Mossberg’s MMR, that’s your right, but I see no reason to be too hard on any gunmaker trying to expand their market share. It can only be good for everyone.

  16. Hi Folks,

    I just purchased the MMR Tactical for 629.00 in Orlando. I Tricked it out with optics, lights, grips, and laser. It supports all. I have read the reviews and went to see it in person. I own a S&W M&P high end AR with the assist….and have never used it. If I was at the range and had a jam, the last thing I would do is mash the forward assist without inspection.

    One thing you folks are missing. The MMR has a floating Barrel and the pull of the forward grip does not pull the barrel. I stack it up for a good target and sport rifle and for the price from a major known manufacturer, it is a steal. Thanks Mossberg!!

  17. Reanimating this Frankenthread in 2014. As foretold in one of the first comments, I was able to pick up a NIB MMR Tactical from “The Online Retailer Whose Name Must Not Be Uttered Lest F-bombs Arrive” for $499 +$40 tax two weeks ago, and for the money, it’s absolutely killer. Great on the range and nicely put together. I wouldn’t (and didn’t) pay the previous price of $750+ for it, but at $540 it is the best value in the AR platform I’ve seen this year. I suspect the great AR price deflation has begun in earnest.


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