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If the ongoing FBI investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails tips the balance toward Donald Trump’s presidential bid, the secret server scandal will be good for gun rights. Whatever you think of Mr. Trump — and the words “not much” spring to mind for many of us — the real estate typhoon [sic] would be infinitely better for firearms freedom than Hillary “Heller Was Wrong” Clinton. But even if the email imbroglio doesn’t torpedo Mrs. Clinton, it will be good for gun rights — culturally.

It’s not so much what was on Ms. Clinton’s server (or in her emails) that makes it such a big deal. It’s the fact that it was secret. Millions of Americans are coming away from the scandal with a simple thought: the government can’t be trusted. It’s the same lesson Baby Boomers learned during Watergate. And once you don’t trust the government, you’re a prime candidate for the pro-gun position.

I’m not saying it’s an instant conversion. Not at all. But I am saying the scandal tilts the playing field in our direction. Yes?

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  1. Hillary Clinton is a typical politician that has been proven to lie multiple times and not even try to cover it up. There is a video everyone needs to watch go to YouTube and search engine Hillary Clinton has a seizure and watch that video it will absolutely make you sick to your stomach to see the crap that she has gotten away with in the last 25-30 years being a career politician. Whatever that means in my opinion it means you’re a big blowhard mouthpiece that promises the world and delivers crap huge piles of it. I wouldn’t trust this woman to run my office in fear of being brought up on some type of charges by the state or at the federal level she is so corrupt it makes you sick. And I’m just wondering what emails that she had sent or receive that we are unaware of and who all is doing this type of activity with private servers that are in political offices that handle top secret and classified documents? Make sure very leery of politicians in general. Which is just another Plus for Donald Trump because he is not a career politician he is a career businessman exactly what we need is somebody that knows how to keep a country on budget and complete projects that you start. Some people may not agree with all that mr. Trump has to offer but the one thing we can agree on is the Constitution and the Bill of Rights being top on his list of things to enforce.

    • Well, first of all, guns don’t have rights.

      Second, I hope not. Why? Because we are so far above this and if our rights were teatering upon one person, then there is a very real,question as to if we deserve the rights in the first place.

      • “…if our rights were teatering upon one person, then there is a very real,question as to if we deserve the rights in the first place.”

        Two points, Charlie:

        1. Our rights are NOT teetering on one person, but on the votes of millions of persons. In the event that HRC is elected president she has no Constitutional power to repeal, revoke or otherwise significantly alter our right to keep and bear arms…BUT, and it’s a BIG BUT (not a big butt), she will have the opportunity to alter the balance of the Supreme Court for the next 20 years, minimum, and that could definitely raise havoc with our Constitutional protections.

        2. Gun Rights are not deserved. The right to self defense is a natural right available to every living creature (and even plants). Every single person, therefore, DESERVES the ability to defend themselves and their family by the best possible means, which is generally a firearm, or two, or more, and the purpose of the Second Amendment was to prohibit the government from attempting to infringe on that right.

  2. Anything that harms Clinton’s chances of winning the election is good for firearms rights. She’s a sworn enemy of the Second Amendment and would certainly infringe on our rights iand appoint radical anti-gun judges f elected.

  3. Uh YEAH. Just saw a story on “gun control” on FOX. The evil old hildebeast needs to be stopped. By any means necessary(glean what you will by that).

  4. Anything that’s bad for Hillary is good for gun rights. Incriminating emails, brain damage, cozy getaways with Huma, Foundation scandals, dodging sniper fire in Bosnia — they’re all bad, which makes them all good.

  5. Millennials are proving to be surprisingly anti-gun control. In a big part it’s because of the internet and the access to information from sources other than network news channels, which is how they’ve come to realize that politicians aren’t trustworthy, the government abused (and bungles) its power and finances, and that gun control is a complete farce. They can see the actual numbers and understand that it’s meaningless theater, and a power grab that has no effect on anyone’s safety at all.

    I voted for the pussy grabber via mail-in ballot early last week.

      • Bill doesn’t really want her in the White House either, it’s just that his access to hot and cold running interns depends on it.

        • I feel Bill has said way too many things that absolutely skewer his wife’s campaign (Put “refugees” in Detroit, Obamacare is a failure ect.) for it to be an accident. I think even he doesn’t want Hillary in the White House.

          The reasons for this are what I’m not sure on though. Could be some combonation of any of the following

          1: As First Husband he’ll be under watch 24/7 and he can’t go off to pedo-island or do payed speeches
          2: There are career civil servants he pissed off who will make his life at the white house hell
          3: He doesn’t want his legacy (While people have a negative image the man being behind perjury and rape, the country under his presidency is fondly remembered) to be tainted by a Hillary presidency.
          4: He hates her that much and he stays married purely for politics+not wanting her to get half
          5: Maybe he just doesn’t want to be the first first husband
          6: Maybe there’s some small tiny piece deep inside of him that genuinely cares for America.

    • “Millennials are proving to be surprisingly anti-gun control.”

      Millennials are proving to be anti-authoritarian in general. And that’s a ‘Martha Stewart ‘Good Thing’.

      Look how we got the modern Leftist-Progressive bunch. 1960’s – 70’s rebellion.

      They rebelled back then against the ‘establishment’, that being conservatism.

      Remember “Don’t trust anyone over 30”? Those 60’s-70’s kids are now the ‘Establishment’.

      Millennials are the natural youth rejection of authority. Fortunately for us, Progressivism *is* the current authority…

  6. Any thing that pushes her farther away from the oval office and closer to prison is a good thing. As a secondary measure if it keeps her from pushing her gun control agenda in congress for a significant portion of her term, that’s a consolation prize. Will it work? Who knows.

  7. ‘Mr. Trump… would be infinitely better for firearms freedom than Hillary…’

    True, but I’m guessing Hillary would be infinitely better for the firearms industry. She’d definitely rival the big O when it comes to selling guns.

    HRC will be an incredibly weak president with no mandate from the electorate to do anything other than keep Trump out of the White House. Any other Republican running would win in a landslide. There’s no public appetite for gun control, so unless the Dems get the House and Senate there won’t be any new gun laws. If they do get the House and Senate they’ll lose it 2 years later if they try imposing gun control.

    • …….”Any other Republican running would win in a land slide”…..
      Now you know why Donald Trump is the Republican Candidate.
      The Democratic Primary was rigged, and the Republican candidate is a clown at best. (not to mention a close associate of the Clintons)
      Is it clear yet whats really going on?

    • “Any other Republican running would win in a landslide.”

      No, the media would have made any Republican running into the Devil himself to their brainwashed viewers. Sarah Palin ring a bell?

      • Exactly. If Low Energy Jeb, Cruz Control for Gun Control or Little Marco were running they’d be destroyed and not even try to fight back.

        “Telfon Don” and “Can’t stump the Trump” didn’t come from nothing. Trump knows how to deflect the media or (better yet) use them to his advantage (it wasn’t an ad or a rally that told you Trump wants a wall, it was the media saying how “racist” it was).

        • Lol jeb would get blown over by the wind from the average “lock her up!” cheer. There is no other candidate who could have done this, and they hate it.

    • “Any other Republican running would win in a landslide. “

      Just stop. This is just patently ridiculous and makes you look like a moron at this point. If you think “Please Clap” Bush or “Don’t Use the Wikileaks” Rubio would be winning, much less in a landslide, you are smoking the good stuff.

      You are going to have to face up to the fact that Trump has run a masterful campaign in neutering the Dems AND the MSM AND the Cuck Republicans (really, Paul Ryan…which way does the wind blow today?) while simultaneously energizing a very large base to support him in very energetic fashion. He’s packing stadiums and for good reason: his policy platform is rock freaking solid for America and Americans.

      Face reality.

  8. What Scandal, the Justice system fix is in starting from Obama, Lynch, Federal Baby Incinerators, IRS , Land Management, if you are a member of the Anti-American Sellout Democrat party whose mantra is money just for me I’M special and above the Law!
    Obama claims to represent the Black-race, he’s an uncle Tom, and such a poor Example of what could have been achieved instead of corruption and vain glory! Just another family on the Government dole milking it for all it’s worth
    so this Bitch is in especially with the welfare plantation slaves voting for her and don’t forget the Illegals that will vote the money train, so prepare it may come too a nasty them and us! as the puppet master will have perverted the Constitution so its null and Void fo any one but the mega rich!

  9. “And once you don’t trust the government, you’re a prime candidate for the pro-gun position.”

    If, after thirty years of Clinton scandals and shady dealings, it took this e-mail thing to make you realize that Hillary Clinton is untrustworthy, you’re probably too dumb to connect those dots.

  10. The one time Hillary speaks the truth, or at least her truth, is that she wants to disarm the country. On the other hand, Trump is also with Clinton in the No-Fly-No Buy deal. Never mind that they both think its okay to have to petition the government to get your rights back that were taken away without due process. Trump properties are also “gun free”, which in my mind makes him suspicious of his so called stand with the Second Amendment, Neither one of them are respecters of your rights as an American individual. If they are okay with violating your 2nd and 4th Amendment rights, why on earth would you believe either one would stand up for ANY of our individual rights? I’ve been walking the earth since Eisenhower’s first term, and voting since Nixon, but I believe we have never been so hosed politically in our entire lives-yet. The worst is yet to come.

  11. It seems obvious to me that the sole purpose of having a separate, private server was so that she could do what she wanted to do without oversight and without accountability. That is what is disqualifying, more so if she was exchanging e-mails with Huma concerning classified materials on unsecured computers at both ends of the exchange. If Huma’s lap top that was found at her home contains classified information that was accessible by hubby Andy Dickhead, she’s toast, and HIll goes down with her.

  12. No, this won’t help with secrecy. This is about politics. The democrats will support her and the republicans will attack her using this as ammunition. If the parties were reversed, the people upset would also be reversed. As long as that dynamic is allowed to play out the American people lose.

    • Yeah, wrong again. Democrats are abandoning her in droves today. Chicago Tribune had an article calling for Dems to call for her to withdraw from the election.

  13. Brad Thor was talking the other day on reason tv and said he was talking to an “Operator” for the US military who said that Trump was “extreme danger” and Clinton was “certain death” and would have to work under those assumptions while voting.

  14. Polls tightening significantly before this news came out. Because HRC is so anti-gun, yes, this looks favorable for gun rights.

    Who would have thought that Anthony Wiener’s indiscretions with a 15 year old would be a boon for 2A supporters? LOL. You can’t make this stuff up!


  15. Even if this doesn’t lead to a Trump victory, it will remain a distraction during her tenure and may keep her too busy dodging scandals to do much about curtailing gun rights.

  16. In 1994 she and her husband rammed through the Brady assault weapon ban. Did it destroy the firearms industry? Not even close. They did what Vets all across this great nation do best- adapt and overcome. They complied to the letter with the regulations and kept right on making great weapons. Fast forward to today and her intention to ban firearms. Even if she controlled all three branches of government, she wouldn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of success. Sheer numbers are against her first- on the low end, there are an estimated 100million firearms and upwards of 3 trillion rounds of ammunition in private hands, the high estimates are 3-5 times that. Next is enforcement- how long would it take for people to realize Officer Friendly had become a Gestapo agent? Three days? Maybe? Imagine the outcry and massive response. Guys- we ain’t got nothin to worry about. Even if she wins, we can handle this. Train hard, keep your weapons clean and your powder dry.

    • The market is also radically different nowadays.

      • The AR platform wasn’t anything major in the 80s and early 1990s. The market exploded with the looming AWB, and positively went supernova after the sunset of 2004. Nowadays, there’s thousands of firms building and making AR-pattern rifles. Plus there’s multitudes of other firms making equally-as-effective rifles in other configurations.

      • Vendors of “bannable” items like magazines have spawned like crazy in a similar fashion.

      • Mold kits to make lowers are commonplace, and 3D printing is within the reach of your average consumer. With a little education, one can crank out lowers at will. The other components are commonplace and “open source” so it’s a trivial matter to replicate.

      • The firearms market for the civilian sector is enormous. There’s a lot of money backing it.

      • Noncompliance will be huge. You’ll see “Santa Claus” (the guy in Brazil making subguns out of the back of his van) operations spring up. Gun control breeds defiance.

    • “In 1994 she and her husband rammed through the Brady assault weapon ban. Did it destroy the firearms industry? Not even close.”

      That’s because they were sloppy in in crafting that law. (IE, the number of ‘features’).

      I guarantee they learned from that mistake and will make a much more comprehensive law.

      What *will* destroy the gun industry is that ‘protection of lawful commerce’ act being repealed.

      Case in point: What nearly killed the light aircraft industry in the 80’s when they were nearly bankrupted by liability lawsuits…

  17. Extreme danger is infinitely enter than certain death. I’m no fan of trump. That being said I am voting for him cause the alternative is unacceptable. Killary will destroy America and be a bigger embarrassment than the clown we have now.
    I also know some diehard liberals that are voting for Trump. According to one of them the thought of voting for Hillary makes her sick. And she just broke down and applied for ccw after her sister was mugged in chiraq.

  18. According to DNC operatives at cnn and fnc, the race was over last week. I read hrc really isn’t thinking about Trump, but Comey instead.

  19. I think this latest political Comeydee, is simply Comey trying a little C.Y.A. He can easily hold another press conference in which he states that the matter is closed and the additional information has been given the proper consideration, but, it does not at this time add any additional weight to the charge that the Federal Bureau of Investigation, was incorrect in its findings into the Clintons. I’m betting that the reason FOR the CYA, is the most interesting facet of this shetshow.

    Doesn’t matter anyway, Hillary Clinton is going to steal this election and she will be inaugurated as the 45th President of the United States. Try to hold back your collective vomit as I messed up my keyboard while typing the last sentence. If any patriot tries to intervene on behalf of the nation, he will be taken out, and be seized upon by the Clinton 2.0 presidency as the reason for immediate executive orders on gun control. Any attempt to correct this aberration will provide the much yearned for opportunity by the left to take the right of the gun away from all of us.

    I think our future is far worse than the supposed specter of revolution, that door closed some time ago, we will see a small pocket of resistance, MAYBE, but once the new currency starts up and some free goodies get delivered to the people, we will see the seeming shift by the majority toward our rights (especially the 2nd Amend.) shift back away toward where the owners of this country want it to be. And that is not the America our founding fathers, our ancestors, our families fought and died to provide the future generations of America with. Bye bye America, you were our dream once, we secured your image in our minds with the sweat of our endeavors, you were made tantalizingly real on the tips of our tongues, your name was written in our blood; yet now you lie broken, unmade by those who control money.

  20. The left wing media can’t prove Trump is a corrupt business man. The only business man the left likes is a Crack dealer. So if course they hate Trump.

    The progressive fascist socialist types have helped to make even the most brain dead liberal, to not trust a Democrat party candidate. They alone have made all democrat party leaders look bad and distrusted.
    Thank you for doing that.

    Go Trump 2016.

  21. Answer? Meaningless, no change. Reality check? She has over 270 Electorial votes. He does not break 200. Game, set, match.

    • Hold up there tiger, not sure how much correct the record is paying you to shitpost but I’m pretty sure most Americans are paying attention and Hillary is done!

      • Yeah, this Desperation Trolling nonsense is pretty funny. Some forecasts are putting Trump over 300 EV. Not sure they are right either, but good grief, all the people saying “it’s over” are fun to laugh at.

        • Not trying to troll, just a realist. Trump is doing worse than Romney in many ways. He has dug a hole too deep to dig out of in 10 days. He will not flip PA.FL,OH,NC and VA. He does not have the base or independent support to do it. He is instead putting states like UT or AZ in play. At this point Clinton could be the shooter of MLK & RFK. Trump is short over 60 electorial votes.

  22. Unfortunately people don’t care about the emails. They just want to vote for that $&@!

    It’s all over but the screaming.

  23. Even if this demon manages to get elected I have a good feeling she will be impeached within her first year of office. We really need to focus on Tim Kane’s firearms stance.

  24. So, everyone predicting “No Effect” here’s one for you:

    Maybe some of ya’ll making predictions in this election cycle should not quit your day jobs. And, keep the doom and gloom gamma loser thinking to yourself.

    Will this story DETERMINE the outcome of the election? No one can know. But, people ARE paying attention and people ARE sick of Hillary. More sick of her than she is just sick.


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