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At a little before 4 a.m. on September 16th, three armed criminals invaded a home in Gwinnett, Georgia. The video shows much of the action, but written accounts provide some interesting details.

In residence at the time of the attack: Chen Fengzu, a Chinese immigrant. A shop assistant was staying at the house that night as well. The shop assistant was rousted first. He shouted a warning, “No money!” and wasn’t armed. But Chen Fengzu was.

Ms. Fengzu’s husband had recently given his wife a gun. She’d fired it at the range all of one time. But with intruders in her house, she came out shooting.

From the video, it appears that she fired a full-sized semi-automatic pistol eight or nine times. She killed one invader and likely wounded another. From

The burglars quickly fled under a hail of bullets. One of them was shot and died on Chen’s driveway. Another is believed to have been shot as well. Last week, the Gwinnett County Police Department released the footage of the incident, hoping it would help find the two fugitives who made it out alive and are still at large.

“She simply exercised her right to defend her livelihood and property,” said a local police department spokesman about the shooting. Chen’s husband had given her the gun just one month earlier. Prior to that night, she had only fired it once before, at a shooting range.

Whatever you think of Ms. Chen’s tactics, she acted with courage. China’s official government television has showed this video. In the United States, Chinese immigrants are advising their community to take advantage of their Second Amendment rights to arm and protect themselves.

Here’s a comment from the Youtube video site:

My sister in law is Chinese. If this was her, she would have shot dead all of them with two shots to the chest and one to the head before any would have reacted. She has a HKP9 and can fire with freakishly good accuracy and reload crazy fast.

Those considering the proposed ban on “large capacity magazines” like the one in California should take note of the fact that Ms. Chen shot her pistol empty. That might have made a critical difference if there’d been four intruders, or if they hadn’t fled so quickly. A pistol with an 11- to 20-shot standard magazine would have given her more defensive flexibility.


I’ve read of many instances in which inexperienced gun owners mount a successful armed self-defense. This video illustrates the simple fact that high levels of training aren’t necessary for effective action. While trained gun owners tilt the odds further in their favor, not everyone has the time, money or desire to become highly proficient in every useful skill.

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  1. too funny. At four minutes into the vid the sleepy husband appears scratching his balls. “What’s all the racket honey? I’m trying to sleep”

    We know who wears the pants in this family… and who wears the undies.

    Or perhaps he is just used to his wife firing off her pistol at 3am so this is no big deal. Had a wife like that once.

  2. My sympathies to the Chen family. Those punks shattered their sense of security and likely traumatized Mrs. Chen. Good on her for her courageous response!

  3. Family is in North West GA and my brother is married to a Vietnamese, who’s father kicked the crap out of the Cong. He reports all Asians in the region carry, asked him why, he replied all the corn fed boys up here got 100 pounds on em.

  4. Anyone think those intruders would have shown any mercy? Nope. This is what criminals fear more than the law.

  5. Reminds me of the Asian (Korean?) store owners in LA who defended their property with cell phones (the old bricks) and handguns in the wake of the Rodney King rioting.

    Serve on a jury with 1st or 2nd generation Asian citizens, they are firmly in the law and order camp, put a shame on all the wobbly WASP’s on the panel.

    Sam Colt, S&W, H&K, and Gaston, and buckshot make all men and women equal, even if they are out weighed, out nastied, and out subsidized by the criminal subculture.

    • I think the merchants in Koreatown also had shotguns, M-1 carbines, and scoped bolt actions. They were left to fend for themselves when the powers-that-be chose to form a defensive line protecting Hollywood instead. Connections, you know. I wish people would realize that a totalitarian government won’t necessarily send an armored column down your street. They may also use a politicized police force to decide who gets protection and who doesn’t.

  6. I’ve seen this video before. I wondered what happened to the third guy who ran to the back of the house (instead of out the front door)? Did he escape through a back door? I was waiting for him to reappear and make a run for it out the front.

  7. Another case of a woman defending herself without taking the required 100 hours of training from operators who operate operationally.

    I mean, look at all those restaurant supplies in her living room! She can’t possibly operate in there!

    • Take another look. She could sure use a few more hours of range time and a course on situational awareness and home defense tactics. She easily could have been killed by the guy off to the right as she chased down the other guys.

      She was lucky this time.

      • I think the intent of Dyspeptic’s comment is that she wasn’t going up against hardened combat mercenaries, thus the operational operating mindset wasn’t 100% necessary. Sometimes our community gets so caught up in this operator BS that we forget the typical scenario most people encounter. Criminals who run after the first shot. When dealing with thugs, simply the intent to fight back, combined with the means to fight back, is often enough. Yes, she made some mistakes in awareness, but I gotta say I’m not the sharpest tool when woken up at 2 am either.

        Lucky, yes. But not everyone has time or ability to spend 100’s of hours on the range training. She survived a gunfight, which is more than I can say, and I’ve owned and carried guns for close to 30 years.

        • There is a level of training displayed by the intruders the trained know what that means. I am curious where they picked it up.

      • *SIGH* She wasn’t killed the bad guy was. And the next time, if there is a next time, the bad guys will run and leave their friends behind as they did this time.

        Hans Gruber is a hollywood construct.

      • Yep. I actually posted this in the comment section a couple days ago as an example of a perfect DGU. (HT Michael in GA) Then I analyzed it and found several mistakes that nearly got her killed. She actually takes a grazing bullet to the head. You see her hair fly up and she reaches for the head wound. First view at 2:10. Second angle at 3:28.

        • There are always lessons to learn and nobody can perform at 100%. What got me screaming at my computer was her failure to reload after she ran out and her husbands complete lack of agressiveness. That late in to the gun fight he should have been running up with a long gun and spare ammo.

  8. Thugs are like zombies. If you kill them, they rise up from their graves around Election Day to vote Democrat.

  9. The totality of the circumstances show that this is unequivocally, beyond a shadow of a doubt, a justified shooting. Yet, if the same exact sequence of events were to go down in a state less favorable to its citizens’ right to self defense, law enforcement and the media would have sold this as “wealth business owner guns down black youth as he attempted to flee, but got shot multiple times in the back. Perpetrator believed to have used a high capacity ammunition clip”

    Thank goodness for the video.

  10. I am curious about her legal battle and bills after the fact. This should cost nothing, but from previous reading this might stack up to be quite the bill to protect herself.

  11. Wait, why is the Chinese government showing this to its subjects? To taunt them?

    “Hey there, loyal peons, enjoy this clip of someone using a gun to defend their life and property; something we will never, ever allow you to do!”

      • Sounds about right. It even falls apart the second you start examining it, just like most other things that come from China.

        • my personal favorite is the 500gb usb hard drive that was just hunk of pot metal in a case with a 2mb usb stick hot wired to report its capacity as 500gigs

  12. “Whatever you think of Ms. Chen’s tactics, she acted with courage.” Not sure courage is the word I would use. Tenacity maybe. She obviously wasn’t going to take being invaded lying down. She was very lucky the Four Stooges had no intention of getting into a fire fight.

    • That’s the point. That’s what I learned from face-time with criminals in LA.

      Most criminals are criminals because that’s their chosen line of work. That’s how they make money to cover their living expenses. It sounds rather quotidian, but it’s true. There are hardened, psychopathic criminals who are the exception, but most of these guys who are stealing something and might be armed – they’re looking for an easy payday.

      What they don’t want is to end up dead. They know that there’s a whole lot of easy targets out there, and they don’t want to get shot, stabbed, beat up or arrested, so at the first sign that things are going badly for them, they beat feet and split. They might fling a few shots to their rear to slow down the response from the homeowner/business owner, but they’re not there to get into a firefight for dominance of the situation. They were there for an easy payday, not a firefight.

  13. There are few things I enjoy more than watching thugs fleeing before an armed citizen. (Or in this case, immigrant.)

  14. The lady done good! The major mistake to criticize is that she didn’t have another magazine to reload with.

    It was pretty brazen of the invaders to wander around the house turning on lights. It’s almost like they thought no one was home.

    In Chinese, the last name comes first. Therefore, it’s Ms. Chen or, if you’re a politically incorrect old fart like me, Mrs. Chen.

  15. How was this woman able to defend herself with a gun? Don’t the anti gun people say that a woman’s gun will be used against her? The thugs did not follow the script. I also thought she was supposed to shoot two shots with a double barrel shotgun in the air according to our expert vice president. She must of been very lucky.

  16. Found more details and a better picture of their front door in a video below. The pistol looks like a S&W SD40VE.

    • Looked like the SD. I wouldn’t want to guess caliber based on that image.

      On a side note. When will some code inspector drop in and right them up for using their residential place as a warehouse?

    • It’s a S&W SD9VE, with 16+1 capacity. But she actually loaded it with only 6 cartridges, because she felt a full mag would be too heavy to handle!
      Whatever she lacked in training and ammo, she supplemented it with more determination to survive, along with speed, surprise and violence of action. That’s enough, for this time …

  17. Bearing Arms did an article last year stating some criminals spend 5 or 6 days a month training with their guns. Most police officers only fire their side arms once a year.
    I try to go every Monday to the range. The private range I go to is older and costs less to be a member. Also the public range at LBL park in Kentucky is free. Just clean up after yourself when your done.

    Everyone should at least try to go once a month and practice, and also get formal training when your budget allows.

  18. You guys might not realize how big a deal this incident is in Chinese American community. It’s one of the several incidents that spur great enthusiasm toward gun ownship among Chinese Americans as we speak. This, along with a crime wave targeting law-abiding hard-working Chinese Americans, and the fact certain elements of the society advocate targeting Chinese Americans as easy prey, are all catalysts. We actually did an open-carry protest two weeks ago in Philadelphia, to fantastic responses among Chinese American communities. It is happening, folks.
    – A proud NRA Life Member, Certified Instructor, and an immigrant now calls this country home with a grateful heart

    • I cannot speak to what the currently propagated line is about Asian immigrants, but in the late 80’s and early 90’s, when the wave of immigration was fleeing Hong Kong (due to the upcoming return of HK by the UK to the PRC) and settling in such wonderful real estate locations as Monrovia, CA, the word on the street among the dazzling urbanites was that Asians (esp. Chinese) were prime targets because they didn’t keep their money in banks. Ergo, knocking over a Chinese household or business could be a huge score for the bandits.

    • Yes. This is an unfortunate situation for that poor family in the video, but at the same time a huge trumpet call for the asian community in NW Georgia.

      Glad you brought that to everyone’s attention…You are 100% correct!!

  19. One of my handgun instructors, a veteran of over twenty years on a couple different police forces, flat out stated that while police need rigorous training because they may face tactically unclear situations, all the training needed for the vast majority of home and business defense can be taught in fifteen minutes once the safety and shooting skills are covered. That’s why we see cops shooting the wrong people while people with little training defend themselves effectively.

  20. From now on my home carry will be my M&P with strobe light optional, this really drove home the importance of something brighter than an IPhone to light up the bad guys.

  21. All the Armchair critics bloviate on shoulda, woulda, coulda, miss the bigger point, good guys traumatized but essentially alive!, another proof that the Democrats don’t like (Self Defense} one brother DRT, 2 BG’s hoofing it!
    Job well Done! oh wait the Bowel movement People will try to raise a stink about another brother being denied his
    civil rights. one of the BG,s looked to be Female, or one of the mentally modified behavioral ones! hope they catch it!

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