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Ever since Al Gore’s presidential aspirations fell afoul of Bill Clinton’s Assault Weapons Ban, gun control has become the third rail in Democratic politics. Sure, Mayor Bloomberg and his mostly Democratic Mayors Against Illegal Guns are out there, somewhere. But even these blue state ballistic blagards have been reduced to pusillanimous prevarication. On the federal level, President Obama’s minions have done nothing (save a stalled long gun registry) to curtail American gun rights. And yet John “More Guns Less Crime” Lott has penned a screed for claiming “President Obama’s Anti-Gun Agenda Shows No Sign of Stopping.” Lott offers very little in the way of evidence for that assertion. Because it’s not true in the first place. In fact, one wonders if gun rights will get any airtime in next year’s presidential election. I doubt it. You?

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  1. One thing we know for sure, the President has inspired people to purchase firearms at a level much greater than the Bush administration. I for one, had an urgent “need” to acquire an AR-15 (well, one 5.56, one 6.8, and one .50 Beowulf, but who’s counting?) after the current president was elected.

    When it comes to the sales of guns and ammunition, things are going quite well, all things considered. The continuation of legal firearm use depends more upon the efforts of TTAG, the NRA, Fox news, and the like than on the President, in my opinion.

  2. Wait, the guy who is against concealed carry, wants the assault weapons ban back, is ok with local bans on handguns and more, HE is anti-gun?

    I just think he’s had his plate full with too many other things to want to dive into serious gun control issues and have the Repubs REALLY paint him as “anti-gun”, especially now that it’s getting close to re-election time.

  3. The bigger question is what will BHO do on gun control front if he wins in November? I think all the President’s men (yes, that includes you Valerie Jarrett) have steered Barry away from anything that smells like gun control prior to his second term.
    I think if the sheeple drink the kool-aid for a second term you will see the executive orders flying like swallows to Capistrano. You can bet that civilian disarmament will be high on the list…

  4. Obama doesn’t need to be openly anti-gun, he has two anti-gun supreme court justices, Eric Holder, Janet Napolitano, the EPA, and other regulatory agencies to do his bidding.

  5. Obango is anti-gun. He is a progressive into social engineering society. Currently, his clan knows that it is wise not to openly go pushing new or re-newed anti-gun laws. So, for now, the far left is doing other things such as stripping away our liberties, monitoring us more closely, pushing new laws rules realities onto society through the schools, courts, workplace, etc. Obango is pushing his open borders, NAU, police-nanny state onto us. Just imagine how much fun and power he could have re-wiring society if our currency collapses, and we go into a hyper-deflation hyper-inflation scenario.

    Oregon is about to join those states declaring the rainwater that falls on your own property illegal to collect. The FDA is moving to pass laws forbidding a private grower to sell vegetables to a neighbor. “The CDC’s National Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Survey decrees that “alcohol/drug facilitated completed penetration” is now rape.”

  6. um, imagine for just a moment, that “Fast & Furious” had actually succeeded in something other than pointing out incompetence in organizational governmental structures (FBI, ATF, and so on).

    I wholeheartedly believe that the Obama administration would not let that emergency go to waste: For Gods’ Sake, We Must Do Something!!! would be the calling. Instead, it seems to me that Holder (among others) is very busy trying to CYA/misdirect, and rather than the fact of many weapons entering Mexico & subsequently being “lost,” and a dead American LEO.

  7. Obama wasted all his first-term political capital on Obamacare. He’ll waste all his second-term political capital on gun control.

    • Seems like a great way to lose the Senate, if you ask me. Or if you ask Bill Clinton, for that matter. I don’t know if he’s willing to take the risk.

    • I well recall, when Bush II won his reelection, he stated that he now had political capital and he was going to use it.

      Should Obama win reelection (I hope people do recall the upset in ’92 when Ross Perot split the Republican vote), I do not believe he will have the same ‘capital’ that GWB had. I have been wrong before.

      And as someone else did point out that many of these comments are straying from the OP, it is my belief that Obama’s vision of the United States of America are vastly different than mine. True, thus far Obama has not publicly stated, nor done anything on/to/for gun rights; but the man can be judged based upon those close to him — allow me to back off that statement a bit, as ‘judged’ may be too strong a word….

      sigh… it’s getting toward the end of my day and brain farts are occurring much more frequently than even I am accustomed to, so thinking of a “word” to replace judge isn’t happening. allow me to end with “birds of a feather…”

    • Agreed about the first term. Obamacare is a disaster, and I say this as a single-payer advocate. What we got is the worst of both worlds – mandatory insurance with corporate control. Commies and Libertarians can agree that this is a stinker. However, I doubt we’ll see much gun control in the second term, if there is a second term. I could be wrong, time will tell.

  8. Don’t underestimate the power of Presidential rhetoric.

    Perhaps little has been done to curtail 2A rights, concretely. The same holds true for Obama’s Marxist redistribution and social justice agenda. But, his demonization of the rich, the business community, the financial and insurance sectors have paralyzed the economy.

    People with money have tightened their grip on it. People with guns have tightened their grip on them. And people without guns have obtained them for the first time.

  9. I suspect Obama, like most elites of either party, is not especially comfortable with the great unwashed packing heat. However, as a political reality, gun control is a losing issue for Democrats. I would say the anti-gun mentality breaks down along urban/rural lines more than political lines. Bloomberg is not a Democrat. The urban Democratic base does largely support gun control, especially women. People who live in gang-ridden areas generally don’t like guns, especially since these are usually the areas where they can’t legally own one.

    Republicans use the gun issue to get lower-class white men to vote against there own economic interests. A lot of country club Republicans support gun control (H.W. Bush, anyone?). You’re not going to see Mit Romney doing a photo op with a scary black rifle – more like an over-under shotgun that costs the average worker’s annual salary.

    Both parties use fear to gin up votes – fear of guns on the one hand, fear of gun control on the other. Second Amendment advocates waste a lot of time and energy with their hysterical focus on Obama, just as anti-war leftists wasted a lot of time and energy focused on Bush and Cheney, only to find that Obama has continued the same basic foreign policy and increased the domestic security state.

    • “Bloomberg is not a Democrat.”

      Bloomberg was a life long Democrat up on until he was elected as NYC’s mayor.

      • True dat. I’d say he, like many politicians who change party, is just interested in the best path to power. Much like a lot of southern Democrats changed parties after the Civil Rights Act.

      • Bloomberg is as much a republican as Arnold was as California’s governator. They have a convenient acronym, RINO, that describes them both perfectly.

    • gotta call you on your statement: “Republicans use the gun issue to get lower-class white men to vote against there own economic interests”that is taking an extremely narrow view. seriously leaning toward … …. … I don’t know what words to use/say, but do take issue with your comment.BTW, yes, I am blue collar, and work hard for my money, and am grateful for many blessings in my life. And financially I do okay. But to break out in class warfare is saddening.

      • Todd, my first thoughtful response to you seems to have vanished in my iffy Internet connection. But you’re right that I’m presuming to know what’s in your economic interest. I’m a mostly blue collar guy, too, though I own my own business. I’m glad you’re getting by okay. As for class warfare, it’s well under way, and our side is losing. Americans are the most productive workers in the world, but as productivity has increased since the late 70s, wages have decreased. Meanwhile, the profits for Wall Street and (dare I say it) the 1% have increased. It’s a race to the bottom, and I, for one, am not content to live off of whatever scraps the ruling class will throw me. Fox News tells you that “economic justice”=Communism, but it ain’t so. I’m all for free enterprise and competition, but I want a level playing field, and as long as corporations control both political parties, that ain’t gonna happen.

      • Okay, third and last try, with a different computer, to respond to Todd. I doubt it’s a TTAG conspiracy.

        Todd, I get it that my idea of your economic interest may be different than yours. By TTAG standards I’m a Commie Bastard, though I own my own business, and I make my living with my back.

        Class warfare is on, and our side is losing. American workers are the most productive in the world, but wages have been in steady decline since the late 70s, while corporate profits and the income of the (yep) 1% have steadily increased.

        I’m glad you’re doing okay, but overall, American workers are getting a raw deal.

    • “Republicans use the gun issue to get lower-class white men to vote against there own economic interests.”

      So it’s in their best interest to be even more dependent on federal handouts? To be absorbed by the rainbow coalition and cease to have any other of their interests represented?

      • if your comment was meant for me, who is to say what their interest is… you seem to be painting them into a picture of complete dependency upon the government or stuck on welfare forever.

        my issue with the posting is that there may be many other reasons beyond “voting against there own economic interests” to vote Republican: right to life (anti abortion), less governmental intrusion (big gov vs true conservative/republican desire for smaller fed), etc.

    • “However, as a political reality, gun control is a losing issue for Democrats.”
      – – – –

      Yeah, in elections. He won’t touch the issue during his campaign, but if he wins re-election, the EPA will outlaw any form of metal-based ammunition, the ObamaCare people will refuse medical care to anyone who owns guns, the NLRB will ban gun owners from joining unions, the AMA will declare gun ownership a mental illness, Holder will start a new “USA v. All Gun Sellers and Owners” lawsuit looking for reparations to everyone who has ever been shot, Chicago gangs will be hired to harass and attack communities with Shall Issue laws, teachers will be telling kids that parents only ever buy guns when they’re seriously considering killing their kids, Social Security will be denied to gun owners, the military will switch over to paintball guns, the US Fish and Wildlife Service will outlaw all forms of hunting, deer will be listed as “endangered”, “assault weapons” will be renamed as “terrorist weapons” and will be expanded to include all firearms . . .

  10. I’m pretty confident that Obama has designs on the 2nd Amendment, and that in his heart of hearts he wants to confiscate guns. Against that you have to put both his spectacular political incompetence, and the fully alert status of gun rights advocates, plus the awareness and clear-even-to-Joe-Biden support for gun rights among the population. Taken in total, any gun-grabbing plans Obama may have are firmly in the wishful thinking bucket.

    My prediction for a serious gun-related issue in Obama’s second term, if he has one, is political violence. It will come from the left and take the form of (more likely) an ‘Occupy’ insurgency, or (less likely) some sort of followup by Bloomberg on his megalomaniacal characterization of the NYPD as his army. I know, but every prediction sounds crazy until it comes true.

  11. Obama is anti-gun the same way Reagan was anti-abortion; he cares enough about the issue to say the right things to the necessary parts of the constituency in order to get elected.

    In think that personally, Obama could not possibly care less, or even be slightly pro-gun… He has even said that he shoots rifles with the Secret Service:

  12. I ask this:

    1. Is Obama a progressive, statist, liberal democrat?

    2. Who did he nominate for the Supreme Court?

    3. Who is his Attorney General that he has complete faith in?

    4. Is Obama a progressive, statist, liberal Democrat?

    One yes qualifies him as against the Second Amendment… but he will NEVER say it.

  13. Of course, Obama is anti-gun. He’s a Chicago Democratic politician. In that environment, if he weren’t anti-gun, his political career would have gone nowhere.

    • All that means is that we would have taken that position publicly to get elected. Or are you saying no politician would ever say something he really doesn’t actually mean?

  14. Well, to answer RF’s original question:
    Yes–guns will get airtime in the election–but not by Obama’s choice. the F&F scandal which has been simmering for some time now will boil over when it matters most politically. I know some have been wonder why this hasn’t blown up already–timing is the answer. As written above–why waste a good scandal?–the Republicans won’t, I expect. I predict more hearings, subpoenas and grandstanding for the coming election cycle.

    I found the comments here equally sad, consistent, and off-the posted topic. Seems that despite the fact that this administration has really done nothing to harm gun rights–as RF stated at the beginning–that hasn’t stopped everyone from convicting Obama based on their declaration of his “intent”. Minority Report/thought police in action I guess. This is tempting but poor logic. We know Bush was a huge Bible-thumper. By the same token, every atheist, Muslim–arguably every non-Christian or possibly non-Methodist–should have voted against Bush for fear of him passing another law promoting his religion. (That ‘separation’ language seems awful ineffective–Bush spent millions studying prayer’s ability to heal (it didn’t), we have to pledge to “god”, it’s on our money…)

    This also makes it clear to me that when the Republicans scream “guns” in a couple months–there will be a knee jerk reaction…

    • As much as F&F was a huge Foxtrot Utah, it doesn’t really help the pro-2A argument. It’s a story about bad guns.

  15. Obama hide ant gun agenda untill win second stay in white house. But can see has ant gun agenda with way supporting Attorney General Eric Holder over matter fast and furious .

  16. Both Sotomayor and Kagan, in addressing RINO questions about the 2A and Heller/McDonald, spoke of “settled law.” Obama knew the hearings were a dog and pony show, and he was successful in placing these two anti’s onto the SCOTUS.

  17. Obama’s past record has been anti-gun per a previous TTAG article. He did shoot down a proposal for Korean located M-1s to be imported here. Hillary did support the UN gun ban treaty and Holder has F&F. Obama is using a flank attack versus a frontal assault as he know he does not have the votes for one.

  18. it seems as though obama on gun control is damned if he does, damned if he doesn’t. he hasn’t acted to curtail gun rights and nearly every gun nut is acting as if he has.

    • Obama appointed Sotomayor who voted against incorporating the Second Amendment. Obama appointed Eric Holder, whose Justice Department thinks its their job to frame American gunowners for violence in Mexico. Obama has continued to defend Holder. Obama promised Sarah Brady he was working on gun control under the radar last spring. Hmm, thinking he’s anti-Second Amendment doesn’t seem nutty to me.

        • He’s waiting to get re-elected to drop the hammer,so to speak,on gun owners.
          If anyone here thinks gun-toting hypocrites like Feinstein and Schumer aren’t just as intent on creating a “gun free society'(except for themselves and their bodyguards) you’re sadly mistaken.
          These people are like germs in the spore stage,just waiting to emerge when conditions are right.
          Obama is,and has been anti-gun all along and isn’t changing at all.
          There are a lot of reasons besides 2A considerations to throw him out of office,but it remains a critical one.

  19. Right, because appointing all those anti-gun supreme court justices is no threat at all right?

    And of corse Obama is anti gun. Have you even LOOKED at his congressional voting history?

      • O.N., why don’t you have the courage to openly admit your racist views? You hint at them constantly, but you won’t come out and say it. If you’re a proud bigot, say so! You mention race in many of your posts. You speak of “defectives.” And in this post, “Judaic.”

        I say a lot of stuff that’s unpopular on this site, and I stand by all of it.

        Man up!

        • O.N. is a racist prick, look at the symbol he uses. Stick to the topic at hand. We all want I gun rights preserve from communist politicians, leave race and regilion out of the discussion.

          • No, 360 of knowledge you ignorant bastard. Again race and ethnicity have nothing to do with there views on gun rights. My desire to be able to freely own and carry is to protect myself from ignorant bastard who blame the world for their problems (neo nazi douch or bigoted a-hole) and piece crap criminals regardless of what color they are.

            • Slow down there, tex. You’re this hostile and calling me the prick? Lol. Cool that temper down before you carry concealed. You might do something that makes gun owners look bad.

        • Sure. I’ll openly state that Kagan is not a fan of free speech. Her ethnic interests are contrary to mine and to that of many readers. These interests favor the ruling liberal-judeo-managerial elite. One that openly seeks to displace and exploit White workers of both the blue and white collar variety.

          • No hostility here, I stating facts. You can take it as hostility if you want. I am definitely do not give guns owners a bad name because my argument for gun rights are not tainted with bigoted ideals and attacks based on anything other than the right for law abiding citizen to have their 2nd amendment right respected. No racial or ethnic retoric attached unlike you. You make it hard for people of other race and regilion background help fight the battle for 2nd amendment right because they think all 2nd amendment advocates are racist or bigoted. Fortunely I know better and focus on the bigger picture. Have a nice day in your small blame someone else world you live in. GET FOCUSED it not about race. God bless America.

            • I would take ad hominem attacks as a sign of hostility. And I take responsibility for my strengths and faults, my fortunes and misfortunes. I observed the connection between racial politics and supreme court justices. Men and women who vote on cases like Heller and wield power over our lives. You can try to wish race, religion, tribe, parties, and so forth away. They aren’t going anywhere despite your prayers. Bigger picture? My concern lies with the preservation of an entire civilization. One that includes America but is much older. Hopefully that cleared up everything. Enjoy wallowing in fantasy whilst you still can. God Bless the White Race.

        • My views are openly pro-White. Past that I draw inspiration from paleoconservatism, National Anarchism, Evolan thought, and numerous other currents both large and small. Like I told you once before, you’re not very good at pigeonholing people. But I do enjoy providing non-violent witness to the ethnic goings-on in America. Maybe I’m a prick for that lol.

          Now, a guy or gal below used the term “Obongo” to disparage President Obama. You should probably make him or her “man up” (or woman up) for such blasphemy lol.

          • Guys, don’t bother exchanging viewpoints with Ordine Nuovo. You don’t debate with Nazis. Our fathers and grandfathers meted justice out to Nazis in WW2 so we wouldn’t have to bother with them now.

            Ordine Nuovo isn’t a threat to anyone or anything. He’s just irrelevant.

          • I just want it all out in the open. The right to be a racist knucklehead shall not be abridged. Had no idea it was Ordine Nuovo.

            O.N., I’m sure you’re not the only racist here, but I hope you’re very much in the minority. Thanks for coming clean.

  20. He hates guns but he doesn’t have the balls to do anything about it, YET. I think that if he gets re-elected, then he may try and do something because he’ll be a lame duck with nothing to lose.

  21. Your Second Amendment “rights” are just one Obama SCOTUS nominee away from being history. If you own a gun, and want to be able to continue to own a gun (esp. a pistol or anything black) in the future, then you should not vote Democrat. Ever. Period. End of Story.

  22. Am I missing something here? Is this sarcastic? I just started coming here because I thought it was a pro-gun site. No one even mentioned his revival of the small arms treaty at the UN or his attempt to stop the sale of once fired military brass or his stopping the return of M1 rifles from Korea. Someone help me out here and tell me this post was started as a joke or am I mistaken in my belief that a site called the truth about guns would be……..telling the truth about oba-maomao’s gun record?!!

    • There is no UN small arms treaty. Not even a draft at this point. So all the scaremongering you’ve been hearing about it is just that.

  23. Politics is a game, and whether or not Obama’s decided to use some kind of made-up stance on firearms to his advantage is beside the point. Like any politician, he’ll take whatever stance that’ll keep him in office.

    The question is, politics aside, is Obama himself truly anti-gun? The answer is yes. All dictators are.

  24. Robert, isn’t there a contradiction between saying the gun issue is the 3rd rail of Democratic politics and that Lott is completely wrong in his assertion that “President Obama’s Anti-Gun Agenda Shows No Sign of Stopping.” ?

  25. If Obama does anything it will most likely be during his second term. And yes he will have a second term unless the GOP can come up with a good candidate which they so far have failed to do.

    • Ron Paul and Michelle Bachman. Plan on voting for Paul in the primary, but I have been supporting Libertarian type Candidates since 1980.

    • I think I’d rather have Obama than Michelle Bachmann, she is nuts. Is almost like Sarah Palin and Pat Robertson had a demented love child.

  26. Romney can’t be trusted on 2A,but he may be the only Republican with a chance against Obama.
    If Romney gets in,and we have a Republican congress,gun control via legislation won’t happen.
    As far as Sotomayor and that evil Kagan,if they open the can of worms to try and reverse Heller/McDonald,it leaves Roe v.Wade open to a new review.You think those scum want their favorite decision endangered?
    One major reason to defeat Obama is to keep more commie scum off the Court.

  27. I think he’s hoping for reelection and a chance to tip the SCOTUS 5-4 liberal. Then and only then will gun bans and confiscation hold up. Until then it’s lay low and wait.
    He’s far from a supporter of 2A. At least according to his voting records.
    Right now the focus is taking from the productive and giving to the non-productive.

  28. Rob, it worries me that you and other TTAG’ers talk about how Obama isn’t a threat to gun rights. Obama has openly talked multiple times about how he wants to renew and strengthen the ban on scary looking guns – and make it permanent. The only reason he cut it from his agenda was because he realized that Obamacare and the economy destroyed most of his good will among voters and he wants to get re-elected. If he gets four years to do whatever the hell he wants without consequences, you can be damn sure he’ll go after guns.

    • you and other TTAG’ers talk about how Obama isn’t a threat to gun rights

      Robert is in a distinct minority on that question, so don’t let it worry you. Robert is a “glass half full” kinda guy. Me? I’m more of a “Obama pissed in the glass” kind of guy.

  29. Gun sales have exploded in America over the last couple of years. Of course Obama is anti-2A, but does it really matter? Will the millions of lawful gun owners in this country allow a disarmament similar to the U.K. or Australia? I think not!!!

    The only threat Obama poses to our God-given right would be his opportunity to seat more ultra-liberal activist judges to the Supreme Court if he is elected to a second term. We all need to do everything in our power to keep that from happening!!

  30. Let me tell you why I’m encouraged by the Obama presidency on this front. I do think that the president personally doesn’t like guns too much, and I have his nominations and his record to back me up there. And still, he doesn’t have as bad a record as a lot of Republicans from the early ’90s. All that is precisely my point.

    The Democrats have learned that gun control is not a winning national issue. If they thought for a minute that they could squeeze one more election result out of bashing guns, they’d do it in a heartbeat. But they know better. The president may take swipes at peripheral things like the sale of foreign weapons, but he knows better than to go on the nightly news and stump for the AWB. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the first stage of victory for gun rights. The second stage is the integration of gun rights as an integral part of both parties political platforms. For this reason, I support and push for gun rights agendas ESPECIALLY when the people supporting them are democrat-leaning. When a gay and lesbian group wants to arm to protect themselves from hate crimes? Welcome aboard, ladies and ladies, glad to have you.

    I may not agree with much of the Democratic patform, but there is a severe danger if we all look to the Republican Party as the sole purveyor of gun rights. If we stack our eggs in one electoral basket we risk catastrophe if “our” side loses. If we spread the gun rights ideal to all parties, we win no matter which way any given election goes. I guess my basic point is that gun rights should be something that all sides of the political spectrum agree on. So keep that in mind when you bash Democrats on a gun site. You can disagree with their politics all you like, but confining your disagreements to actual matters relating to guns here may help to integrate the people who may like guns but disagree on taxes, for instance. I know most of you are Republicans, and I fully understand why. But making gun rights nonpartisan is the first step to permanent victory. Let it start here.

  31. Robert is dead on.

    Who among us would’ve predicted, on election night 2008, that Obama’s practical actions against guns by 2012 would’ve been limited to a few court appointments?

    Yes, it’s fun to play the victim, because victimhood is next to sainthood in today’s America, but the truth is, Ronald Reagan helped enact more limits to our right to keep and bear arms than Obama has — so far, anyway.

    (This is N O T an endorsement of Obama by any stretch of the imagination. Just a call for people to keep things in perspective.)

    • Perspective is always a good thing. As a big fan of Reagan, I still won’t defend his attitude toward gun control, and his actions as governor of California. At the same time, Reagan appointed both Scalia and Kennedy who have proven two solid votes in favor of the Second Amendment. Without Reagan we probably wouldn’t have either of those justices, and therefore likely wouldn’t have Heller and McDonald.

      I’m not a fan of Romney, but if he’s the nominee, I’ll take my chances with him rather than know for a certainty what Obama will do. Less evil is better than more evil. But I repeat myself.

  32. It’s true that Obama et al., have not been open about their gun confiscation efforts. Other than the appointment of two anti-2A supreme court justices. Not to mention Operation Fast and Furious, which was nothing more than an attempt to ‘prove’ that American guns needed to be severely restricted since they were the cause of narco cartel violence in Mexico. When they were discovered, this ‘open’ administration ran and hid and lied and continue to lie about it.If he gets re-elected, as the saying goes “You ain’t seen anything yet!”

  33. Some people won’t allow their guns to be taken by anyone, ever, for any reason. Patrick Henry comes to mind.

  34. It’s amazing…I have been hearing from all my conservative gun owning friends for over 15 years that all the liberal elites want to take my guns. I own more guns now than I did 15 years ago. Additionally, in The state where I live, MN, generally pretty liberal, I can now conceal carry. The only bad thing that has happened in those 15 years was after the election of President Obama ammunition got more expensive due to increased purchases of ammo based on paranoid gun owners thinking that they needed to buy ammo right now! The only material and thus relevant action that the President has taken with respect to gun control was to allow loaded guns to be brought into national parks. Everything else that is being mentioned would never be allowed in court and as such is b.s. When I can go to Fleet Farm and purchase an Ak-47 for $400 dollars my 2nd amendment rights are not being violated. I am sure that some NRA gasbag will argue that I’ve been brainwashed blah blah blah blah. The fact is that I’ve got’em (guns) and I know how to use’em. One last comment to all the chest pumping right wing NRA gun owners who think that the liberal elite are the ones to fear, think again. The guys that I don’t wanna mess with are the far left gun owning hippies. I know many of them and let me tell ya those sons a bitches are scary. Ain’t nobody taking their guns, nobody. Not President Obama not a klux klan wizard not anybody. So let’s all chill and have a safe and happy 2012! God Bless America!

  35. POTUS is very fond of 2A and hunting rights in general. Remember when he went so far as to suggest during his campaign that we all cling to our guns and religion? If that doesn’t show us where his heart is, nothing will.

    Just because he was on the Board of the Joyce Foundation in no way implies that he actually supports the Joyce Foundation’s efforts to ban all guns everywhere. So what if the Jouyce Foundation funds every lunatic gun-grabbing group and scheme ever devised? I’m sure POTUS had some bitter battles with the Joyce leadership on that score.

    His whispered aside about “under the radar” gun control is easily explained. Probably said it just to get into Sara Brady’s drawers. Well, who wouldn’t?

    We can all sleep well at night knowing what our Kommisar in Chief Commander in Chief stands for. But if I might make a bold suggestion, sleep with a gun handy. I’m sure that BHO would approve.

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