Question of the Day: Is “Gun Loving” Genetic?

“In more paranoid countries when blokes make speeches about their resentment of particular politicians, describe how they have been radicalised and boast about their love of killing, they are locked up. Here they become members of parliament.” But seriously folks, writers Matt Buchanan and Leesha McKenny want you to savor the lunacy of Ozzie Shooters Party MP Robert Borsak. “‘I hunt because I like to hunt; it is part of my genetic make-up,” Robbie told Parliament. ”It is in all of us, just more strongly expressed in some than others.” As much as I appreciate a good snide snark-attack on a pro-gun pol, is Borsak right? Are certain humans more genetically predisposed towards “gun loving” (smh’s words) than others? As the gun-o-centric father of four daughters from three different genetic sources, I’m thinking yes. You?


  1. avatar LR308 says:

    I've believed for years that there was a genetic aspect to my love of guns. In fact it runs rampant on both sides of my family.

  2. avatar david says:

    yes inclination towards acquisition and mastery of projectile weaponry seems to be a evolutionarily reinforced biological imperative, it would certainly increase the chances of survival and replication of organisms that did over those that preferred to focus all of their effort on melee combat. not alot of knife hunters on this planet. however with most evolutionarily reinforced biological imperatives they are not recent genes and not primarily due to the last few iterations of genetic material combination.

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