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Wow! She really doesn’t understand Internet porn etiquette, does she? And here’s a question: if you have too many ways to carry your gun, do you run the risk of reaching in the wrong place when you need it? Perhaps the answer here is to adjust your wardrobe, rather than, say, unbuttoning your shorts, reaching between your legs and pulling out a gun [5:59]—as appealing as that might be in a YouTube video. For some.

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  1. What does this have to do with internet porn??? You are implying that her video carries a sexual subcontext and she is posting to draw this type of attention… that's a pretty douchey statement to make, and I'm not one to usually get worked up about political correctness. A lot of women most likely face the same dilemma with concealed carry, and I think she presented pretty useful alternatives in a very professional manner.

  2. Subcontext? I would have thought the video's sexual appeal was pretty obvious. An attractive woman unbuttoning her shorts in front of a mirror may be educational in this context, but c'mon. (Click over to her YouTube channel and count the number of deleted comments.) But I wasn't leering. I was pointing out that others might. Which would be an entirely natural response IMHO. And not prevent the educational process. Not at all. (Note: my wife has forbid multiple viewings)

  3. I don't know what to say at all… Ha! Ha! Ha! Hmm… Maybe I will agree with them all. My I just commend you Concealed Carry for having the guts to post a blog somewhere in the internet. Keep on posting you blogs and you will be a famous blogger.

  4. Give me an f*ing break. Forgive me if I am not 200 lbs. I made this video to help out women who have other similiar problems with concealed carry – Our clothes are completely impractical for concealed carry, and there are no other videos on Youtube that address this issue – I've done many searches in an attempt to figure out how to carry my guns, as have other women who have emailed me their thanks. Any girl who ever posted a concealed carry video probably deleted it and got repulsed, because men like you gawk and stare and make lewd comments and can't think about anything other than sex. If I could make the video available to ONLY WOMEN, believe me, I would. The headache and frustration from reading CRAP like this just pisses me off.

  5. It isn't just this article, it is the comments on my channel, which YES, I delete, because I'm trying to make the video more about CONCEALED CARRY and firearms, than about sex. Excuse me, for being a woman and trying to help others in the same boat. If you have so much to criticize regarding my video, why don't you try shrinking your body to my size, wearing normal clothes that you can find in a store to fit you, and trying to conceal your revolver on yourself. Instead of having other similar women struggle, why not try and show them what I've done? Grr. People like you are the reason that girls like me must not post conceal carry vids. Maybe that will be my last one.

  6. What kind of gun site is this anyway, not even listening to what I said in the video? Did you have the sound turned off like other guys who sent me similar messages? That must be why you didn't hear what I said when I pulled the gun out of my pants – that a thigh holster is NOT a good option for shorts carry, and that I have not yet come up with a good method of shorts carry. How can a girl "adjust her wardrobe", as you so simply suggest, when it comes the outfit I was wearing? Are you saying that a woman should not wear SHORTS or SKIRTS or DRESSES? What a jerk.

  7. If this is a blog about guns and gun ownership, you will be hard pressed to gain any respect as a serious authority by perverting someone elses legitimate work. If anything, you're aiding in establishing the non-owner's stereotype that gun owner's are a bit off the beaten path of sanity. If you get your sexual arousal from something as innocuous as this young lady's video, then you have a far from normal obsession with sex my friend.

  8. and regarding, “and here’s a question: if you have too many ways to carry your gun, do you run the risk of reaching in the wrong place when you need it?” , I’m not an idiot. You apparently didn’t watch to the end of my video, where I state that in bold print.

  9. Falia, thanks for commenting. I'm sure your motives for creating this video were as pure as the driven snow. I appreciate your selfless mission to assist women in the noble art of firearms-based self-defense. If I had any doubts that you didn't anticipate prurient interest in the result, you've erased them. In my own defense, I'd like to suggest that someone else might have made that leap of imagination. Perhaps a great many people.

    The fact that there are men who consider it abnormal or "wrong" to see this video as, uh, stimulating, is even more amazing. Oh well. Live and learn. Unless, of course, you don't.

    And yes, I did watch the entire video. Your text pointed out that changing your holster position could "make you draw slower in an emergency." I suppose that's the same as reaching in the wrong place. But at least we share a concern for life-saving gunfighting technique.

  10. Falia,

    First, the commenting policy of this website is clear: no flaming the website, its authors or fellow commentators. I invite vigorous debate, but I will not tolerate name-calling in the comments section—beyond an entirely subjective not to say arbitrary point. [See: first comment]

    If the comment in question doesn’t seem completely unhinged (i.e. if the name-caller logged in with a genuine email address), I send the commentator an email notification and invite further [off-line] discussion of my douche-hood. If a commentator persists in posting low-calorie insults on the site, they’re told to permanently piss-off.

    If you think that’s unfair or a hypocritical, so be it. But it seems a bit odd that you’re criticizing me for deleting comments when you’ve done the same thing over on your YouTube channel.

    Secondly, I genuinely appreciate your intent. Now more than ever. But just as I watched your video all the way through, perhaps you’d care to read some of the other entries on this site. My post about your video conforms to the site’s general style: tongue-in-cheek. Irreverent. Funny. Well, it makes me laugh. And as I’m not getting paid (yet), I take my pleasures where I can. So to speak.

    Lastly, may I politely suggest you lighten-up? Pointing out other people’s perspective on your work is not stealing food from your table. In fact, it helps spread your message. Non-metaphorically speaking.

    • Ok, fair enough on the comments. I delete all the inappropriate ones as well – But if you know that I'm the type of girl to delete inappropriate comments, then why pick on my video?
      As for lightening-up,
      I suppose I could do that. LOL. I just get SO sick of reading this kind of stuff from inconsiderate guys who don't understand how HARD it is for a girl to conceal carry 🙁 I've been trying to help people out on my blog with various topics, LONG before posting concealed carry videos, and it seems that people are so quick to judge me when they don't have a clue who I am and how how hard I try. Sometimes I just want to give up my attempts at sharing information because of comments like yours and the way they make me feel I am tough 95% of the time, but you just happened to push me into that breaking point.

    • With no hostility here, I just have to add that I highly doubt that what you have written regarding my video is helping to "spread my message." My message has nothing to do with Internet porn.

      • As Ronald Reagan used to say, there you go again. My post did NOT suggest that you intentionally sought to titillate men with your video. In fact, it makes the exact opposite point. That you were [seemingly] oblivious to its "side effects." In terms of spreading the message, there's no such thing as bad publicity. Or so I'm told. And for the record, in the defense of any men who might have found your video both informative and entertaining, sexual is not necessarily sexist. IN fact, if any guy with killer abs wants to make an inside the waistband holster video, I will post it here with the appropriate—or is that inappropriate—nudge-nudge, wink-wink commentary.

        • With all due respect, please re-read your post thru my eyes. It is not comical. Maybe from a guy perspective, but I'm through trying to explain myself. Say what you will. But I do wonder, how exactly would you recommend me altering my wardrobe, as you so casually joke above? Where would you hide a 38 revolver in women's shorts & a normal summer shirt? Personally, I wish men couldn't even see the video, and I wish I didn't feel so compelled to try and correct all mis-understanding regarding it. I do believe there is such a thing as bad publicity, and I do hope women kick their husbands away from my video, because a man should not have reason to watch it more than once. It CREEPS me the *^(%(#*^@ out!

          • If you're asking me about your holster recommendations, most of them are terrific. But the chances of you having the time, coordination and presence of mind to unbutton a pair of skin tight shorts to retrieve a carry weapon from your crotch in an emergency situation are slim to none. So OMG, no skin tight shorts! Adjusting your wardrobe could mean that a woman would have to wear baggier shorts or add a bum bag or some other solution with a bit more (i.e. any) tactical practicality. And we've both identified the too many options problem. I reckon you need to perform three thousand draws to make a move fluid, fast and natural. Anyway, lots of women get creeped out by men looking at hard core porn or non-porn porn. But it's a normal, natural behavior that helps control men's fertility (read Sperm Wars:….

            • Ever see the active shooter video of the man in the mall? He was slowly walking around the mall shooting at people. There would have been plenty of time to draw, even from an inconvienient holster (provided you weren't one of the first ones attacked). It is far better to carry a weapon in a undesirable location than to not carry one at all.

              • Another false option set. The choice is not between inconvenient carry or no carry. It's a choice between the best possible tactical carry vs. a less effective carry. Factoring in comfort and style. And price. But if had to choose between stylish tight shorts and a thigh holster or loose meh shorts and pocket carry, I'd go pocket. The things we do for love.

            • No skin-tight shorts, eh? Womens shorts either fit or they don't. They are either tight enough to stay up or they are baggy and fall off. Plus, ALL pockets in women's pants AND shorts are smaller than tennis balls. I can't even fit a P3AT in my baggiest jean pockets. My boyfriend said the same thing, "just slip it in your pocket," instead I said, "Oh, really? Watch this." He couldn't even get his HAND into my pocket. They are like 2 1/2 inches deep. You have no idea what it means to adjust a wardrobe when it comes to women's clothes. Perhaps I should dedicate an entire video to pocket carry for women and how it is impossible.

              • Falia- maybe you're sitting on a gold mine! You seem pretty young, why not take some design classes and pen up some clothes women would wear, but can actually support concealed carry? As non-sexual as unbuttoning pants in public may be, it isn't a good decision from a tactical standpoint. Sure, there are instances in which a defender will have plenty of time to draw their piece, but what about the time when you won't have 15 seconds to draw? What if you're already on your belly? My wife wears some pretty cute shorts that have the little "cargo" pocket on the side. She's tiny like you are but can certainly carry of a S&W M60 in a pocket holster on the side. You need to make a decision on concealed carry, and some times those decisions mean no "skinny jeans". Even big guys like me need to adjust attire for weapons (1911's all the way down to 2" j-frames!). Thumbs up to you for pushing for female concealed carry options BTW.

  11. Robert, Just be a man and admit that you were wrong. People wont take your articles seriously if you only use them to attack and belittle others. I believe that this woman was ACTUALLY trying to help others, unlike you.

    • Sheepdog120,

      If you believe I'm only attacking others and have no interest in helping people, I'd appreciate it if you'd take a few minutes to look around the site, perhaps checking out our Irresponsible Gun Owner of The Day posts. Or the Guns for Beginners section. Or any one of the other 2,292 posts uploaded since February 17, 2010.

      As far as admitting I was wrong, I have no fear of doing so. Have done before. Will do again. So enlighten me. Where was I wrong? Stating that some people won't be sexually titillated by this video? Or was pointing it out wrong?

      • Robert,
        I was merely pointing out that I believed that you were "attacking" the young woman in that video, and I should have been more specific. It really did appear as though she was trying to help other women, and it detracts from your other posts (that ARE very good for the most part).

        As to being wrong, in my opinion you were. Is she attractive? Yes she is. Was there anything that she did in the video that would lead you to believe that she made to video so that men would gawk? No there isn't. If someone watches the video for "sexual tittification" then they are wrong. You were wrong in showcasing it as such. Just my 2 cents.

        • Men are wrong to be sexually aroused by the site of a beautiful woman in skin-tight clothes if she's educating them? I'm afraid out belief systems are incompatible on this one.

            • Ment shment. A YouTube video goes to men and women. That's the deal. No getting around it. And men are often the gun gateway for women. I show my wife gun stuff all the time. Including this video.

              For reference, a few men have been known to glance at a Victoria's Secret catalogue from time to time, without having any intention of buying VS clothes for their wife or female partner or, for that matter, themselves.

              • lol..but you're not posting victoria secret catalogues. Now you're just being deliberately obtuse.

                good work BTW with most of the other stuff you post. But it doesn't appear that we will agree on this one.

  12. I guess the base question you need to ask yourself is: Would you rather some horny teenager get a hard on off of an innocent video and the ladies know how to carry, or would you rather avoid videos like this and let all the ladies out there get raped and shot 'cause they didn't know how to carry concealed?

    One vandweller to another, keep up the good work falia, don't let the naysayers even bother you!

      • of course not, I’m not saying that everyone with a concealed gun will be safe or that everyone w/o a gun is going to die. But it’s an If/Then thing.

        If you need to be able to carry a gun concealed, then you need to know how to carry. On the other hand, If you need one and don’t know how to carry it and don’t have it when you need it, Then you get raped/murdered/mugged/robbed. Take your pick, this is a video to show women how to carry concealed. No more no less, and I for one think she deserves an award for it. I haven’t seen any other videos like it. on the interwebs and when I think of my mom and sisters, I’d rather them know how to carry than to worry about some adolescent getting a boner.

  13. Cut the crap Robert. Falia posted an informative video of her knowledge on concealed carry holsters and the difficulties of carrying concealed in relation to women’s clothing. The video is focused on and meant for women. You had no business making and to continue making comments about porn, sexual arousal, titillating, stimulating, skin tight clothing, attractive young girl, male fertility, blah, blah, ad nauseum. This is a blog about guns, yes?

    You “genuinely appreciate her intent”? How’s that? Her intent is to help women carry concealed. Your intent is to point out that weirdos will get sexually aroused watching her video. Notice the discrepancy Robert? Gun blogger should be discussing gun video in the context of guns, not male sexual arousal.

    Man up and apologize.

    • Fair enough. My post was not intended to create offense. (Many are. This one not.) I apologize to its creator for suggesting that anyone would get a thrill from her video, which was made purely as an educational aid. Although I reserve the right to offer wide-ranging commentary on any and all issues surrounding firearms, in this case, I over-stepped the mark.

  14. As a man in a household of four women, buffered by his son, I applaud Falia's video at educating on holster wear. Mom, and three daughters, all with Falia's body-build, have the same trouble finding holsters and gear that fit. Not only because manufacturers deny that women shoot and don't make gear for them, but be cause the clothing of day is less than awesome for concealment purposes. When we were trying to find a holster for mom's Smith 4516, it was more than frustrating that everything was designed around fat men with suit coats. Falia actually pointed us in a direction that was useful. At 5'03" mom doesn't have a lot of body to conceal on, but the Crossbreed holster is a win! It is something I would have never found on my own. As for you carry comments, while we at MilCopp Tactical, my training company, do advocate a strong side carry, we also recognize that it is not always practical and stress that you practice where ever you carry on the body. As a police officer, I carried strong side, ankle, and pocket, and as Falia said in her video, practice in all those forms of carry. She stresses practice, she stresses that not all carries are optimal, but that they work for carrying so you can have the most important piece of equipment with you

    • I see my post got cut off. To finish it off;

      They work for carrying so you can have the most important piece of equipment with you: the pistol.

      I admit that I have been following Falia's blog for sometime and have watched as she has gone from curious onlooker in the world of firearms to a strong advocate for our cause. Frankly, as a young woman, she is refreshing in her points of view and her stance on the subject. I think enough of her point of view that I have linked her blog and her insights on gear to my company, MilCopp Tactical, facebook page so that our students, male and female, can enjoy and learn from her search for gear that works and not spend hundreds of dollars on gear that does not.

      I think that your comments are sexist, lead to a fostering of a mindset that as shooters, makes us appear to be 1950s throw backs and hurts our cause. You do Falia a great disservice when you approach her video from a "look at the clothing she wears" rather than taking the information for what it is; an attempt to stear women who shoot toward gear that works with the clothing of the modern woman.

  15. I have to agree with Falia. If you're cloistered or otherwise in a bad way the clip may be a problem but you do control the PC you use. Be an adult and turn if off if you can't handle it. Falia did a great job informing me about possible locations and uses and I appreciate her effort and hours of work to edit the clip!

  16. Ok. Seriously. I will say it. I am a woman, AND I agree with both of you. I’m actually Don Gammill’s wife who writes for TTAG at times, and he sent me the video via YouTube.

    While the intent of the video was to educate women on various ways of carrying a gun under tight clothing, I think that it is naïve to believe that members of the opposite sex above the age of 10 won’t be a little distracted by you twirling around in front of a mirror illustrating how to pack a gun. For goodness sake! You lifted up your skirt several times showing off your gun AND thigh. You twirled and gave a butt check on more than one occasion. Let’s face it. You have a great figure! What the heck is wrong with that? I think that the men on this site are lying if the don’t confess that they don’t think your HOT – because of both your figure AND knowledge about guns.

  17. As a woman, I found your video very helpful. Your tips were informative, clever, and I liked the fact that you illustrated the same holster with more than one outfit. I also appreciated the way you explained everything that was in your bag at the beginning of the video. Are you a gun instructor? You should seriously give lessons. Robert, even if his remarks are doushbag-esque, is merely pointing out the obvious. It was provocative to men merely because you are hot, and he’s a man. The only way you could have made the video better for men is if there was a wall of Budweiser cases behind you.

  18. I have one suggestion for you both.

    Robert, if you want more hits on this site, leave up comments that call you names. It is much more of an entertaining read, and it will probably increase traffic to the site.

    Falia, Keep making videos – but have more than one body type in the video. I think it would have been more helpful to see women of all ages and sizes trying on different types of cloths – including gym wear and business suits… don’t forget the moo-moo. I admire your knowledge and passion for the topic of guns. Don’t stop informing the rest of us…

    • Its not all about me. The policy bans anyone from calling anyone a name—if ithe name-calling's aimed at the website, its authors or fellow commentators. That's how we roll. Site traffic be damned. ALthough I damned happy to have you stop by.

  19. Becky – thanks for the comments, I agree, it would be EXTREMELY helpful to see women of all ages and sizes trying on holsters… that is exactly why more women need to make some Youtube videos! 🙂 I hate standing out like a deer in headlights. I honestly don't know any female gun carriers in my area who would be in a video for me, and honestly, I don't have any desire to go round up unknown women to wear my holsters in a video… All I've got is myself and my holsters and the desire to try and be helpful. I understand that men will be men, but it does make my stomach turn. I have to "twirl"/ spin in my videos to demonstrate concealed carry on myself – the whole point is to show how well a gun is being concealed. I wish I could make the videos available to only women, but if i put it on private, it won't show up in searches at all, and then nobody would find it, including women.

  20. There are many things in this world that we must be able to “see” and decide whether to lend credence or dismiss. The comment on the original post is just one of those things. While I am glad the video is posted in yet “one more place” for more people to view, I am also able to dismiss Mr. Farago’s opinion as easily as I dismiss “The Man Show”.
    As a woman, I am appalled at how many concealed carry clothing sites have nothing for women. I saw this video for the first time last night and became so encouraged I ordered three of the five holsters immediately. Thank you Falia for pioneering for the carrying woman!
    I am sharing this video with all of my facebook friends. Women and their men, so that they might better understand the predicament that carrying concealed causes for women, and they go out and buy the holsters for us!

  21. To add to an OLD argument… and to place some blame…

    Women’s fashion has, over many years, dictated form fitting clothing, and in more recent years, to be part of the “in” scene, sometimes more revealing clothing. This isn’t necessarily the fault of women, as there are many male designers designing women’s clothing. (Some are gay, and probably don’t realize the “straight” appeal to such styles.) Women haven’t done much, in general, to change the pattern of fashion (because they are sold a bill of goods when it comes to fashion.) I’m not saying that all fashion is meant to stimulate males, or relinquish less to their imagninations, no, but there is plenty that is.

    With that said… I know women who have admitted to buying men’s jeans instead of women’s jeans, just so they get a little more room in the crotch. Fashion is a fickle subject at times, other times controversial.

    Is it normal for a man to see a woman in tight jeans and have their attention drawn? Yes… it’s nature. Just as a normal woman is drawn to parallel thoughts about a guy with developed abs. We all make choices on what we wear or don’t wear.

    Kudos to those who try to educate… when the wolves and/or cougars get all hot and bothered, it isn’t always the fault of the educator. It could be the fault of societal/cultural “norms” in one or more shapes and sizes.

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