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Donald Trump (courtesy

I’m not a big fan of The Donald. When I met him at last year’s SHOT Show, Mr. Trump did that pretend-to-acknowledge-you-while-looking-for-someone-more-important thing. And then instructed a minion to take a photo of us together so that would be the end of that. More than that, I consider Trump a demagogue: a man who will say anything to increase his power. As for gun rights, his web page position paper says all the right things. But I simply don’t trust him to defend and extend Americans’ natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms. I know he’s better than Hillary (the soft bigotry of low expectations), but do you trust him on gun rights?

[h/t DrVino]

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      • Trump appears to be self-funded, so I wouldn’t dismiss everything he says as a lie. I guess that’s part of his appeal. He’s not a professional liar…I mean politician, he says what he thinks and isn’t in anybody’s pocket. The question is, how much truth is in what he says, in what he believes today? People change their views, so maybe he came around on some issues. Or maybe he just says so to get elected. I’m not sure yet if I trust him, but the fact that both liberals and conservatives hate him is kind of intriguing. Even if he does turn out to be not so great or honest, he can’t be much worse than all the other bought and paid for politicians. But then again, he was probably one of those paying them off before.

        • I grew up watching Trump’s shenanigans in the NY press. He unapologetically flip flops on issues more than any other person running. He donated money to and endorsed numerous anti-2A candidates at every level of government in the past (including the Clintons). Thanks, but no thanks. AZ will go to whoever is the Republican nominee, but I won’t be helping him if it happens to be The Donald.

    • Yes.

      So he was quoted saying that 15 years ago. Bush 2 ran as the Education President 15 years ago and Farago was on ex-wife Number 1.

      Now, Trump has a Concealed Carry permit and a “shoot first and keep shooting” attitude. He’s not as principled as Cruz, but he’s a damn sight better than the other politicians on that stage.

      I dare you to name a nationally known person running for office who has always been a staunch conservative.

        • Rand Paul is a Libertarian. That is similar to a Conservative in many ways, but different in many more ways. He definitely is NOT a staunch Conservative.

      • Trump’s taken a stand on the issue recently. I believe he understands the practical value of encouraging more personal responsibility for disincenting crime. I’m not speaking of constitutional theory, but political understanding.

        I think Trump stands by far the best chance, among the current R candidates, of winning the general election. I don’t want perfect. I want good. In office.

    • Trust him? No. The guy I trust is Cruz.

      But I’ll take Trump if the alternative is Hillary. Trump is a demagogue and a populist, but he’ll be harder to bribe than a Clinton.

    • Lay down with dogs, or in this case politicians…All the way back to Washington…Whiskey Rebellion. They want what they want, and if you get what you want it’ll be either a coincidence or a necessary evil for them, and it’ll be short lived. If you place your trust in any politician, you’ll get what you deserve. If you say, “well, he’s the best of what’s out there”, you’ll not only get what you deserve but you’re also the kind who’ll be back here later pissing and moaning about what they’ve done.

  1. I don’t trust him on anything. He already wants to take away rights in other areas why would he stop there…

    • Hate for waht Evan? The terrorists or the illegals leeching off our welfare system? Are they friends of yours, Ev?

    • Nobody hates like a progressive hates. They often express their wish that gun rights figures were killed.

      Trump isn’t going to be king of the world if he’s elected. He won’t be running my state. But he will be in a position to affect the use of the treaty power, immigration law, and general trade policy.

      I cringe when I read comments here that indicate some people have fallen for the distortions and false statements about Trump that are peddled by the NYT and several of the networks. I suppose it is inevitable.

      Trump is a businessman. His fortune is very vulnerable to a loss of personal reputation. Frankly he cannot afford to be deceitful in his pursuit of office. He certainly knows that only achieving office and leaving it with good repute can advance his long-term interests.

  2. If it comes down to him or Hillary, I hope his Supreme Court appointees would be better than hers. And for the next president, the one to three additions to the Court will do more to affect the next thirty years than any other action he/she will take.

    So, trust? Not really, but…

    • This is how I feel… I don’t want him but I really don’t want her! I voted libertarian in the past, and would prefer a libertarian candidate but again I don’t want her!

    • If that really were the case I believe that those justices on the bench would retire after the election and let Obama pick their replacements prior to his Republican successor.

        • It would be nice to think that…but realistically, the GOP would bravely concede everything the left wants yet again. “Go along to get along” is their mantra.

        • I’m with Ralph on that one. Appointments to the Supreme Court are not like budget issues.

          As for “going along to get along” on the budget, that recent action ends in September, at which point voters will have a choice to make. It’s going to be an interesting Fall.

      • The Senate would never hold confirmation hearings and take a vote on SC nominees of a lame duck president, especially one from the other party being replaced by one from theirs.

        Those confirmations would just languish and expire when the new president was sworn in.

        Obama could attempt a recess appointment (which is only good for a year or so, anyway), but the Senate would thwart that action by staying in session. This current Supreme Court has already ruled 9-0 as being unconstitutional this president’s past recess appointment attempts to skirt the Constitution. So that’s going nowhere.

        Historically, over 300 judges have received recess appointment, but that’s more of an 18th and 19th century activity, when communications and travel capabilities were more limited than in modern times. Since 1980, only three judges have received recess appointments. In all of U.S. history, only three Supreme Court justices have received recess appointments, and all three of those were by Eisenhower in the 1950s. So that really doesn’t look viable.

        • Even if Obama successfully made a recess appointment, it would only be valid for, at most, one year. In SCOTUS time, that is very short.

  3. > I consider Trump a demagogue: a man who will say anything to increase his power.

    Pretty much. He’s smart enough to read the signs that support for gun confiscation is going nowhere, but is no great friend of the 2nd Amendment, or any of the others that might stand between him and more power.

    If the worst happens and it’s a race between Trump and Hildebeast, I’ll have to hold my nose and vote for the schlep, since the alternative is still demonstrably worse.

  4. Not one bit. This guy is has the politician bit perfected. Deny, deflect, make counter accusations. He has shamelessness down to an art form. Donald Trump is completely philosophically defunct.

    • “Philosophically defunct”? Compared to Rick Perry? That’s a distinction without a difference. Trump isn’t a philosopher, thank god. He perceives and understands the cost of admitting endless unskilled and semi-skilled impoverished workers to the US. He understands that trade negotiations should be a vehicle for national advancement, not an opportunity to seek the admiration of foreign progressives.

      I go with Steve Jobs’ view, that at some point being philosophically “right” isn’t the goal. Succeeding is the goal.

  5. “IF” he becomes the republican nominee what real choice will we have? I’m not real warm about him but I have to say that he would be better that Hillary. And hopefully he won’t back-step on his views that he expressed on the campaign trial.

  6. Yes. He’s the only one who has come out and said all states should be forced to honor a carry license.

    I haven’t heard anyone else say that. I know Rand Paul and Ted Cruz support it but no one else does.

    That hack, Jeb Bush brought up states rights (lingo for you don’t have rights but we don’t want the Feds to be involved), yet it’s such an empty position. Imagine if he said segregation should be decided on the state or local level.

    People have two choices (real world choices) if they want to be able to carry in NJ, NY, MD, CA and HI.

    1. Vote republican and hope for good judges and good laws.

    2. Cry and complain about your rights continuing to be pissed upon as you hopelessly type in all caps “SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED” as you engage in an esoteric circle jerk on philosophy while your rights are being crushed.

    • Republicans do it to us the same as the democrats except we can’t cry “rape!” Because we have them permission. I’m done giving permission. And Trump is a giant douche and likely a democrat plant.

      • So I’m not the only one wondering if he is a spoiler.

        If he doesn’t get the nomination will he run as an independent Makes me think as a fellow NY’er, Hillary hired him to run to split the Republican vote. It would be “slick Whilly”/Perot/Dole all over again. Not good.

        • Except he’s almost certain to get the nomination. He’s polling better than the next three combined. I hear this “democrat plant” BS every few weeks. That would only be realistic if he wasn’t winning.

          • The repubs will change the rules to ensure Trump cannot be the nominee. They don’t care what the membership wants.

        • >> That would only be realistic if he wasn’t winning.

          It makes the most sense if he wins, actually, because his candidacy will guarantee the election of literally any Democratic candidate, no matter which one of them wins the primaries.

        • I think there is broad concencus that no billionaire would expose himself to the brutal loss of privacy that a political campaign entails… please a Hillary. There is nothing to be gained.

          Let me ask you: imagine the life that four billion dollars can bring you. Imagine you have several wonderful kids and a wife you love. Would you sacrifice that life and that family to advance a Democrat Party plot? I didn’t think so.

    • So you trust him because he’s SAID something you agree with? That’s a trick pulled by every con man in history.

      What has Trump actually DONE to have earned your trust?

        • Don’t be naive. He is just a as much a politician as any of them, he was just on the other side of the game. He admittedly bribed politicians for decades to gain favor.

          The whole “Trump is different” angle makes me neauseas.

          Trump is a salesman. It is comically obvious he will say anything to fire up his followers.

        • The only thing that’s comically obvious is that 1/3 of the people on this site think that the job of a politician is to please them. Rubbish. Every pol is playing a power game against others. It is your, our, job to identify the candidate that most accords with our interests, of those that might actually win.

          You don’t have to pick a player. You don’t have to vote. You can just kvetch. Like you did last election.

  7. Nope…but I would vote for the Donald before any dem or clinton. I don’t trust ANY billionaire and can’t believe one can achieve that without at least a little larceny/dishonesty. The former(?) democrat is a loose cannon but may be what we get. And the ONLY person I trust on 2A is TED CRUZ. For president…

    • Supremes is fine with me-Ted for the Supremes! Either appointing or deciding…just not VP.

      • Cruz for V.P would be a colossal waste of talent. D.C. is already overstocked with people qualified for nothing more than being professional funeral attendees. It’s President or SC Justice (or possibly AG), or else just wait for another chance to run for president.

  8. No.
    I sure hope that by the primaries, voters will get their heads out of their asses and realize voting for a candidate who says all the right things to excite the anger receptors, is not better than voting for someone they might not always agree with but can actually beat Hilary.

    • Right becuase hillary the drunk will be tough to beat. Trump is tied with her in latest polls. Oh, and Reagan was about 30 points behind Carter at this time in the 1980 election cycle

    • Many elites carry a gun or rely on armed guards. The fact that another elite (Donald Trump) carries a gun does not impress me. No I don’t trust him.

    • Sen. Diane Feinstein has carried for decades. Do you trust her?

      The issue isn’t whether someone exercises his right for himself. The issue is whether he will forbid you from exercising your right for yourself.

      I see zero credible evidence that Trump will defend our 2A rights, let alone expand them under the law.

      • I see zero evidence that curtailing our 2nd Amendment rights is a priority for Trump, and considerable evidence that it is for Hillary.

  9. I trust him to shake up the RINO establishment that has run the GOP for way to long. And he is doing so. Will he kill/bury them or let them of the hook? Not sure I trust him that far. Would he make a better president that any demtard of the last 100years or ant Bush (current or former)? YES. Would I trust him as GOP nominee? YES.

    Do I trust Cruz – as a try American Conservative (and 2nd Rights defender) YES.

    And as an Iowan, and hard core Conservative and Rep activist, I get a largish early say in the subject at hand.

    • I am sorry, but as a die hard tried and true conservative I have to say that John F. Kennedy was a good president. if the current POTUS or thos in the Dem Primary races were in charge back then, we would all be used to living under a cuban nuclear umbrella.

      • JFK didn’t have sufficient time in office to show what he could or could not do so it’s hard to classify him as a good or bad POTUS. He certainly had a lot of potential to be great. Then again, he almost got us involved in a thermonuclear war, and that cannot be considered a good thing.

        • My history teachers in high school thought JFK would have gone down as a mediocre president if he had not been assassinated.

        • Kennedy was the one who approved the unionizing of federal employees. That and several related regulatory changes have proved unfortunate decisions.

          I don’t know if we can hold JFK responsible for any of his actions. With such frequent and massive injections of everything from steroids to testosterone….he was vaguely bionic, and his physician should get the policy blame/credit, perhaps.

        • Leon Trotsky is supposed to have said “You may not be interested in war, but war is interested in you.” Either the US got used to SS-4 missiles based in Cuba, or did something to get rid of them. Kennedy managed to get rid of them with hardly anyone shooting anything at anybody; I’ll call that a win.

          Reagan – a President I have much admiration for, from here in the UK – came as close if not closer to Global Thermonuclear War with the Able Archer incident in 1983, but we don’t damn him for it either. But then, Reagan then (perhaps because of it?) led the USSR towards de-escalation and the sort of sensible disarmament that leaves both sides secure but cuts down the risk of accidental megadeaths. (Arguably, he had a lot to do with winning the Cold War, but personally I think it’s because in 1988 a dashing, handsome Officer-Cadet Lynch was attested into the British Army: whereupon in their bunker in Moscow, the STAVKA took one look and said “sod that, we’re not fighting him!” and the Warsaw Pact broke up, the Berlin Wall came down and the Soviet Union collapsed. You can thank me at your leisure 🙂 )

  10. I trust him more than other “R” nominees. I don’t think his sons would let him get away with it either.

  11. People are allowed to change their minds. However, I have a far larger problem trusting Trump with the power of our military and nuclear arsenal.

    • I’m pretty sure the Pentagon wouldn’t let Trump anywhere near the real nuclear launch controls. Any red button in the Oval Office he’d push would likely not be wired to anything real.

      He’d throw a tantrum one day, call North Korea’s Kim a “loser”, then push the red button to nuke him, only to learn that it makes a garage door somewhere in Poughkeepsie, NY go up and down.

    • Why would Trump push the button? All he has to do is call the enemy low energy losers and their world influence level will fall to 3%….

  12. Trust him? Hell no. Politicians I would trust are few and far between, and most of them died around 200 years ago.

    Allow him to benefit from my vote against Clinton or Sanders if he’s the Republican candidate? Yes. But don’t construe that as a vote _for_ him.

  13. I trust him not to take away more of my 2A rights and will vote for him because he can beat HIlary. Cruz… no matter how conservative he is will still depend on who gives him money, Donald doesn’t.

  14. Trump is a friend of no one. He is essentially an independent candidate, with no coattails to help elect conservatives down-ticket. Like any independent, he has no allies in the legislature (see Jesse Ventura, once governor of Minnesota) to push his agenda. He will have both Demoncrats and Republicrats opposing him. Makes great noise, says a lot that needs saying; unable to govern outside executive orders. There are zero good choices this time around; zero. Stay home, let the card house collapse and see how things go after that. Keep your powder dry.

    • Stay home and ellect Der Furher Clinton. At this point, not voting for a viable conservative candidate is the same as voting for killary.

      • Ok, this item comes up daily, everywhere. Do you continue to vote for politicians who are arranging a slow death of the Republic, or go all in, and get it over with? Result is the same; timing the only difference. The best the Republicrats ever do is claim, “We are not as bad as them”. The grass roots built the current Republicrat majorities over three election cycles. What did that get us? Maybe it is time to stop wasting time. Don’t reward liars and cheats with your vote. Let them have what they deserve, a permanent Demoncrat ruling class.

        • Wow… I’m not sure if you’re serious or just trolling. You do realize that nothing is dumber than voting against your own self interest? Right?

          • I am serious. It is futile to pretend the obvious is a mirage. Based on what, do you see anyone in the Republicrat establishment (no, you can’t wish they didn’t control the party) doing anything other than Demoncrat-Lite? The last 25yrs have been nothing but a slow death. Voting Republicrat will change nothing. Did you not see the complete evisceration of all those newly-elected conservatives? Did you sleep through Paul Ryan passing budget legislation that secured the three prime goals of the Demoncrats? Listen to the Repubs, “We really can’t do anything until we control everything.” Did anyone note the Demoncrats still rule, with minorities in the House and Senate? Repubs are afraid they will not be invited to the beltway social functions if they simply say, “Stop the presses, not one inch further.” If they fear the left so much, it must mean that all the Repub victories since 2010 did not actually amount to majorities, and that the only people who really matter are the Left.

            You tried turning things around by voting Repub. To what advantage?

  15. Narcissists rarely get along well with other narcissists, soooooo…….FLAME DELETED FLAME DELETED FLAME DELETED FLAME DELETED FLAME DELETED

    • This. I didn’t bother reading past the point where RF got butthurt for being politely ignored by Trump. Hilarious.

  16. Trump can’t be trusted, but that’s still better than electing someone you can trust to do everything in her power to subvert the Second Amendment.

    Cruz 2016!

  17. I think the Donald is a little suspect. I think his attitude is crafted to reflect the mood people are in and the words they use after a few beers.

    Look at his foreign policy regarding Mexico: build a giant wall between the two countries AND make them pay for it. How redicilous is that? But it does reflect where people’s emotions are at.

    As far as him vs Hillary? No contest…I’d vote for a satanistic, leperous, retarded, sheep f*cker before I’d vote for her. Hillary is not a choice.

    • To be honest, I won’t hold him to the “make them pay for it” bit. So long as the wall is built and security vastly improved, I’ll be happy. But I’d he doesn’t do these things, those will be points against him.

  18. Doubtful. The guy flips on each topic faster than batter at a Waffle House. He’s only popular because he’s broken the politically correct dogma and I commend him for that immensely. I know of literally NO other person in political or popular media to stand up to them like that and win, so he gets props there. That part has been rather enjoyable to watch. But the guy is not the conservative anti establishment candidate we’re looking for.

  19. If one reads all of Trump’s books there is an evident evolution in his thoughts and philosophy – just as there is in any growing, learning human being. As we learn better, we do better. So, one cannot always hold with a person’s old thoughts on a subject -unless the person is a known liar, which most politicians are.

    Trump is not a politician. He’s a showman. And he has to be in order to get the momentum he needs to get elected. Will he lie to do so? Unknown. He hasn’t done so yet. Stretch things? Yes. But he hasn’t shown himself to be a liar.

    I think his current position paper on the 2A shown on his website are his true beliefs on the matter now. His kids are reportedly hard core 2A supporters and I think they, and the current events, have help Donald see the true genius of the 2A and the right to keep and bear arms.

    As Donald writes and speaks rock solid on the 2A and the RKBA, far better than any other candidate, I am willing to give him my support. He also is NOT a pandering, lying, turncoat sob like all the other candidates have shown themselves to be. Follow the money. All the other candidates are owned. Yes, Cruz also.

    I don’t see Trump as a savior or perfect man. But, I do believe he is the right man for president from among the choices we have.

    • If you don’t think Trump had lied then you are very very mistaken.
      I won’t vote for Hillary but I’ll be damned if I’ll ever vote Trump either.

      • So please inform us of the lies Trump has made. I think you are the one mistaken. If Trump had lied up to now during his campaign the liberal media would have been screaming it from the roof tops. Every time they claim he lied it was bs and fact-checks have proved Trump right.

  20. And which candidate out there Wouldn’t say anything to get in office?

    Unless the border is closed , nothing else will matter. at all. W already have enormous debt and cannot absorb any more illegal immigration. Even though a portion of them work, the cost of schooling in their language , health care , since most have no benefits in their jobs and the policing cost of dealing with the criminals that come in with the ordinary immigrants will give the democrats a permanent majority .

    prior to a huge Illegal influx, Colorado was a gun rights state. The rest of the issues pale

    • Yup.

      Immigration is key. Latinos vote for (D) over (R) at 2:1.

      Any candidate that supports amnesty and citizenship for illegal immigrants is supporting Democrat majorities in Congress and Democrat Presidents for at least two generations. Maybe longer.

      Does anyone think the 2nd A will survive that?

  21. I, for one, welcome our corporate overlords.

    Sarcasm aside, never trust salesmen or politicians. Both will day whatever is necessary to close the deal. Really hope if it comes down to him or the dems, the dems lose.

  22. The country is on the verge of collapse. If a Democrat Party loyalist wins the presidency, there is no chance of saving it. If the GOP wins the presidency, there is a chance. So, if Trump gets the nomination, I am voting for him, because a chance is better than none at all.

  23. So far, the choices are…
    Bernie “free stuff for everyone” Sanders
    Hillary “the liar” Clinton
    Ted “this is how you cook bacon” Cruz
    Or “the Donald”
    I’ll take Ted over Donald any day. But if it’s a choice between Donald or ?
    I’ll hold my nose and vote Donald.

    • Sad when our ‘choices’ of leader come down to “which one do I hate/fear least” rather than “I’m really behind that candidate”
      Would you prefer to die by arsenic or cyanide? A viable 3rd,4th,5th,6th party candidate would be a plus. As it is, we’re being scammed by a false left-right paradigm anyway, as the real string-pullers don’t show their faces, only flash their cash for favors. R vs D is like Camaro vs. Firebird- differences are 99% cosmetic.

      • There is no false paradigm. What you need to realize is that a third party candidate will never win. The only viable way to get one in office is to run on a main party ticket. That’s what primaries are for.

  24. Trust Trump as much as I would trust Reagan ( in office in 1986 ) Both actors

    Only person running I would hand a 1911 and not hope they would or worry about shooting themselves or others, Webb. He can attest to the combat accuracy of them, the other guy there proved it’s effective. USMC Webb 1 NVA commie guy 0

    Never trust a Canadian He was Canadian most of his life.

  25. As far as I can tell the man cares about two things. Money. And his own ego. So no. I don’t reckon he’s a very trustworthy sort.

    If we are forced to choose between he and hilary I think emigration might be the better option. :p

  26. 1.) People can change a lot in 15 years. I’m sure there’s plenty of TTAG readers who supported an AWB in 2000 and now they don’t. By the numbers, an AWB had 80% approval ratings in the past, now it’s in the 40s. I’m wary of Trumps actual intentions because he does seem to be somebody that will tell you anything you like, not necessarily how he feels.

    2.) Trump loves poll numbers. I think he’s smart enough to know that his support would drop mid-presidency if he changed his tune on guns. Trump’s ego wont let him be content with winning the presidency alone, he’s gonna watch his poll numbers all day every day when he’s president. They’re really important to him.

    • “I’m sure there’s plenty of TTAG readers who supported an AWB in 2000 and now they don’t.”

      Speak for yourself, son.

      At no time around the year 2000 did I *ever* support any firearm ban.

      • At no time EVER did I support any gun ban.

        Geoff, remember the fun days of Brady’s HCI and how close we were to some really ugly new laws? I’m bettin’ you do.

        Today’s MDA types are amateurs. Sure, the CAN get a result, but late 80’s / early 90’s, then the fun period right after OKC…

    • As much as I think poll numbers are just more media garbage, when you really think about it, they do give a feedback for how the people feel about your decisions. Essentially, it’s an indirect element of democracy. Support an AWB and your poll numbers tank, you then know that the majority of people don’t support such a position.

  27. >implying that someone can’t change their views in a 15-year time span

    What’s the other option? Cruz? Rubio? iJeb!? Hillary?


    The best we get with any of those other clowns is more offshoring of jobs, infinity Mexicans and infinity Muslims coming and going as they please, and more of the same-old same-old that’s put us in the boat we’re in right now.

    Trump is the best answer – the only answer – for 2016.

  28. Trump is the equivalent to the draft car in auto racing. He will spend a good while up at the front of the pack attracting and absorbing the negative attention, ire, and criticism of the establishment media…. then when most other candidates have run out of money and steam, he will drop out of the race and slingshot some establishment crony to the White House.

    I honestly believe the real reason he is running is to drown out the Rand Paul campaign. Why? Because BOTH parties dislike Rand Pauls pro-Liberty, anti-establishment positions. While he may not be his father, he is too close for the comfort of the Republicrat status-quo.

    • So you think Trump would give up the presidency that he has a very good chance of winning? Trump? Really?

  29. I don’t trust my rights to him or anyone else. Period full stop.

    Still, Trump is not a demagogue and he’s not involved with “hate speech,” unless that pejorative phrase is defined to include anything that the Democrats don’t like — in which case everything we say here about guns is hate speech. Because we’re insurrectionists and terrorists, right?

    I would prefer Cruz and I expect most of us would. But if it’s Trump against the Depends Lady, I’m voting for Trump. Twice. And if I croak before the election, please bury me in Chicago where I can vote for Trump after I’m dead. Or are Democrats the only ones who can vote post mortem?

  30. It is always a matter of which one is “less bad” on most issues, 2A being one of many. So I would vote for the Donald over Hillary. Would he scare the daylights out of the Ayatollah world, just like Reagan did? I think so. Might he take on the worst of the welfare state and the crime that it breeds? Certainly would more so than Hillary. Would he set out to systematically destroy personal firearms ownership? I strongly doubt it. We know where Hillary stands. He would not help carry other R candidates down the ticket? I don’t know about that. It is totally clear that Hillary must be defeated, or barring a defeat, at least not a D Congress. I would think (hope?) that everyone except a dyed-in-the-wool Hillary supporter would see that. And I include Independents and even disaffected or disgusted Democrats in that statement. Yes he is showman. So was Reagan and so were FDR and TR. Compare that with Carter, for example, or Obama, in the ability to get things done by appealing directly to the voters. I would like to be hopeful, because the alternative is so utterly horrible.

  31. Trump has not changed: He will do and say whatever suits him at the time. He was for gun control and Hillary before he was against both. “Hey,” he says, “just good for business.” When he is in the White House, he will do and say whatever is good for business, even if it means throwing the constitution under the bus.

  32. Donald Trump hasn’t even put up a fight yet. It’s all free press so far, and he’s now neck and neck with Hillary. He starts attacking her (like he did yesterday with the ‘slick Willie’ stuff) and he could very well win. And when it comes right down to it, forget liberal/conservative/etc, Trump is a CAPITALIST, more so than any democrat. I believe in his greed at least enough to trust he would never allow socialists to steal his money, and that’s good for us.

  33. Agreed with the “a vote against Hittlery” sentiment. It’s as the old adage goes; You know they’re lying if their lips are moving. I’d actually say Hittlery has been more truthful (oddly for her,) but it’s in that she’s one of “them” rather than one of “us.”

  34. Only as far as it will help him. So in the primary, sure. If he were going to be governor of a generally pro-gun state, yes. But no further…

  35. No and not on any other rights. He is an obnoxious loud mouth with delusions of grandeur and it will be his way or the highway on any issue. He is used to being the King not a servant of the people.

  36. Robert,

    Are you saying you wouldn’t vote for him if he were the Republican nominee? Would you vote for any of the Democrats or a third party over Trump?

  37. Howdy

    Donald Trump is an idiot. He is making us conservative Republicans and the Republic party look bad. If he wins the primary, he will lose to the fascist co*ksuc*ing liberals. Even socialist Sanders will beat him. Ted Cruz is my guy. He is the most conservative guy running and he absolutely has my vote. I have no clue why he is not destroying Trump in the polls, but hopefully Republican voters will wake up. If Trump loses the election and runs as an independent, he will be handing the election to Hillary Clinton who is a criminal! I am an ultra right conservative but I wish the Republican party that I enthusiastically support would lighten up on social issues. Ultimately I always look first at the gun record of who is running and then their conservative ideas for fixing the economy that the liberals and socialist Obama have screwed up. I also listen to the NRA and follow their lead. Also it is true that Regan was a showman but he was an effective showman and got a lot done; though he was not conservative enough for me and he compromised too much with the Democrats; hopefully Cruz will not give an inch on his conservative values if he wins. One issue I am particularly pissed with Regan was that he allowed the illegal and un Constitutional ban on automatic weapons to become law in 1985. I want Ted Cruz to win the election. Again he is my guy, who will stand up for traditional ultra right conservative values and will make America great again. And I am proud to cast my self as an ultra right Republican despite the frick*n liberal press.


    • Except that unlike Cruz, Trump can actually win. Lots of useful idiots will be voting on our side of the ticket for a change.

      • It’s more than who can get 51% or 55% in the polls… it who can get the 2/3 of voters that don’t vote to get out and vote. Cruz will get the usual suspects excited about going and voting, Trump can get large swathes of folks who don’t vote to go and vote.

        As long as he’s committed to being pro-gun now, maybe he’s still our best chance for gun rights.

      • Trump doesn’t make the Republicrat Party look bad; they need no assistance. He is, however, point the spotlight on how bad the part is. If that is all he accomplishes, it is a good thing. The Repubs are not eternal, nor were they around in the beginning of the nation. The Repubs grew out of a Whig party that became useless, torpid, fat, ineffective. And everyone said back then you can’t win as a third party.

  38. I don’t trust any politician however if you look at it this I he’s never said anything against gun rights. We know where hilary stands. And I may add that’s why it’s important to be menbership of pro gun organizations ,such goa, nra local groups

  39. I do know one thing. I would love to see the cabinet he would build. I bet they would be able to point to their a$$ and the hole in their mouths and get it right 100% of the time. Unlike to obuma buddy picks. Imagine having a real working world team to solve problems. Something *might* actually get done. Prob not but hey I’m a dreamer.

  40. uhm, he’s a politician, so there can be no trust. Politicians absolutely must lie. They will get nowhere if they don’t.

  41. Given how quick he jumped on the no fly list bandwagon I would say no. He is faking it on both guns and immigration.

  42. He’s the only politicIan that can afford to be a populist. I’ll take that over donor-class shills or anachronistic socialists any day of the week.

  43. I trust him to fight against the career politicians.

    I trust the career politicians to stop him from acting unilaterally, and maybe to fix it so that no President can ever bypass Congress again.

    And I trust the politicians to fight tooth and nail against any substantial change Trump proposes, unless that proposal has the backing of a sizable portion of We The People and they fear opposing it will jeopardize their careers.

    Does that add up to enough trust to make him President?
    Does that add up to 10x the trust I have in any other candidate?
    Unfortunately, yes.

  44. No, I don’t trust him.
    But…. He is more likely to recognize his power is dependent upon people who like their guns voting for him. He may play it safe like other R candidates these days by not going for the guns. Even RINOs seeking office suddenly change their tune on guns.

  45. No I don’t…but on the other hand…when have the Republicans put up a candidate recently (McCain, Romney, etc etc) who at some point in there past wasn’t for some sort of gun/freedom control? The Donald is just another in that line IMO

  46. I don’t vote for evil, so I won’t be voting and I usually don’t at the federal level. Two wings of the same bird, for the most part. However, national reciprocity and maybe some baby steps at dismantling the NFA would only come about under Trump. He also is disdainful of the corporate media, which is little better than North Korean state media, so I hope he gets in. I also worry that we’re headed to WW3 no matter who gets in.

  47. No, not at all. I do, however, enjoy that he is exposing politics for the three ring circus that it is (or should that be a 2 ring circus?)

  48. The “Democrat plant” thing is kinda crazy. The Dems would much rather see Jeb Boosh in office than Trump. A dem plant wouldn’t have brought our insane open-borders policy to the forefront of the debate.

    The media’s gone full retard opposing Trump, that kinda kills the “dem plant” thing for me.

    What has Trump actually DONE to have earned your trust?

    Single-handedly made our insane open-borders policy central to the 2016 race. Bloodied the media’s noses repeatedly. Got the oligarch class crapping their pants. Etc.

    • I always love when someone claims Trump opposes the “Oligarch Class.” Donald Trump is the posterboy for the crony capitalist oligarch. Trump must be doubled over in laughter when he reads this kind of stuff. Donald Trump is a con man.

      • I always love when someone claims Trump opposes the “Oligarch Class.” Donald Trump is the posterboy for the crony capitalist oligarch. Trump must be doubled over in laughter when he reads this kind of stuff. Donald Trump is a con man.

        What’s he trying to con us into by making open-borders central to the election?

        As for being an oligarch himself, ever heard the phrase, “traitor to his class”? Lots of commie leaders came from the upper classes, and they made a lot of hay out of opposing their own class.

      • And like I said, Trump has the oligarch class and the leftist corporate media crapping their pants. Do that and I don’t care if you’re an oligarch yourself.

      • So you are saying an oligarch who is self funding his transition to politics is less trustworthy than a politician funded exclusively by oligarchs?

        That is rich.

        • You guys should be backing Bernie Sanders if you want an anti-Oligarch. Trump is at best a Rockefeller Republican and could very well be a Clinton Trojan Horse so yes, it’s rich that you think Trump is on your side.

        • I hate to break it to you, but Bernie isn’t really running for President.

          He’s just crossing a line off his bucket list.

          The guy has been a footnote for his entire career in Congress, and he’s going to go out as a footnote to the 2016 Presidential race.

          If Bernie really wanted to be President, he’d be attacking Hillary. Heaven knows there’s plenty of material. He’s not using it, and it’s because he doesn’t really want the job.

        • You guys should be backing Bernie Sanders if you want an anti-Oligarch. Trump is at best a Rockefeller Republican and could very well be a Clinton Trojan Horse so yes, it’s rich that you think Trump is on your side.

          That plan will work wonderfully, right up until Cankles gets the nomination. On second thought, I don’t like Bernie’s insistence that Assad must go. We’ve had enough regime-change warmongering in west Asia and north Africa for a lifetime. I also don’t like his socialism. Or his cuckish deference to Cankles. Talk about your phony opposition…

  49. No. Two reasons.

    First, he has made a remarkable change in position. I haven’t heard him explain his evolution, so I can’t judge its sincerity.

    Second, he is into wielding power, personally. When the state amasses power, he makes donations and the state becomes a tool for him. It seems counter his MO that he would be an advocate of other individuals’ power, i.e.: the right of normal people to keep and bear arms.

  50. No politician is a friend of mine. I wouldn’t even trust myself if I went into politics. Vile, manipulative, self-serving scumbags every last one of them.

  51. No.
    I sure hope that by the primaries, voters will get their heads out of their asses and realize voting for a candidate who says all the right things to excite the anger receptors, is not better than voting for someone they might not always agree with but can actually beat Hilary.

    Recent Rasmussen and ORC polls have Clinton and Trump within a point of each other in both polls. And this while Republican support is far less consolidated than Democrat support. Also, recent study showed that face-to-face and telephone polls underestimate Trump’s support, because he’s not media/establishment-approved – people don’t want to admit what they’re going to do in the privacy of the voting booth.

    Hillary is a weak opponent, and Trump is viable.

    People are allowed to change their minds. However, I have a far larger problem trusting Trump with the power of our military and nuclear arsenal.

    Odd statement. Trump is far out ahead of the GOP pack on this, having said he doesn’t think we should be upping the ante vs. Russia. The GOP pack are constantly jockeying to be the biggest saber-rattler vs. Russia.

    Personally, I’m a one-issue voter, and that issue is immigration. I want a moratorium on all immigration, period, full stop. America’s full, time to work on actually making our current immigrant population into real Americans (if that’s possible, which I doubt).

    The ship has sailed on gun control. Gun control consistently goes nowhere. We’ve got them on the run, assuming the open-borders lobby doesn’t succeed in electing a new people (i.e., mass immigration of left-voting 3rd world welfare recipient statists). Better to focus on areas where we’re losing or stalemated.

    As far as I can tell the man cares about two things. Money. And his own ego. So no. I don’t reckon he’s a very trustworthy sort.

    If we are forced to choose between he and hilary I think emigration might be the better option. :p

    He’s probably looking at losing a good bit of money for his efforts. So, that leaves ego. Personally, I have no problem with a president with a huge ego, in fact I think it’s a job requirement. Trump’s big ego can be considered a plus; could mean he’s less likely to back down on his campaign promises (“eff that, I’m not going to be seen as a sellout, I keep my promises and deliver because I’m the Trump and I get my way”).

    Trump has been channeling Coulter on immigration. That’s good enough for me (and miles better than the rest).

      • Moved on to Steve Sailer long ago; the one Coulter channels. Still love Ann though, more balls than the rest of the GOP put together. Kinda stopped reading VDare when links to their articles started to redirect to pan-handling pages 24/7.

        • They only do such around the new year. But it is more then worth it. Truly immigration is the one issue that will decide all others.

  52. No!!!!! As you said he is on record in print in his support of an assault weapons ban. For a Republican that is an unforgivable sin! We can do better!

  53. I don’t see being for an AWB a long time ago, being solid on 2A now, and being way out ahead of the pack on a lot of other issues (opposed to open borders, opposed to escalation vs. Russia, opposed to crappy trade deals, perfectly willing to bloody the media’s nose and steamroll political correctness, populist American nationalist) as a bad deal.

    Trump’s entire platform is American Nationalist-Populist. Working against the 2A is the opposite of what he’s been doing throughout this entire campaign.

  54. Forgot to mention another area where he’s miles ahead of the rest: he’s beholden to no one in the donor class. Think about how different that is from every other candidate.

  55. Is Trump a friend of the gun culture? No. But then none of them are. Cruz and Rand would be the closest, and I’d be surprised if either of them could pull off a smooth reload on AR or AK or pull out a respectible time at a 3-gun match. Trump on the other hand looks at absolutely EVERYTHING as a negotiation and everything is for sale at the right price. So trust me, when elected, he will not rally for gun control, he’ll use it as a bargaining chip with the lefties. But in the mean time, he makes the lefty r-selected rabbit people cry themselves to sleep, so he’s the best of our terrible options.

    Alternatively Hillary will be so damn divisive that we can count on her sparking another civil war, which means that it just might be worth rooting for her.

  56. Doesn’t the second amendment basically exist because the found fathers felt the answer was no ……Just a Thought.

  57. Not only no, but hell no. I refuse to consider the leftwing statists or the Donalds new brand of populist fascism. His combination of extreme authoritarian rhetoric coupled with a mixed economic position reeks of National Socialism. I wouldn’t have voted for it in the 1930’s and I sure as hell wouldn’t vote for it today.

    • Heavens to Betsy! He smells! Here let me loosen your corset while you clutch your pearls.

      I try to avoid ad hom, but seriously…odors?

  58. At this point, if it is a choice between Trump and a Dem, I’d vote for Trump. That said, I’d vote for a boiled potato before voting for a Dem at this point.

    Sad world.

  59. No, I do not really trust Donald and would much prefer Cruz.
    On the other hand, a sea urchin would be a better POTUS than any of the Donkeycraps.

  60. The question becomes do you think he will do more or less for the 2A than the other candidates that “can” win.

  61. The communist/jihadi sympathizers in power couldn’t ban guns in eight years. How is a blue blood capitalist even perceived as a threat? Trump all the way. I trust him and America needs him. People don’t like him because he is an alpha male. He doesn’t have to check with the democrats to make sure he’s being polite or politically correct. We haven’t seen this type in politics in ages. His party doesn’t like him because the rest of the republicans are in someone’s pocket and basically sound like democrats anyway. Their leashes are too short to win this one. They are all clones of a turd. Trump says what needs to be said and wants to do what needs to be done. I don’t think he cares too much about gun rights one way or the other in terms of what he wants to get done. I think he’ll protect the right but he’s got other things to take care of… like building the wall and kicking out the refugees. [if you call me racist I don’t care. I’m not scared of that – that’s a PC tactic developed by SJWs and cultural Marxists. But it only works if I care…and I don’t… Besides that how conservative are you if you sound like a democrat accusing me of racism because I think the country is being overrun and abused by third worlders?]
    We don’t owe the world anything and Trump recognizes that. He hears the sucking sound of all our money and power leaving. Didn’t Ross Perot say something about that sucking sound a long time ago? Clean us up Trump like Giuliani did to NYC!

  62. I’m reading his book, Crippled America. Donald is dumb like a fox, Is he a friend of Gun owners? YES. Quote: ” The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. Period.”/ End quote.. I’m voting for him if for no other reason than he is a straight shooter,and supports the 2A… Any other candidate figure out how to get this much exposure and be in first place for 5 million bucks?.. He has a set of Magentas that would make Obama blush with envoy.

  63. If Trump is the nominee, we will lose. His message can’t be any plainer….”Only White, Christian Males should vote for me.”

    • I think you’re right. I don’t trust him and will not support him. Fortunately I do think he will be overtaken when the field narrows and people start actually voting. According to Real Clear Politics the averages across all polls put him at 35.6. That means 64.4% of Republicans don’t support him. No way he brings in the Moderates and Undecideds. I caught a ton a grief on here a while back for saying I don’t support him. I’m glad to see the tide seems to be turning.

      • If Trump is the nominee, we will lose. His message can’t be any plainer….”Only White, Christian Males should vote for me.”

        If that’s the case, surely you can find us a quote or two…

        Donald Trump’s gender gap

        In both national polls conducted after last week’s GOP debate, Trump led among both men and women on the Republican primary ballot. A Quinnipiac University poll out Tuesday shows only a modest gender gap. Thirty percent of male Republicans back Trump in the poll, compared to 27 percent of women.

        Trump’s gender gap is larger in the other national poll conducted after last week’s debate — a Fox News poll that showed him in a stronger position overall. It had Trump at 46 percent among men and just 30 percent among women.

        I guess women just aren’t getting the message?

        Donald Trump’s nonexistent problem with GOP women

        Washington (CNN)For any other presidential candidate, making off-color — and arguably sexist — comments about a female competitor would likely result in an insurmountable problem with women voters.

        Not so for Donald Trump. At least not yet.

        A new CNN/ORC poll shows that Trump has increased his lead among Republican women, boosting his share to 33% of women voters, up from 20% a month ago.

        Yep, definitely not getting the message. Maybe women prefer Trump to the serial rapist’s wife.

  64. The only candidate viable in the game is Marco Rubio. Why? With Rubio you have Florida, then all you need is Ohio to win the general. The only dirt the left has on Rubio is that his wife drives too fast, he bought a twin outboard fishing boat, and he drinks a lot of water. Both him and his wife speak fluent Spanish, so guess where the Latino vote is going to go?

    The country as a whole is worn out on Bush. Even his own mother said “we’ve had enough bushes” in the White House. Trump is Ross Perot, but just a little bit taller. It’s not going to happen. Cruz has ideas that are appealing to many, especially Libertarians, but he would still need to win Florida plus he doesn’t speak Spanish.

    The largest ethnic minority in the United States are Latinos. Do you honestly believe Latinos are going to line up and vote for Hillary “gringa” Clinton? This is the reason the majority of GOP congress critters, like Trey Gowdy, are endorsing Rubio for the nomination. At this point in time it’s a no-brainer.

    • Rubio is also moderate enough that he could conceivably draw some of that educated middle class vote that would otherwise go “hell no, not this buffoon” if candidate is Trump (or, to a lesser extent, Cruz).

      As someone on the left side of the political spectrum, the way I see it, Rubio is the only potential obstacle to Democrats steamrolling through this presidential election. That his own party is likely to prevent him from being that obstacle is so much irony.

      • Look at the latest polling:

        Rubio is the only candidate polling ahead of Clinton in the general. Clinton only draws white women and African Americans. White and Latino men are not going to vote for an old women. They’re going to vote for the guy who nabbed a hot looking cheerleader. Also Latina women in general won’t vote for Hillary. They’re going to vote for the person who sounds and speaks like their father, son, brother, or husband. You only need a 1-2 percent shift to win. This is the reason the GOP is starting to coalesce around Rubio.

        • I love that “starting to coalesce” thing. Trump’s pushing 40%, Rubio’s at 12%…yeah, “Rubio’s coalescing” is really the narrative.

          Lots of conservatives and moderates who are fed up with politics as usual will stay home if all they have to vote for is another bought-and-paid-for suit like Rubio.

      • Must be tough, pretending to support the 2A while voting for the party that is actively trying to kill it. I understand. Abortion, gay marriage, redistribution of wealth.

    • Rubio got snookered by Chuck Schumer on immigration. Remember the Gang of Eight?

      We need someone smarter than that. Maybe Rubio will eventually wise up, but that’s not going to happen in the next year.

      • So what? Do you think hard core conservatives are going to let the Hildabeast win because they’re butt hurt about immigration? Rubio’s position allows him to curry favor with the Hispanic community while placating the GOP. When we talk about immigration we’re talking about Central and South Americans coming across the border. He’s not going to alienate the demographic that will ultimately put him in the White House.

    • Hispanics are famous under-performers in American elections, at least to anyone who pays attention. Media wishes they weren’t so lame in the ring, GOP RINOs comply because that’s what they do; knuckle under to the media.

      Hispanic Voter Myths (Google Search)

      Hispanic Voter Myths (Google Search of Steve Sailer’s blog)


      Census Bureau on 2014 Voter Turnout: Hispanic Righteous Racial Rage Over Immigration Peters Out Yet Again

      In 2013-2014, we were informed over and over that if the Republicans in the House didn’t pass the Gang of Eight’s amnesty comprehensive immigration reform, the tidal wave of Hispanic electoral rage would sweep away the stale pale male GOP.

      But then that didn’t happen in the November 2014 election.

      The Census Bureau has finally gotten around to releasing the data from its biennial survey of voter turnout, which shows just how much Hispanic-American citizens cared about the immigration issue: only 27.0% of potential Hispanic voters bothered to show up at the polls last November. (Asian-American turnout was even worse at 26.9%).

      Hispanics made up 7.3% of all voters in 2014, up from 5.3% in the 2002 midterm election, but down from the 8.4% in more glamorous 2012 Presidential election.

      Sailer’s written a lot of pieces debunking the myth of the hispanic voter juggernaut. And actually, the raw percentages over-estimate hispanic voting power in strategic terms, because there are relatively few hispanic voters in swing states. There are tons of them in California, which everyone knows the Dems will win, regardless.

      Plus, The Donald is pretty macho/blingy for a white candidate. I bet he does okay with hispanic and black voters – for a Republican. A lot of hispanic voters are perfectly aware that they’re the ones who will be most impacted and displaced by mass importation of third world labor. It’s not like many are immigrating to work at white shoe law firms or in the leftist corporate media.

  65. Howdy,

    Trump has been endorsed by that great democrat (small d) Putin and Trump gave his admiration. Here is what Putin said about Trump in his 12/17/15 news conference in Moscow:


    “He is a very flamboyant man, very talented, no doubt about that,” Putin said. “He is an absolute leader of the presidential race, as we see it today. He says that he wants to move to another level of relations, to a deeper level of relations with Russia. How can we not welcome that? Of course we welcome it.

    Trump’s response:

    After Putin praised Trump as “very talented,” Trump responded by calling that designation “a great honor.” Soon after, when Trump appeared on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” co-host Joe Scarborough pressed Trump on whether he meant to praise someone who “who kills journalists, political opponents, and invades countries.”

    Trump responded simply that “[Putin’s] running his country, and at least he’s a leader.”

  66. Yes.

    His agenda is on protecting the borders and national defense. Social issues seem to be a low priority.

  67. That quote is 16 years old. People do change over time. I have no idea if he, deep down, really means what he says, but hes better than the vast majority of the Republican field and light years above anyone on the democratic side.

    • I made a contribution to Paul yesterday. It might be an act of futility but it also might be the most significant political act I make in this election.

      • Save your money. Buy bullets, not gold. Rand Paul as a candidate has no coattails. Rand Paul as president would have no natural support among party leadership; might even find both parties in Congress opposing him. Best example is the wrestler who was a one-time governor of Minnesota; nothing much good came of that.

  68. No. I think he’d make a great king, but not so good a president. We’ve had enough of the former and now need the latter.

  69. Mr. Farago, you’ve nailed it, in short he is an @$$. That being said, I’ll vote for him in a heartbeat. One of his first written positions was on the second amendment. Trust him? I trust no one but if he went through the hassle of getting a gun permit and then a CCW in NY, he is one of us. And hey, as much as I like Cruz, he would be perfect on the Supreme Court and this is where the real fight for our liberty will be. I’d cut off my finger after pulling the lever for Christie but if that was what was needed to keep Hellary out of the office I’d do it – God, let’s hope it doesn’t come to that!!

  70. No. I don’t trust anyone running for office until they prove themselves trustworthy.

    But I like the Donald because he’s sticking a thumb in eye of all of the Left, and all of the”Bidness as Usual” GOPe RINOs that’ve been stabbing us in the backs once elected for all these years.

    He’s making the media go nuts, he’s making the Left and Right’s heads explode, and right now he’s the only one consistently making the major issues that “we just don’t talk about” like immigration, Moslems, Islam, and border control the topic of national conversation.

    In the presidency, he’ll continue making the Left and the media’s heads explode, enraging the GOPe, and who knows – he might even actually do some of the things he’s promised to do. Win/win all around.

    In the meantime, he sends an important message to the media and the political establishment that bidness as usual isn’t going to cut it any more. Plus, he’s entertaining as all hell.

    • Damn Ironbear, I couldn’t have said it better myself. My position exactly.

      Know a man by his enemies. Trump and I have a lot of the same enemies.

  71. I do not feel good about the prospects. If it comes down to Trump vs. Hilary, either way, I think we will all get the opportunity to make good on our “I will not comply” pledges.

    • maybe we could look at the “political” realities on a larger scale than whether we approve of one individual or another.

      first, the news outlets are already reporting snippets of conversation about the repbulican party leaders rigging the convention so trump cannot get the nomination. second, trump has no allies in the house or senate…how will he get anything done? both parties will oppose him. third, who will accept cabinet-level appointments? disaster waiting to arrive. fourth, the party leadership will support only bush, who has stated his strategy is to just outlast all the others until the convention; he has the money to do so. so the discussion should be about whether to support the republican party in the general election, rather than trading slaps against one or the other individual candidate. question: will you vote republican if the choice is between billary (intentional spelling) and almost billary?

      • I will not vote for Clinton. The question is whether I will vote for Trump or not if that is the alternative. If the election were today, I’d sit this one out. Many will say that is a vote for Clinton but I cannot endorse this clown Trump. If Trump is elected we’ll no longer be able to refer to Democrats as the only “low information voters”. He has 10 months to convince me I’m wrong about that.

        • staying home seems like something to do. since i believe the two parties both intend to transform america into western europe (one quickly, the other a bit slower), voting or not voting will change nothing other than the timing,

  72. Trump > most other republican candidates? No
    Trump > ALL democratic candidates? YES!

    The lesser of two evils is still the better option.

  73. No, but he’s better than Hillary. Her opinions on gun control just scare the hell out of me. Being worse than Hillary is like being lower than whale manure.

    Trump is probably the best we can expect on the Republican ticket these days, much better than McCain or Romney.

    I hate voting Republican, but we haven’t had a third party candidate since Millard Filmore (Whig party, and he f**king sucked).

    • Actually the Whigs were the second party of the two party system before they self destructed over slavery. The Republican Party came on the scene after that. Looks like that might be happening again.

  74. I’ll take Trump if only to piss the establishments off and weaken their power. You can Rand Paul me all you want’ but he has zero to no chance of winning anything and i don’t want Clinton II in the white house.

    Yes, he’s seeking personal power. And so are you. Does that mean our interests can’t align? At very least I know he won’t be as harmful as a Clinton in the Whitehouse with favors to owe to an Obama.

  75. Trust? Nope, you never “trust” any politician. What you do instead is make a calculated risk on supporting/voting for a candidate where your interests align the most. Then hold them accountable for the next primary or general election.

  76. Possible, but doubtful. Seeing how he did a 180 as soon as he decided to run for President as a Republican, I think he’s just pulling a Romney.

  77. nope. He’s all about what’s politically expedient. at best he’d pay us lip service, then gladly throw us under the bus if need be.

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