New From Ruger: The Ruger American Pistol

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Ruger’s dropped the veil on their new not-so-secret-any-more duty-size gun, the Ruger American. First a dealer leaked pics of the new gun. Now, when you go to, you get a dramatic video intro-ing the new, fully ambidextrous challenger to the likes of the M&P, GLOCKs, the XD, etc. Surprising no one at all, the first calibers available are 9mm and .45 ACP. The pistol MSRP’s at $579. If history is any indicator, expect a street price somewhere between $475 and $525. [Specs after the jump] Clearly, Ruger’s playing . . .

the “made in America” card. Given GLOCK’s Austrian roots, SIG’s German beginnings, FN’s Belgian history, Springfield’s Croation connection and Smith & Wesson’s Massachusetts base, Ruger obviously considers made-in-Prescott-AZ a unique selling point. Oh wait . . .

Screen Shot 2015-12-30 at 10.42.43 AM


  1. avatar Chip Bennett says:

    Yep, I’ll definitely be looking at one of these, instead of an SR45, for the full-sized .45ACP I’ve been wanting.

    1. avatar Chadwick says:

      All they need is a factory threaded barrel model under $600 and I’d be looking for a new .45acp also.

      1. avatar Art out West says:

        The SR9 has a MSRP of $569 but actually sells for $400-450. So, I’d expect these to be in a similar ballpark.

        I also note that these have 4.2″ barrels, which means they should be legal for our Canadian brothers and sisters. Of course Canadians get a little irritated when people from the U.S. use the term “Americans”. All of us from the western hemisphere are Americans eh?

        1. avatar FedUp says:

          …but if they call me a Statesider I get to call them Provincials.

        2. avatar The Pontificator says:

          Take off, hoser.

        3. avatar tester says:

          Actually no we are not all Americans…Those of us from the United States of America are Americans…all others need to apply for citizenship….

    2. avatar Tal says:

      Was thinking the exact same thing.

  2. avatar John L. says:

    So according to their tag-line my 1911 is un-American?


    (I know, I know … They’re talking about polymer pistols.)

    1. avatar MikeP says:

      Heck, my Ruger SR40 is un-American

      1. avatar Jayarr says:

        How does this one treat you I’m about to go grab one for 500 with two clips and I think I’m getting a bad deal but I like rugers and he talked it up.??

  3. avatar SpazC says:

    Curious, their spec sheet says the 9mm has a 17 round capacity, but their image of the magazine clearly shows the number 16 on the lowest witness hole. That always annoys me. put the witness holes where they matter… Max capacity, Half, and nearly empty.

    1. avatar RandallOfLegend says:

      Ruger magazines for SR series have holes on both sides. Even and odd counting

      1. avatar Jeremy S. says:

        Yeah, this is the case w/ the American. I was playing with one yesterday and the other side has all of the odd-number holes and does go up to 17…

    2. avatar Nick says:

      Flip the mag over and it says 17. Bullets dont stack one on top of eachother. I got the american 9mm and its owns the mos glock 17….owns it. Ohh the glock has a spot for optic sites, but you still need the sites, and a larger front site in order to clear the optics, add that to it being $100+ more and boom you have optics on your ruger. The american pistol is a low oil, military based gun, law enforcment based gun. Trust me say good bye to the glock. Ruger just stepped up the game. Big time. 700 rounds 0 issues.

    3. avatar Ray says:

      The 17 is on the other side of the magazine

      Also just picked one up for $435.

  4. avatar Rokurota says:

    Just once, I’d like to see a gun video without “action hero” music. Maybe some klezmer?

    1. avatar MrB-inTX. says:

      Kletzmer only plays for arms from IWI ….

    2. avatar Jeremy S. says:

      I love klezmer music

  5. avatar Reef Blastbody says:

    MSRP $579, sooo, figure street prices in the high $400s? Yeah, I’ll give them a good hard look. Surprised they didn’t have a .40 S&W option as well at launch, honestly.

  6. avatar Mike says:

    If the .45 version had just been at least a 13 +1, I would have seriously considered it to replace my XD .45 as my nightstand gun, but with a capacity of 10 rounds, it’s not a contender for me. If Glock, Springfield and FN can make .45s in decent capacity, why can’t others?

    1. avatar Sock Monkey says:

      A .45 with decent capacity? Lots of companies make 1911s. =)

    2. avatar PW in KY says:

      My FNX 45 (capacity is 15) is so wonderful that I won’t even consider another 45 caliber weapon. Seriously it’s so good that I’m done in that segment. It has amazed every one of my friends that have shot it and I got mine for under $700 so I’m happy.

    3. avatar Ozzallos says:

      Same here. Xdm 3.8 .45acp… If I want only 10 rounds I’d just buy a 1911 with a 10 round mag. As it is my croatian connection runs 13 with a +3 extender.

  7. avatar Tile floor says:

    I like Ruger’s products and would definitely buy one if I had the money to burn… But I don’t want it that much that I would sell one of my other handguns to get the money for one.

  8. avatar John Hope says:

    I can not tell a lie thou………I want this gun……badly! Looks like Ruger really did their homework on what is selling and what is the new breed of pistol that consumers are buying. From the looks of the gun and from the video it looks very ergonomic and like a really up to date platform. If the initial reviews are great ill buy 100% for sure. Gonna take a really good gun to best the PPQ or VP9 in my opinion as far as the best striker fired gun out there, but nothing wrong with owning several. This gun peaks my interest big time

    1. avatar Reef Blastbody says:

      Or the TP9V2 or the Magnum Research MR9 (which is more or less a licensed PPQ clone).

      1. avatar I1ULUZ says:

        SHHHHH, don’t tell everyone about the Canik’s, they might realize it would take $1000 US dollars to purchase one in Turkey, let them keep thinking it’s a cheap made else where gun.

        TP9 SA – TP40 SA BLACK 3.050,00 TL or $1044.74 I am sure there is a some VAT or other taxes hidden in there like our 11% FET on firearms the manufacturer passes along to us in the MSRP price.

        3, 2, 1, ….. It’s made in Turkey, it’s blah blah blah…….

        1. avatar Reef Blastbody says:

          yeah, though the TP9V2 is more comparable to the Ruger American and PPQ as it’s a double/single action, whereas the VP9 and TP9SA are single action only.

          Wouldn’t mind seeing a TP45 and TP45SA eventually. I think Canik55 would be able to get a respectable magazine capacity out of it, say 14 rounds.

        2. avatar Higgs says:

          I have never liked ruger handguns, never felt right. I am looking forward to trying this one, it looks good.

          I have the TP9 V1. Great gun. Saving for a V2, althought it appears alot got purchased this Xmas.

          The biggest issue is that the guns are from Turkey. Quality is not the issue however (IMHO) …. its Importing the guns from Canik.

          Based on Caniks web site they have 9 mm, 40, and may be planing a move into the 380 market. (why else include 380 on all the spec sheets the put NA for every model) I doubt we wil see any Canik in a 40 S&W just because they wont sell enough in the US.

          Canik has alot of guns I would like to just get my hands on. The issue is how many will sell. I have heard from a reasonably reliable source that Sharks and Stingrays won’t be imported again because they sold so slowly. Of course close versions can be purchased from Tristar – and they are still Caniks.

          My guess is the supply of Canik will continue to be TP9s – Mainly the V2 and the SF in 9mm in Black and Tan, and the CZ clones sold by Tristar, because thats what is selling in the market.

        3. avatar I1ULUZ says:

          I can squeeze a reply in here, as of 3 days ago there were only 3 well 2 TriStar T-120 in a major distributor stock. A couple months back Jeremy S just had to do a review (aka LOOK AT ME I’M REVIEW SOMETHING NEW TO KEEP THE FIREARM WORLD SELLING PRODUCTS) on a Spinx vs CZ 75. CZ 75 beat it out. But introduced me to the CZ 75 platform.

          I have a Navy friend that lives within blocks of Spinx US HQ, I could send him the firearm to drop off for repair (he’s nationally ranked 1000 yard compitition shooter, I know he’s cleared up to and including Top Stupid)

          The guts of a TP9 SA and V2 are EXTREMELY close to the P99. If the P99 barrel was not so $$$ I would buy a threaded one to do a cross check to see if they are the same. I would not be shocked in the least bit if Canik sourced parts from Walther vice making everything in house. You might be amazed back in the 70’s GM foundry was casting Ford and Dodge parts. I am sure they were doing the same for GM. That would give us Canik owners a source of parts if something with Turkey and Canik happened. Turks are an interesting people, having been there a few times, not recently, I enjoyed my visits. Very proud of their history much like we are.

          I have a SA and V2 both are extremely fun pistols. The reason there are only 2 T-120 now is cause one is finding it’s way to my FFL. My first CZ 75 clone. In the running was a Spinx ($$$$), Jericho 941 (LEO/MIL discounted pricing) CZ 75 (will consider the threaded barrel model of the Omega series next year) Canik55 Shark FC, could not find one for sale. Tristar T-120 seemed to be the best bang for the buck$.

          Canik has the TP9SFx listed but no price on their site, it’s going after competition shooters, MSRP from Century Arms is “$539” in a video I watched.

          Someone spoke of Ruger not bring out a .40SW, seems like a lot of LEO departments are moving away from the .40SW, the 9mm is the new .40SW. There are a lot of used .40SW models LEO trade in showing up on various sites for sale. I own a USPc .40sw, was my EDC till I picked up a VP9. Canik find a IWB holster for the can’t, so it’s home and garage defense in quick opening hidden safes.

      2. avatar Jeremy B. says:

        The MR9 is NOT a PPQ clone.

        It is a licensed (and partially produced by Walther) P99 clone.

  9. avatar TRP says:

    My SR9c is a fantastic carry pistol with a great stock trigger. Hopefully this one will be comparable…

  10. avatar Zalta Lena says:

    “….Because it is a serial numbered component, the
    fire control insert is defined as a “firearm” by Federal law and is not
    sold as a separate component…”

    Lots of other interesting details here:

    1. avatar Geoff PR says:

      Yeah, *very* interesting!

      It looks like it has a Sig-like modular fire control group!

      Maybe Ruger is producing more calibers for that gun…

    2. avatar NDS says:

      Leaving the door open for the upcoming military trials, methinks…

  11. avatar Chris. says:

    as a cross dominate person — I love the fully ambidextrous trend. Current gun is an FNX. May have to consider one of these.

    1. avatar Peter says:

      I’m a lefty. The HK P series pistols are the best ambidextrous controls I’ve ever personally experienced. I’d strongly recommend you check them out if you’re in the market.

  12. avatar Skyler says:

    I have not yet forgiven Ruger.

    1. avatar matty 9 says:

      For what exactly, prey tell.

    2. avatar 277Volt says:

      Totally understandable since the man that made those choices has been dead for almost 14 years and those policies have long since been reversed.

      1. avatar Accur81 says:


        It’s not like Smith, GLOCK, and others are perfect, either.

    3. avatar emfourty gasmask says:

      considering Ruger has been giving Bill Ruger the finger for the last few years and doing everything he hates and slapping his name on the side of those things loudly and proudly.. I’d say you’re pretty much holding out for no reason and missing out on a lot of great products with that mindset.

    4. avatar Nick from KY says:

      Me neither. Last two Ruger purchases were total let downs.

      Ruger American Ranch .300BK – 40% light primer strike
      Ruger SR556 – would not cycle. Had to manually eject every round with charging handle.

      Ya. I know Ruger would make it right. But guns I’ve owned from S&W, Savage, Springfield, Sig, FNH, Palmetto State Armory and Taurus didn’t have any problems out of the box. So I’ve sworn I won’t buy any more Ruger products.

      1. avatar Jeremy B. says:

        If you had a problem with a car under warranty would you just sell it?

        Everyone has issues sooner or later. I had an M&P Shield with a bad crown. Smith fixed it for free and gave me a free mag! Ihave heard similar stories of a Ruger.

        I have a customer with 7 Ruger American rifles in various calibers. All shoot under 1 moa groups with factory ammo.

        Not calling the factory is like complaining about politics and not voting.

      2. avatar james harrison says:

        You dumb ass yeah a buddy of mind bought a sr9 swore it wouldn cycle I shot 100 round through it no mal functions at all its him or his cheap ammo I have several Sr series ruger including the 1911 and fns and. Glock and a m&p 40 my rugers shoot as good or better than any of them I love seeing people over look the quality of rugers to see them pay a lot more for a gun that’s no better

  13. avatar Harry says:

    I don’t get it. What’s the rationale for this pistol? Ruger already makes polymer striker-fired pistols. What unanswered need does this one fill? The price is not all that compelling, and the thing is UGLY, at least to me. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all in favor of more options in the market, but if I owned stock in Ruger, I’d have some questions…

    1. avatar Chrispy says:

      My guess is to compete for military contract.

      1. avatar Harry says:

        I thought of that too, but doesn’t our military have a thing for manual safeties? Though they could be gunning for a foreign contract…

        1. avatar j says:

          Would be easy to make a safety variant for the MHS trials….

    2. avatar Geoff PR says:

      “I don’t get it. What’s the rationale for this pistol?”

      Psssst! You know that modular Sig firing control group….?

      One trigger group to rule them all?

      1. avatar Harry says:

        Hmmm. I see that the design is the same. However, Ruger makes no mention of that on their website, and the manual specifically says NOT to disassemble it past the field-stripping stage. (NO USER SERVICABLE PARTS…) There is no mention in the manual of removing the FCG, nor of changing grip sizes beyond the backstraps. Even if Ruger puts out replacement grip frames and slides, why would I buy a copy of a Sig when an actual Sig is in the same price ballpark (within $100-$150)? Still don’t get it.

        1. avatar Geoff PR says:

          Well, you would be buying American, not German (or is Sig Swiss? Austrian?)…

          U.S.A.!, U.S.A.!, U.S.A.!…

    3. avatar Steve says:

      I like Ruger products, but the SR series has too many “safety features” for my liking. I’m OK with a thumb safety under some circumstances, but the ridiculous chamber flag and (IMHO) dangerous magazine disconnect were deal breakers for me. Since the LC9s Pro came out, I’ve been hoping they’d give the SR series the same “Pro” treatment.

      1. avatar Chrispy says:

        I would love to see an SR9c PRO, with an improved trigger (if possible, mine is excellent), no mag disconnect, no LCI, ported barrel/slide, and tritium night sights…

    4. avatar Nancy W says:

      I think the purpose is to provide a gun with bigger capacity than the LC9S with similar feel. I test drove it and absolutely loved it. I love all the additional features like the ambidextrous mag release and the ability to shoot without a mag loaded.

  14. avatar tyler says:

    kind of just a little bit, has the overall profile of a tp9sa. no? Looks to be a great contender in the polymer gun field. Good job ruger. Cant wait to see a subcompact version.

  15. avatar matty 9 says:

    They SHOULD up sell the Arizona connection. I’ve never said this before about a new release, But I’m buying one as soon as my tax refund comes in. I love Ruger’s products, but their customer service bought my loyalty years ago. Good job Ruger, if this pistol sucks, you’ll break my damned heart.

  16. avatar NJGunGuy says:

    I would love to buy this gun but I have learned from experience to never purchase version 1.0 of any product.

    1. avatar Harry says:

      That is spot on.

    2. avatar Mr. Pierogie says:

      I just watched the videos posted today by who I assume are folks paid to praise the pistol in exchange for early access. Didn’t Remington do the same thing with their botched pistol?

      Anywho, the ejection seems very erratic. Spent casing fly in every which way, sometimes barely oozing out, sometimes shooting out. There’s a very small gap between the top of the interchangeable backstrap and the frame. They don’t exactly meet and I’m not sure if that could be uncomfortable or not. Looks like your hand could get pinched there and it would not be fun. But maybe I’m wrong.

      Obviously I’m not expecting a $1000 gun quality here, but even $500 seems too much. And 30 oz empty? Ouch.

  17. avatar Tom in Oregon says:

    Not CA or MA compliant? I’m wondering how soon they will correct that.

    1. avatar donny77 says:

      Will never be CA complaint unless it has micro-stamping. Well, correction, in 10 years when the current lawsuit has its 10% chance of overthrowing the CA safe handgun roster it could be CA compliant…

    2. avatar Marco says:

      Unfortunately, there is no way to.

      MA uses CA’s list.

      CA’s list requires microstamping in at least 2 places, which has never happened before. California has not had a new pistol added since the MS requirement (except through some trickery they added the Armatix somehow)

      1. avatar Accur81 says:

        Yep. It’s blatantly unconstitutional, and yet it’s still there. LE can buy off list and transfer to taxpayers. CA gun laws are terrible.

  18. avatar Tim U says:

    I’m more inclined to give money to those in a free state than a police state. But I don’t have a need for a 9mm or .45 pistol right now. I’m pretty heavily invested in the ones I own and don’t want to be buying new mags, holsters, and so forth.

  19. avatar uncommon_sense says:

    I wonder if the grip is on the smaller side? That would be an attractive feature for women who want a full-size pistol. Its 30 ounce weight, however, is a bit much for women who are not all that interested in schlepping around more than 2 pounds (fully loaded) on their hip.

    1. avatar j says:

      Interchangeable backstraps.

  20. avatar Jim Jackson says:

    $45 per mag….no thanks

  21. avatar Charles5 says:

    Full size pistol with only a 4.2″barrel…looks like they took a page out of the M&P playbook.

    1. avatar uncommon_sense says:

      I just noticed that the trigger guard has the same profile as the M&P as well … I wonder if Ruger was going for holster compatibility/interchangeability between the two brands of pistols? That would actually be a smart move in my book … people who want to purchase the new Ruger American pistol would be delighted to learn that a whole plethora of accessories already exist which happen to be made for the Smith and Wesson M&P series.

      Now, if this new pistol has a really nice trigger out of the box — versus the gritty abomination that is (or at least used to be) the stock trigger on the M&P series — Ruger would be in a position to wrench a lot of sales away from Smith and Wesson.

  22. avatar jh says:

    Will they have a threaded barrel version ?

  23. avatar Chris Webb says:

    What’s the point of this gun? They already have the SR series and the E series. Also, this new gun is ugly as sin.

  24. avatar Shwiggie says:

    I’m interested to see how well that barrel cam works to drop recoil myself. I’ll head to the range in a few days to try it out, since they’ve apparently got them in stores already.

    I wonder what will become of the SR-series at this point? I love everything about the SR9c except for the dinky Chiclet safety that snags my fingers whenever I rack it.

    Apparently they did design it with the military handgun contract in mind:

  25. avatar Jeremy B. says:

    Until CA laws change, there will NEVER be any new CA compliant models from anyone.

  26. avatar TruthTellers says:

    I will pass on these, they’re clearly being made for Army MHS trials and LEO contracts. I’d rather have Glock or Springfield as the user base is much larger, mags easier to find and cheaper, and track record much longer.

    And that’s just two companies, I didn’t even mention FN, H&K, or S&W. Ruger’s gonna have a tough time finding a cut in that market share.

    1. avatar Charles5 says:

      As a primary carry/defensive/duty weapon, yes, they will have a lot of trouble establishing themselves in that roll. However, there are a plethora of gun owners (myself included) that own several guns from different manufacturers that are not used for the aforementioned purpose. People will buy them, just to see what they are like. Will they acquire a significant market share? I doubt it. The SR series of pistols aren’t that bad, especially when you consider the sub $400 price tag, but they never caught on en mass as a primary carry/duty guns. I know a couple of guys that use them as truck/garage guns because of the price and just to own something different.

      1. avatar TruthTellers says:

        Honestly, I just don’t see Ruger as an automatic pistol manufacturer, at least not for larger guns. I like their LCP and LC9’s, I think those brought something new to the table, especially the LC9s Pro when it came out. For Glock it’s the opposite: love their larger, duty guns, but dislikes their smaller single stacks.

  27. avatar Hamster in a Wheel says:

    I’m all for new pistols, but Ruger has a long history at making mediocre autoloaders. They also have something of a history of flavor-of-the-week models. This model looks nice, but I’ll pass. Smith & Wesson and Glock are just too dominant in this segment for me to consider this one. (Plus Glock is within easy driving distance. They’re MY home team.)

    1. avatar j says:

      If their early guns work well, I could see ruger eating Smith & Wesson’s lunch as their M&PS are still plagued with issues a decade after launch and agencies are slowly giving up on them…

      1. avatar Charles5 says:

        I think the SIG P320 series is going to get to that lunch before Ruger does.

      2. avatar I1ULUZ says:

        LA sheriff deputies seem to love their new M&P’s so much they let rounds fly all the time. Story last week about their 4X AWCRAP discharges as with their old Berettas.

  28. avatar mike says:

    Will wait for the civilized…. err, threaded versions to come out later.

  29. avatar Leighton Cash says:

    Unimpressed. I’m not sure was this will do that isn’t done by the better-looking SR9.

    1. avatar Stinkeye says:

      One thing it will do that the SR9 won’t is compete in the military handgun trials to replace the M9…

  30. avatar Former Water Walker says:

    So it’s 1.40″ wide? That’s a mite FAT. Seems pretty ordinary to me. Nice they’re made in America but I care more about function than national origin.

    1. avatar NineShooter says:

      Yep. Darn near a quarter-inch wider than a Glock 17, which is no svelte shooter itself.

      Also 15%-20% heavier, and taller.

      Good luck, Ruger, you’re gonna need it.

  31. avatar Ronaldo Ignacio says:

    1.4″ wide?

  32. avatar Charles5 says:

    This will be interesting to test out. However, I don’t see it replacing my P320. I am looking at picking up a Ruger American Rifle Predator in .308 with a threaded barrel and a 22/45, also with a threaded barrel.

  33. avatar duroSIG556R says:

    Ruger’s spec sheet say’s 30 ounces. That’s pretty lame for a polymer pistol. I’d much prefer an alloy frame. Give us that, and a steel offering. I also wish smith would bring back their lineup of alloy/steel framed semi autos…

  34. avatar Kendahl says:

    Will this replace the SR9? When will there be an American Compact comparable to the SR9c?

  35. avatar PeterK says:

    Would be nice if SOMEone finally got the modular gun right. HINT HINT.

    Need cheaper grip modules and caliber conversions. Really shouldn’t be that hard. We’ll see, though. It’ll probably be a couple years before any of that happens. Still I think this is exciting. Will be nice to see where this all goes, and honestly I think that’s some good looking hardware.

    EDIT: Wait I just realized they are doing the replaceable back strap thing… Huh… Maybe that’s temporary and or in addition to different grip sizes? Maybe the’ll do short/long with exchangeable grips. That’d be interesting.

    This is all so interesting to compare to the sig modulars.

  36. avatar FreakinPeanuts says:

    American Looks like a Canik…… LCP looks like a Kel-Tec….. Mini-14 looks like a M14………I’m seeing a pattern here.

  37. avatar Publius says:

    While I realize there are a lot of racists / xenophobic people in the Republican party (and thus the gun community), to me “Made in America” means low quality and overpriced. For an equal price, I’d definitely buy a German / Austrian gun.

  38. avatar Jeff says:

    Where does this gun fit in? Heavier than the SR9, it doesn’t make sense. As a military sidearm 30 oz is way too heavy. These guys are already lugging around a ton of stuff, the FNX 9mm or Glock would be good, they need something light.

    My SR9 is an amazing handgun for less than $400. Surprised how many comments say Ruger doesn’t make any good full size guns.

  39. I feel like we as Americans live in a great country and during a time when we have so many great choices in high quality firearms. I have learned after spending hours at the range that when one person shoots a gun maybe not so good they can shoot another one better. It is all in what firearm fits that person the right way. It would be very hard to say which is the best. Many great choices, you have to shoot to decide. Spend that time at the range.

  40. avatar John Hope says:

    Finally shot this gun today. There is absolutly ntohing about this pistol that stands out or shines. At all. It is about as close to average as a pistol can get. Not the most ergo grips( the giant backstraps and clear crease and seperation are noticeable when purchasing the gun). Long ass take up (although it is smooth and light) and just as long reset not to mention no less felt recoil than almost all polymer pistols on the market make this a very average and blah pistol. Nothing about it at all makes me want to move away from the other outstanding polymer striker fired pistols on the market. Very very average. Ill pass for sure

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