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PBS Student Reporting Labs? So my federal tax money is paying to create and promote Bria Shaw’s pro-gun control rant (via the Communications Arts High School in San Antonio, Texas). Admittedly, it’s a small portion of the $445m Congress allocates to the Corporation for Pubic Broadcasting on an annual basis. But still, why am I paying for anti-gun agitprop?

More generally, how can I support a government hell bent on degrading and destroying my ability to defend myself and my loved ones against criminals, crazies, terrorists and tyrants by force of arms? While I’m not sure I could have less faith in government than I do right now, if Americans elect Hillary “Heller was wrong” Clinton, I expect my respect for government to plummet to the point of no return.

Are you as cynical as I am? Or do you still have a modicum of faith in our three-part political system. Hoping, perhaps, for Republicans and/or the Supreme Court to defend your gun rights?

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  1. Forget THROWING them, I don’t trust a politician farther than I can SHOOT them. And considering how crappy of a marksman I am, that’s not very far.

  2. I do not trust them at all.

    Any group of people that treats the law abiding citizens of this nation with contempt and hated and all the while treats the enemies of this nation, its culture, its founding stock, and their rightful Liberty with largess as our people wither away and titter on the brink of being outvoted by imported ringers should be put to the sword.

    If this how the state treats law abiding citizens it does not deserve to have any.

  3. How much would I trust a neighbor who snoops in my mail box, watches me travel to and from home, openly fraternizes with dictators, murderers and pedophiles, hires high school drop outs to patrol the block with weapons he constantly tries to prevent me from having, shakes down the neighborhood gardeners for licensing and regulatory fees, delivers bus loads of people from outside the neighborhood into the neighborhood, habitually instigates conflicts with nearby neighborhoods……..

    Long story short, not at all.

    If government were some guy down the road he’d be the threatening, trashy, always drunk asshole everybody hates.

    • I have a neighbor like that. One day he’s gonna lose it driving home from the bar or where ever he goes at night and hit a car. He’s gonna be fucked then.

      Cops are at his place 5x a week. Due to barking dog/noise complaints.

  4. No system is perfect. Ours … Perhaps the least bad of the alternatives.

    Our system works pretty well on the whole, given an educated populace with a decent work ethic. Failing those two things, no system will work well to preserve individual liberties.

    My question is, can our system survive and work well without a major reboot somewhere along the line? That, I don’t know.

    • To quote Fight Club, “On a long enough timeline, the survival rate of everyone drops to zero.” I don’t see how bodies of people (governments, countries, etc.) are any different.

    • It all consummates with the one all-important sociological question – Does multiculturalism work?

      Humans have been tribal and protective since the dawn of mankind and continue to be so to this day. All the arguments on all topics rarely bring up this fact and our government / media will never showcase top sociologists and psychologists to discuss this on a public forum because it will cost them votes and their house of cards will fall.

      We have proof in other countries much much older then ours of tribal wars going on for thousands / tens of thousands of years.

      You cannot take the human out of the human. We just have technologically advanced is all. Instead of rocks we will use guns. There will be another war on our soil. Its not a matter of if but when. To protect our families and our tribes.

      The more skillful and intelligent will prevail like it always has.

  5. “Or do you still have a modicum of faith in our three-part political system.”


    • President with a pen and a phone.
    • A supreme court whose members do not balance merits of the law, but acts on behest of their associated political party (with some rare exceptions)
    • A Senate that when it doesn’t like the rule, changes the rule to make it easier to ‘get their way’

    Where are the checks and balances again?

  6. Wait, PBS giving money for kids making rubbish like this is what makes you feel like you can’t trust the government? News flash: the vast majority of “media projects” kids do for school, are rubbish. They’re kids. They don’t know what the hell they’re talking about. This is just more noise.

  7. I trust the gooberment just far enough to know that these comments will go directly into a file for future use.
    If nothing else, recent emails have proven that for the most part, $$ wins over patriotism.

  8. I do not trust them as the government is not a single entity but a collective of individuals using the power of government for their personal gains and control of others.

    The government is a reflection of us as a people, our collective morals and ethics. We get the government we deserve. As I have no faith in my fellow man to behave in a selfless way, I have no faith in the government that represents them.

  9. Having worked for the Federal Government (24 years) a State Gov (1 year) a County gov (1 year) and a local Gov (18 years) and looking at them from the inside, I don’t trust any of them.

    Not one bit.

  10. A portion of every penny you spend on a firearm or ammunition manufactured by a manufacturer in a ‘civilized’ area of the world goes to fight guns through the UN’s UNODA treaty. In the U.S., the State Department’s ITAR charges each manufacturer a fee to protect foreigners (in foreign countries) WHETHER THEY EXPORT OR NOT,
    The UNODA is in place so that the UN can continue with it’s communistic globalism efforts as witnessed in the UN’s 42 page “The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development (approved in 2015).

    • That didn’t come out right.

      In the U.S., the State Department’s ITAR charges each manufacturer a fee to protect foreigners (in foreign countries) WHETHER THE U.S. MANUFACTURER EXPORTS OR NOT,

  11. I trust them less than they trust me with my full rights as intended by the Constitution and the bill of rights.

  12. Nice try princess. “If guns don’t kill people, then what happens when we pull the trigger”? It’s called people kill people. Like the old saying goes in the start of this video.

  13. “Government is not reason, it is not eloquence,—it is force! Like fire, it is a dangerous servant, and a fearful master; never for a moment should it be left to irresponsible action.”
    -George Washington

    For the people who control the fire, fire is awesome. For anybody unfortunate enough to get in the way it means pain, suffering, and death.

  14. PBS? Also she answered her own question. “If guns don’t kill people what happens when we pull the trigger?” Exactly hun, the trigger has to be pulled by people. As to the top question. I do not trust the government at all.

  15. I trust the G as much as I would trust a three-card monte dealer who sells crack on the side and just completed a long prison term for pederasty.

    Actually, I trust the ex-con a bit more.

  16. Our Founding Fathers trusted that power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. This is the reason we have a Constitution and allotted only the smallest amount of power to the federal government as was necessary in “Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.”

    I too trust that our government has, and will continue to, corrupt the essence of the Constitution. Of this I am absolutely sure. What I am not sure of is what it will take to reset us back to a true Constitutional Republic where the rule of law applies to all, equally, and without partisan manipulation.

  17. >>Are you as cynical as I am?

    Nope, I’m probably more. Trust in God yes, trust in government , no

  18. The govt can be trusted in certain important matters.

    – Govt institutions will always put their own health, growth, power, and security ahead of individual rights

    – Any pronouncement by a govt spokesman that claims that the govt benefits individuals is a lie

    – Govt personnel will always try to prevent having the law applied to them at the same time they will go out of their way to apply the law to everyone else

    – Govt will always declare that a reduction in the rate of its growth (while still growing) is a reduction in govt size and/or intrusiveness

    – Govt agencies will never actually solve the problems they were created to solve because then that entire agency would be out of work…and power.

    I could go on, but I’m sure to get my drift…

  19. The fact you’re so bothered by this is actually really telling. I’m probably as cynical as you, I’m just not near as gullible as you.

    This is PBS, a non profit encouraging kids to get involved in things like journalism, and now here you are totally triggered because one of them expressed a view you don’t like. It’s not agitprop, it’s just a kid who disagrees with you. OH NO WE MUST STOP HER!

    Solution? Apparently to vote for the most Orwellianly authoritarian candidate in generations for president who specifically wants to bring back torture, censor the internet, make it legal to sue journalists for doing their jobs, wants nation wide stop and frisk, wants to surveil and make laws that target people specifically for their religion, wants the cops to be “free from the shackles” of the word police brutality etc etc etc.

  20. I’m upset my taxes go to murder babies so there you go RF. NOPE-don’t trust the gubmint a damn bit…

  21. I am not cynical at all. Rather, I KNOW that government is not trustworthy based on my recent interactions with my state government. And what is the status with my state government? I recently contacted a really expensive attorney (that I cannot afford but I contacted him anyway) and requested assistance. This matter is so outrageous, so egregious, that he is throwing is HUGE law firm at this and doing most of the work for free.

    How bad does a situation with state government have to be, that it pisses off a really expensive attorney so much, that he gets incensed to the point of taking action without payment? Yeah, that bad.

    Do not ever let anyone tell you otherwise: almost the entirety of government is a giant scam. They speak platitudes. And occasionally they throw someone a bone. In the end, though, almost the entirety of government action is about amassing as much money for themselves as they can get their hands on.

  22. The “trust” I have of guvment is the same it has of me: None at all.

    Same goes for a large % of the media, since they’re in the guvment’s pocket.

  23. Reminder that people who distrust the government and yet trust the willing enforcers of government (police, military, prosecutors, etc) are deluding themselves.

  24. Surprise!

    “Comments are disabled for this video.”

    OK, not really a surprise, but always interesting those that want to ‘have a conversation’ are almost always the last ones to actually allow anyone to say anything.

  25. just look at the word ‘government’. why the fuck do i need someone to govern me? i don’t. the politicians are the ones that need governing.

  26. What irony. No one trusts the government, Even fewer trust the mega-international pharmaceutical complex…yet all day long people here unquestionably believe the marriage of both those groups when it comes to vaccine policy. Cognitive dissonance?

  27. I find the consensus of responses disturbing and frightening. I read a link about what can lead to civil unrest and civil war. For a civilized society to function based on the rule of law, there is a need for the general public to trust in the “social contract”. The trust that the “system” is over all just, fair and equitable; giving the rest of the population a reason to follow, voluntarily, the rule of law.

    When that trust is gone, the general flouting of the law becomes the norm, which leads to the rule of law by force of arms, the growth of tribal factions, internecine war fare, and ultimately, civil war. What is the trust level in Congress right now by the general public? 5%? Whatever it is, it is at the lowest level since this has been measured as a percentage of population.

    Oh, and I agree, I have every expectation that if I were to become a bit of flotsam caught up in the gears of the “system”; the “system” will more than likely chew me up and spit me out without a second thought as to justice, fairness or if it was equitable.

  28. “In not an entirely dissimilar manner than so-called ‘new-age liberalism’ can be understood from the basis of ‘arrested development’ — government as implemented in the United States under the American Constitutional Republic form, and having now been intentionally, insidiously and quite successfully devolved into a state far more closely resembling that of a Third-World Banana Republic…keywords as follows:
    ‘Confiscatory Taxation’.”


  29. The more power the bureaucrats in government have the more power they have to pad their pockets and abuse their subjects. Human nature doesn’t cease to exist the second someone becomes an agent of the state.

  30. My view of the government: I don’t want to see anyone lined up against the wall and shot, but can they say the same thing?

  31. I don’t trust politicians because they are all lying scumbags, and I especially don’t trust the government because it is a large group of lying scumbags that have power.

  32. Reminder that distrusting the government but trusting the people in the police, military and prosecution institutions who willfully enforce government diktats and dispense government violence is a logical contradiction.

  33. I have faith in our system. There is very little wrong with the Constitution or Bill of Rights.

    I have zero faith in the majority of mendacious, elitist, self aggrandizing slime wads that we have elected to office.

  34. Regardless of the structures & institutions, self-government stops working when citizens stop stepping up to use it to govern themselves for their own advantage.

    We have met the enemy and he is us. The “Brexit vote until it comes out right” folks are just a symptom.

  35. ZERO.

    and call them what they really are: Govt Terrorists. They use force/theft/murder/threat of murder to enforce their political agenda, on behalf of their massas.

    and if you’re dumb enough to delude ‘we ARE govt,’ you’re as gullible as all the hoplophobes who most certainly are statist collectivists.

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