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I think it’s pretty clear: National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) President Steve Sanetti wants you to vote for the Republican presidential candidate. Because Hillary. Like a lot of “supporters” of Ms. Clinton’s opponent, Mr. Sanetti Voldemorts He Who Must Be Elected. Yes, well, if a word’s meaning is its use, what use do we have for a pro-gun politician without a bloody name? I guess gun rights trump Trump. There I said it. Now, all I have to do is vote for it. Him? Whatever.

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  1. Better to vote to eat the shit sandwich than vote to eat the shit sandwich full of razor blades.

  2. I live in MN right now. So my vote will probably not matter. I am going to wait a bit more and if it looks like Hillary has a lock here I’ll just vote down ballot Republican. If it is close, I may have to go the liquor route as well.

    • This election is wide open and unpredictable. You cannot assume the polls are an accurate prediction of the votes.

      Look at 2012. If neither Obama nor Romney got 60% in your state, then your vote MIGHT matter. That puts MN and MI into play.

    • Just do it! I live in a certain Dem-infested county of Ohio so my vote will not sway my precinct one way or the other, but I still think Trump will take Ohio. You CAN make a difference if you just get out and vote and encourage like-minded friends to do the same.

  3. I explained to a customer this way: Trump will (did) get my vote, but not my endorsement – those are two very different things.

  4. Not a huge Trump fan, not a huge Trump detractor either but I live in NC. That means I don’t have the luxury of saying my vote won’t matter in a deep red or blue state. I refuse to sit at home because my guy didn’t win the nomination and passively let HRC become POTUS. No candidate will ever be perfect but I believe if you want gun rights and the 2A to have a fighting chance in this country, you can’t sit home on a high horse refusing to vote Trump or voting for Gary Johnson. I’m not a fan of Trump, Pat McCrory or Richard Burr but they are the strongest 2A candidates being offered to me, so come Election Day, I’ll be doing what I got to do.

  5. This is a weird race, and the polling is probably not that accurate. We could even see a split between the Electoral College and popular vote again, so every vote really does matter. If you care about 2A, then hold your nose, have a stiff drink and do what you know is necessary.

  6. My vote’s not worth much here in CT. But it’s fun using my carry permit as voter ID.

    The looks I get from the crunchy frizzy-haired birkenstock desk trolls are priceless.

  7. I voted not for Trump, but for his policy. Clinton’s platform and history were more than sufficient to choose the lesser of the obviously painful options. Not voting is just stupid. Those who opt out, deserve to drown in their tears, without an audience.

  8. Frankly the people who have promised to leave the country, a group including at least one traitor and child molestor, make me far more enthusiastic about voting for Trump than I ever was for Romney.

    On the serious political side with Eric and Jr. around, he’s FAR safer on guns than Romney, McCain (who initiated legislation this year to keep guns away from civilians), Bush 2, or Bush 1 was. Might be even safer than Reagan (as blasphemous as it is to question him, he DID sign the Hugues amendment).

    He’s also unlikely to govern by executive order, so congress can stop any crazy ideas he has.

  9. Already voted trump/PENCE. Illinois sucks…and I never bought the BS line of “if you don’t vote- don’t complain. It’s my right to bitch…

  10. Been the biggest loudmouth anti-Trump on this board, and still am. I despise him and his Patriot-Act-loving, Constitution-hating, authoritarian wanna-be-dictator mentality. I cannot stomach voting for him.

    On the other hand, Hillary MUST be defeated. Of that there is no question.

    Neither can be allowed the keys to the White House. But one of them will receive them. So then it comes down to – which will be easier to get rid of? I think Trump is infinitely more impeachable than Hillary is; the Congress wouldn’t dare to impeach “the first woman president”, but R’s and D’s will line up to throw Trump out the first time he does something outrageous. And I’d infinitely rather have Pence over Kaine, Trump or Clinton, so…

    As of now, incredulously, my plan is to pull the lever for “The Donald.” I feel dirty even writing that. My only hope is that McMullin wins Utah, and that Trump gets enough votes to deny Hillary a majority, so that the election gets thrown to the House, and that the House will pick McMullin, thus denying the White House to either of the two most despised, most unfit candidates ever to run for office. Barring that, I’m hoping that the Congress will stand up to this aspiring Noriega and evict him when he deserves it.

    God help us all.

    • Well, I can tell you that I live in Utah and am voting for McMullin and so are most of the people that I know. It’s a Hail Mary for sure, but at least it’s something.

      • Just about all of my Utah relatives are going for McMullin — and I have a LOT of relatives in that state. It’s going to come down to a 2-3% margin for whoever wins there, I think.

      • If Trump loses the election because a red state like Utah votes for a spoiler, I don’t want to hear any crying from any of you when Hillary starts tearing into gun rights.

        • McMullin can’t affect the election that way. Hillary stands zero chance of winning Utah, so whether Trump or McMullin wins Utah, neither outcome will affect Hillary’s electoral vote count.

          McMullin only comes into play if both Trump and Hillary are held under 270 electoral votes. In that scenario, the House of Representatives determines who wins — and there’s no way they’ll go for Hillary.

    • Well, since his running mate just endorsed Clinton this morning, I think you’re in a bit of a philosophical bind. But I’m sure you feel really pure and virtuous, so there is that.

      Calling Weld a RINO gives him too much conservative credibility – he’s just a douche liberal.

    • My Johnson vote is also in the mail.

      As for Weld, I admit he is Fudd and a terrible VP pick for the Libertarian party, but the VP position usually doesn’t have much significance, so it’s not a deal breaker for me.

      For those who are upset about me “throwing away” my vote: 1. too bad, and 2. this wouldn’t be an issue if we had a better voting system such as preferential voting (see

  11. I did my “civic duty” yesterday. I voted for Trump and all downballot Republicans.

    Even though I live in MA, a state that’s so blue it’s almost black, my incumbent state Senator and incumbent state Rep are both A-rated Republicans. I voted for them with gusto, and voted against Hillary with gusto as well. She revolts me.

    I also had the pleasure of voting against a Kennedy. He’ll win easily anyway.

  12. The more interesting race is the US Senate. The number of folks on the edge are huge. In any direction the Potus goes, that Senate is a check valve.

  13. Hopefully Trump manages to pull this off. But of course the #NeverTrump weenies in Utah who are going to vote for McMuffin on a false gamble will probaby ruin it in the end.

    • As said above, McMullin can’t give the election to Hillary. Utah will not go for Hillary, so it’s either McMullin or Trump.

      Now, if you’re saying that the Utah voters could spoil it for Trump to get in the White House because McMullin gets in instead, then — yes, that’s an outside possibility. A delicious one to be sure. One to be thankful for. One to hope and pray for.

      • The people that roll that gamble on McMuffin are the biggest fools this election, because that is far and away outside of the realm of any possibility and a stupid gamble to even bet on. They know what’s at stake, and ideology and beliefs are not any kind of excuse for wanting to make such a stupid bet that won’t happen, and instead sacrificing our gun rights because, “muh true conservative” didn’t win.

        I have barely any respect for any of those people, because they prove how inept they are daily with this stupid dream of theirs. They need to face the facts: It’s a dream. And it will always be a dream. They can go back to their blogs and whine about how unfair it is, but don’t throw the rest of us that don’t give a damn about them under the bus.

        Thankfully, most people in Utah now are wised up to that and will promptly throw McMuffin into the trashbin of history where he belongs.

        I’ll take a bad hit for this comment, but it needs to be said.

  14. From the Dune Series: “It is sad that you were never really fremen” Leto said. “We Fremen know how to comission the arifa. Our judges can choose between evils.”

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