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Don’t get me wrong: the majority of my people (the Jews) get it completely wrong about gun control, too. This despite the fact that the Nazis and their all-too-willing allies disarmed and then exterminated more than six million Jews. But African Americans have a closer-to-home reason NOT to acquiesce to U.S. gun grabbers: the McDonald decision. The Supreme Court went to great lengths to trace the roots of gun control to America’s racist past. How many of these NFL athletes have read it? I humbly suggest they do so. Click here guys, hit command F, type in the word “slavery,” scan the results and then tell me you support civilian disarmament. Meanwhile, will African Americans ever “get it”, or are they the gun control constituency that will never learn?

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  1. “I apprehend no danger to our country from a foreign foe… Our destruction, should it come at all, will be from another quarter — from the inattention of the people to the concerns of their government, from their carelessness and negligence.”
    — Daniel Webster

  2. How many of these NFL athletes have read it?

    I think a better question would be how many members of the NFL can read. I really don’t understand why Americans insist on looking to the least educated (athletes, musicians, actors, etc) for political advice.

  3. I’m black, and I get it. And I’m out there every day trying to get others to get it too. I even convinced my Parents and Grandparents (the ones who’ve been vehemently against guns my entire life) to wake up and get it.

    But alas, most will never get it.

    • It’s gotta start somewhere. Word of mouth is the best most of us have unfortunately. Thanks Ryan, we appreciate your efforts.

    • +1

      No one person can change an entire community’s way of thinking, but every one of us can exercise influence in the circles around us. Props to you, Ryan.

    • “But alas, most will never get it.”

      Dont be discouraged. My mother was anti but I converted her in less than a month. Since then she is talking guns to others and has gotten peoples attention. Even if you plant just one seed, its a start.

      • +1
        Never give up. Until two years ago my wife of 36 years had never fired a gun in her life. Now she is an NRA member, a GOA member, and is rapidly becoming one of the Molon Labe folk.

  4. Unfortunately, the left in this country has gotten away with cultivating a permanent dependent underclass within the ranks of black and hispanic citizens. This underclass actually identifies (although they don’t admit it, their actions give it away) as “Democratic” before race or country.

    Therefore, to challenge the Democratic Party line is to work against their own self-identity.

    • Translates as

      “White people are responsible for the actions of non-Whites.”

      “White people should let Black and Hispanic people mint their own currency”

      “White people should stop inviting Black and Hispanic people to invade White people dominion”

      “White people have a compulsive need to meddle in the affairs of those who are invited to invade White people dominion”

      “Black and Hispanics are always victims : ((( “

  5. It all depends on who’s spreading the gun control message. Had it been Bush, instead of Obama, I’m not so sure they’d all be jumping on the bandwagon. Remember the L.A. riots and and the O.J. verdict? I think African-Americans are still a demographic that has a large distrust of law enforcement. Are they under the impression that they’re now less vulnerable from oppression because somebody who partly shares the same race holds the highest office in the Land?

  6. Ironically not only are African Americans the main gun control constituency, they are the leading cause of gun murders.
    As of fact, as of FBI stats, black males commit about 60-70% of all gun murders annually. How is this recorded fact/stat not the main issue in the gun control debate? I have yet to see even Mr. Colion Noir make a video about this issue. His latest video is titled “why are black leaders anti-gun” but of the videos from him I have seen nothing on how black males dominate the gun murder stat. Not calling Noir out but if even someone like Noir, who obviously has a love for guns and freedom and truth from what I can see from his other videos, why on earth would he not tackle this issue? Why doesn’t anyone? I have yet to see it mentioned anywhere.
    This isn’t about racism or generalization, it’s about being honest and dealing with reality.
    If say Norwegian Americans like myself were 15% or so of the population like African Americans are and we were responsible for around 65% of all gun murders, I’d be screaming WTF is going on!? Let’s deal with this! But not a peep, not a word, not a video, not a news clip, nothing here even. Just an amazing ignored fact that relates to everything we are talking about with this gun issue.

    • IMO, the fact (assuming you are correct) that blacks are the “leading cause of gun murders” has nothing to do with race.

      It’s about a combination of poverty, government welfare that perpetuates it, and the war on drugs which creates a market for the violence. Past discrimination against blacks also marginalized them and helped to keep them poor.

      Humans of any race, given the same conditions of the blacks you speak of would behave the same way. This is why I say it’s not a race issue.

      • I never said it was about race, in fact I said it wasn’t “This isn’t about racism or generalization, it’s about being honest and dealing with reality”.

      • The biggest issue Bob that you left out as to the reason for the high rate of murder by a small percentage of the black population is culture; the gangster culture to be exact.

        When there is a culture that puts another black person down for getting a good education by calling them “being like whitey”; putting them down for getting a good blue collar job by calling them “an uncle tom” and when the only acceptable way to be successful in that culture is by sports, music and by being a gangster, tbere is going to be alot of gangsters since being a success in sports and music is very rare.

        • It’s not just culture; it’s a lack of education. Since guys like you and me are educated, we know that joining a gang is a pretty bad decision that will end poorly. But what if those who join gangs don’t have the adequate education to realize it’s the wrong choice?

          What if, God forbid, there is no other choice for them, because if they don’t join a gang and profit off drug sales, they will starve? Selling cocaine brings in much more $$$ than welfare every could.

      • I blame rap music. I know plenty of white guys who grow up on that crap and its their music of choice. None of those people turn out well. Unfortunately one of those was my favorite cousin. Went to jail for armed robbery. His parents played that shit on the way to church( smacks forehead)

        • I don’t listen to rap. At all. But id have to disagree. It doesn’t increase a persons criminality at all.

    • “but of the videos from him I have seen nothing on how black males dominate the gun murder stat. ”

      “This isn’t about generalization, it’s about being honest and dealing with reality.”

      you may not feel that way, but the above quote makes it seem that you do. What exactly would noir say or do that can change the unfortunate reality in urban areas that it is really easy to get shot if some uneducated hood rat gets their feelings hurt, that is what reality is. This is what happens in my area (PG county).

      Non white 2a advocates are not the problem they are the solution, there needs to be more of us. The rally in Annapolis reflected marylanders of all stripes and colors.

      colinnoir is NOT the the spokesperson for black criminals, so why would he (or I) “speak” for them?

      • My quote you refer to “This isn’t about racism or generalization, it’s about being honest and dealing with reality” is fact by numbers, it’s not a generalization.

        Not saying Noir speaking about it would do anything, I’m saying I’m amazed people like him are not talking about it. If a group I belong to whether it be gun owners, a race, an age group, whatever, is the issue I’m going to be more inclined to speak up.

        Noir is a young, black gun enthusiast, I don’t expect him to be a spokesperson for black criminals, I expect him to speak out on the truths of the issue.

    • Despite what the lemmings say below, it is a Black problem and following behind closely them is the Mestizo problem.

      They will try to shame me, and clearly yourself for pointing this out. And I wouldn’t expect any Black or Mestizo to circle the wagons simply in order to protect the world from their impulsive behavior, they wont do it when challenged and they wont do it voluntarily.

      Biological weapons are much the same, they dont care why they are, they just are.

  7. Aside from the Kenn Blanchards and Collins Idehens of the world, they’re never going to get it. They’re been completely institutionalized and by now are so used to the plantation that they don’t even know that they’re still slaves.

    • they never left the plantation to begin with……you know what happens when one of their own decides to think independently….they called labelled an ‘Uncle Tom’. They always will and shall be political pawns.

      • lets back away from the generalizations (and plantation language) if we could please.

        Hi my name is sdog, and I’m on YOUR side, and i’m no pawn, nor a “tom” for anyone.

      • It is pretty awful what happens to black conservatives who dare to stick their head above the parapet. Conservative women are treated similarly, though not as badly. Black conservative women – Katie bar the door. Editorial cartoons with Condi Rice dressed like Aunt Jemima. Radio hosts asking “what kind of a skeeza is a Condaleeza?”

        Or how about the concerted campaigns to destroy Clarence Thomas and Allen West? And now of course Senator Tim Scott. It is so important for the Dems to be able to portray the GOP as nothing but old white men that they have to pulverize minority conservatives so that hey can continue to make those claims. The sad part is that it works far too often, and eventually Republicans get burned out – why run a candidate who will become nothing but a lightning rod for massive opposition instead of a boring white guy who just might win an election?

  8. They don’t get it because they see the guns as enabling the downfall of their youth. How many times has a young black man been killed doing some criminal act (or in some rival gang violence) and we hear how he was such a good person? If he hadn’t had that gun, he would’ve been in school and studying for the SATs. My wife is black and I know a lot of black folks who think like this. To a certain extent, I don’t blame them because it’s all they hear from their community leaders.

    I’ve taken quite a few of them shooting and taught them basic, safe firearms handling. Some see the light as they realize that holding a gun doesn’t make them suddenly want to kill people. A couple I’ve asked are just completely afraid to touch or look at a firearm.

    Blaming the tool is a useful way to divert responsibility from the perpetrator so you can still say he was a good person.

    • But a lot of blacks, especially a lot of black civic leaders live in cities like DC, NY and Chicago where responsible use of firearms for defense is not only counter to the prevailing culture, but straight up illegal. That makes the convincing even harder.

      • At what point did it become the affairs of anyone who is matter of fact collectively victimized through the process of control & order to pick and choose Black leaders worthy of representing a clearly dysfunctional violent racial group.

        I know the USA’s Communist party had a great deal of interest in this issue once upon a time yet I cannot understand why the Right is so desperate to find their Token Negro in the spent brass pile.

  9. “will African Americans ever “get it”, or are they the gun control constituency that will never learn?”

    i have to say i take particular umbrage to that statement, as i live and breathe 2a all day, everyday. Look who these “African American” spokespersons are…….RICH PEOPLE Chris Rock, Deion Sanders, Danny Glover among others. Sam Jackson is pro guy for the record. They type that can afford hired security guards, so the thought of actually possessing firearms themselves is distasteful. Lets also look at the big names behind gun control:


    o’malley (unfortunately my governor)
    these are the gun control reps with the biggest mouths and they have more power than any rockhead entertainment star does.

    • A big +1 to this.

      With the exception of Bloomberg, who is just a petty tyrant and bully, the rest of the anti-Second Amendment public officials use the gangs to create a culture of poverty and dependence. In many, if not all, big cities run by Democratic Party machines, the gangs are part of the political structure and are allied with the Party bosses.

  10. Well I am Jewish and certainly not anti gun, anything but!
    But I get it. Why would those who have the most to loose by being disarmed embrace it?
    Ok this might be from Star Wars, but this is so apropos!
    So this is how freedom dies; with a thunderous applause.
    -Padme Amidala

  11. Many blacks are already legally barred from owning guns because of past criminal convictions.

    Black Americans are relentlessly propagandized by the left to view the nation’s founding principles, including the Second Amendment, as racist and anti-black.

    Many blacks, both middle and lower class, see themselves as being dependent upon on government for their livelihood. They vote overwhelmingly Democrat in large part because they see the Democrats as being supportive of public sector employment, government social spending, and affirmative action. The Democratic party is largely hostile to private gun ownership.


    There are significant exceptions, but in general, getting blacks to support gun rights would be a daunting task. For the moment however, it’s important to understand that those exceptions can be an important part of countering anti-Second Amendment stereotypes.

    Beyond that, the pro-gun community should strive always to welcome–and to never intentionally alienate– these exceptions. Think of them as seeds, from which something larger and significant may grow.

  12. I think it’s safe to say that most Black Americans are pro-gun. I’m Black and am from Detroit where it’s rather mandatory to have a gun due to the high crime rate. Guns have saved my family’s bacon on several occasions during break-ins and have been used to deter threats of physical violence. If you want to find a large population of pro-gun Black people look at the working class in inner cities.

      • I think it’s because of their distrust of not only our fellow Black people but public opinion as well. What I mean by that is most Black people I know like to keep the fact that they are gun owners secret due to being ostracized by other Blacks who feel that if you own a gun you are automatically going to prison.

        Another reason is because of how society perceives an armed Black person as an average street thug. My grandfather used to say something to me all the time, he would say “don’t advertise”. This is the mentality of a lot of Black people.

    • funny i was thinking the exact opposite, i live in Texas and were about of pro gun as you can get but as far as the black community goess the majority of the pro gunners young punks that are causing the gun violence . aside from them most of the law abiding gun owners are the older generation that grew up in rural areas. there is a very small minority among black people down here that are actually productive members of the firearms community.

  13. Sadly I don’t think we(black ppl) will ever get it. Everytime I bring up gun control around my family I instantly get assaulted with that senseless liberal gun grabber talk and pro Obama non sense. I can’t count how many times I’ve been told I’m going to jail because I own alot of guns. Or because I concealed carry. Being a liberal is just as much a part of black culture as Christianity, and very few ever sit back and think about why they they choose to be a part of either

  14. It’s up to guys like sdog, MIKE B, Ryan and the other black voices on this blog (and there are plenty of them) to get their message out. Contact mrcolionnoir (Collins Idehen Jr., Esq.), Kenn Blanchard and other black pro-2A thought leaders and get involved. I think they’d want to help and they sure are masters of communication.

    If unprotected black people are more at risk than other groups, then they should say so. If enough black people speak up, loudly, then gun control is dead.

    • Therein lies the problem with a lot of Black people. I think for the most part the term “Black Community” is laughable in this age. In the 60’s and prior there actually used to be real Black communities with our own banking institutions, locally owned and operated businesses, etc. After the death of several prominent Black leaders (specifically Malcolm X) something happened to us and we started selling our businesses. Eminent domain domain and gentrification took effect and ran us out of our homes.

      What resulted from the meltdown of Black wealth is a hyper competitive environment wherein a lot of Blacks will stab each other in the back at the slightest chance that we will advance on the socioeconomic latter. Our greatest enemy is ourselves. We refuse to get along, collaborate or give credit to each other when credit is due. I wish we could get a massive Black effort together but I doubt this will happen.

    • That depends on how you define “enough Black people.” There are Black 2A advocates out there, myself included, but the majority of us are lambasted by (and also drowned out by) the people Allen West referred to as the “overseers.” I agree with BradN that the majority of Black Americans are actually pro-gun or neutral on the issue. The problem is the loudmouths who claim to represent the rest of us.

  15. in the end what it boils down to is how we as black ppl are raised and what we are raised to believe, just like when your a kid and mom says fire his hot and you get burned we are taught that guns are bad and you know body in your neighbor hood that got shot. its put into our heads when were little that black/mexicans with guns usually means trouble. Perfect example is my Dad, he grew up in rural east texas(we now live in Dallas) he “taught” me to shoot when i was about 12 but he was never formally trained. He like alot of walked that fine line of illegal vs legal gun ownership growing up, as did I before put my self on the right path. In the black community the only real weapons education is what you see out on the street and what you see on the tv and we can all agree neither portray gun owners in a good light. Once i began to receive formal weapons education and training i was the one teaching my how to properly handle a weapon as well as the laws that go along with it.

  16. Not all Blacks are gun grabbers like not all blacks support Socialist ideals. problem many do. This is a point to be a ambassador for the @A for blacks we know. Teach them can bring them to our side.

  17. If Obama passed down the word these same Americans would dress-up like M. Jackson and sing “Ol’ Man River” on que for a solid week.

  18. When it comes down to it. It really doesn’t matter what black people think because most of us are in urban cities and those are gun-free zones for law-abiding citizens anyway. Therefore, the real power and threat for the government is white middle class America. So, as long as you guys don’t give up your guns there wont be a large scale disarmament in America. Personally I’m tagging along with you guys on this issue.

    • C, as a white guy, let me tell you lately I want to say it doesn’t matter what white people think. Certainly not white dudes. But the fact is it matters a great deal what we think, and even more what we do. We have a bunch of people we need to enlighten that guns in the hands of the whole of the people are necessary to freedom. If we need race to reach some of them, so be it. This business of our political leaders and our scholars dividing us by race is absolute crap. If you value liberty for all, I could not care less what color you are.

  19. I think many of you are off base, it isn’t the fact that so called African Americans are anti gun, it is that Democrats are anti gun and unfortunately many “African Americans” are democrats.

    It’s not an ethnicity thing it is a political party thing.

  20. The nazis did not disarm Jews, this is objective, provable fact. Everyone in Weimar Germany was prevented from doing pretty much anything military as a stipulation of the treaty of versailles; Hitler’s (democratically elected) regime inherited those laws and actually expanded gun ownership.

    Typical paranoid Jew twisting of history to suit their paranoid agenda 🙂 I’m sure this post will be deleted for the same reason.

    • No reason to delete your hysterical comments since you do such a good job of demonstrating why decent and sane people need guns.

    • GLG:

      Have you forgotten that you said “Antisemitism is the Socialism of fools?” I guess too much time in the either has given you dementia.

    • So, all those Jews that were sent to the camps had guns? So, we get to the heart of the matter. Ghost, you’re not a commie. just a petty little bigot. I bet you got a rebel flag on your bumper. Oh well, Cletus, you’ve got a future as the fry cook at the waffle house.

  21. As a black person that lives 2 miles from a Glock factory I find much of this can be cleared up with a little education and geography. I know gun history in reference to African Americans. I’m still remind people that Reagan was not a gun owners friend. Being raised half in the northeast and half in the south I can tell you the south has a much clearer view of gun ownership than anywhere I’ve lived. We grew up with guns. We were also taught respect for guns. I think the more people are informed the better choices they make (mostly). I think part of the problem is when we are all lumped into the same basket. Many of us “get it”. It is why I step forward and disagree openly both in public and on Facebook the Obama Administration’s gun legislation. The facts don’t add up so I don’t support it. Half of my other African American friends do the same. Trust me: We “get it”

    • “There is no room in this country for hyphenated Americanism. When I refer to hyphenated Americans, I do not refer to naturalized Americans. Some of the very best Americans I have ever known were naturalized Americans, Americans born abroad. But a hyphenated American is not an American at all.

      This is just as true of the man who puts “native” before the hyphen as of the man who puts German or Irish or English or French before the hyphen. Americanism is a matter of the spirit and of the soul. Our allegiance must be purely to the United States. We must unsparingly condemn any man who holds any other allegiance.

      But if he is heartily and singly loyal to this Republic, then no matter where he was born, he is just as good an American as any one else.
      The one absolutely certain way of bringing this nation to ruin, of preventing all possibility of its continuing to be a nation at all, would be to permit it to become a tangle of squabbling nationalities, an intricate knot of German-Americans, Irish-Americans, English- Americans, French-Americans, Scandinavian- Americans, or Italian-Americans, each preserving its separate nationality, each at heart feeling more sympathy with Europeans of that nationality than with the other citizens of the American Republic.

      The men who do not become Americans and nothing else are hyphenated Americans; and there ought to be no room for them in this country. The man who calls himself an American citizen and who yet shows by his actions that he is primarily the citizen of a foreign land, plays a thoroughly mischievous part in the life of our body politic. He has no place here; and the sooner he returns to the land to which he feels his real heart-allegiance, the better it will be for every good American. ”
      ~Theodore Roosevelt~

      And not even a single mention of the jew!

      We know why you play your games.

  22. Atheistic, secular humanist, self loathing American Jews and blacks are almost completely controlled by leftist libtard theology. Conservative religious blacks and religious Jews (especially Israeli) understand the destructive libtard system. Still, to few.

  23. This thread has gone down hill in a bad way, I am really disappointed, I really thought that we could focus on 2A in a way that wasn’t divisive, but was perhaps unifying. I guess our challenges as a people do in fact permeate every facet of American living.

      • Pat, I was really referring to the issues of ethnic generalizations, divisiveness, anti Semitism and blaming minorities for issues that while some of them maybe on the wrong side of, they are hardly in a position to unilaterally sway the vote.

        I happen to be a Vet and a black man that many would consider to be ultra conservative with respect to politics and political leanings. However reading some of the comments on this thread make me question whether or not I really want to be a part of this particular Internet community. Instead of drawing all 2A supporters together I keep seeing comments that do just the opposite

  24. ‘Aside from the Kenn Blanchards and Collins Idehens of the world, they’re never going to get it. They’re been completely institutionalized and by now are so used to the plantation that they don’t even know that they’re still slaves.’

    This statement makes me want to throw in the towel. Completely clueless! First of all, black people are as diverse as any other group in this country. You’re ASSuming that we all think, vote, party, dance alike. Bull. I work the gun counter in a sporting goods store and African-American hunters and shooters come in on a regular basis. There are quite a few who are interested in guns for self defense. We are in the South and gun culture runs deep here.

    My father and I argued regularly about gun control until he moved from Chicago to Memphis. It didn’t hurt that one of his nieces was dating one of the instructors at a nationally known range that was a half mile from where he lived. Sharpton and Jackson make speak for a large percentage of Black voters where they live, and even some here, but don’t make the mistake thinking they speak for all of us. Some of us recognize that gun control = people control and have no intention of being disarmed.
    And I assume that the ‘paid for by anti-gun mayors tag’ includes the fees for the talking heads..

    • Good point Redell, I also live in Memphis and just to illustrate the point, in the past 30 days I got a GAP 10 precision rifle in .308, a Scar 17, an HK MR556 and a HK45 Compact in FDE 🙂 oh and I built three AR Pistols and one AR rifle!
      Black people do the gun thing!


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