Question of the Day: How Many Holsters Do You Have?


Woo hoo! I got a new holster this week. I can now tote my FNS-9 Compact as God intended thanks to my new Gunfighters[INC] Ronin OWB rigย (review to follow). There’s only one problem though. I keep all of my holsters in one drawer of a chest in my bedroom and the Ronin put me one toke over the line. I literally couldn’t cram another one in there without breaking something. So out they all came, including that box holding the POS nylon junk (upper right) I bought back when I didn’t know my ass from my ballistic elbow. The tally: including mag carriers, I count 33. How many holsters are cluttering up your drawer?


  1. avatar Gman says:

    Being adopted, I believe there is a home for every orphan. I give them away to those deserving, but less fortunate. Let’s start an adopt a holster forum…

  2. avatar Avid Reader says:

    Oh, my. I don’t know. . .more than 10, for sure.
    Something else to add to my list of things to do on a rainy (or snowy) day.

    1. avatar Texsylvanian says:

      Me too. Ten plus for sure.

      The problem with holsters is that you can never try before you buy. A holster that appears to check the right blocks for your carry needs on paper can definitely disappoint you over time. The only real test is long term, daily carry. You learn a lot of lessons along the way.

      I think for now I’ve settled on the Haley INCOG appendix carry holster and Arc’Teryx belt. But frankly I’m not sure the quest for the right EDC gun/holster/belt/light/knife will ever truly end. Not for me anyways. Oh well.

  3. avatar Paul says:

    Too many! And I ended up back where I started; a Mitch Rosen OTB strong side hip holster.

  4. avatar Noishkel says:

    None! Because I don’t carry…. yet.

  5. avatar TheOtherDavid says:

    Yes. Find them a home. Or start a new website for new shooters, “Moms Demand Carry Options” for exchanges and swaps.

    Like Shannon says, if it saves the life of even one holster…

    1. avatar Sian says:

      There should be a service to match up people who have a drawer or two full of holsters with people who need a holster. Someone get on it.

      1. avatar Capt Mike says:

        There is, of sorts. It’s called Armslist, with which I’m sure you’re all familiar. Sometimes an unused holster isn’t worth the shipping cost, and some potential buyers out there aren’t excited to pay cash for used accessories–but are more than willing to trade a box or two of ammo for a new holster.
        I recently rummaged through my old drawer full of no-longer-used holsters and posted them on Armslist. Met up with several local shooters who paid cash or traded ammo for them. What didn’t work anymore for my carry needs were just what others were looking for, and I came out the richer and better stocked.

  6. avatar JWM says:

    Some day when the state of ca respects my human and civil rights I will need holsters. All I have right now is an uncle mikes pocket holster for my 442. And the full flap military thingy that came with my mak.

    1. avatar sagebrushracer says:

      oh! oh! i love my full flap holster that came with my Nagant Revolver! and there is a cute lil pouch that holds 14 rounds, in two rows of 7.

  7. avatar Gman says:

    I need a nice well worn in leather RH owb for my new SR1911 5″ ifn you got one.

  8. avatar Pantera Vazquez says:

    Well, my sr-9’s Blackhawk is on my belt now…..that leaves a……..CRAPLOAD.(crapload~more than necessary for the limited uses in mind)……time to clean out cabinet.

  9. avatar Joel says:

    Eight for guns plus six mag pouches. I just recently bought two Alien Gear hybrid holsters and they’ve become my new standard concealed carry holsters. My S&W Bodyguard 380 and S&W M&P Shield 9 both just disappear under nearly any shirt, even a thin t-shirt, and they’re very comfortable. That, plus the price is right.

    1. avatar Chad A says:

      And when you trade in guns for new they’ll swap the specific shell for free! I’ve swapped shells from them many times!

      1. avatar USMC85 says:

        +1 on Alien holsters. Like most I have a shit load (please pardon the technical jargon). I ordered the IWB and OWB versions. Both are very comfortable, made with quality materials and affordable. They have moved to the top of the pile for my CC needs.

  10. avatar Tacbear says:

    I make my own holsters soooooo I only have about 40.

    1. avatar AllAmerican says:

      Bad ass. You sell them at all?

  11. avatar Art out West says:

    Not nearly enough. I’ve only got 4. Two of them are pocket holsters. That is fine, because I generally only pocket carry. One is an outside the waistband belt holster that fits several of my handguns. The last one is a German shoulder holster that came with my CZ-82.

  12. avatar fishydude says:

    I have 3 total from Chief Jason. 2 kydex hybrid holsters for my FNS9. One IWB and one OWB. These also fit my FNS9C.
    Additionally I have, also from CJ, a leather single clip IWB made for my FNS9C.
    I like the single clip for week days. Easier to take off and put it my pocket or gym bag going into the gym (not a gun free zone but want to avoid unintended exposure to a hopolophobe)
    My wife has two OWB leather holsters by CJ. One each for her CCP and VP9.
    Hopefully a blue gun will be available by the time I add an FNX45 to the cabinet.

  13. avatar DanRRZ says:

    I have 4-5 holsters I bought. Then I started making my own out of Kydex. Number rose significantly after that.

  14. avatar John Taylor says:

    I submit that the question is flawed. The only measure of holstermania is determined in the ratio of holsters to handguns. Glad to help out here. ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. avatar IdahoPete says:

    Way too many, but I know hat the perfect holster is just waiting out there, somewhere ….

    Actually, I have one perfect holster (from Milt Sparks), with another one on order for a 1911.

  16. avatar Ing says:

    Only five (for two guns). I have a long way to go.

  17. avatar Abunai says:

    As near as I can tell, more than 20 and less than 1,000,000.

    We all obsess about guns, but in my book holsters are WAY tougher to get right. You can’t really buy a quality holster off the shelf (so can’t try it on), and a custom holster typically takes months to get. And if it doesn’t work? Into the holster drawer! Repeat process.

    Also, the holster that works for my 1911, for example, does a lousy job with my Glock, and is overkill for my LCP. Just recently, the ankle holster that has worked great for my LCP failed miserably with a Kahr PM9. And so it goes…

  18. avatar Leo says:

    Have you heard of Ebay? ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Sure, but except for one of those, they’re all for guns I currently own. So I need them all!

      1. avatar Abunai says:

        Plus that new one that just came out – made of pure unobtanium.

    2. avatar TXGal says:

      Yip, and got two really nice leather basket weave holsters for Ruger SP 101 .357/.38 – Ruger SP 101 9mm revolver. Perfect fit, very comfortable, get lots of compliments. One is black, other is tan. Both off EBay, same artist/seller

  19. avatar actionphysicalman says:

    I have only ever bought two (for two guns). They both proved adequate on the first try.

  20. avatar Sian says:

    7 (I don’t count the 2 that came with my safe as I can’t wear them).

    A sadsack suede Uncle Mike’s IWB
    a double mag carrier of some sort. got it for gen3 S&W that I sold 2 years ago. Doesn’t fit my glock mags.
    2 Remora holsters
    1 Remora single mag carrier
    1 pocket holster that came with the crimson trace for my 740 (never used)
    Stealthgear Onyx G19 (So good!)

    Turns out if you go for the good stuff right off the bat, you don’t collect a lot of useless holsters.

  21. avatar ShaunL. says:

    I wish I only had 33. I have 15-20 C&R holsters alone as well as a few cowboy rigs.

    1. avatar ShaunL. says:

      My name is Shaun and I’m a holster-haulic…..

      As a side note… A few of the holsters I have are for guns I do not YET own. Sometimes a flea market/yard sale deal is too good to pass up. I’ve had several friends benefit from that habit in the past and even traded parts a time or two so I guess it isn’t all bad.

      Am I alone in this habit?

      1. avatar Mark says:

        Welcome Shaun. We feel your pain.

    2. avatar ShaunL. says:

      Update: You made me count but I got distracted and quit at around 50 so…. more than that. I didn’t feel like digging out crates of C&R stuff to count and ended up cleaning a few neglected “beaters” instead.

  22. avatar chadwick p. says:

    You made me think of Fear and Loathing with your “one toke over the line”. Haha good times. Wait fns compact outside the waistband? My full size fns rides inside. Although bulky I do consider it a carry on… Another film reference sorry.

  23. avatar Del says:

    See “Rubbermaid Pocket Shoe Organizer”.

    Hangs on the back of your door.

    Mine is sorted by gun, then by type. Easy to switch from holster to holster without digging.

    1. avatar ShaunL. says:

      I don’t have enough doors.

  24. avatar TmDaddy says:

    Just about every style I can find for 1911s, Beretta 92s, glock. Of course all my SAAs have a holster, and each of my other 20 makes of pistol have a holster. too lazy to go count them right now, but well over 50. Hold on to those extras, take them to the range when you’re taking a friend so they can try them on.

  25. avatar jake from detroit says:

    Six. All Raven concealment. One for each handgun I own (5) and another for my full size glock brand glock w/x300 ultra. Probably another 9 magazine carriers, all from Raven except one, a galco pocket magazine holster for 9mm glock magazines.

    I have two dozen different mounting kits for IWB, OWB, Paddle, quick detatch, offset wings, etc.

  26. avatar Mark N. says:

    Too many of the wrong ones and not enough of the right ones.

  27. avatar Chris. says:

    hmmm for my FNX I have 3 I believe. 2 right handed; 1 left handed. — the one I use when I carry is a Raven phantom (lefty)

    about 4 different mag carriers (ones I currently use are just the blackhawk double stack, single mag carrier).

    — for my Ruger LCR I also have 3 holsters now… High Noon Mr Softy; Galco Pocket holster I bught the day I bought the firearm, & the holster I typically carry in is actually a Remora. (IWB or pocket).

    edit: Ooops – I also have one for my Sig Mosquito! the Sig “Serpa” style. (I did buy a belt loop adapter for it; but do still have the paddle attachment)

  28. avatar Curtis in IL says:

    One Crossbreed Supertuck for CC (thankfully I did some research and made the right choice the first time), and one Blackhawk! Serpa for the range.
    No plans to add to that collection anytime soon.

  29. avatar David in NC says:

    Zero. Want to share one with me, Dan?

  30. avatar Stephen Rivera says:

    I’m ashamed to say that I own enough that were I to get full retail back on all of them ,I could buy myself a few nice guns……

  31. avatar Chris says:

    So many that I started working with Kydex in order to make my own. Buying them was just getting too damn expensive!

  32. avatar William says:

    Speaking of holsters, anyone have a recommendation for a outside the belt holster CCW for a Sig P290RS?

  33. avatar Larry Perkins says:

    I have no holsters “cluttering up” a drawer. At present, I have a only a “reasonable number” of holsters — all but one custom made (by me) — which works out to approximately one per carry gun.

    The number is “approximate” because I have a couple of recent acquisitions for which I still need to make a matching holster; but, outside of those, each holster contains an operable firearm and each operable “short gun” lives in a holster.

    While a few of these holsters occasionally “hang within easy reach,” none of them, at present, resides in a drawer…

    Now if you were to ask me how many holster *patterns* I have tucked into a drawer… ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. avatar ShaunL. says:

      Well done.
      Also, I believe I detect a hint of the linguistic tact only a married man can develop to it’s full potential…lol.

  34. avatar RenegadeDave says:

    So I see two kangaroo carry holsters up there but am not aware of a review… Since you’ve got one already… mind doing a review?

  35. avatar RenegadeDave says:

    To answer the question:
    Galco KingTuk Glock 9/40 slide
    Galco KingTuk M&P 9/40 slide
    Comptac Paddle Glock 9/40 slide
    Safariland 5199 Glock 34
    Raven Vanguard 2 Glock
    CompTac Spartan 1911 5″
    Ready Tactical 1911 5″
    Ready Tac 1911 mag pouch x 3
    Safariland universal pistol mag pouch
    Blackhawk! universal double mag pouch x 2
    CompTac Glock 9/40 mag pouch x 2
    Safariland M&P 9C GLS paddle/belt slide (whatever #)

    Including mag pouches, 16.

    I have a Mernickle PS6 on order, should take delivery in 2-3 weeks. Might do a Kydex pancake for a 1911 and call it a day, maybe. Pretty happy with the CompTac Spartan for IWB. I’m to the point where I think that CompTac has won the Kydex game.

    1. avatar lefty jason says:

      comptac have won the iwb game for me. also helps that they ship from my post office.

      all of my holsters are lefty. hoffners holster iwb for my sti gp6 that sits in a drawer, hoffner holsters paddle that has a gcode rti mount on it for the gp6, comptac minotaur body for the gp6 in a drawer, minotaur that is currently wearing a m&p 9c body, gcode osh rti for the 9c mounted under seat of car to hold it, gcode xst rti for the 9c in the glove compartment for when open carry comes to texas ๐Ÿ™‚ (might switch back and forth, not sure), nylon holster that fits my beretta u22 neos (set up right handed), blackhawk double stack mag holder.

      i think that puts me up to 8. theres probably one more coming on the way sometime.

  36. avatar PPGMD says:

    Tons. I probably have as mcuh money in holsters as many of the people I know have in guns.

    I have a huge box of Sig holsters when I carried those. I have a drawer full of misc holsters for other guns. And then I have open top containers filled with holsters and pouches for each gun that I use in competition.

    And my carry holsters are either on the shelf next to my bed, or on top of the safe.

  37. avatar RenegadeDave says:

    Reading the comments on this, is there a big contingency of FNS shooters? I’ve never seen one first hand in use. Handled one, seem decent enough, but not a compelling enough reason to abandon a plastic fantastic platform for it.

  38. avatar RockOnHellChild says:

    I only have a few holsters, my carry gun/holster evolution was short.

    And not a gun hoarder, I buy and sale guns frequently.

  39. avatar TheWraith says:

    Do my eyes deceive me or did you chop up your N82 holster?

    1. avatar TheSophist says:

      I did the same thing to my N82 to get a better “combat grip”. Love the holster, but it can be a bit more difficult to get a good grip on the firearm.

  40. Wow. I’ve got… three? Four? Something like that. One old one for my CZ-82, a trashy Uncle Mike’s for my P226, and a crossdraw on a Blackhawk! vest. I’ve got way more slings, which should probably tell you everything about how I think things would play out “if it went down”.

  41. avatar Hannibal says:

    2 for every handgun… one IWB, one OWB.

  42. avatar Retired LEO says:

    Not counting antique military
    14 IWB
    10 OWB
    4 DUTY
    5 Shoulder
    That’s after clearing out a few. Several of the IWB & OWB I keep for classes, never fails someone needs a loaner for a CCW or basic class.

    1. avatar MamaLiberty says:

      I urge everyone with “too many” holsters and other gear to donate some to an instructor. I’ve got a box full of things people have donated, or I bought cheap at gun shows, but I don’t even begin to have a good representative for each basic type of holster or mag carrier. I have one revolver holster and speed loader carrier, and would love to get more.

      I carried the revolver for a little while, then went to the XD – a .45 and now a 9mm. Have carried them in the same kind of desk rider OC holster for nearly ten years now. I’ve gone through two of them, since I’m hard on my holsters and won’t use any but full leather. Also have a special made “fanny pack” for CC.

      1. avatar Retired LEOK says:

        Thank You. In SC when the practical portion of the CCW class is taken they require drawing from holster. I hit yard sales box lots @ pawn shops, I give away a lot of them, also a lot of trainers charge $100 for the class. State fee is $50 they charge $50, 15-20 per 8 hour รงlass 2 classes a weekend & most require cash only. I charge $50 for my end also but that covers people I do for free. If they have been a violent crime victim I use the money to help pay the fees for them i make about $20 a class to cover my gas and a burger. I wish more instructors would not try to make a living off people that need the training the most.

  43. avatar Wayne Rugenstein says:

    This is trick right? Did my wife put you up to this? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  44. avatar YO_V says:

    Only one right now a Contact! Concealment AP Holster for my M&P 9. I’m going to buy a shield shortly so I’ll have to get at least one more.

  45. avatar Geoff PR says:

    “How many holsters are cluttering up your drawer?”

    There are some questions…one should never ask.

    Like that one.

    Show a little… common decency, won’t ya?

    (sobbing quietly…)

  46. avatar S.CROCK says:

    It would be a good idea to have at least one holster for each handgun you own. In a disaster scenario it would be terrible to have to carry an unholstered weapon. Also smart to have slings for your long guns.

  47. avatar GS650G says:

    Eh, three. I need to get one for my .9mm so I can carry it, maybe one that fits in my wallet.

    1. avatar Andy says:

      For .9mm, I recommend a ring holster. Keeps it extremely handy.

  48. avatar BlueBronco says:

    I couldn’t tell anyone offhand how many holsters I have than I could tell them how many socks I have.

  49. avatar Remasculated says:

    Four holsters for four handguns:

    * two IWB Milt Sparks’ for two commander-size 1911s
    * one OWB D.M. Bullard for a full-size 1911
    * one OWB D.M. Bullard for a Colt Government .380

    That leaves plenty of room in the drawer for spare mags, boxes of ammo and whatnot.

  50. avatar Dranosh says:

    None atm because I can’t find a IWB/OWB that fits a bersa 380 plus (15 + 1 double stack size)

  51. avatar Tominator says:

    Panther Concealment.

    My search is over! All my other holsters are For Sale!

  52. avatar TheSophist says:

    This sort of reminds me… TTAG has a Forum. Can we have a “Trade or Sale” forum on TTAG where members can buy/sell/trade items like, y’know, holsters? ๐Ÿ˜€

  53. avatar leo says:

    I wish I could, NJ …

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