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Dan and I got a tour of the new-for-2015 products from S&W and Thompson/Center. Details in the video above, and a few photos follow. . .

Standard M&P full size & compact in FDE:


Special edition 460XVR™ Bone Collector®:




M&P Performance Center Ported:



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  1. So basically nothing really new in the M&P line? How about fixing the triggers and then the accuracy issues with the 9mm. I liked mine when I had it. Then I tried the PPQ. It was a no brainer.

    • The triggers really are terrible. I only started looking into the M&Ps recently because I like the way they point and the ergonomics are great, but those triggers are horrible. I even played with a Performance Center version that had zero tactile or audible reset. The regular ones all have a gritty initial take up and are mushy after that. Please fix the trigger, so I can replace my Glocks.

    • I just got a recent production M&P 9 full size with the latest barrel revision. I can report that I have had no accuracy issues testing it on paper from 5-25 yards and that the trigger now has an audible and tactile reset. Not as good as my Glocks or PPQ trigger reset, but it is 100% there.

      I also have to sheepishly admit that despite my initial “meh” thoughts about the trigger, I can run a rack of plates with the M&P way faster than my G17s. The PPQ still rules the roost, but I’m pretty happy with the M&P 9 so far.

      None of these pistols are bullseye or target guns so a fist sized group will do, but it shoots better than that. I think they finally got the kinks cleared up. Worth a look in my opinion.

      Dudes who moan a lot about trigger quality on a non-hunting, non specialized target gun are the same guys who say their golf game would have been a couple strokes better if only they had had that super deluxe set of carbon fiber clubs with the special grip material. If only. 🙂

      • Yes they were supposed to have integrated the better trigger (a lot of which was reset-related) from the M&P Shield into the rest of the M&P line. I do believe that Walther can be thanked for that trigger quality improvement, as the Shield came out during their partnership and had a heck of a lot in common with the PPS. Anyhoo, the triggers should be better now than they were. There’s a decent aftermarket for upgrades (Apex and a couple others), but I personally wouldn’t do anything to the trigger on a gun that may be used for self defense. For target shooting and competition and hunting and such, sure thing.

  2. It saddens me that I don’t have the FREEDOM to buy a new S&W revolver without an idiotic and aesthetic killing lock hole. I weep for my Country, will continue to boycott S&W.

    • You can get non- lock 442, 642 snubbies and certain pro series do not have the locks. I hate them too which is why the only Smith revolver I own is a no lock 442. Otherwise it’s Rugers for me, now that old man Ruger and his Fudd politics have passed into history.

  3. Cool gun porn!!! My full size M&P .40 and .40c have never had an issue. Better grip than a lot of others, damn accurate, capable of being fired without a magazine, and easily carried IWB.
    My old 6906 is tried and tested reliable with every conceivable 9mm ammo. Thanks for the tour

  4. It’s a shame how they ruined the encore product line when they bought TC. I know a few smiths that can’t get parts or barrel blanks right now.


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