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A local news reader called me up to talk about guns. “Do you think teachers should be armed?” I asked her. “Well, uh, no,” she replied. “Why not?” Pause. “Because there could be an accident,” she said. “So how many accidents have there been in states that allow teachers to carry? And how do you balance that against a spree killing?” “Look,” she said, sounding distinctly bored. “You told me how you feel about guns. Other people have other feelings. I have my feelings about them–” “You just said the word ‘feelings’ three times, I interrupted. “Are we really going to base public policy on feelings?” If so, I’m angry at Adam Lanza. I’m sad that no one was there to protect the children, teachers and administrators at Sandy Hook. And I’m hopeful that Americans’ gun rights will persevere. But I am not ashamed. How do you feel?

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  1. Pissed. When I get associated with people half of my extended family died fighting… If I were a lesser man, the next statist pig to associate gun ownership with Nazism in my presence would be eating all his food through a straw for the next six months.

    • Me too. I have been glum about the direction of the country since the election. That really stunned me, to be honest.

      But the sea-change thats underway on 2A rights gives me hope, not just for the common-sense shown on the silly stuff- AWB, mag bans, blaming video-games, but for the change in trust, the wariness, that I sense, by good folks across the political spectrum, who have been confronted by facts, and considering them, have seen the blatant power grab attempted by the progressive elites, and might be ready to reconsider how that works in other even more important parts of our American life.

      • Most important, is what do we do now, for the school kids.

        Armed teachers and school monitors, for the volunteers among those willing and able, who would be vetted, trained, and re-qualified periodically by local LEOs is the only economical and practical answer.

        Anything less puts my kids and others at risk in the federally mandated gun-free-school-zones, and that might be a case for SAF and NRA if someone were able to take it up somehow, in one of the bluer states, “for the kids”, as a states rights case, or to repeal the GFSZ law.

        The what-to’s and how-to’s of training is a good topic for TTAG to explore, and promulgate the examples of “whats working”. More and faster, pls.

        • I recommend homeschooling.

          Shootings are the LOWEST risk to kids who go to institutional schools.

          Higher risks include: heightened passivity and conformity; daily exposure to the bad habits and ideas of other students; leftist indoctrination by teachers and administrators; reduced independent thinking and creativity; etc.

  2. It’s been a rough week at work. I have a sore back and my feet hurt a little. Other than that I feel fine.

    • lol you sound like me hahaha
      You better have the day off for April 16th!!!
      We are all headed to Sacramento.

      • The 16th is a Tuesday. I may be able to make it provided I haven’t been given a long term assignment by then. Post details on the 16th.

  3. I’m angry. I have the tools and experience needed to protect the kids I work with every day, but my school is the least gun-friendly place I’ve ever been. I don’t know what I would do if something terrible like Sandy Hook happened at my school. To know I had the equipment and desire necessary to prevent or limit such a terrible deed, but was unable to do so because of an asinine expectation of peaceful behavior, would be a truly awful feeling. I pray it never happens. Not to me and my kids or anyone else.

  4. im sad that we are taking the “if someone is driving 90mph in a 25mph zone then lets make it a 15mph zone” type of action. we are taking the “you killed 15 people but now we are going to make laws so if someone else tries to do that, they will commit two more felonies with their actions.”

  5. Frustrated with a little bit of despair on top.

    I don’t know how else to feel when I see a poster labeling a hand guard as a “barrel shroud” or a news report calling a .22 a “Military Style Assault Weapon”.

  6. I’m feeling like it’s going to be a long 4 years… To hear this guy talk about how we should be ashamed… Ashamed of what…protecting the most important right we have against tyranny? It ridiculous and we all should be offended… It’s almost funny how he likes to use human props when selling the big lies… I really feel sorry for those folks in the picture..

    • Do what I’ve done since 2008 – every time this jackass comes on TV, change the station or hit the mute button.

  7. My feelings are hurt, I have a pres. thats a POS. The only good thing is he came out of the closet. I do have a lot of hope though, for “change”, Randy

  8. Simple.

    Police use guns when they protect the public, they aren’t labeled criminals.

    Soldiers carry guns when they protect against invading forces, they aren’t labeled criminals.

    But law-abiding citizens (including former police and veterans) are having legislation forced upon them that brands them criminals for wanting to stay protected in certain locations (gun free zones) and for owning particular firearms.

    Does that make sense to you? Guns aren’t a new invention. They’ve been around for hundreds of years and operated safely by responsible and mature children and adults. Suddenly now, because of the actions of a few crazies and criminals, owning a specific type of firearm labels you the same as them? How would that make you feel?

    Know who’s having the biggest laugh about all this? Criminals. Because none of this unconstitutional legislation is affecting their activities and they’re watching this big circle-jerk with a big smile on their faces.

    • Ever heard the saying “This is why we can’t have nice things?”

      If we keep on with this stupid mindset of changing our laws to quantify the actions of the lowest common denominator in our society, then you may as well just put people in bubble suits where opinions can’t be shared for fear of hurting feelings and where you can’t touch anyone else just in case some sensitive person sees that as “violence”.

      I’d rather just live life and be judged for my actions, not how others think I behave because of their myopic preconceived notions.

    • I’m a little confused as to who these police are that protect citizens and I’d have to go back a couple hundred years in a history book to see the last time our military protected us from invading forces. I can name off plenty of instances of them being the invading force terrorizing innocent people….

      • That’s not actually true. Pearl Harbor wasn’t the only time the Japanese attacked our country directly. They did commence a modest land invasion into Alaska to take a foothold of the continent. Over the course of a few months men from the Army, Air Force, and Navy pushed them back into the sea. The Japanese never attempted a land invasion after that.

        You won’t learn about that little invasion that in any normal history class.

        • True – good point – although I imagine Totenglocke meant that there’s been no invasion of The Lower 48 for the last couple hundred years (since the War of 1812 or the Mexican War, depending on whether one understands the latter as an invasion of our country).

  9. “There might be an accident.”

    There’s also a very good chance that lives could be saved.

    • Yeah, I wonder if she’s given up cars and diving boards. Because I’ve known ONE person who shot himself. Fatally. On purpose. Yet I’ve met three or four people who are paralyzed for life by hitting the bottom of the pool, head first.

  10. These same liberal hypocrites don’t feel too ashamed at the average of 1.2 MILLION children that are murdered through abortion each year in the United States. These liberal hypocrites have the feelings of disgust as they watch Obama cry on CNN for the children while they watch on T.V. waiting in the “doctor’s” office for their turn in the abortion chair. Perfectly acceptable when it is a pair of scissors to the spine of a “fetus”.

    The Liberal uterus is more dangerous to children than my guns are.

    • Let’s keep abortion out of this discussion. Keep it focused on a clear violation of civil rights and we have the moral high ground.

        • There’s no hypocrisy. Pro-choice people like me do not consider fetuses to be persons in the first place, much less children.

        • Read the story: the babies were murdered outside the womb after surviving attempted abortions. A pregnant woman was murdered, too. There were no “fetuses” involved.

      • I am pretty sure that murdering a baby before it is born is a violation of it’s civil rights. The Nazis loved them some abortion though.

        • It’s not quite that simple. Both sides have valid arguments in the case of abortion. There are cases where it is a medical necessity and the argument could be made that a fetus unable to survive birth is not a “person” any more than your appendix is. Not going to rehash that argument here. Simply saying that unlike gun control, which is clearly wrong, abortion is a far more complex issue.

        • @pwrserge….Let’s set aside the 1% of abortions that are due to rape/incest/life of mother.

          Now that inconvenient other 99%. Can you explain the morality of how a fetus can change from “infinite worth” to “useless tissue” back and forth at the whim of another?

      • The topic at hand is “how do you feel” not “what other logical arguments can we present”.

  11. Pissed. I never liked collective punishments. I didn’t like them in High School, and I don’t like them now. I don’t like being punished because of what someone else did!

    And afraid to be honest. The nazi pigs only disarmed the Jews, and look how that turned out for them. What do you think is on their minds when they want everyone disarmed…

    Sadly, the words “Never Again” are nothing but words to too many Red Sea Pedestrians out there. They are at the forefront of disarming people all over again, when they should be flooding the NRA with applications and money…

  12. The Previous AWB was based on feelings as well. Feelings that it would solve the problems. How did that work out? The fact is that creating laws that go after anything other than the cause of the problem are non starters.

  13. Pissed to no end. I was recently toldat work I can’t have a pocket mini folding knife (2″) because “someone might get hurt”. It really hammered home how deeply engrained the nanny mentality has become. It is a cultural paradigm shift that deeply bothers me at a personal level.

  14. Harassed. Why am I lumped in with murderers and thieves because we both own versions of a tool? Their bad behavior wipes out my good behavior in the eyes of the nabobs who seek to control society and make it “safe”. As a gun owner I am selected for collective punishment for the actions of an extreme minority of gun owners. I, and millions like me, are law abiding, careful, concientious firearm owners who seek to enjoy our sport, our collections, and our inalienable rights with nary a thought of harming another individual unless they first show intent to injure or kill us, our loved ones, or those in the community around us. Grabbers, leave me alone. You, and people of your ilk own the media, the acadamy, most of the political conversation and you bloviate effectively unapposed about doing “something” to address wide range of percieved social ills. Shut up, go away and leave me and mine in peace. My firearms aren’t bothering you.

    • They ONLY want to “make it safe” until they’ve gotten all the legally-owned guns. Once that’s accomplished, they’re going to make it VERY unsafe.

    • Where were the “hands off” laws when serial killers were strangling people with their bare hands?

      I don’t recall any anti-crime laws stopping crime from occurring ever. The only thing that stops crime is effective investigation and guys with guns.

      • Exactly. The only thing keeping my family safe is me, standing armed and willing to use those arms, between them and the danger crashing through the front door. My local cops are nice guys but if something terrible happens, I am the one who will do the defending. They are only there to file the paperwork. When seconds count, the cops are there in minutes.

        I may not be one of Churchhill’s rough men, but in the event that it is necessary, I am prepared to do violence on my family behalf.

  15. I feel nothing but love for our Dear Leader coursing through my veins…

    …and if you feel anything else, you should report yourself to the authorities (before I do it myself).

  16. Yet again, Dear Leader proves that his only solution is to disarm the entire population rather than deal with the root cause of incidents like the Sandy Hook massacre!

  17. mostly sad that so much of our population is allowing themselves to be so thoroughly and completely manipulated and lied to in such an obvious way. Ignorance is bad, willful ignorance is worse.

  18. I am pissed that next Wednesday the CT legislature will vote to disarm me based more on the “feelings” of the parents of Sandy Hook than on the law, logic and the many gun owners who spent hours to testify. It would have been more honest if they said that it is not a democracy and we will do what we want so you can all go FOAD.

    I am pissed that we have handed over the law making to a group of unelected parents because of how they “feel” and how they “feel” is more important than a civil right.

    I am pissed that “feelings” is how we pass laws and then we have to waste time and money in courts to undo the stupid because the courts are used as weapon both for and against any cause.

    I am pissed everytime someone says “common sense” because you know they are ready to give you some BS.

    I am pissed the POTUS can hold the bloody shirt, but we cannot do the same with a group of people that survived an attack by using a gun and that somehow that a death is more important than a life.

    I am confused that logical people can see the same works in the 2a and completely discount its meaning.

    I am sorry that many have lost someone because of some crazy person shooting them with a gun, but your anger is misplaced, and taking my rights will neither bring your loved one back, nor stop someone else from dying nor stop a future crazed killer because those who are criminals could not give a darn about what is written on some piece of paper. You may “feel” good for some time, but nothing will change the facts. If you truely wish to do some good, go protest outside of some drug dealers home, so stop the gangs in the inner city, go mentor a child of single parent but leave my rights alone.

  19. Destin, Florida t-minus one week and three days. I am not worrying about anything right now.

  20. I am sick & tired of no one that I know of (except myself) mentioning the fact that >>many<< of the guns that have killed people across America are surplus weapons from militaries across the world. Of the ones that are not – many are clones, or civilian versions, of guns that came into being (at least in part) w/ nation state money. No one mentions the fact that the AR's around America are there in part because the DoD spent more money on the M-16 and the 5.56 than any other small arms project in history. And the 1911's, and the M1's, etc. etc. The DoD is one of, if not the greatest, weapons proliferators in the world. And it is telling me what weapons I can have? And it has given loads of guns AND MONEY abroad that will almost certainly make their way to Americas enemies (can you say "awakening councils").

    For God's sake

    For Mans sake

    Quit making, buying, funding, and disseminating so many weapons if you do not want them in the hands of the average joe !

    • Correction: The DoD is one of the greatest defenders of liberty in the world.

      I’m pretty sure that’s what you meant to write.

      • Of course, you meant the War Department. THAT was the greatest defender of liberty in the world. The Department of Defense is where the War Department used to be. Rather like Zimbabwe being where Rhodesia once was. VERY similar, in fact.

  21. Do I feel ashamed? No. Ashamed because some nut job shot a bunch of people and I happen to own firearms? No. What does that have to do with me? I feel no more responsibility for my firearms having anything to do with this criminal activity than I do for somebody else on the other side of the country driving drunk and killing somebody having anything to do with the fact that I also own a car. I’m also a guy and I have hair and two legs and drink water and eat food, but those things don’t make me responsible for the Sandy Hook killer’s actions either.

    My guns have never hurt a soul and have never been used in crime. They are not responsible, and I am not responsible, for how somebody else chooses to use their guns or knives or cars or explosives or hands and fists or anything else.

  22. Tired, angry, disparaged, more than a bit depressed over the future of this country. Mostly tired though.

  23. The problem is our leadership in this country thinks that they are supposed to rule by feelings, BULLSHIT!!! I was proffessional fire fighter and responded to hundreds of people seriously hurt by all kinds of things. In training they told us to switch off emotion, and react to the problem first. Feelings were for back at the station house. When ur on scene emotion will not help anyone!! You have to be able to switch it off to be able to save lives. We didnt elect a President to be our father, im sure we all have fathers already, we pay him to run are country!! Emotion is a personal thing that has no place in leadership rolls!! Our president is an assclown that preys on peoples emotion to further his pollitical career! Example, I roll up on a drowning victem here in FL, as a fire rescue paramedic, the first thing we did was get the emotionaly distrot parents out of the way, so we could work on their son. Im not being mean, in fact the oppisit. You see the paents screaming and crying isnt going to help us revive the child, in fact it could cover up breath sounds and faint pulse’s, not to mention when we revived this little guy he was not sure what had happened to him. And screaming crying parrents would only upset the child further. After stablizing him enough for transport, I would then pull the parrents aside and let them know hes going to be ok, but i need one of you calm to ride with us to the hospital. Calm is the key. If your emotional it can lead to mistakes, and mistake cost lives. After getting their son te hospitals ER, I always told the prrents you did the right thing, and because of that your sons alive. Theres a time and place for feelings, when your trying to revive a 5 yeald boy that was discovered in the bottom of your pool, is not one of those times for the rescue workers. Nor is it the Presidents place in his office, you dont see him getting this eotional over all the boys coming home in body bags from the war!! Becase he realizes thats not his place either, its the families and friends of that man or women who gave their life for the FREEDOM HE’s TRYING TO SHIT ON!!! He’s clearly the worst President this countrver had!!

  24. Affronted. Insulted. Defamed. Slandered. Slighted. Exasperated. Peeved. Riled. Put out. Vexed. Etc. pick one

    • He won’t do that. He’ll just send his band of para military security to do it for him. The boot on your neck is for your own good you understand.

  25. “How do you feel?”

    “How do you feel?”

    “How do you feel?”

    “I do not understand the question…” – Spock, Star Trek IV.

    • This. Next time say “I’m sorry, but rational adults make decisions based on facts and logic, not on feelings”.

  26. Pissed off that an LGS would charged $1600 for a $1000 AR-15. Pissed off that another LGS would sell the same for $1300. Pissed off that CTD charges $35 for a box of Tul 9mm Ammo. Pissed off that Lucky Gunner is selling the same ammo at $28. Pissed off that LGSs are ripping people off.

    • Prices are determined by supply and demand, and artificially lowering the market’s price because of a spike will only prolong the spike. Think about it for a sec: if you tell .357 ammo manufacturers that they cannot charge more than $20 a box when they could otherwise get $35, they’ll stop or slow their manufacturing. As a result, there will be even less .357 ammo available, and the price will stay high.

      But if you let the manufacturers charge as much as they want, eventually the price will rise too high for most buyers, and buying will slow down, and the supply will grow, and prices will fall.

      For a famous example, see the long lines at gas stations that resulted from the federal government’s price controls on gasoline in the early 70’s.

      • PRICE GOOGING IS illegal dumb ass! If the manufactures of ammo would have invested more money in production equipment, and not tried to use this time of political bullhit to increase profit magines we all would see more on the shelfs! Their feeding on their own kind! And dont evn get me started on the dickheads bying up thousands of rounds to mark up tripple MSRP to resale…

        • Went to a gun show recently and found out a few people from the show were in Walmart and a few other ammo and firearm retailers buying stuff to sell at the show for higher prices…. jerk wods

        • There is no “price gouging”, it doesn’t even exist – it’s a made up term for people like you who are angry that the basic math of supply and demand doesn’t give you the ultra low price you want.

          Ammo companies aren’t going to increase capacity until after all the gun control crap blows over. Why? Because demand could very quickly drop if whole classes of firearms are banned and then they’d have spent millions on expanding their factory for no reason. It’s the same reason gun companies aren’t expanding – because they don’t want to build a new factory to make AR’s and then find out that AR’s are illegal in a few months.

          @ ChrisMcLain

          How are they jerks? If they hadn’t bought the ammo at Walmart, the people are the gun should wouldn’t have been able to purchase it there. They are acting like any middleman and charging a fee for the service of getting the goods (in this case ammo) to the consumer – it’s common sense. If the people at the gun show think it’s too high, they won’t buy it and the sellers will lower their price.

        • Fine enjoy not being able to get ammo then. Expanding production is not easy at all. Illegal or not the rules of supply and demand still apply.

    • False. They are not ripping you off, they raised prices due to a combination of lower supply and increased demand.

      This is basic economics. If supply is constant and demand increases, the price goes up. If demand is constant and supply decreases, the price goes up. If demand increases AND supply decreases, you’re going to have a noticeable increase in prices.

      • So, let me get this straight. You are okay is Walmart sells a box of 100 rounds of .40 for $35 while the major online (if I recall was Bulk Ammo) selling the exact same box for $70. That is called ripping people off. They have the same purchasing wholesale power. The two ARs I found in the same town were the exact same model. MSRP on the manufacture’s site was $985. On LGS, $1300 the other $1600. That is called ripping people off and/or taking advantage of them. This site is called TTAGs. I do not see any articles written about the LGSs and online sites are ripping people off. That tells me they are biased in their reporting. Do they not want to shed any negativity on the retailers? I have been keeping track of this and there a few dealers that are not ripping people off and we should support them. I even over heard the owner of Duffy’s telling the owner of WE Sell (he was doing a dealer to dealer transfer) how is jacking up his prices at his store because the people around him have disposable income. Just like any major corporation, taking advantage and trying to extract as much out of a person as they can.

        • Stop reacting with emotion and start thinking. This is not hard. It is so basic that even I can understand it.

          You get “ripped off” if you choose to buy a “rip-off.” Paying a higher price than someone else for a product is always the risk in shopping. Go check out the price of a six-pack of Bud at Wal-Mart, and then go check out the price of the same six-pack at Whole Foods. It’s at least $2 more at Whole Foods. Each buyer can decide whether it’s worth it to buy from Whole Foods or take the trip to Wal-Mart. Likewise, each shopper at Wal-Mart can decide whether he’s satisfied with their food selection or whether to make a trip to Whole Foods.

          Your proposal is to have the government do the shopping for you by imposing price controls. But, as proven by 100% of the evidence from past price controls, that will only GUARANTEE that you are ripped off (for the reasons stated already in previous posts above) – whereas now you have the choice whether to pay a higher price.

          If you want higher prices and more shortages, support price controls.

  27. The question now is when we should expect the new Reichstag Fire. Don’t tell me that FOTUS (Fuhrer of the United States) hasn’t considered it.

    • lovin that “Fotus”, perfect. slimy bastid wants me to pay a fine if i cant afford insurance, take away me guns etc. the history channel nailed it when they cast obamas double as satan in a recent show.

  28. How do I feeeel? Hm.

    Quite honestly, I feel like slapping the sh*t outta lots of people right about now, *cough* gun haters *cough* but…well…that would only land me in trouble I don’t need.

    Thank you for asking, though. It “felt” good to get that confession out there.

  29. I feel like I am in the same argument I have been in for the past 15 years.

    “A local news reader called me up to talk about pit bulls. “Do you think people should own pit bulls?” I asked her. “Well, uh, no,” she replied. “Why not?” Pause. “Because there could be an accident,” she said. “So how many accidents have there been in homes where the dogs have responsible and loving owners? And how do you balance that against a one-off attack by animals who were not managed properly in the first place?” “Look,” she said, sounding distinctly bored. “You told me how you feel about pit bulls. Other people have other feelings. I have my feelings about them–” “You just said the word ‘feelings’ three times, I interrupted. “Are we really going to base public policy on feelings?” If so, I’m angry at the irresponsible dog owners that can’t control their animals. I’m sad that no one was there to control the dog and protect the child who was hurt. And I’m hopeful that Americans’ rights to own the dogs of the types they prefer will persevere. But I am not ashamed. ”

    Same arguments, same issues, will likely be the same result. Restrictions, limitations and bans. The only thing the gun lobby has that the dog lobby doesn’t is a ton of men and a large organization that (thankfully) has some money to spend on great videos and advertising.

  30. I feel fine. The months leading up to November, 2014 will be aggravating at times, and we will lose a battle here and there, but on election day 2014, we will win the war.
    What is best in life? To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentations of their women!

    • You are so right Steve, the hole country needs to vote these anti American government to fin CURB!! Obama get real, if you ever have bin, you fake bastard. Why dont you bring up dead children one more fin time. Hes the worst thing that has ever happened to this country! You would have thought the first black president would known a thing or two about FREEDOM. Mr. King certainly did!!

  31. It’s OK for feelings to drive legislation. Feelings were partly responsible for Texas introducing shall issue concealed carry after the Killeen massacre, and that was a good thing.

    The problem is that while feelings may drive legislation, facts and logic must inform it, and it is the job of elected representatives to analyze the facts carefully and see how the proposed legislation relates to the problem that drove it, and when fundamental rights may be affected, as they are with gun legislation, to make sure the proposed remedies are not unconstitutional.

    • Yeah, Bloombergs billions hard at work to purchase the MEDIA in this country, as well as Obama’s BS “its all for the children” ohhh excuse me, I vomitted a little in my mouth typing that!lol Okay Mr. president, if its really about childrens safty, then why is your vice president telling the US that none of these gun control measures will prevent another Sandy shooting???? Im waiting??? Thats wht I thought, these assclowns cant even keep their storries straight.. And these 2 dumbass’s want to amend our Constatution, I wouldnt let these two clowns work on my copy machine!!!

  32. Pissed. Angry. Frustrated. Maybe throw in a little disgust, too.
    If we’ve become such a “wussified” (yea – I know) nation that we can no longer even understand the difference between feelings and reason, we’re F’n doomed.
    And our progressive leaders do all possible to insure feelings and emotions are elevated to positions of moral high ground, while reason and logic are denigrated as ‘cold hearted’. Come to think of it, they don’t even hide that this is their approach. And too many (FAR too many) fall into lockstep.

  33. I feel like the conflict between pathos and logos should have been settled by now… Scientifically we can put people on the moon, emotionally we’re still living in caves.

  34. I feel like Americans increasingly believe feelings and emotional decision making are more important than using facts and reasoning in deciding upon the best course of action to take.

  35. In a word, disappointed.

    My anxiousness over the possibility of seeing more freedoms stripped away has subsided, but it’s not gone. While knee-jerk reactions like NY’s SAFE Act and other state-level bills have been troubling and threats at the national level are still looming, it does seem like the firestorm of anti-gun sentiment hasn’t been as devastating as it might have been. I’m relieved to have seen so many people stand up for individual freedom. I’m happy that enough people have questioned what we might collectively be giving up in the name of “doing something” that we have not yet sold our freedoms down the river wholesale.

    Which brings me back to “disappointed.” I could be angry or resentful, but I choose not to be. I don’t like “us vs. them” politics, and I really don’t think most people calling for sweeping gun control are really bad or stupid so much as they’re ignorant and scared. And it makes me sad to see them submit to that fear and so readily toss aside freedoms that they don’t themselves cherish.

  36. I feel many things regarding this situation. I feel proud that my fiancee who never knew anything about guns, until she met me, is now a firm gun supporter. I feel happy that my fiancee is a nurse, and that most of her co-workers are gun supporters. I feel worried about what is happening to our government. A lot of the people chosen to protect us care more about the moment than the truth. It scares me that these people do not check the facts, or talk to the people they are trying to destroy. It scares me that these people change what they want to do from one moment to the next. It saddens me that the politicians lie, take bribes, and do whatever they feel is necessary to make their term continue. It worries me what is happening to this country, the people in charge are diverting attention from our true problems to things that are attention grabbers. What about gas prices, what about schooling, WHAT ABOUT OUR NATIONAL DEBT?
    I am a 33 year old white male, I work 50 plus hours a week to help support my family. My fiancee works hard too. We have 2 kids we would die for. I carry every where I go. I would die for my family, I would die protecting someone on the street who needs it. That is what America does, we save our people, or die trying.
    Mostly I worry where this country is going

  37. I feel like, despite being a law-abiding citizen with no criminal record or violent tendencies, that I am being vilified for an object that I own, hated for my chosen hobby, treated as a child murderer because I own an amalgamation of steel and plastic.

    It comes from the weirdest places. . . Yesterday I was talking to the UPS guy and he asked me about my MidwayUSA package, I told him it was reloading components for making ammunition and he looked at me like I was scraped off the floor of 7th ring of hell. I’ve lost at least two friends in recent months because of where I stand on othe “gun debate.” I have also made new friends, so that’s something. . .

  38. Shame on you, Mr. Obama for having 3 full months to exploit mass media diarrhea and still failing to ban freedom.

  39. Annoyed, frustrated… sure. Saddened… a little bit. Hopeful… also a little bit.

    Being a gun owner in these trying times is quite a roller coaster… it’s almost as stressful as being a teacher (HA!). Emotions have their place and purpose, but keeping a cool head and focusing on where we can be productive and positive is what will keep the gun community moving forward.

    More action, even things as small as taking a newbie friend to the range, is going to be more helpful in the long run than wasting energy ranting and arguing with those whose are 100% dead-set against having a rational dialogue about the place of guns in American society.

  40. I feel sad that the “Intellectual Elite” are not using their elite intelligence to help this country take an intelligent, problem-solving approach to addressing this issue rationally, but rather are taking a populistic, feel-good approach that won’t do anything to identify the root causes that can be addressed without violating our Constitution in the process.

  41. Very interesting information and thanks for sharing. I came across your post when I was searching for something else. Can’t wait to go home and check it out more closely. I’ll share your work with my colleagues.

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