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President Obama is disappointed by the waning prospects for federal civilian disarmament proposals. And so the Petulant in Chief played the scold in this morning’s speech. In front of a gaggle of mothers who’d lost children to “gun violence,” Mr Obama hectored his audience from on-high. He brazenly claimed that an assault weapons ban, ammunition capacity limits and federal gun registration would not be “taking away anyone’s gun rights.” He criticized pro-gun rights supporters for “running out the clock.” And admitted that no matter what, “there would still be gun deaths.” Here’s what the President told the American people . . .

Shame on us if we’ve forgotten. I haven’t forgotten those kids. Shame on us if we’ve forgotten. If there is one thing I’ve said consistently since I first ran for this office, nothing is more powerful than millions of voices calling for change.

And that’s why it’s so important that all these moms and dads are here today, but that’s also why it’s important that we’ve got grassroots groups out there that got started and are out there mobilizing and organizing and keeping up the fight.

That’s what it’s going to take to make this country safer.

It’s going to take moms and dads and hunters and sportsmen and clergy and local officials, like the mayors who are here today, standing up and saying, this time really is different, that we’re not just going to sit back and wait until the next Newtown or the next Blacksburg or the next innocent, beautiful child is gunned down in a playground in Chicago or Philadelphia or Los Angeles before we summon the will to act.

Right now members of Congress are back home in their districts and many of them are holding events where they can hear from their constituents, so I want everybody who is listening to make yourself heard right now.

If you think that checking someone’s criminal record before he can check out a gun show is common sense, you’ve going to make yourself heard. If you are a responsible, law-abiding gun owner who wants to keep irresponsible, law-breaking individuals from abusing the right to bear arms by inflicting harm on a massive scale, speak up. We need your voices in this debate.

If you’re a mom like Katarina who wants to make this country safer, a stronger place for our children to learn and grow up, get together with other moms like the ones here today and raise your voices and make yourselves unmistakably heard.

We need everybody to remember how we felt 100 days ago and make sure that what we said at that time wasn’t just a bunch of platitudes, that we meant it.

And the desire to make a difference is what brought Corey Thornblad here today. Corey grew up in Oklahoma, where her dad sold firearms at gun shows. And today she’s a mom and a teacher. And Corey said after Newtown she cried for days for the students who could have been her students, for the parents she could have known, for the teachers like her who go to work every single day and love their kids and want them to succeed.

And Corey says, “My heart was broken and I decided now was the time to act, to march, the time to petition, the time to make phone calls because tears were no longer enough.”

And that’s my attitude. Tears aren’t enough. Expressions of sympathy aren’t enough. Speeches aren’t enough. We’ve cried enough. We’ve known enough heartbreak. What we’re proposing is not radical, it’s not taking away anybody’s gun rights. It’s something that, if we are serious, we will do it. Now is the time to turn that heartbreak into something real.

It won’t solve every problem. There will still be gun deaths deaths. There will still be tragedies. There will still be violence. There will still be evil.

But we can make a difference if, not just the activists here on this stage, but the general public, including responsible gun owners say, you know what, we can do better than this. We can do better to make sure that fewer parents have to endure the pain of losing a child to an act of violence. That’s what this is about. And enough people like Katarina and Cory (ph) and the rest of the parents who are here today get involved, and if enough members of Congress take a stand for cooperation and common sense, and lead and don’t get squishy, because time has passed and maybe it’s not on the news every single day.

If that’s who we are, if that’s our character, that we’re willing to follow through on commitments that we say are important, commitments to each other and to our kids, then I’m confident we can make this country a safer place for all of them.

So thank you very much, everybody. God bless you.


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        • I think this event was prerecorded. I think he was up in South Side Chicago proselytizing for an end to gang violence out on the practice hole trying to tame that slice he hits with his fairway woods.

        • I haven’t forgotten…

          …the 2000 babies chopped and yanked out of the womb yesterday, or the same approximate number that will happen today. I haven’t forgotten the 1/4 MILLION that have died already this year. I haven’t forgotten how studies have shown they feel pain as early as 12 weeks. I also cannot forget how you have voted FOUR TIMES against legislation to prevent an unwanted baby who is born from dying, Mr. Obama. You sir, are an illogical monster. Do something first about the US killing 1,000,000+ kids every year and then I’ll consider supporting your gun legislation. Until then I cannot take you seriously

      • I sure hope nobody assassinates him because as a martyr, we would be carrying coins with his likeness in our pockets within 18 months.
        God that SOB has HUGE effing chimp ears.

    • +100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000

    • Shame on YOU Obama for standing on the graves of children killed in YOU’RE False Flag Operation, Shame on YOU for the deaths of hundreds of Mexican citizens and American Border Patrol Agents killed by REAL assault rifles that were GIVEN to CARTELS by FAST AND FURIOUS. Shame on YOU Obama for using False Flag Ops, false media stories, and threats to force you’re fascist will upon the American citizens who DO NOT support your so called “common sense” gun regulation. Shame on YOU. Obama For using our hard earned tax dollars to buy 2 billion rounds of ammunition, 3000 tanks and 7,000 ASSAULT WEAPONS to arm your own private army to use against us, while telling us GUNS ARE BAD. If guns are so bad, YOU DISARM. We will not submit, we will not surrender, we will vote all of you out, and if by some miracle you ram through unconstitutional legislation WE WILL NOT COMPLY. The 2nd Amendment is NON NEGOTIABLE.

      “The right of THE PEOPLE to keep and bear arms SHALL NOT be INFRINGED”

      MOLAN LABE, Mr Obama….MOLAN LABE….

  1. Dear Obama:

    I’m sure it causes you great pain that your efforts to control us are failing. You can’t imagine how much I’m enjoying watching you writhe.

    • Exactly. He is overplaying his hand but he doesn’t have the discipline to stop doing it, and it will cost him and his party in the elections of 2014 and, hopefully, in 2016. (Let’s hope it also costs the spineless leadership of the GOP, too.)

      • MothaLova says:
        “it will cost him and his party in the elections of 2014 and, hopefully, in 2016. (Let’s hope it also costs the spineless leadership of the GOP, too.)”

        That’s absolutely right. Let’s not forget that the Bozo the GOP ran for President in the last round said that he was for an “assault weapons” ban himself, and if one were put before him, he would sign it. Let’s also not forget that we were sold down the river by the GOP leadership when the last “assault weapons” ban passed Congress in 1994. None other than Ronald Reagan and Gerald Ford teamed up with Jimmy “peanut” Carter to write letters to Congressmen in support of the 1994 ban. Let’s also not forget that Bush, the younger, also was in favor of an “assault weapons” ban, and said that if one were sent to him he would sign it.
        Now is the time to separate the wheat from the chaff. We MUST glean these anti-Constitution, anti-gun politicians out of the political realm all together. We have enough trouble keeping an eye on the Feinsteins and Schumers of the world, without having to worry about the wolves in sheep’s clothing like the ones listed above. We had candidates who ran on pro-Constitution, strict construction, pro- 2nd Amendment platforms, yet the majority continued to vote for the men who gave us the Patriot Act, NDAA, and endless other rights destroying laws. We must realize that if we continue to vote for the same old thing, that’s exactly what we’re going to get…the same old thing.

        • NO Republicans (Mitt included) would have gone near what the libtard dems have been pushing since Newtown. We are in this mess because people either voted for Barry, Donald Duck, or did not vote at all.
          Elections matter.

  2. He talks about “change” and that we need it to prevent school shootings and violence on our city streets, but wouldn’t “change” be to do away with gun-free zones and bans on concealed carry in our most dangerous cities?

    • Now that is some Tom Foolery and crazy talk right there! How dare you use common sense instead of dancing on the graves of dead children!!!! 😉

  3. Piss off Mr. President. Waving the bloody shirt is a dispicable thing to do. Legislating with emotion is a stupid thing to do. If you want a legacy of anything more than petty tyranny, stand up and lead. Don’t organize, don’t campaign, don’t rally or fundraise. Lead. Let me get a dictionary for you so you can look up the definition. Until then, I say again. Piss off.

    • I’m not religious at all but he really is looking more crazy and unhinged every day, isn’t he? And it’s not just this photo.

      • He’s losing it, but an upcoming school shooting might give him a jump. Finger wagging and all.

        And those eyebrows look glued-on.

  4. “Run out the clock”?

    So in other words you admit you were just cashing in on the emotional response following a tragedy? That gun control is a failed cause when people have a chance to actually think things through?

    Nah, of course you don’t.

    Please, scold us some more. I can’t believe people voted for this guy to act like the Papa in Chief for the Nation.

  5. As I look at obama and think about the last 5 years… I agree, we can do better! Impeach this POS! A geriatric hobo scraped off the streets of a third world country would be better.

    • IF he gets impeached, you better get Biden out legally too. His apparent stupidity (if it isn’t an act, and even more so if it is) is as dangerous, if not more so to the highest written law of the United States of America: The United States Constitution.

    • I’ve heard Schwartzenegger has paintings of mutilated babies in his house.

      No… seriously.

  6. If it was looking dimmer by the day for ramming through unpopular legislation despite all the investment in twisted rhetoric, bogus numbers, half-stories by the MSM and constant plays on emotion I’d be frustrated too. I and my cohorts played every hand we had and it may not work.

  7. Millions of voices are calling for change. We want to return to a free country. Do you hear the millions calling? Do you, barry, slo joe, difi, kapo bloomberg?

    • All there phones just go to voice mail and even that is full!
      They are following Colorado’s creed, ignore the constituents. I am hoping we will see drastic change in CO to put for the example. They will be like lambs to slaughter in the next election.

  8. how come he trotted out those kids and not the ones in Chicago that are actually being shot at 15x the rate of the Sandy Hook kids? … Because then hed be confronted with the impact of gun free zones?

    • He’d be confronted with the reality of progressive rule: Chicago

      Detroit and it are total crapholes thanks to decades of their ruinous death grip on politics there.

      • Chicago and Detroit… and New Orleans and Washington, D.C. and L.A. and almost every other major city. 50 years of leftist rule have hollowed them out.

  9. “If you think that checking someone’s criminal record before he can check out a gun show is common sense”

    Yes, and please, have your papers ready… Oh those LEO’s just wanna make sure your guns are stored properly. Have you ever been angry? you sound like you have a mental illness you should turn in your guns so you don’t hurt yourself….

    I’m sorry but FOAD, take your bloody shirt waiving act of standing on the dead bodies of children and leave.

    • Upon reflection, should we really have a person commanding the most powerful military in the world…who previously manned the Choom-Mobile, got his ethical advice from an admitted bomber, and depends on the current wisdom of a slum lord? What one thinks of background checks depends on…what they’re checking, eh?

  10. If he pointed his finger like that in school, he’d be expelled. Pardon me if a point a finger back at him — just not that one.

  11. Mr. President, I’m plenty angry about these school shootings. I just haven’t been blinded by rage into believing that lax gun control is the problem.

  12. Obama, I dissapointed in your weak azz leadership. You spend your time campaigning to take rights away instead of doing anything to help this country. I can’t wait until you are no longer president.

  13. re:gun violence

    Mr. President,

    The “gun” in gun violence is a modifier. Fix the violence and the guns take care of themselves. This is common sense we can agree on.


  14. Maybe the people would be able to focus better on you gun control song and dance if you stopped kicking them in the balls with sequestration.

  15. Sure, taking away your right to own modern weapons isn’t “taking away anybody’s right to own guns” in the same way as North Dakota’s ban on abortion after eight weeks “isn’t taking away anybody’s right to have an abortion.” And by that I mean it’s taking away 90% of the right and pretending like the last 10% is good enough.

  16. more attempted political gain of the backs of the dead no one is listing to you no one care about you and if you were American you would understand Dictator Obummer

  17. “[N]othing is more powerful than millions of voices calling for change.”

    Here is my voice. Let me add it to the multitudes who stand with me:

    We demand change in the tone and direction from people seeking – or pretending to seek – solutions to our nation’s violence problems. We deny your proposals for new gun control; all of them, categorically and without prejudice. If that is the path you choose, you will not be victorious. If you are serious and committed to keeping guns out of the hands of criminals and lunatics, and ending the threat of “spree killers” once and for all, we urge you to take a new path. Many among us share that noble goal. Work with us to find real solutions. Gun control is not the answer.

    That is the change we demand.

    • I think maybe he’s slipping back into Community Organizer Mode. BTW Wasn’t today 3-28-13 a day for a call for action or some such crapola? Haven’t heard a peep on the news.

    • Every time I hear how we need change I think about the Southpark episode where the homeless want change…. Obama’s logic is about the same as that episode…. chaaaange….

  18. Every time Obama says the word “Newtown”… I make another $20 contribution to the NRA.

    That Newtown line is going to get old very quickly. He can only pull that card out so many times. After a while it is like crying “wolf”.

    • I would remind you of the number of times he said something to the effect of, “blame Bush” over the past five years. He likes to use old, tired, material. Kinda like a Jim Carrey joke, nothing new or original.

  19. How bout them drone strikes Prez?

    I guess brown-skinned children in other countries don’t matter.

  20. maybe he can remove the claim of exec privilege over fast and furious documents first?

  21. The President and other Gun Control advocates propose a series of ineffective and intrusive measures that will do nothing to prevent or mitigate violence in this country…

    …The the public has a chance to digest the content of those measures and consider them – and come to the logical conclusion that they are ineffective…

    …and then the president wonders why the support for those measures is low.

    And people said George Bush was stupid.

  22. I hate saying this (really!), but the President of the United States is a liar.

    A bold, unrepentant liar who know he utters lies, and is so arrogant he believes it his right – as our intellectual and moral superior.

    • Naturally. Tyrannical impulses pre-suppose the belief that those being governed are inferior in intellect and behavior.

      It’s self-reinforcing. The belief in personal superiority gives an excuse for any behavior one knows to be wrong for others, and domineering over others requires some personal rationale as to why this can be done.

      Think about how many smug liberals you know.

  23. “…nothing is more powerful than millions of voices calling for change.”
    Dear Mr. Obama, the fundamental concept of this country is that we are a REPUBLIC, not a democracy. In a republic, the rule of law is king and THE RIGHTS OF THE PEOPLE ARE PROTECTED. In other words, even if millions of people “vote” to take away my rights, the government is supposed to step in and say to those millions, “You can’t do that, this person has rights.”

    Side note: The govt can’t take away your natural rights, they simply stop protecting them.

  24. Hey, Mr. President; explain to me how the world will be a safer place and how the people yet to be killed in a violent act where the perpetrator is killed by a handgun, rifle or shotgun, will be saved if I turn in my firearms.

    Then explain to me…convince me, that if I had never owned a firearm, anyone who has already been killed by a person brandishing a firearm, would have been spared?

    Explain to me how in order to keep felons from utilizing firearms, I must first give up mine. Then show me how that actually works.

    And lastly; convince me that when that skulking dirt bag comes around, that the Police will be there to stop him, even though they are a full 45 minutes away.

    Until then, I take your rhetoric to mean that my family and those I may play host to, are of no value to you and yours and if that is the case, you are in fact the problem – not the felon!

  25. I like that part about the children dying, because they are dying just not in large numbers in one shooting, but by larger number in multiple shooting, quick guess where?! FOAD obama

  26. I do laugh at Obama he wanted a AWB so bad. now he says one sentence about it and its a lie. Seems he may think its DOA now. Now this fascist wants us to support a registration bill that makes a future total AWB a reality. East your own crap Obama.

  27. Almost every posting on various web sites( except for Huffpost and the NYT) ; are 10 to one in support of the second amendment and no more gun laws, it gives me hope that the common citizen is not the sheep so many paint them to be.

    It’s that old saying that is so true, “you can fool some of the people all of the time, all of the people some of the time; but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time”.

    The Sleeping Giant is starting to wake up and when it’s fully awake, it’s anger at the violation of it’s birthright and natural rights will drive these facist control freak wanna be demi-gods out of thier palaces and into the pit of hell they came from.

  28. I enjoy knowing that he seethes with anger and writhes in agony (like the snake that he is) over his inability to control and take away the rights of the citizens of these United States.

  29. “God bless you”

    EDIT: change that to”Allah bless you” or “Marx bless you” or “The Fatherland blesses you” or “Big Brother & Sister blesses you”. You choose.

  30. FOAD Obama!!! I’m sick of these civilian disarmament schemes being touted from atop the graves of dead children. It’s disgusting. Makes want to vomit.

  31. I remember lots of posters coming on here, proud of their Obama vote, telling us that he doesn’t want to take our guns. I wonder if any of them still read this blog. I hope that this has opened some eyes, though I am not optimistic. Will Democrats admit that their party stands for gun banning? If so, will the rank and file try to change the party, leave the party, or will they do nothing? To those that are still reading, be careful … no telling where critical thought can lead. Oh, and by the way, if your eyes are opened, you are welcome in the gun community. Really it is more than a gun community, though. It is a community of personal responsibility.

  32. I look at this little prissy metrosexual ass clown and nearly always want to punch him in the nose. Especially when he pretends to be angry about the subject at hand, when in fact, he only ever gets angry at being thwarted.

  33. The GOA, SAF, NRA, and every other freedom-loving human on the planet need to shame this pathetic excuse of a sub-species for repudiating his oath of office by continually attempting to abrogate our natural rights as spelled out in the Constitution.

  34. Can someone please tell me what is the real reason gun control is so important to him? He has to be one of the most destructive people that ever took a public office. I know his reason can not be to protect anyone. He has no soul!

  35. We’ve got to make the USA safer… the same way the pigs made it safer by taking guns after Katrina. If there really was a devil the fresh prince of bel aire would be it, Randy

  36. Okay I’m confused. if you ban certain classes of guns, how is that not taking away gun rights?

    • In their view, as long as you are allowed to own just one gun and one single bullet that fits in that gun, even if you have to keep them both locked up in separate safes in separate rooms and you’re not allowed to take them outside your house except to go hunting or sport shooting, then your right to keep and bear arms has not been infringed.

      It’s not a good answer – in fact, it’s a very stupid and very wicked answer – but it’s their answer.

  37. To the POS and all the other POS’S that were up on stage with that JACK WAD, I feel the same as I did 100 days ago, if a teacher or teachers had been armed this farce wouldn’t have happened. When the kid was breaking in through the glass doors someone in the office could have capped him. Over and done with!

  38. It’s not for him to be disappointed in us. He is not our father, overseer, caretaker etc… He is OUR employee. The president works FOR the people, we do not work for him. How quickly those in power forget how government works.

    • They’ve “forgotten” a long time ago, and we, as citizens, let them “forget” and let them operate as “They ARE in charge, and we OBEY them” instead of the other way around for so long the general populace of citizens are forgetting, if not already forgotten, the way it was meant to be. Of course, anyone who wants them to return to the old way, is an enemy of their state.

  39. Jee-zus. Obamus Rex just don’t know how to shut up, do he? Can we get a final count on how many times he said “Uhhhh” during this speech?

  40. I know this video is a bit old but I only saw it for the first time last night. At first it made me angry but after watching it again and seeing how the have not gotten what they wanted it’s now a bit funny. Look at how appalled they are after watching the NRA ad LMAO. Also note how they claim the NRA and us gun owners are done for. This was the last straw! HAHA

    MSNBC calls NRA an Extremist Fringe Group

  41. Obama and the fascists he represents are despicable creatures. They mean to disarm us, by any means necessary. We must remain constantly vigilant and be ready to counter their next moves.

  42. That d**n 40% AGAIN! Could someone point out please that that study is a). 20 years old, and b). According to Mr. Leghorn (yesterday) the sample size was 251! !!!! With careful sampling, you could probably get that 40% up to 100%.
    Also, where the heck did the 90% number come from?

  43. Is there really nothing wlse going on in this country that Obummer could more wisely spend his time on? The economy, jobless rate, homeless, starving children maybe.

    He is just annoyed that he wasted all his favors and political clout and so far has failed at his goal. He now has to pay back all those favors he handed out to get the votes.

    Seems to me we have been paying this loser for at least two years of his “reign” to go on vacation and to campaign. I want my money back. Worst employee anyone has had ever. And dont ever forget he is our employee, the same as the guy who mows your lawn.

  44. Let’s see, where do I begin “If you think that checking someone’s criminal record before he can check out a gun show is common sense, you’ve going to make yourself heard.” So he wants background checks not just to buy, but per his words just to go to the show. Or explain to me “And the desire to make a difference is what brought Corey Thornblad here today. Corey grew up in Oklahoma, where her dad sold firearms at gun shows”. So what does her dad having sold guns in the past have to do with anything? Her dad ‘used to sell guns’ He wanted people to remember “gun shows” so they could then go back home and cry over gun shows. Sly politician he is, but not just here-check these clips from “The Daily Caller” concerning Obama’s plans with STATE elections “The White House announced Thursday the formation of a nine-seat Presidential Commission on Election Administration tasked with recommending changes to states’ election laws by the end of September.” That’s right now he wants to control things stateside-“Obama’s panel does not have the legal ability to rewrite state election laws, but its recommendations could help Obama’s appointees at the Department of Justice ask friendly judges to impose changes on states.” As we can see The President wants to control EVERYTHING. These quotes are not the story in its entirety, the rest is available at The Daily Caller (The DC) online.

  45. The president and most of this country aren’t willing to do what it would take to make a difference. Instead they want to fix it by enacting more gun laws all pushed through for emotional reasons.

    What would it take to make things better?

    1 – a serious look at mental health but most importantly civil commitment laws.
    2 – a nationwide educational push for gun owners to be responsible for who gets access to their firearms. Could you imagine a PSA with the president (maybe not this one) talking to the nation about this issue?
    3 – enforcement and crack down on straw purchases and gun trafficking
    4 – end gun free school zones
    5 – get the economy working better, but specifically look at improving the prospects for our poorest locations
    6 – address gang and drug violence (many options here)

    There is probably more but that is a good start. Most of this is a lot of work and as I said the president and most others don’t want to do the real work needed to improve things.

  46. It is interesting how when it comes to immigration reform, POTUS’s viewpoint is that one cannot ignore the 12,000,000 plus illegals already here, but when it comes to gun control, he has no problem ignoring the 300,000,000 guns and untold millions of magazines with greater than 10 round capacity that are already here.

    Just another small example of the hypocritical logic employed by POTUS and the other despisers of the Second Amendment.

  47. He (Barry) really does have HUGE effing Chimp ears.
    Didnt they make fun of W’s ears in political cartoons and call him a retarded Ape?
    Notice how nobody can call Obummer a retarded big eared Chimp.

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