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  1. I have shot a thousand yards. Unfortunately, the target was set at 100 yards and my shot was juuuust a bit high.

    • I’ll be on the line with the 50 this coming weekend, but unfortunately June 4/5 is the first time Range 4 is open for recreational shooting again.

      We’ll get you to stretch your legs. Don’t worry 😉

  2. I’ve shot well at 300 yards, and it certainly didn’t hurt that Tri-County Gun Club has a nicely sheltered 300 yard range. Their 100 yard range is very exposed, and the wind blows right across the shooting lanes. For our upcoming Accuracy International shoot, we’ll have to go there on their 600-yard day.

  3. Nice shootin!

    My very first experience (about 5 years ago) with the Barrett was at a class where we went from 200 to 1000 yds.

    I will be in NM next week at a 3 day, 1000-yard class shooting a Steyr SSG08 (308). Can’t wait!

  4. Yes.

    I have taken both Basic Precision Rifle and Advanced Phase I here.

    Great folks, great classes. Very competitive prices, too. These gentlemen know their stuff, have the credentials and experience, and are actual, real teachers.

    I hit several targets at 1000 yards on the known-distance range in both the classes, and milled and hit targets on the unknown-distance range out to 820 yards in Advanced Phase I.

    Badlands Tactical is absolutely worth checking out.

  5. I’ll stick to 75 feet because I don’t see very well and anything beyond that distance is pretty tough.

  6. Yes – 1968 at Ft. Benning with the Advanced Marksmanship Training Unit.
    I was using my then newly re-built National Match M1 Garand with National Match .30-06 ammo.

    The (late) Col. William Brophy, later of Marlin Firearms fame, was my host.

    We actively traded collectable firearms prior to GCA68, including my trading him a mint condition M1922 .22lr Springfield with a low 2 digit serial number for a crud load of goodies. After he passed away I was notified that my former M1922 was on display in a museum where he donated much of his collection. He claimed to have one of the largest private Springfield collections.

  7. 1000 yards? I wish. Hell, when I’m hitting target centers at 50 yards with my P220 Sport I think I’m Todd Jarett.

    I don’t have the natural talent or the resources available to me to get my shooting to the next level.

  8. I’ve been doing some Class F TR as time allows. The rules and format are almost tailor-made for me since my eyes are getting old and I am a picker anyway. Ammo is also critical, which could give me an edge — or so I like to think. If I can ever catch up with work I would love to do more matches.

  9. With a .308 from the deck of a cutter… and I hit what I was shooting at! (Many, Many years ago.) These days I feel lucky when my wife doesn’t outshoot me at 15 yards.

  10. Yeah, every month. Local club has monthly long range matches. Classic NRA prone as well as F-Class. I shoot F-Class Open; classified Expert. My mid-range classification is actually lower (sharpshooter), for some reason I always do better at 1000 than at 600.


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