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The only thing real about reality shows are the profits they generate. Hello? They had a writer’s strike. Sons of Guns struck me as carefully scripted fiction from the moment I clapped eyes on the down home gunsmiths’ Frankenguns and suffered through their interminable interpersonal “drama.” The Red Jacket Firearms employees also annoyed me with their lax safety; they laser each other more frequently than the kiddie commandos at Lazergate. RJF builds, how do I put this, stupid shit. Never been done before! And for good reason. When Will Hayden makes his heartfelt plea to “don’t do this at home”—before an episode which has him stuck inside an M36 Tank Destroyer for all of three seconds—I had to laugh. Why would I? Aside from slow-mo gun porn, why would anyone continue watching Sons of Guns? Seriously. Why?

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    • I managed to catch a couple of episodes of pawn stars. If I was going to waste time on a tv that show would get some of my time.

    • I’m interested to see how Guntucky is going to pan out. So far it seems to just be the same unreal, rednecky, silliness. But, it is fun to see my local range here on the south side of Louisville, Kentucky on TV.

    • I was following the story line until the last paragraph. Damn you can’t make this stuff up.

      Former family members set sights on ‘Sons of Guns’ star in lawsuit

      Published Apr 8, 2013 at 2:00 pm (Updated Apr 8, 2013)

      As if its reality show on Discovery Channel weren’t enough, Red Jacket Firearms is the subject of another drama unfolding in Baton Rouge federal court involving federal agents and an ex-wife. In a civil case itself filled with intrigue worthy of an episode or two, Sons of Guns star Will Hayden and the company he founded are being accused by former family members of securities fraud for allegedly issuing worthless stock certificates.

      The suit concerns 17 shares that Hayden and then-wife Trudy Lee issued in 2002, just as the firearms business was getting off the ground. Using generic stock forms they downloaded from the Internet, they gave 10 shares in Red Jacket Firearms to Joseph Radford in return for carpentry work on their retail store; two shares to Lee’s son, Joshua Currey, for his birthday; and two shares to Earl Lee, Trudy Lee’s father.

      The problem came eight years later, when Hayden had to forfeit his federal firearms license issued to Red Jacket Inc. after running into trouble with the U.S. Department of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms over “record-keeping discrepancies,” according to court documents. He transferred an inventory of automatic firearms to a new company, Red Jacket Firearms LLC. The three shareholders allege they were never informed of the transfer, and subsequently learned their shares are now worthless.

      “William Hayden’s sole intention in transferring the firearms was to comply with the ATF and federal regulations regarding automatic firearms,” Hayden’s attorney, Michael Reese Davis, writes in a memo. “Mr. Hayden did not intend to defraud or deceive anyone in connection with the stock certificates or in connection with the transfer of the firearms.”

      In one of the most recent developments in the case, ex-wife Trudy Lee voluntarily came forward with an affidavit supporting not her own son and father, but rather her ex-husband. In a memo to the judge, attorneys for the three plaintiffs cried foul, alleging Hayden had begun dating Lee shortly after she was named as a potential witness in the case, then had her arrested for simple burglary two days after the affidavit favorable to him was made official. Attorneys for Red Jacket have asked U.S. District Judge James Brady to dismiss the case. Meanwhile, Discovery Channel plans to begin airing the fourth season of Sons of Guns on April 19.

      [ SOURCE ]

      • Now I think the lawsuit over the shares would be fun to watch. Will spent all this time BSing the world and now his fantasy world might come down around his ears. As an armorer myself and to gun shows in TX I can’t keep from laughing when I see someone wearing a RJF T shirt.

    • Agreed.

      I like and drive motorcycles but after the novelty of the build was lost to high drama on Orange County Choppers I left that program behind never to return. It didn’t take long.

      I like and shoot firearms but wouldn’t even consider watching Sons of Guns simply because it appears to be a high drama freak show about the unusual rather than a bonafide educational and entertainment piece featuring commonly used firearms, with extra emphasis on the drama as seems to be the case with most “reality” programs.

      “Top Shot” and “Top Guns” were much better entertainment and though Top Shot had some drama, both were based on competition with the added benefit of being educational. Sons of Guns is hardly “reality” and primarily fantasy drama garbage.

      • I saw S01 of Top Shot and it wasn’t too painfully obviously manipulated. However, just like OCC everything else Pilgrim has ever produced goes downhill fast.

        I couldn’t take S02. The over the top manufactured “drama”, and the joggling of outcomes to get a desired contestant through a particular challenge became too transparent.

      • Okay, third time. Probably getting hung up on a word that rhymes with “corn.” So, I’ll substitute a “c” for the “p” to get this posted.

        OCC was good for the bike builds. When they decided Jr and Sr needed to become adversaries, that was the end of it for me.

        SoG was good for the gun-corn aspect. IIRC, Will, while not happy Vince left the way he did, wished him well. Now the Drama knob is seemingly being cranked up to unbearable, and I’m afraid after that, into excessively insane.

        American Guns, well, Wyatt was a bit abrasive, and the builds seemed even more pre-planned than SoG. It’s only saving grace was the gun-corn it offered, but not enough to salvage the whole thing.

        Wild West Guns, featured in Wild West Alaska, unfortunately may go the same direction. Meanwhile it seems a little more believable and does feature some hunting and fishing up in Alaska. No serious gun-corn, but enough to be somewhat interesting, at least until they start fiddling with the drama knob.

        • One more thing… There was no explanation given as to why Will was in that tank. Worse still, the reason they saw fit to carry smoke grenades on-board AND in such a way Will could “trip” over one and set it off, only seems to be for the “drama” aspect.

  1. All these gun shows are a disappointment. It would be cool for a show to really go in to the gunsmiths craft and feature in depth detail on builds. That will never happen on regular channels but someone could pull it off on a web cast or outdoor channel. I’d watch!

    • an American Chopper for guns? It would work for at least a season, especially if they build working guns from video games

  2. I only watched that about 3 times, and quit after the episode where they rigged up three AR-15’s to fire in sequence. Like you said, stupid shit.

  3. I only watch it because Stephanie gives me a hard on. The Real Housewives just don’t do it for me anymore. 🙂

    All joking aside. As long as they get the viewers to watch that crap, they will continue to make crap. Personally, I think they have EXHAUSTED everything in the book, so now they are coming up with dumb s*** to do.

    • agreed. i believe the first episode involved dropping bombs while jumping over a napalm spewing shark. then shooting it with an internally suppressed full-auto .338 lapua carbine. (you know, so it isn’t so loud).

  4. I watched a couple of episodes a year or so ago. It was obviously staged with bad acting skills. I have better things to do with my time after work. Like, grow my garden, tend my bees, do things for my Sweety, and shoot my real guns.

  5. haha RF, this is one of the first posts in a while something got ripped on that hard.

    My fiance likes it because of the human element, sadly the derp level has steadily increased since the first season. It was pretty entertaining at first, I enjoyed watching them shoot the Lahti and quad mg-42, but it isnt worth dealing with an episode with is half drama and conversation, I want to see people shooting stuff damnit!

    Seriously though, there is a serious lack of good firearms programming right now. I always enjoyed watching Guns and Gear and other Outdoor channel stuff when I had all them extra channels.

  6. Their shop is in town, so I guess that makes me curious to watch. Swamp Pawn is in an area I lived in as a child, not 30 minutes away, but not really an area I frequent, but I guess that interested me. Duck Dynasty, while 3-4 hours away in Monroe, their family had been friends of my fiance when she lived there, and it is just a good entertaining show so we both like that.

    Back to Sons of Guns though, I think Red Jacket have their issues, most of which that matter aren’t on the show which prevents me from wanting to do business with them. Before the last crunch for guns and ammo, they already had a backlog several months long, and would commonly fail to deliver by many more months after their agreed date. I think the yelp reviews and different forums attest to that.

    Their ZK-22 featured in the program was pushed back many months after they were taking deposits, and then charged a restocking fee of 10% to those who cancelled their pre-order, for a product they didn’t have in their hands to restock, and would easily have been shifted to the next person on the waiting list.

    To me, it seems like if they want to be “innovative”, they would have to produce products like Kel Tec (New and adventurous, not with a high failure rate), but they stick to what doesn’t seem new to me at all. I want to like them, support the home team ya know?

    • After watching the show, I don’t think I’d trust them with anything that goes boom. Maybe a cap gun.

  7. I watched a little in it’s first season. They’d always use the excuse that the local police department needed a fully auto 50 cal. machine gun mounted on a swamp boat or something lame like that. Like putting a taser on a shotgun. Police have a hard enough time remembering which side is the gun and which is the taser on their belts let alone remember which trigger is which! I also liked the one where Stephanie shoots the Dessert Eagle but if you look closely you’ll noticed that when they panned away to the target she switched it out for a Beretta 92, fired and then exclaimed “that really kicks!”

    Lame show.

  8. Check out Wild West Alaska. Caught an episode last night where they tuned a hunting rifle. Got into some detail. I’ll probably watch again.

  9. Family enjoys watching it together from time to time. It’s a TV show. It’s occasionally amusing. We get to see guns we don’t own. Net plus.

  10. Because it’s on Netflix streaming and it’s got guns in it.

    Personally, I watch it to give it a view. It is pretty bad, but I see it as a duty. I’m hoping that my viewing of it is being tracked somewhere where someone in charge of what shows to make is taking note and perhaps turning the television industry into a more gun friendly environment.

    So I’m hoping that the entertainment industry loves money more than they love their liberal agenda, which is why I watch it, and anything on Netflix directly having to do with guns.

    • Agreed.

      Is it dumb? Yes. Is it better than 80% of the other programming on the cable channels? Yes. So I will watch it if it is on.

      Sons of Anarchy is in the same category. It’s not as good as it could be, but it is more my style than a majority of the other programming on FX. So therefore, it gets my support and viewership.

      So give me more dumb shows about guns and motorcycles, and less dumb shows about housewives and interventions.

  11. Nothing else has the potential to normalize guns like TV shows about guns, where neither the guns nor the people are “evil.” So, no, I don’t watch Sons of Guns — I tried it but it’s just a bit to dumb for me — but I’m glad that it’s on the telly. If jumping the shark gets people to watch, then jump away.

    • Definitely agree. Stupid drama is what a lot of viewers want and if shows like this help us to get a little subliminal “guns are cool” into the minds of the average joe, then by all means go for it. If you don’t like the show, there are plenty more channels to choose from.

  12. Has sons of guns jumped the shark? They’ve jumped the shark, took it out to dinner, bought the shark some drinks, went dancing, made love to it, woke up in the morning and then fried the shark up for breakfast, then pooped it out again later that evening.

  13. Sad, between the two shows, American Guns was at least more focused on actual gunsmithing and historical guns. I guess incompetent gunsmiths making AKs unrecognizable is more entertaining to the public (not that AG was perfect obviously).

  14. If you want a show about how guns are made email the Science Channels How It’s Made. They’re still going keep details from you though.

  15. I watched it last night because they had a Solothurn (please excuse my poor spelling if wrong) 20mm anti-tank rifle showcased. It is a weapon I had tread about 30 years ago, and I wanted to see the thing in action. Most of the people at Red Jacket are not interesting enough for me to care, except maybe “Flem”, who seems like the only guy there that hasn’t got a exploitable weekly crisis, and might be a cool guy to talk with about guns.

  16. I watched it for the sake of feeding my gun-hunger, but the constant explosions and scripted sh*t turned me away. That shotgun-minigun was admittedly cool though. I completely stopped after it went from being (mostly) about guns to being about the relationship, boring.

  17. Never could get through more than 5 or 10 minutes of that BS for the same reasons I don’t watch any “reality” TV (you want reality with an unknown outcome? watch baseball). The only bright side to the show still being on is that I’m sure it really rubs some antis the wrong way that a show that is all about guns is on TV somewhere and there is little they can do about it… For me, I’ll stick to Military History and the military channel in order to see the past, present, and future of real world guns…

  18. Jumped the shark from the first episode. That show sucked and I have never heard anything good about their products even before the show came around.

    And since everything they do on the show has “never been done before,” I have my own little catch phrase for them: “We’re leading the way in things that have already been done.” Well to be fair alot of stuff they have done has never been done (as already mentioned) but some of the stuff like thoes desert tough ARs they built for a top secret government guy and they acted like there was no AR more powerful than .223 before them?

    • I just “loved ” the secret desert AR episode. I spent most of the time asking my TV what they were thinking trying to reinvent the flawed AR-10/AR-15 wheel. I mean a piston driven AR has been done over 40 years ago it was called the AR-16/AR18. They might have needed some tweaking to get it to function, but the design does exist. The caliber is another issue, if they had built it from scratch, they could have put it in 6.5mm Grendal, 6.8mm SPC, or possibly brought back the old .280 British, any thing but the miserable 5.56mm NATO. That torture test was a bad joke. I did worse to a pre-A1 M-16 in 1989 while stationed with the 3rd SPS at Clark in the Philipines. On a FTX we had been caught in a deluge during the day and once night set in the aggressors helo-assaulted us. I climbed out of my DFP and was in the prone position in mud returning fire on aggressors. I changed magazines and apparently picked up a lot of mud during the change and when I let my bolt forward the weapon jammed. After the assault I cleared the weapon and actually holding only the sling dropped it into our flooded DFP to clean most of the mud off, I later took a shower fully clothed with the weapon to finish cleaning it (the whole squad did, we were all covered head to toe in red mud). I still plan on watching the show but I too think it is the last season of it.

      • That secret desert AR episode was an attempt to legitimize their firearms by showing pictures of the nuclear facility in the desert where I work. The lame use of a contract security officer was an attempt to tie in that mercenary contract company that hires ex-marines that throw puppies off cliffs or shitbirds. Our company doesn’t do business with below average firearms dealers/manufactures either. They deal directly with the major manufactures. Our nuclear security force are all in house. No contract trash. As soon as I saw the episode I notified my superiors. Some think my actions were extreme but there has to be a little integrity left in this country.

  19. It was hilarious to see this anti-tank gun in action. The producer edited out almost everything between trigger pull and “explosion” of the targets. The one video where they show the dummy round actually flying it had broken in half and turned sideways after 20 feet.

  20. I love how people bag on things because they’re popular. Oh, so a guy who built a business making guns and doing government contract work while not shutting out the eclectic civilian collector gets a contract to let people follow his people around and paste together stories — narratives that we can follow to make good television — they’re now “sell outs?” When this came on, I, too, thought “Pawn Stars!” But I, like most of us, have the power of Google! Look ’em up. Red Jacket is the real deal. They have government contracts; they build prototype weapons and service police and military units world wide. So yeah, they probably think it’s great that the TV show generates a whole new pile of money by selling T-shirts and NFA guns to collectors who might not ever have heard of them. As we free market capitalists like to remind our more liberal friends, since when are profits evil?

    My wife and I are members of the so-called “liberal media.” I’m a part-time writer and columnist for a DJ magazine and she produces television for our cable school channel. As a viewer, she deconstructs TV. While she has zero interest in guns, she can’t look away when “Sons of Guns” is on. (She and I also liked “American Guns.”) She says it’s a classic example of a “process show,” which takes a viewer from start to finish on a project or procedure. Other process shows include “How It’s Made” and “Factory Made.” Shows like “Sons of Guns” toss-in a bit of drama, considering that humans run the business and drama is a part of life.

    We know that it’s possible that “reality” gets tweaked a bit in editing, or maybe an element of drama is manufactured every bit as much as suppressed SOCOM rifles. But does that make it bad television? Or somehow less worthy of our attention than, say, “Dancing With The Stars” or “CSI”? Sorry, bruh, but I part company here. Oh, and lastly, there is but one TRUE “reality” show on TV — and it’s the longest running one: “Cops.” No writers. No scripts. Just videographers riding along with cops and editors piecing together the good parts of thousands of hours of video. Personally, while I watch both, I find “Sons of Guns” way more fun.

    • “Shows like “Sons of Guns” toss-in a bit of drama…”

      A bit!? Did you see the episode when Will runs in to the shop shooting blanks from a full auto? I think in the real world he would have wound up with a few hollow points in him and they would have been much diserved until it was determined he was using blanks. Not sure what episode it was, I got the clip from youtube because I dont waste money on cable.

      • Hard to say if some of the pranks they play on each other are contrived, and this whole thing with Vince opening a shop in the same town and, by “coincidence” having the exact parts Will needs to complete some projects kinda stretches credibility, I still have to wonder if it’s the show’s producers doing this or if it’s another case of the truth being stranger than fiction. They’re definitely a real company doing real work was my point. Oh, and a recent episode said something about a company policy that doesn’t allow any loaded guns in the shop area.

  21. Once in a while I watch the duck people in La. and i do like to watch Personal Defense om Wed or Friday nights, but the other gun shows on TV blow…I go to the interwbs for my gun fix.

  22. My wife likes watching people blow stuff up and now that American Chopper is off the air she needs another source for dysfunctional people to armchair therapize.

  23. It’s a ridiculous show that makes ridiculous one-off junk. A 1,000 yard AK because our guys in the sandbox need something to reach out that far? Yes…they do. And they’ll take ANYTHING other than the POS you built. Plus, they’re assembly guns get the shittiest reviews…oh well, 15 minutes and all.

  24. I’ve been ranting about this show being not good for the firearm enthusiast community since it came out. Violations of gun safety, making everything shot at blow up and constantly using full auto weapons DOES NOTHING POSITIVE for the low information voter when it comes to firearms.

    I wish that show and company would just go away.

  25. I watched a few of the early episodes of Sons of Guns … before it became a “Reality Stupid Fest” featuring Stephanie and her phonics challenged boyfriend. This program is just lost in the weeds.

  26. All that show has been is marketing gimmick so none gun people can buy over price hates t-shirts from Red Jacket Firearms well they live in states that they can not owen buy any firearms they make. There question about quality control from Red Jacket special when watch episode where make 3 gun match guns . Owner Will take people gone buy those gun out indoor shoting rang shot 1911 that built for them which was test fire jams right up soon shot frist round through right front his custmers. Any custems builders 1911 who saw that must felt bet shame watching that happen than laugh how stupid that was.

  27. Well to many who know nothing firearms the show is intriguing. With them there is no fault. To the rest well I can’t figure it out. I watched a few episodes at the beginning because being a former Marine and at one time a firearms dealer I was hoping it would good educational program. Wrong. Firearm safety was not followed nor safety in the work place. Many of their ideas were not new to me. Back in 1970s -1980s there were many firearm ideas found in gun magazines, Shotgun News and at gunshows. Being that Will Hayden USMC is a few years young than myself also encountered those ideas. An example is the alligator pen gun that is an exact copy of the flare pen/gun carried by Marine Corps pilots in their survival kit. Another example is the multi-barrel gatlin gun using barreled saiga 12 gauge actions. That same set up could be found back in the 1980s in Shotgun News and gunshows. You could order the kit for the Ruger Mini 14, M1 Carbine, Ruger 10-22 and AK47. The kit came with a hand crank to keep it legal. Adding an electric motor is not a big deal like Will Hayden-USMC and company did. Also that epidode about the nuclear plant gun buy in the desert was totally fabricated. I work there.

  28. I watched it in the first season. Realized that the only person on the show who did any real gunsmith work on the show was Vince. I got tired of arguments where Vince was ordered to cut corners on a project. I learned later that Vince finally quit and started his own company. , Apparently, Vince was the only one at Red Jacket with an FFL. The story goes that 10 guns went missing or were unaccounted for, and Will and his daughter lost their FFLs. They made a deal with the ATF. On paper, neither Will nor his daughter owned the company in that first season.

  29. At least SOG is in our ballpark of interest. It’s better than watching lame singing/dancing/talent reality contests.

    • If you go on utube there some very good quality videos on firearms. Many are from actual gunsmiths and manufactures. The ballpark there isn’t the sandlot of SOG.

  30. YOU’RE RIGHT RF…there should only be TTAG…maybe you can start a TV show of your own one day…:) I’d LOVE to watch that.

    Seriously, it’s entertainment! But, it also exposes people who may have no clue about firearms to the hobby. Seems like a win/win to me. I’d rather watch this than Pawn Stars or American Pickers all day…

    • Seriously do you want these guys to teach your neighbors about guns? Just think this is the image of gun owners that all America sees. The liberals aren’t complaining about the show. They love it. It’s more fodder for their attack on future gun rights. This is what America sees when they think of gun owners.

  31. All I’m gonna say about this is the opening theme song to this is probably my favorite on t.v. now, aside from SOA

  32. There must be some kind of deal between Vince and the producers of the show. There has been far too many occasions where the name of his new company has been mentioned for there not to be. Maybe they are “investors” in his company to keep the drama going. Like a train wreck,I just can’t not watch 🙁

  33. AMEN to that !!! Especially with squeeky annoying troll of a daughter and moronic “Son-in-law” Thank GOD he went out to the Middle-East to hawk his “Wares” hopefully his tinker toy garbage they produce will find its ways into the hands of “Allah’s Warriors” and get our people home sooner than later.

  34. Watched last night and couldn’t figure out why Vince would just happen to have the barrels that Will needs. Real stupid

  35. maybe they should just stick to working on guns. stephanie should finish the gender sugery,and his/her bitch kris should take that dick tickler out of his mouth.maybe thats why he cant open his eyes…the worst show on tv…

    • “Stephanie finish the gender surgery…”
      Thanks. i haven’t laughed this hard in a while.
      You are right. She should make up her mind and decide which sex she/he wants to be.

  36. I used to really like Sons Of Guns but Will has ruined it for me with his arrogance and bullying of everyone working for him. He is a joke with his dyed hair, man boobs, and claim to Native American heritage. He is a disgrace to Native Americans in the way he conducts himself and his treatment of others. He has to keep incompetent employees like Joe on the payroll because our government won’t allow him to hold a FFL anymore due to his shady handling of full auto weapons. Yeah, DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME FOLKS. If Joe had crashed MY CNC machine, I would have fired him on the spot but Will can’t because then he’ll have no FFL and no show on Discovery. Discovery should ditch Will because of his shady past and lack of anything interesting to offer the show. Ha, a full hour episode of him shooting himself in the foot by not buying the barrels from Vince for $500 each and then putting together a “top-secret” 9mm gatling gun with fake barrels?? Really? What a waste of viewers’ time and cable bill money! I’d rather watch paint dry! Spending an extra $2500 over what he offered Vince for the barrels to complete a $100,000 order to keep his business afloat is a no-brainer. Will should stay home in his lazy chair and let Stephanie and her husband Chris call the shots. Here’s a challenge for ya Willy-nilly, try building a silencer for your mouth and abrasive personality! Lots of luck with that! They should change the name of the business to “Straight Jacket Firearms” since they have definitely jumped the shark!

  37. Yes, the show jumped the shark and continues to degrade. This season has got to be the best possible example of “anything can get on TV these days”.

    The Socom barrel saga is a joke. Really, you would take on an order like that and not think about finding the parts first? Especially knowing the shortage of all things gun related these day! Oh, and Will’s pride won’t let him purchase the barrels from Vince, a clear demonstration of what an idiot Will is – Gee, I will let my business fail because I don’t like Vince. Will, don’t be a tool for the producer of the show.

    The over-stated value of their tools is another joke. Not sure of the exact value stated (I probably was too busy ROTFLMAO) but I believe they claimed they paid $100,000.00 for a Haas lathe – really? If so, I have a Colt 1911 that is worth 800 grand. This weeks episode featured some F***ing around between Kris and an employee and a digital caliper fell on the floor (odd that didn’t show up in the video) and Joe comes along to wonder why a $600.00 caliper was on the floor – $600.00 for a Fowler caliper – Really?

    Either the people at Red Jacket are as stupid as they look on the show or the producer is good at making people look like idiots. Considering how bad the show is, I am guessing the producer isn’t that good.

  38. Why couldn’t they fabricate the firing pin for the Solothurn they have a full machine shop. even if they had to take it to have heat treated.

  39. This show is going off the air, as you have noticed that Steph and Kris in the past episodes have started to bring to the cameras view,that they are starting their own company and I will guarantee that as so as Will finishes his speach about not being able to afford to pay his employees,he is going to file and lay people off from the staff.Then the first thing Flem will do, he is going go right over to work for Vince where there is a real staff and not all about Kris’s little antics, “It’s a Canon” or his wandering off about “Zombies” and there is more work being done.

  40. There is a lot of “drama” on the show. But you can tell part of it is fabricated. Last episode Vince admitted that he was planning to start his own company, before the TV show got involved. And that he stayed on just for more “national” attention. The whole barrels problem, is indeed a little bit of a setup.

    The coincidence that the only guy that just happens to have the barrels you need, is the ex employee that has a grudge out for you. Especially when they “spend” massive amount of time calling around, and not finding any… please.

    Now, asking $500 for barrels, that retails at about $200, is a little bit massive price jumping. Especially then calling it a “special Will price”. More so when Vince has been playing the whole TV game alone, for his own interests. Looks more like a TV series plot. Vince is starting his own company, every start-up company is in need for cash also. He has 0 need keeping what? 30,50 ( how many are in that box? ), of barrels just around, gathering dust. I mean, if there really is such a shortage, and if i was Vince, i will be selling barrels to everybody left and right with some premium. But yea, if you ask $500 dollars for barrels, then they are just going to keep in the box ( until there is stock again on the market, and then nobody wants them anymore ). From a business point of view, Vince looks like a idiot.

    And Will as the second idiot, to let a $100.000 order be stalled for a $2500 price increase. Even if because of the price increase he is making a loss on the sale, its still 100k back in the bank account.

    For a “successful” business, having just one $100.000 order that is stuck, getting you in financial problems… you start to wonder how “successful” your business is then when you have so little money reserve.

    Is its Chris his fault for the barrels problem. No… Anybody with half a brain already knows that this maybe a nice “boy”, but that is what he is “a boy”. He needs supervision on his projects. Especially, if you give him the biggest project for the company, and then nobody checks up on him??? Please … more drama please.

    Flem is going to end up with Vincent, its already set in the stones. Chris is looking for his way out. Seen this before with companies, when too many people start to doubt your company, and its showing financial problems. And even the payrolls are stuck…

    DAryl is right, that is seem they are preparing the exit of the show.

    • Really I like to know where you can buy a 458 stainless barrel for 200? So now it seem Chris is going over to Vince’s and buy the damm barrels. GEE I can hardly wait for the next installment…….OR NOT

  41. Hi america. 😀
    I watch sons of guns and i like it.
    Here in germany we don´t get to see a lot of guns. Mostly we see them on the news or some handguns with the police.
    For me and a lot of my folks it´s just entertaining. ( In Germany runs the 3rd season) I watched parts of season 4 online and i have to admit that the drama is big. ( Is this the right term?) Maybe now it´s to big.
    But for me it´s the entertaining part and that you can see guns. I can get the american way of thinking of guns now better than a few years ago. Then i thought all americans are a bit crazy. But i can see now you´re fascination for this issue. I don´t know how realistic these guns are, but still it´s entertaining and there for i watch it. For the same reason i watched american guns. this show seemed to me much more realistic than sons of guns. But as i said before, i don´t know how realistic they really are.
    P.S.: Sorry for all the wrong spellings or grammer i have maybe made. I´m better at speaking than wirting english.

    • I haven’t watched it since my teenage boys stopped watching it. I guess they finally grew out of it. It’s just like they grew out of Barney (Purple Dinosaur kid show). My oldest turned 20 last March and my youngest turns 18 next month. I guess it’s been almost a year since they stopped watching it. But I guess as long as we have pre-adolescent boys, teenagers and the like minded the show will still have an audience.

  42. Well,I enjoyed it for a while just because its a gun show,and not meant to be about how to,or to teach anyone anything.I think some of what most of you people are forgetting is that its a show,it written down,and then acted out.The reason i have started to turn away from it is because of all the B.S that is on this season,about who quits,who’s unhappy,and who’s starting their own company.We as T.V watching fools with nothing better to do other wise we would be doing it,need only to be shown the crazy dumb guns they build and the stuff they blow up.All the other crap they can just keep,and as far as Vince,and his little new shop who cares .If Vince wants to start his own T.V. show let him,but to put it on the air like another american chopper spin off,is just plan B.S. This season may be my last after the Vince B.S.,and showing all that crap.I hope they get their act together or just get off the T.V.,thanks

  43. All Reality shows are choreographed they have to be who would watch them then I see all the BS y’all say about the show if you don’t like it change the channel all I have to say is Will who cares what these morons think my friend Keep On Keepin On its a great show

    • So how much is Will Hayden-U.S.M.C. or the Discovery Channel paying you to post this? If you are not getting paid then there must be some kind of monetary reason. Most celebrities have a posse or cling-ons that get some sort of benefits. What’s yours?

  44. The same moron that noticed Will Hayden-U.S.M.C. taking credit for other people’s work. Most of those ideas came from designs I saw in Gunshows back in the 1980’s. Many of the other ideas came from old gun magazines and Shotgun News. He even took an idea from the military. That alligator pen gun is basically a pen flare gun carried by military pilots. I know this because I was a plane captain for the F4J Phantom. I also took care of the pilots survival gear. That gatlin gun set up with the Saiga shotguns came from a company called Calico. They designed a gatlin gun kit for the Ruger 10-22, Ruger Mini 14, M1 Carbine and AK47. The left handed AR15 design came from Stag Arms. That so called gun deal with that nuclear facility in the desert was a total fabrication. I know this because I work there. That is the moron that wrote it and paid me rather well to post.

  45. The only idiots here are those that like the stupid show. I guess I should not say idiots because there are many pre adolescent boys and teenagers that like the show. They don’t know any better. Well, I guess there are many adults that do not know better either so I shouldn’t call them idiots either. Damn, that doesn’t leave many idiots. Hey just think you are in good company.

    • You know alot about pre adolescent boys dont you haha got confused didnt typed in sons with guns thinking it was some little boy porn site and were disappointed when the show came up..sickening

      • Yes I do a lot about pre adolescent boys. My boys use to watch the show. They thought it was cool. Of course they thought everything that went boom was cool. They even thought Robosaurus was cool. Yes all cool until they get older, acquire knowledge and move on. They know the world did not end in 2012, the aliens never came in 2012, interstellar travel is not possible therefore no aliens and the
        show is not cool anymore.

  46. All you idiots are on here bad mouthing the show how you dont know why people watch and you dont than why are even on here talking about it if you dont watch it..seems like most of you know an awful lot about the show for not watching it..most im guessing are jealous and are all talk and couldnt assemble a cap gun let alone a real just shut the fu*k up haha seriously dont act like your better than everyone and everything

    • Well said so many haters out there to come on to a site and complain about a good bunch of people trying to make a living in these times I just don’t get it from the last episode I saw they are not doing well and are almost broke so you will probably get your wish and it will be off the air then you can find some other show to call down…

  47. I spent 41 years working in corporate America (aircraft and construction). I also played football for 11 years. Nothing goes 100% as planned. Something always goes wrong. But on Sons of Guns, you seem to encounter a major crisis every 5 minutes. This simply is not realistic. It smacks so much of artificial “Hollywood Horseshit” that it REALLY detracts from the show…… the point that I’m not sure I will continue to watch.

    Fire the Producers and Director and just do your jobs………….or watch your audience walk away in disgust. We already have useless crap broadcast every day with soap operas.

  48. How ANYONE would want a gun assembled by these guys is beyond me.
    They are doing irreparable damage to their brand.

  49. If you really want to watch a real reality gun show. Watch Top Shot on History channel. They show some pretty cool guns and they treat the weapons with respect.

  50. I have only caught a few episodes of this show and I thought it was amusing. Isn’t TV supposed to be entertaining? I’m pretty sure I can sit here and analyst all the rants and categorize you “gun people” as morons with bad grammar and spelling, but I prefer to read all the post because I think they provide insights into what people consider real gun smiths do. I will admit that I know nothing about guns or even what they cost or how much money a gun store makes. I do wonder if any “real” gun smith would turn down the millions of dollars offered to them and the free hour long commercial aired weekly of their company for the inconvenience of being made to look a little foolish and childish. I see that some people here like to point out that the ideas aren’t original. No shit Sherlock? The real question should be who did it first and where is their video? For the majority of us, this show provides us with a look inside the mind of “gun” people. If you will notice, they don’t do too much fabrication, they basically order stuff and assemble it with a personal RJ bling touch. Thanks to their show and the Kriss Vector build, they garnered the attention of a major Hollywood director who will definitely consider them to design weapons for his next movie. The fact is, dumb as they may be, and as cool as the haters in this forum are, Red Jacket has it’s one show with plenty of followers while all the haters probably have a bench and a file and a million dollar idea every other week that they will never attempt because the only skill they have is running their mouths and hating other people for being able to market a concept that actually makes money every week. If the show were geared more towards reality, you would have a bunch of fat guys sitting around discussing the difference between a .308 and a NATO 7.62mm and how they would take a gun over a woman in a heartbeat because their gun will never let them down. Do you think anyone would tune in to watch what really goes on at a gun store? How about we have a show about how easy it is to get a gun for a crime in most states? Wouldn’t that be interesting? How about a show where gun smith talk about guns they would buy or build if they had the money? Yeah, that sounds interesting, and we could have gun smiths show us every step of the technique it takes to convert a semi auto-matic to a full auto and how to build a bomb we can use on a marathon, yeah, that would be awesome and more realistic and more “hard core” gun people would tune in to watch. Wait, let’s not forget the true core of gun lovers, we should show a bunch of fat guys drinking beer and shooting the fuck out of targets and yelling and then stand around talking about the one time they shot some gun and how they can’t wait until the next time they get to shoot some other gun. If you remember, Kriss was more than happy to help Red Jacket build their own Vector even though they had every possible variation in their own line because they saw it as an opportunity to get free advertising for their little company. Without shows like Sons of Guns, the majority of us wouldn’t even know about some of these obscure weapon systems or what some of the other gun companies are working on. Sure the show may make gun smiths out to be idiot and childish and maybe even a little crazy, but the exposure to the gun world far outweighs any damage the show does to a gun smith’s credibility. For any of the readers who may have a security clearance, you should know that the military has their own weapons development program so they can test and analyze the true needs of the soldier versus the investment cost. Are there better weapons than the M-16 or the M-4? You bet your ass, but I doubt too many people understand the true cost of upgrading all those fucking weapons. Did they know of the short comings of the M-4? Yup, because the Special Forces ordered them and tested them out first and then designed their own version, one not adopted by the rest of the military due to the extra cost because it was determined that the short comings weren’t serious enough to warrant a redesign. Will the government ever buy weapons from a small company like Red Jacket? Anyone with half a brain can understand that they order hundred of thousands of weapons at a time, something a small company can not produce, but their is a chance that smaller orders can come in from special operation command. If any of you complainers ever get your own show, let the rest of us know so we can do to you what you love doing to people who make more money than you.

  51. It’s television people. It’s what folks used to call Hollywood except now in the age of a HD camera in everyone’s pocket it’s “Everywherewood”. Reality TV is exactly the opposite of what it says it is. Any semblance to reality is purely coincidental. What killed Sons of Guns for me in the very first season was seeing them “paint” their guns in a paint booth. Now that’s quality. How they keep their crap from blowing up the first time they shoot it is beyond me.

    • Thank god it’s not just me!! His hair even changes colour during a show. Think the shows totally scripted but it’s so terrible that it’s great


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