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I sense a disturbance in the force. somehow posted nutnfancy’s 47:43 embed-protected KSG shotgun video with a cruel-to-be-kind reminder that even gun nuts have something called a life. “The length of that guy’s videos is just getting out of hand. I don’t have the attention span, nor the time to watch YouTube videos that are almost an hour long, and contain about 2 minutes of useful information.” The comments underneath the post are laden with even more witheringnessosityhood. Dan lets Nutn’ have it with both barrels . . .

This guy is a joke and a wanabe, he is a Lt Col in the Utah Air Guard and is an air refueler pilot not spec ops or anything like he leads on and as far as his LEO as he implies HE IS A NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH CAPTIN, I was in the army 11b and was in IRAQ, when a poser like this implies he is something he not it gets me riled up and forget the fact that he is long winded, his voice would make Helen Keller run away, and he seams like the typical POG ass officer grunt wana be FU nutnfancy

Yes, well, NF is a YouTube phenom. As of this moment, the video has 994 comments. None of them seam [sic] fed up or even slightly testy about the top tester’s test.

As for me, I find NF’s tabletop videos the dictionary definition of soporific. But I can watch him run and gun and use tacticool expressions all day. Which is just as well, really. Truth be told, thank God for fast forward.

How about you? Is Nutnfancy become Nutnspecial or is he still The Man?

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  1. The videos of his that I watched (and it’s been a long while) were dreadfully boring and devoid of information. They remind me of the Itchy and Scratchy and Poochy episode where they have a long conversation in sight of a fireworks factory but never go there.

  2. Yea I have to admit, while there is some usefulness to be found in his videos, the length makes me want to cry tears of boredom. I can honestly say I don’t think I’ve watched a whole one.

  3. i don’t know how he manages to talk for 5 minutes to tell me the weight and length of something. He’s that slippery manager at work who you ask a question, runs their mouth for 5 mins, then you walk away and go wait a minute he didn’t answer the question.

  4. “a poser like this implies he is something he not ”
    Where does Nutn imply this? He doesn’t even like to talk about those things and only put up a vid flying a plane to shut people up. I’ve read some people say he used to, years ago, imply he’s super-secret special forces, but I haven’t seen it. In fact, I’ve seen the opposite, where he on a regular basis says he’s not that good, etc. He gave that exact reason as one reason why he didn’t go on Top Shot — because he’s a good shot but not a great shot.

    He Will slam people who say running around in heavy gear and multiple guns in the desert is “easy,” but that’s rightly so. Now, it’s possible he used to have an excessive ego for a while as he became popular, but I can’t fault someone for that overly much, and, either way, imo he doesn’t exhibit behavior like that now. Does he sometimes act a little bit like a kid playing Call of Duty? Maybe, but when he does, I wish I was having as much fun as him.

    Does he talk a lot? Yeah. But when someone is going to review things that cost $500 and aren’t easy to return, I’d like them to be as thorough as possible. If someone doesn’t like it, skip to the end for a summary. It was just yesterday I was curious about Youtube reviews for a P95 and FNP, and his reviews sure were better than the other ones I watched.

    I’ve learned a decent bit about knives and multitools from his reviews, he’s had some break right on camera and didn’t hide it, he’s had guns break and didn’t hide it. Heck, he showed an expensive Kimber break and then numerous Kimber owners felt honest enough to come out of the woodwork in his comments and say how often their Kimbers break too.

    So haters can hate about what he may or may not “imply,” they can hate about him being long-winded/thorough, but I’d say his reviews and run and guns promote a solid environment for discussion, and his videos are more entertaining and contain more actual gun content than Top Shot.

    • +1. Nutnfancy has never exaggerated his background in any way. Yeah, his videos are long and not for everyone – but they’re thorough. They’re a good source if you don’t know much about certain gear (from multi-tools to tents).

      This guy is a joke and a wanabe, he is a Lt Col in the Utah Air Guard and is an air refueler pilot not spec ops or anything like he leads on and as far as his LEO as he implies HE IS A NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH CAPTIN, I was in the army 11b and was in IRAQ…..

      Given SuperDan’s above YouTube rant, I can safely conclude that the DOD hasn’t increased ASVAB minimums for the 11-series MOS from the bottom 5%. As an ex-11M (Gulf War), I know. Which is why I got out… (After they told me I’d have to re-up to get a shot at SF).

  5. I’m a fan but like many, my attention span doesn’t accommodate his long run-and-gun vids. So…I don’t watch them.

    I find his tabletop reviews very informative and have bought a number of knives and multitools based on them. I haven’t been disappointed, either. In my experience, his descriptions and opinions of items reviewed have been dead on.

  6. I’m not a “fan” in that I don’t automatically check all his new videos as they come out (though I do subscribe to his channel so I can see new titles) and I don’t feel the need to jump to his defense.

    Having said that, when I’m researching something in the gun world and I see he has a video about it, I gladly watch it in its entirety (sometimes spanning several 30 min.+/- installations) and always come away with a solid chunk of info that I can then check against other (often less exhaustive) references. I don’t care about his resume or his personality, his reviews seem to hold water; even moreso if used as part of a broader learning curve and he doesn’t seem driven by an agenda other than making videos about guns and such.

    I mean its just YouTube we’re talking about here, have you seen that video for “Friday”?

  7. I’ve watched a few of his vids and I like his stuff. I certainly don’t get angry about anything like some of those comments people left were. His vids can be a bit long, no biggie. That’s what the little arrow pointing to the right is for. You click that with your mouse when you get bored.

    I have respect for his reviews and his videos. I think producing a watchable video is harder than it looks. Hell, writing coherently is hard enough.

  8. Frankly, he is pro-gun, pro-freedom, and successful on YouTube… whether you like him or not, YOU have to click on his link to watch him, so it is your choice. Why would we want to bash someone that is on our side? Shouldn’t we keep our powder dry for the real enemies to the 2A? I fail to see how this story has anything to do with “The Truth About Guns”. If you think he is long-winded, you can drag that bar at the bottom of every YT video and move it along…

  9. He is the best on youtube surely. What struck me most was what a bad decision it was for kel-tec to send a rep out with a number of guns that were unreliable. The 22mags were embarassing to watch, and the guy had no training with the ksg and made it look awkward and over-complicated. I have never been particularly attracted to kel-tec to begin with, but now, I really question whether they have their act together or are the pseudo-amateurs of the gun world. No way would ruger, sig, fn, beretta, etc. have allowed such an embarassment.

    • I hadn’t watched those vids but am now since you mentioned the jamming. lol. In Kel-Tecs defense, Nutn has reviewed the PF9 against a Kahr or two and said to save your money and just get the Kel-Tec. It’s also apparently the gun he personally carries, so he puts his money where his mouth is.

      In the Kel-Tec vid you’re referring to, it’s actually a testament to honesty that as much as they obviously like the Kel-Tec rep, they still make fun of him and call him a newb for improperly wearing his tactical gear, didn’t edit out the Kel-Tec jams, and after the first firing of the big .308 said straight-out it has a horrible trigger.

      Also, while I don’t watch all of his vids, or simply skim through them, there’s little educational things that come up that people won’t see from people just shooting at a range. For instance, the compensator on the .308, when he lays down to shoot prone, it kicks up a cloud of dust on every shot. Anyone who doesn’t shoot compensators from prone position in a dusty area may not thought about such things before.

  10. NF is what he is, and in dozens of videos I’ve never heard him inflate his record or his credentials. Lord knows there are plenty of braggarts (Marines sometimes call them ‘shitbirds’) who claim to be Delta or SEALs or LRRP or SOG or whatever.

    I respect NF for his candor, and for the considerable effort he puts in. I know how much work goes into even the most basic video production, and how much of a PITA it is to coordinate several shooters and a half-ton of gear for a shoot.

  11. … his voice would make Helen Keller run away, …

    I dunno. He seems to like the sound of it.

    Hickock45 is more my speed. The guy doesn’t seem to try too hard and he sure can shoot.

    Oh, and can we please stop using the word “tacticool”? It was clever the first three times I heard it, and just plain stupid thereafter.

  12. I recently saw a hickok45 video that was something like 40 minutes long, but he shot and talked about a dozen different guns. That’s not too long, that’s informative.
    The nutn videos I can’t stand to watch anymore,45 minutes for one gun and all we get is four guys high fiving each other.

  13. I’m with Wes on this one. Nutnfancy is a windbag for sure. But he’s thurough, factual and upfront about what’s important. I don’t bite my nails waiting on videos because frankly, I could care less about certain topics he covers. But the ones I do watch, I enjoy. Inwonder how many people who complain still watch them, and why? They are probably the ones that watch Top Shot and say the same thing. I also don’t see anything in his videos claiming that he is some super secret squirrel special serviceman. So what if he wants a measure of privacy. He understands that he has people in his audience that will attack him for his opinions. Which he clearly states as such, his oppinions. Hell. There are folks on YouTube that are muuuuch worse. Look up “fabiocrow”.

    Hickok45 is also great, but you can deny him the same opinion, he gets long winded too. His radio shows are almost an hour long too, and there is no video accompanying it!

    Put it this way, if you can and have time to do better, do it. Otherwise, don’t watch it!

  14. Honestly? I’m a fan. He never really implies he is something he is not. I think he does a decent job of showing the products from a ‘normal guy’ consumers point of view.

    • I agree with you Eric. I have watched maybe a dozen or so of Nutnfancy’s videos. I like them. I think he does a great job. Always found them to be informative for your average joe like me and I have never gotten the sense of him trying to portray himself as something he is not. Have not watched any of the 45 minute ones though, I don;t have that much of an attention span these days. Dan needs to direct his energies someplace constructive and leave NF alone.


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