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It must be said: that’s a lot of “l”s in until. And how is this SIG SAUER promotion extended to March 16th if the deal’s only available to the first 250 callers? Quibbles. SIGs are extremely comfortable guns. That said, I don’t own a single gun with a wood grip, faux or otherwise. I don’t mind metal, and I’m perfect with plastic. But when it comes to getting a grip, I like rubber baby [buggy bumpers]! I reckon I bought my Remington SPS because it’s covered in rubber. My Smith & Wesson 686’s rubber handle makes a Savile Row suit feel like a burlap sack. What material do you prefer in a gun grip? Checkered or what?

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  1. I love the look of wood and my S&W 629-3 has a beautiful set of hand contoured walnut grips. This 44 is quite heavy so there is very little recoil with the mag loads and almost no recoil with the specials. I have rubber grips on all my S&W 500’s and it still stings when I use the 500 to 700 grain rounds, so I would never use wood on these badgirls. The rest of my guns are mostly rubber grips and a few have plastic.

  2. I think you people know me by now, I love nothing more than some wood furniture on my firearms. Preferably some nice checkered walnut.

    On my polymer guns where wood isn’t an option, I tend to gravitate towards some grip tape on the sides of the grips.

  3. Handguns or long guns? I have one handgun with smooth rosewood grips that offset the stainless beautifully. I have at least one long gun that has wood furniture, also beautiful. Would that it were possible to design a defensive confrontation experiment where the intangible benefit of hefting a nice chunk of wood would have some measurable influence on the outcome.

  4. Wood can be lovely, but rubber and polymer seem to dominate my collection. I like the Old School looks of the Goncalo Alvez target grips my 686 used to wear, but they are insanely large and very uncomfortable.

  5. Whatever is on it when it comes home, stays on it. Wood, plastic, metal, rubber – dont much care.

    I will admit that the rubber feels good but it’s irrelevant. If I wanna put my hand on something that feels good, my wife is always available.

    I do have one problem with rubber grips on handguns – I open carry and the rubber grabs my shirt sleeve when I’m walking.

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