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Custom grips by Rio Grande Custom Grips in American Spirit and Pink Venom


TTAG’s got gripes. You might even say we’re the kvetch-all of gun blogs. But we’ve got no gripe with grips. We’re patriots who celebrate firearms diversity. We will not make fun of a Rio Grande “American Spirit” Custom Grip emblazoned with an American eagle in front of Old Glory on one of John Moses Browning’s Closer to Thee, Oh Lord 1911s. Speaking of which, “Hand of God” custom grip? Priceless! Well, $64.95 plus S&H. [Press release after the jump.] So, have you swapped-out the grips on your handgun? If so, whatdja get and were you motivated by aesthetics, ergonomics, a desire to express your political persuasion or some combination thereof? . . .

Brighton, CO, July 2013— Rio Grande Custom Grips www.riograndecustomgrips.comannounces its move into National and International markets. For several years Rio Grande Custom Grips was known to a small and loyal following for their outstanding and beautifully executed illustrated handgun grips. The Company is pleased to announce new increased production capability to handle volume orders.

So what is this so wonderful product about?

Rio Grande Custom Grips produces a huge series of illustrated handgun grips (also known as stocks) for revolvers and pistols. Using a proprietary patented process the company can put most any image, illustration and/or verbiage on a handgun grip. Made from molded high-strength specialized polymer the grips are seriously tough and durable.

Unique to the Rio Grande brand, their grips and the images are tough too! How tough? They are salt, oil, solvent, water impact and abrasion resistant and the image is encased in tough poly-material. So you can dress up your handgun and or make your statement and do so with serious handgun grips that are made to last.

“Handgun grips are a wonderful place to display some great artwork or a personal sentiment.  Nothing much in the firearm world looks cooler than a handgun with really neat grips.”–Bryan Chambers, V.P. of Rio Grande Custom Grips

Rio Grande has over 100 outstanding standard images and designs from plain ivory to beautiful high-color patriotic to abstract art images.

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  1. Black pearl Hogue grips for my M9.Sets the gun off nicely,and they’re not as slick as one would think.

    I find the idea of owning a plastic gun somewhat troubling.Life is too short to carry an ugly handgun,especially if you’re a citizen who can literally carry whatever they please.

  2. Before they started coming from the factory already so equipped I use to routinely swap out the one size fits all wood grips on my revolvers for neoprene grips. I tend to sweat in warm weather and those skinny wood grips got slick and uncomfortable at extended range sessions. The old factory Ruger grips for their double action revolvers were the worst.

    On the other hand, I swapped out a set of standard wood grips on the Ruger super blackhawk .44 mag and immediately regretted it. The smooth factory plow handle grips allowed the big gun to roll in your hand which actually made it easier to thumb c0ck the single action revolver and get it back on target quicker. The Pachmyers I replaced them with weld the grip to your hand in one spot and that slowed my shooting down and beat my hand up.

    I’ve never changed or modified the grips on a semi auto. I guess I’d have to care about a gun to modify it.

  3. I swapped out the rubber grips on my Kimber for the Springfield Armory “US” walnut grips. I prefer how wood grips feel in general and I really like the way the US grips look.

    • Did the same with my Pro Carry II. In fact I bought the grips before I found the gun. Did it for the old school look. On the other hand, I replaced the rubber/wood grips on my SP101 with hogue grips for the ergonomics.

  4. I recently swapped the factory grips on my 1991 for some Pachmayr American Legend grips. They are definitely a damn sight more comfortable on a gun that already is. The rubber feels a little cheaper than I’d like but I like the look of it and definitely the overall feel.

  5. On both my Taurus PT92 and CZ-75 Compact, I replaced the black plastic factory grips with some nice wooden ones. I like the look of black gun + wood. Although I kind of wish I had gotten some faux-ivory grips for one; black and white looks cool too.

  6. I went with checkered, wood, double diamonds for my 1911; because that’s just what every 1911 should wear. I even had some made for my Para 13.45. Besides, the smooth grips on my Rock Island weren’t grippy enough.

  7. I put wood grips on my 1911 and my Sig P220. I also switched out the ugly Hogue grip on my GP100 for one of the original factory grips (slimmer rubber with rosewood inlay). I just love the way wood looks on a gun, if it wasn’t so expensive, I’d put wood furniture on my AR.

  8. I have found that rosewood or walnut grips add bulk and appearance to many of my handguns; they fit my hand better because of the added size and look more attractive. But function takes precedence over appearance.

    For example, Pachmayr makes great rubber wrap around grips that come stock with the Springfield MC Operator. I have replaced the nice stock wood grips on both of my stainless Springfield 1911’s with the Pachmayr so they fit my hand as well as does my Operator.

    Also, CZ’s come with stock rubber grips that are perfect; just the right size, texture and feel for those automatics; wouldn’t change them for anything else.

    • I love those CZ rubber grips on my competition gun (a 75 shadow), but for my carry guns (a tuned pre-B 75 and a tuned P-01), I went with G10, because my shirt sometimes gets stuck on the rubber. If rule 1 of self defense guns is have the gun with you, rule 2 should be make sure you can draw it easily. If I open carried, I’d use the rubber.

      • I have one of those. I tried the Pachmayer and didn’t like them. I have the Hogue now. They look a little big for the gun, but fit the gun really well and the ergonomics are great.

        • Wait – gloves, as in making my hands bigger to fit the grips?

          At present, the grips feel too small. If I cram 3 of my fingers together, my right pinky finger is only half-way on the grip.

        • “Hmm…” what? My hands are too big? My grips are too small? I’m trying to hold a single-six wrong (i.e. not comfortable with “pinky under”)?

          “Pinky under” is about the only way I can sort-of comfortably hold it. It just feels “wierd” to me. On my 1911, m whole hand fits on the grip. For my Glock 27, I have +2 mags that give me a place to put my pinky.

          The Ruger was my first handgun. I presumed pinky under was normal. Then I got the 1911 and [inadvertently? badly?] re-trained myself. Then I got the Glock and had to have the longer mags – not for capacity, but for a place to put my pinky finger.

        • @ DonS,
          It sounds like you have a wide hand but without knowing I can only guess. If so, and you like to shoot the Ruger, you may want to search for someone who does custom grips for revolvers.

          Your favorite search engine is your friend. Your local gun shops, shooting ranges, and internet gun forums are also sources for leads. It may cost some, but you could end up with a very nice addition to your Ruger that is both handsome and functional.

          I found

          without much effort.

          I also found this which would be my choice with a longer, rounded butt, though it may cost a bit more:

          The process might be as easy as making a full size photocopy of your shooting hand and choosing a grip style.

          But that adventure is for you to explore.

          Hope this all helps. Good luck.

        • Roscoe-

          Thank you for all of your help. I do appreciate it.

          Yes, I might have “wide” hands. 4″ across my palm at the knuckles.

          I’ll check out your links. I hate to mess up the Blackhawk’s looks, but I would really like it to be more comfortable to shoot.

          Thanks again,

          edit: I’ve never really looked for grips for the Ruger. I’ve just accepted the fit (or lack thereof) as a necessary sacrifice for having big hand and a single six.

  9. I’d like some wood or ivory/mother of pearl grips for my K9, but the only ones I’ve seen are out of stock :/

  10. I paid extra (I guess) for the CT grips that came on my SW1911. I probably won’t swap them out – certainly not for pretty pictures.

  11. I swapped out the factory grips on my CZ75b for hand carved grips made of rose wood. I just thought that they looked great against the black finish of the gun. After I swapped them I found I preferred the way they felt too.

    • Yikes, swapping out the grips on a CZ75B! I’ve heard nothing but aahhhh’s whenever I let people hold mine.

  12. I have actually just finished my first set of homemade grips for my Ruger single six made out of black and white ebony. Next on the to do list is a set out of the same wood for my SR1911.

  13. Probably the first thing I did with my Arsenal AK was change the grips. The traditional AK style grip just didn’t feel comfortable in my hand.

    Got Pachmayr grips on a Colt Python, though the change wasn’t my choice – it was inherited from papa and I have no idea what he did with the original wood ones. Not that it matters – the rubberized feeling of the Pachmayr makes the Python extra comfy to shoot.

    Haven’t changed any grips on my semi-auto pistols, but if I ever acquire a stock 1911 I like someday, I’m sure I’ll probably change the grips on those…

  14. if i get grips it will serve a purpose. im not going to pay $65 so i can play dress up with my guns. i would pay $200 for more ergonomic grips with a laser.

  15. I have Hogue wraparounds on both of my 1911’s. It gives me a more stable grip. Function above aestetics.

  16. A used P7M8 I purchased came with a set of beautiful Nills wood grips, in addition to the stock plastic panels… I don’t think I’ve ever shot with them, but I carry the gun regularly so I don’t really want them subjected to the rigors of concealed carry wear. If I kept the gun as a safe/range queen I’d probably mount them up… they fill up the hand nicely.

  17. my brother makes me a new set outta different wood every 3-5 months for my 1911, he does what ever design he feels like, i only ask for them to be skinny and he always obliges

  18. My Dad used to build custom grips for a part-time, after-work hobby business, so I have beautiful custom Screwbean Mesquite grips on a Colt Trooper (birthday present from Dad, back in ’75. Also have black walnut on a Model 29 Smith, as well as really cool Yew with holly inlay target grips on another S&W. I made Zebrawood target grips for a Taurus PT100 I shot in IPSC. For synthetics, I have Crimson Trace grips on an S&W 1911, and Hogue rubber grips on another S&W revolver.

    • “I have Crimson Trace grips on an S&W 1911”

      Ditto. It was that way when I found it. The black rubber “switch” strap (lies under my middle finger) has the SW logo.

  19. If you get the happy face grips, and have a DGU, will your lawyer be able to use them at trial to show you are a happy and friendly person, not an evil gun person?

  20. Been thinking about getting ultra slim grips for my Range Officer. My hands are small and currently the ergonomics are really awkward.

  21. I am a “give me a gun, let me shoot it” guy. I don’t care that glocks look like a brick, don’t need no fancy stinking grips, I just care that gun goes boom and bullet flies straight. Unless the grips are necessary in some way to make YOUR gun function for YOU better. But I am pretty much like that in life. I don’t really understand people who must have things “just so” before they can accomplish something. When I played outfield it seemed like the sun was ALWAYS in my eyes so I better just catch the ball anyway.

  22. It would be cool to have the Palidin chess knight on my Single Six.
    Yea yea, I know it was on his holster, not on the grips.

    Where do YOU roam?

  23. Changed out the old plastic grips on my Dad’s 1911 with cheap camo grips; a little more grippy, seem less brittle. Was afraid I would break the old ones disassembling/reassembling. Kept the originals in case my boys want to put it back the way it was when it passes to them.

  24. My Kimber has crimson trace laser grips instead of the factory ones. That’s about it for me.

    I find the grips with graphics/artwork kind of tacky honestly.

  25. Elephant ivory on my blue steel Springfield Armory 1911 which has had the Jim Clark “Meltdown” frame mod done. CITES legal ivory is still available.

  26. I put some gorgeous “U.S.” stamped wood ones on my 1911. Then I found out that hardly any of them were issued that way.
    I kept em anyway.

  27. When I got my EAA .45 Witness, I also bought an over-sized rubber grip to slip over the factory grips.

    Even though my hands are smallish… well, small, the extra fatness makes a surer, more comfortable grip for me. I tried it both ways. No question, I like the fat one better, and shoot better with it, too.

  28. Rosewood on my 2-tone (black slide and controls, stainless barrel and frame) PT92, Electric Blue Laminate smooth wood grips on my stainless PT1911 9mm, black laminate checkered wood on my black EAA Witness Hunter 10mm, and flat gray cerakote on my Glock 29 frame.

  29. Not only did i put AGrip™ on my gun… but i also invented AGrip and started Brooks Tactical Systems ( to manufacture and sell them. We are now celebrating our 20 year anniversary!

    Of course, now, not only to i have AGrip on all my guns… but i’ve got it on just about every thing else, too.

    The only thing that should ever come between you and any gun… is comfort!
    Get AGrip!

  30. I wanted to see if I could improve the fit to my big paws so I put on the Pachmayr Legend grips. I had to do some trimming to fit the ambi safety and I got new Ed Brown bushings and screws in stainless to match my TRP. I have a much better hold now.

  31. I’m not sure its a good idea to go with some fancy-schmancy grips on your EDC pistol; for the same reason you’d want to have factory ammo in the same EDC – you don’t want it to come across as a custom-built murder machine.

    Now on a fun-gun for the range or 3-gun, ect, then why not put a little personalization on it?

  32. Nasty sticky rubber grips always come off and are immediately replaced by something made from dead tree. I’m pretty certain I swapped out the rubber grips on my Delta Elite for cocobolo double diamonds before I even got to the range.

  33. “Using a proprietary patented process the company can put most any image.”
    I want Three Wolf Moon grips, please.

  34. Glocks don’t need grips! Really though, most of the time I leave the standard factory on there, occasionally I will opt for Hogue or similar grips for carry pistols, and I have one “looking Purdy” pistol: A S&W 686-1 with goncalo alves finger grooved grips…:)

    • Hahaha.. that’s funny! Yeah, people should use whatever they are comfortable using. And some people are so cool they just don’t think they need to get AGrip… and i’m cool with that. Me… i sweat pretty bad…


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