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Florida Senator Marco Rubio won one state in last night’s “Super Tuesday” primary: Minnesota. He lost his great (white?) hope: Virginia. Real estate mogul Donald Trump won Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Massachusetts, Tennessee, Vermont and Virginia, racking-up 241 delegates (to Rubio’s 108). It now appears there’s only one way Republican voters can stop Donald Trump from clinching the presidential nomination (assuming they want to) . . .

That requires Rubio to drop out, leaving Senator Ted Cruz (224 delegates) as the #dumptrump candidate. (It would certainly help if Ohio governor John Kasich and Dr. Ben Carson followed suit). Will Rubio fall on his sword? Only if he loses Florida two weeks from now. And maybe not even then.

Will that be too late for Cruz? Watch this space. Meanwhile, keep in mind that Marco Rubio voted to ban legally owned and carried guns from city parks. While Rubio would be an infinitely better president than Hillary Clinton or any other Democrat of The People of the Gun, we may have (will have?) dodged a bullet. Yes?

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      • But is a rock a better option than a boiled potato? Such are the weighty questions of our time.

        • Rubio is the boiled potato, since he’s the only candidate in a position to beat Clinton in the general election. It would be stupid to drop him now.

        • Rifleman 762 exactly. People are getting too caught up on talking points and lip service and forgetting that politics is a game of chess. It does you no good if the guy that is the strongest one on your topic is a pawn who has no chance of beating the queen. Rubio might not be the best thing when it comes to guns, but he isn’t going to degrade our rights and risk alienating his base or angering the NRA, and he has a shot at winning. Trump won’t get the votes he needs from anyone close to the center and we are defaulted to a Hillary presidency.

        • Rubio can’t win. He is the poster boy for the establishment, the very same group of folks the voters backing Trump despise. I personally cannot forgive him his gang-of-eight and TPP activities.

        • I disagree. People that are mad enough to vote trump aren’t just going to stay home election day because they didnt get their first guy. If you are pissed enough to vote for trump, you aren’t going to put your future into Hillarys hands just because you are pouting over your first choice getting nixed.

        • The math just isn’t there for Trump. No matter how many people rabidly support him, he loses in almost every minority poll (latinos, black, etc) if hillary comes out of the Dems side of things he will lose women, and he is already losing support from the mormon crowd and evangelicals (see todays coverage on Romney). You simply cannot win a general election if you don’t have any minority support, very little support from the women, and not a shred of support from middle of the road republicans or undecided not to mention young college age students.

      • I’m sure it tastes better and has a more palatable texture.

        I hope you’re finished eating.

        • Dennis the Peasant: “Listen. Strange women lying in ponds distributing swords is no basis for a system of government. Supreme executive power derives from a mandate from the masses, not from some farcical aquatic ceremony.”

          “I mean, if I went around saying I was an emperor just because some moistened bint had lobbed a scimitar at me, they’d put me away!”

        • I lived on rock gravy , Black Oak bark and dandelions for two months , about they same amount of time we’ll all live on trump soup .

  1. Cruz and Trump represent the insurgent, anti-establishment wing; Rubio is just the opposite. If Rubio drops out, his voters will not defect to Cruz. Besides, in most states, Trump has polled better that Cruz and Rubio combined.

    If Cruz is to win, he’ll have to do so on his own.

    • Cruz cannot win without the support of “The Establishment.” He cannot win if he takes it because all the Cruz fanboys will defect to Trump.

      • I will not.

        Despite the narrative of the media being “The only people who support Cruz are white evangelicals foaming at the mouth about abortion”, I (As a pro-choice, pro-gay-marriage agnostic/atheist) support Cruz as the most principled person in the race, and perhaps the first presidential candidate we’ve had in decades who might have the backbone to resist the allure of executive overreach.

        If Trump is the nominee, I’ll vote Gary Johnson. I can just about hold my nose enough to vote for Rubio, whose intellectual dishonesty with regard to Cruz’s positions on the Gang-of-Eight bill and support for spying on millions of innocent American citizens make it a very difficult thing to do.

    • This.

      The establishment has shot itself in the foot trying to make Rubio the golden-haired boy. I suppose this was, in part, because he’s the sort of guy who will do what he’s told, while Cruz (whatever his flaws) appears to be his own man.

      My own intuition is that on the Venn diagram of the 2016 GOP, Cruz supporters overlap with both Trump and Rubio’s supporters. Not that Cruz is likely to take the nomination anyway, but if you were really worried about putting up a viable candidate not named Trump, why on Earth would you back Rubio unless owning the candidate is more important to you than winning?

      It is instructive that the GOP elite seems to signalling that there are circumstances in which they’d prefer a Hillary victory. So much for their dedication to the right to keep and bear arms….

      • Of course they prefer a Hillary victory over Cruz. Hillary will perpetuate the status quo, and that suits the Republican establishment just fine.

        As far as they’re concerned, Hillary is acceptable, Rubio is acceptable, Trump looks manageable (or at least survivable), Cruz is trouble.

        The plan is to keep Rubio in the race as a spoiler to ensure Cruz has no chance of winning, and then do whatever they can get away with the ensure Hillary wins. If Rubio does his job, he gets promises of future support, and maybe a VP spot on the Trump ticket (I doubt Rubio is smart enough to realize his benefactors want Hillary to win).

    • Cruz and Trump are wildcards to some extent – Cruz because of his vote for TPP although otherwise Cruz is fantastic. I don’t much care who his wife works for. Trump, huuuuge wildcard, we really have no idea what the man really thinks nor what he would do if given the office.

      One might think, might think, I repeat, that Trump is there to make sure Cruz doesn’t pull this off.

      The establishment pols do not seem to like Cruz in a big way, which of course is a big plus.

      We see a lot of talk in the GOP about how they don’t want Trump, ok, fine, whatever.

      Trump is a cult of personality type to be sure, and I think we would be wise to be wary of such things. Obama has this same quality of course.

      I like Cruz, with Daryl Dixon as VP.

        • I’ve been saying this to everyone: Trump’s first act as POTUS needs to be recommending Cruz to Scalia’s seat.

        • That is a sucker bet. Trump did not like Justice Scalia because he was too conservative yet you think he is going to appoint Cruz to the Court. That is delusional and example of why Trump continues on the road to nomination. Donald “Kelo” Trump will appoint the same kind of Liberal Justices that Hillary would.

        • tdiinva: That’s the thing: Trump has taken every side of every issue, and so his supporters are able to self-justify thinking that he’s exactly the thing for which they’re looking.

          That’s why they think that he won’t appoint another Souter to the court, because in their personal mental picture, he won’t.

      • Trump is a more conservative obama clone. He is a dictator. And has been part of the problem with the establishment for 40 or so years. It boggles my mind that the anti eatablishment republicans are going for him. He wasnt a politician, but he was one of the big businesses that bought off the establishment in order to grease the wheels or by pass regulations or get whatever he wanted from BIG GOV. Trump isnt an outsider, he has wallowed in establishment politics for years. He even admitted it during the first Fox debate in september.

    • Generally speaking Trump has been under-performing compared to his polling and Cruz has been over-performing. For example, all the polls had Trump within single digits of Cruz in Texas but Cruz won by 17 points.

      If Rubio drops out there’s really nowhere for his supporters to go other than Cruz. Unless you think Kasich or Carson still have a chance.

      • Gov. K’s voters go to Trump , Rubio’s support , 75 % to Cruz , Carson supporters , 75 % to Trump , 75 % of Carson supporters are black Americans and will jump to Trump . Cruz scares most black Americans because of his hardline conservative stances . I don’t see Cruz as anti black or minorities of any kind but I also believe in work for aid policies .
        We need to keep Gov. K in the race until after the 15th and pray he takes Ohio .

    • Yeah I think this article was written wishfully rather than with any real political savvy. The only way for Trump to lose at this point- short of dramatic intervention (like if he actually DID shoot someone on the street) would be at the convention on the 2nd ballot. And if that happens Cruz won’t win, because no one in the establishment wants Cruz anymore than they want Trump.

      They wanted Jeb. They’d settle for Rubio. But even that seems unlikely.

      • The establishment wanted Walker – he flamed out
        They then settled on Bush – damp squib

        The establishment doesn’t actually like Rubiol; in any other election HE would be the outsider, he’s just the least bad choice the establishment has left.

  2. No. I trust Rubio far more on guns than I do Trump. Trump has been all over the place on the issue. He says the right things now, but who says he won’t change his mind?

    • So in your world a politician who actually has VOTED AGAINST gun rights in the last 6 years is more trustworthy than Trump who had an opinion on a gun ban 16 years ago?

      Wow..I hope you don’t trust your daughter with Muslim refugees.

      • Yup. I trust Rubio more. Trump says alot of extreme stuff. That is so he can move the starting line for any negotiation. he has said multiple times that everything is negotiable and that he is this great negotiator. His whole campaign is not about our rights or our liberties. Its only about big american business and making sure they can be profitable over foreign competition.

    • Im with you. Not only that, Trump can’t get elected. Those that would have voted for trump will vote Rubio. Those who are voting for Rubio won’t vote trump. This election is a must win, and putting up a candidate that can’t win is not going to do us any good. We need a winner, not the person who is strongest on guns. Bring on the hate.

        • Ideally yes. However, reality is different. I will take a winner that won’t infringe upon them over a loser that would expand gun rights because a loser does us no good. Make no mistake, big Don is a loser. There are already talks amount middle road conservatives to jump ship with a third party or simply not show up to vote. You can’t win without their support, Hilbeast is to strong with too much money and too many donors to lose to a divided nation. Rubio could have won and would not have touched our gun rights. He would have been strong enough where we needed him and put good people (cruz?) into the supreme court who wouldn’t have hurt us down the road.

      • Those that would have voted for trump will vote Rubio.

        Nope. Untrue in at least this case.

        • Not true, here. I’d rather let Hillary in to break everything if the GOP doesn’t get behind the clear front runner.

      • “Those that would have voted for trump will vote Rubio”

        I seriously doubt that. People who haven’t voted or taken part in the political process in years and years are coming out of the woodwork and are interested in Trump. Those people aren’t going to vote for Jeb’s ideological kissing cousin. They’ll stay home on election day if Rubio gets the nod.

        • Is that right? So the turn out for these primaries has been record numbers for trump? I think not. He doesnt have anywhere close to the delegates that other strong candidates have had at this time in the primary season. If you support him thats fine but don’t distort reality. There is a significant portion of the population that simply will not support trump and you cannot win a modern election while alienating most of the women, most of the blacks, most of the latinos, and a solid percentage of rich old white dudes like the establishment right. Who is left? Not enough to win a general election thats for sure.

        • @Younggun,

          In one of the recent primary states, I think it was Nevada or South Carolina, more people voted for Trump alone than voted in the entire contest in previous elections. Votes for Trump alone shattered the previous record. I don’t necessarily even like Trump all that much, but the guy is bringing out disaffected people who haven’t been bothered to vote in many, many years.

        • Don’t be fooled , Trump does indeed have a big support base among blue collar Democrats that are jumping lines to vote for him in states where they can , SC is a great example , and he will have Dems that will support him in the general but the MSM will eat Trump alive in the general and we’ll be listening to Hillabeast for at least four years , God help us all , I’ll need to wear ear plugs at least .

        • Like I have said, he may have rabid support in some (like the blue collar crowd) but sadly that doesnt win elections when the Dems control nearly all the black vote, will get way over half of the women vote with Hillary, amnesty wins them most of the latino vote, and then you have the issue of the regular conservative that thinks trump is nuts. You can’t win while losing all those demographics its just simple math.

          The mainstream media aside, Donny can’t win. He has the support he needs to win primaries against a comparatively weak field but come the general election, he doesnt have the widespread support to beat out a strong Hillary.

          Is he strong on guns? If you believe what he says NOW, sure he is. However, ALL the candidates on the R ticket say they are strong on guns now and most of them were far more electable than Donny. His rabid support form 30% of the population is going to do him no good on election day when he loses the entire latino, women, black, and college student demographics. You can’t win like that, there aren’t that many blue collar folks in the US right now. Simple math.

      • “Those that would have voted for trump will vote Rubio”

        Holy disconnected RINO, batman!

        • Hey, call names all you want that is the truth. Trump has a cult following but turnout to vote for him will be low, there are sections of the right that won’t stand him, congress will fight him all the way. Not only will he not be able to beat a united liberal candidate, he won’t be able to do anything once in power even though he will never get that far. People just don’t understand the game and want to play it like a no holds barred brawl. This is chess.

        • All those points were perfectly sound. But, I don’t think touting your opinion as absolute truths is. Oh well, no matter.

          People are sick of the BS from R’s. And Rubio represents the Zenith of the R’s BS. So, your opinion might be that people will show up for the Rube, in the absences of Trump, but I think that’s ostrich logic.

        • Its not absolute truth but it is built on statistical analysis, polling, and historical elections. There are several demographics that Trump has mostly alienated that will not show up to vote, will vote third party, or will flip sides for whatever comes out from the left. The end result is the same, we lose.

          There are those that will only vote trump, that is true. But this is far too important of an election for conservatives or anyone on the right to stay home when they don’t get the perfect candidate, but there WILL be those that are going to stay home because they cannot get behind someone with the callous disregard for the constitution as Trump.

      • Nope – won’t vote for Rubio – won’t vote for another RINO like him period. Cruz or Trump or might as well let Hillary in.

        • Hillary will be let in. The GOP is fractioned and the turnout to vote for either Trump or Cruz will be some of the lowest rates because of how device they are. You people seem to conflate rabid support from some to acceptance from the masses. It doesnt matter if 50 million people support him rabidly if 100 million people who could care less about the president either don’t show up or vote hillary. You still lose.

  3. Yup and good riddance to the fvcking GOPe. The middle class supports Trump and the Middle Class votes republican.

    American Nationalists will save the Republic. The GOPe cant even save themselves.

    • Nope, good luck with that.

      Many will not vote for Trump on principle and many R’s will vote for Hillary like was done in the two Obama runs.

      There is simply not enough Old Fat Angry White Guys to make a difference in the general election. Unless the GOP widens its message they will loose this cycle and the next cycle.

      The one thing about the D’s, they will rally for their guy regardless of their principles because they know a win is a win and if you want to govern, you first have to win. Not so much on the R side. Enough R’s will not hold their nose and vote and that will give the election to Hillary.

      Fine, I hear it all the time. Blow up the GOP establishment, blow them up. I ask, then, when the election is lost, the SCOTUS is lost and then the House and Senate are lost, what does one do when you have single party system?

  4. NO, Trump only cares about himself. I will even go so far to say that in many states a lot of D’s switched so that they could vote for Trump to insure the destruction of the R’s. That seems very Saul Alinsky given that in some states the exact number of D’s voting was down by the same number of R’s voting and voting for Trump.

    Right now the situation is this, Trump wins, we loose. Hillary wins we loose more (think the SCOTUS)

    It is just a matter of degree how much we loose.

    I still keep asking, except for saying he is for the 2nd Amendment, what has Trump done in the support of 2a except to join the NRA which anyone can do? For all his supposed Billions and Billions, where was he with his lobbyist and others to fight the NY SAFE ACT?

    • Trump only cares about himself.

      As opposed to all the politicians who have our best interests at heart? Hahahahahahahahah. That’s really funny!

      • No Ralph , Trump really is doing this for Trump and not all politicians are invested in the mirror , some ( few ) , but growing in number , really are working for a return to old time American values and principles . All isn’t lost , and from your previous comments over the last years , I know you’re not on a Trump bandwagon and more on the reboot bandwagon but don’t give up quite yet . I really do believe Cruz is a different lot and we could rebound under his irk .
        God bless brother .

    • Don’t say that too loud “what has Trump done forever the 2A”. The only answer I have heard is because his sons are avid supporters.

  5. If you don’t want Trump then Cruz is your only hope. Say didn’t I read something about the GOP throwing the election to Hillary if Trump gets the nomination?

    • I think the GOP has already tried to throw the election with Jeb as their go to guy. Its the late 70’s all over again. Small men fighting over control of a dying party rather than risk losing control to the conservatives. Reagan dragged them into the parties only real future against their will, and the GOP promptly went back to their old ways after he left.

      • Flowers for Algernon. So depressing. We are throwing away the only real opportunity we have had since then for a resurgence. So painful to watch it happen in real time.

        But I fear it is even worse than reliving the 70’s, though there are clear parallels. I fear we are reliving the 30’s as we blunder our way into WWIII.

      • Even under Reagan the old guard got their guy in at the convention . Reagan had picked Baker if my memory serves me right but the behind the scenes brokering got George senior in at the last minute and it was old CIA man Bush that played the Iran / Contra game and the big spending games that went on during the Reagan years and old Ronnie got a Hinkley wake up call when he veered to far from the fold .
        If Reagan hadn’t been stifled by Bush senior , we would still be riding the Reaganomic waves .
        Cruz scares the absolute bejesus out of the progressives on both sides of the isle because he has let everyone of them know he will not play , not even Reagan was this strong headed .
        Cruz will be the sacrificial lamb for the next American revolution if we can get him elected , because the progressives will have to Sirhan Sirhan him to protect their 100 plus year investment in transforming Gods republic .
        Just my opinions , of coarse .

  6. Nope. You have it wrong. While Trump had most of the wins yesterday id did not as big as he wanted (needed) to lock it up. He lost out in the proportional states. And there are enough proportional states remaining that it is a LONG shot that he can get enough delegates to sew up the nomination. Likely going to the convention Be VERY glad this is playing out national convention delegates select the nominee rather than 1st time voters. .

    All 5 remaining are going to stay in the race. At the national convention delegates won but those that have since dropped out can vote for any remaining candidate in 2nd ballot. And can selecte Cruz

    If Rubio quits the RINOs aren’t going to vote Cruz and or Trumpie.
    If Cruz drops out few of his voters would vote for Rubio. Some might settle for Trumpie.

    Someone just send RINO Romney on a LONG South Seas vacation. The RINOs really not all in on Rubio the plan apparently is to resurrect Romney for 2012v2. And this time FIVE million of the Rep base stay home.

    • Do keep in mind, that for all intents and purposes, this is all theatre. Delegates are not required to vote for the winner at the convention. In fact, the Party can float any name they want at the convention, without running them though the caucuses.

      The GOP machine could literally put Mittens up, and the delegates could actually select him. It’s a nuclear option, but I’ve heard rumblings. I hope they’re wrong, but there’s no level of dysfunction that surprises me anymore.

      • Delegates are not required to vote for the winner at the convention.

        The RNC has two kinds of delegates — pledged and unpledged. Unpledged delegates can do whatever they want. Pledged delegates are required to vote on the first ballot for the candidate to whom they are pledged. After the first ballot, pledged delegates can switch, but historically they don’t unless there’s a deadlocked convention.

        • You’re very right, they generally (or almost never) switch.

          My point was merely that there exists a way to negate all the caucus votes and introduce an entirely new candidate on the floor.

          Like I said, nuclear option. I’m not the only one who knows this, it’s not arcane, and there are those who have publicly spoken about the possibility of it happening.

        • A brokered convention is a viable possibility this go around and if Rubio would win Florida and Gov. K. takes Ohio , this possibility gets even stronger . If gov. K. stays in and could take Ohio from Trump and Rubio would walk and Cruz could take Florida then the possibility grows even greater for a split or brokered convention . If Rubio leaves and Cruz were to take Florida and Ohio , well , lets just say , I will run 100 rounds through my Noreen BN 36 in quick succession and probably have to replace my barrel .
          Dreams of my father and his father and his and so on .

      • My wife and I were talking about that this morning. Trump (or anyone else) could win all the primaries he wants, and that’s got sh1t-all to do with who actually gets the nomination.

        Theater is exactly the right word for all this. Meanwhile, RNC will look after themselves more than what’s good for the country (whatever that means and whatever candidate that means).

        I remember in 2012, I heard an interview with an R member on the House of Representatives saying “by far Paul was the best man for the job and everyone knows it. But he’ll never get the nomination.”

        The party central leadership of both parties have so much control of this stuff it is truly scary. I’ll continue to vote in elections, but I’ve long since given up believing it really matters all much.

        Theater indeed…

      • Wrong. Delegates are committed on the first ballot. After that it’s a free for all. The only way a committed delegate can vote for someone else on the first ballot is if his candidate releases his delegates.

        • There are over 100 non-pledged delegates at the Convention that have no tie to any candidate whatsoever. If the “race” is close at all, those can make a difference.

          And beside, if anyone thinks this stuff really works in practice how it is “supposed to,” there’s a bridge for sale. Cheap. Can be yours today.

          The other thing is that if one looks at the actual delegate ‘map’ at the moment, Trump is NOT doing as well as the story seems to suggest he is. Yeah; he’s ahead. But, he’s not winning “hand’s down” or anything like that. He’s no juggernaut, and at least in the case of SC, the entire State’s delegates went to him no matter the vote breakdown; look at states that don’t do it that way, and the picture changes.

          Also, the claim that Trump is winning more than the other candidates combined is demonstrably false (where it counts…that might be true with polling data, but it’s not true in delegate counts). Make it a Trump-Cruz|Rubio race and it’s very easy to see Trump losing delegate counts.

          The main point is that the story is being manipulated, and it’s being manipulated to result in a certain outcome. What that outcome is remains to be seen.

        • JR, Exactly. There are so many rules that there is a way to finagle anything, and make it “ok”. This is a power play, and it will be interesting to watch it play out.

          The thought that anything this political works to any fixed rules (other than the power wins) is rather funny.

      • Trump would simply go 3rd party, GOP would lose, Hillary wins, and there will probably never be another republican in the WH. The party is gone at that point.

      • Same here. I will not reward them for dismissing what the majority of the party wants.

    • RNC Rule 40 pretty much ensures that Trump is the nominee unless something very drastic happens.
      Neither Cruz nor Rubio can actually be the eligible in a brokered convention unless they receive the majority of delegates in 8 or more States.
      Cruz still needs 4 more and Rubio 7.

  7. The “choice” between trump and clinton is not a choice at all, they are the same. Trump is a self serving self promoter. You trump supporters are being lied to by a man with no moral compass. Please wake up and vote for Cruz.

    • I think you are correct.

      I think Trump is a ringer for the Dems and Hillary put him up to it.

      The RNC better get it together quick!

        • It astonishes me that anyone believes a word Donald Trump says and actually votes for him (especially in places like Arkansas).

          I hadn’t heard anyone mention that Trump was working for the DNC, it is just my observation/opinion.

      • If that’s the case, then good riddance to the GOP.

        If they have become so far removed from their base to be played in such a manor, then it was their time to become an extinct party.

  8. I see Robert is a Cruz fanboy. Cruz’s only accomplishment is getting Terry McAuliffe elected Governor of Virginia. Which shows Cruz has been a bigger threat to gun rights than Rubio.

    • I’m sorry but , ‘ to me ‘ that is just simply silly . You can’t fear someone’s faith so much that you start believing such silly things . Don’t be angry with me please , I just happen to think your comment was simple silly .

  9. I heard earlier today that no less than Lindsey Graham-nesty suggested that the Establishment hold their collective nose and support Cruz. I don’t see them doing it, as I figure most of them would actually prefer Trump…they already know they can’t tell Cruz what to do.

    There is too much unknown about Trump, and what I do know I don’t like. I’m for Cruz all the way.

    • I agree
      I don’t like Trump, but I don’t despise him. Im pretty sure he will win. Cruz I think has the best chance to beat him and Billary.

      But the GOP knows Cruz wont play ball and stands on his promises and principles.

      Rubio does not do the same. I think he is more democrat than Trump and wont bet the Bill of Rights on him, who has changed sides on issues.

      Everyone needs to decide now, Cruz or Billary. Trump says so many offensive things tat he has pissed off at least half of the country. Women, Muslims, Mexicans, and Im sure some animal lovers with the toupe.

      Vote Cruz or it will be 8 more years of Osama. But I don’t think anyone will drop out till Trump has enough vote. Just to spite Cruz cause he doesn’t want to compromise his principles.

  10. So if as I hope Cruz manages to shut down the walking ego, would Scott Walker be a good VP choice?

    • Walker will not leave Wisconsin to be Cruz’s butt boy. Cruz isn’t fit to shine Walker’s shoes. Cruz is a talker, Walker is a doer.

      • I like Walker, but Condoleezza Rice would be cool as well. That’d really shake up the GOP.

        • Rice has stated publicly on many occasions that she is not interested in the presidency. Open question whether she would take the VP slot.

      • Cruz ( President )
        Rubio ( VP )
        Carson ( Healthcare Czar )
        Rand Paul ( Treasury Sec. )
        Trey Dowdy ( Att. General )
        Allen West ( Sec. of State )
        Jim Lee ( Supreme Court )
        Donald Trump ( Czar of dog catchers )

    • +1 for Scott Walker. He would be an excellent choice.

      But if the nominee is Trump, Jeff Sessions has the inside lane for VP unless Sessions (i) doesn’t want the job, or (ii) wants to challenge McConnell for Senate leadership.

  11. Trump would be more fun with less of a chance to gut my liberties. Certainly he won’t help to extend my liberties but he likely won’t work to curtail them any further.

    Hillary won’t be any fun and will be working 24/7 to restrict my liberty.

    Cruz is a churchy eschatologist nut who won’t be any fun and will work against my liberty. Plus I couldn’t stand see his swollen 7 dwarf face and hearing his nasal tone for 4 years. It’s only slightly more tolerable than Hillary’s shrieking.

    I’m voting for McAfee. I’d love to see the much hoped for Trump/McAfee Eff Everything ticket because in the end they’re all a bunch of lying, thieving, self-interested psychopath tyrants. A desire to run for office should be a clear enough indicator of mental instability that you are promptly catapulted into the ocean.

    Maybe I could get behind Rubio if he worked some of that Chippendale soap dancing homoerotica he did in college into his campaign. At least that’d be different.

      • This is just plain stupid and example of the dumbed down electorate that has left us with Trump, Cruz Rubio and you can throw in Clinton and Sanders to boot.

        Shireman must think that Cruz will march him off to church every Sunday.

        • I think it’s actually buying into the the liberal idea that securing your liberty starts with taking away someone else’s liberty. It’s a repeated line of attack. Freedom from religion freedom from guns it’s always freedom from someone else’s liberty. Liberty and freedom don’t work that way.

        • I’m afraid a lot of folks think anyone who believes in the saving grace of Jesus Christ , wants to haul them off to church every Sunday when the opposite is true . A true follower of Jesus Christ , believes in free choice and would fight to keep government out of religion , government out of the Jesus pool . Not the other way around . Christianity is the single greatest liberating force mankind has ever embraced . I fear one , seemingly , must be a Christian to understand it however and there is a very powerful force in this world that wants to keep this truth and the powerful light that emanates from it , under a pail .

        • The reason why we’re afraid of Cruz in particular is that he, and especially his father, are openly Dominionist, and we know what this means wrt freedom of religion. If you haven’t seen this, watch:

          and then remember that they have actually “anointed” Cruz prior to his presidential run…

  12. Rubio is an idiot, bought and paid for by special interest. He’s the sweetheart of the establishment, who basically tell him what to do and write speeches for him. He’s a typical weasel politician who promises one thing and then switches his position for political gain. The sooner he drops out the better.

  13. Chris Christie backed Trump. He seemed to be enjoying that decision at the press conference the other day.

  14. Guys, it’s obvious — Rubio is Jeb 2! He’s the establishment candidate the party wants everyone to rally around, and yet nobody, anywhere, wants to vote for him. The establishment circled their wagons and threw all-in on Rubio, and he still couldn’t do better than Trump or Cruz in just about any state.

    So here’s the logic we have to follow: clearly one of the two of them has to drop out (well, eventually, all but one will drop out). If Cruz drops out, do his voters go to Rubio? Hell no, they go to Trump. Cruz is the “legitimate” version of Trump for the anti-establishment voter. But if Rubio drops out, do his votes go to Cruz? Yes — because the National Review says “anybody but Trump”, and the establishment knows they cannot trust Trump; at least Cruz is a known quantity. They’ll hate it, but they’ll accept it. They may call him a “wacko bird”, they may have preferred their establishment Rubio, but nobody (as far as I know) has said that Cruz winning the nomination would be “the destruction of the Republican party” like they say about Trump.

    According to RealClearPolitics, Cruz already beats Hillary head-to-head. How much better would he do if Trump wasn’t calling him a liar every day?

    Same place shows Hillary beating Trump head to head, and shows Rubio beating Hillary head-to-head (by 5 points, even a bigger margin than Cruz).

    So, put simply: Cruz gets Rubio’s voters if Rubio drops out (because they won’t go to Clinton!) But Trump gets Cruz’s voters if Cruz drops out. Net result: Rubio cannot beat Trump. He can’t beat him in a three-way race (he comes in third), and he can’t beat him in a two-way race because Cruz votes will go to Trump. Granted, a lot of Kasich votes would go to Rubio, but there aren’t very many Kasich votes. And Carson votes go to Cruz.

    So the only logical course of action for the R’s is for Rubio, Kasich, and Carson to drop out, leaving Cruz vs Trump.

    • I think this needs to happen anyways just to try and bring debates back into line. I think that the field being way too large hurts everyone but it hurts more conventional candidates more than trump.

      Interestingly enough, what’s the precedence for delegate revolt. That is another factor that I think we could see play here ESPECIALLY if the Cruz/Trump race gets tighter.

      I will say I missed the last Rep debate but I sure am hoping Cruz turns the intensity up on Hillary and leaves Trump to himself. I think that at some level he’ll take care of his own problem. He certainly seems to be doing a good enough job of it already.

    • “According to RealClearPolitics, Cruz already beats Hillary head-to-head. How much better would he do if Trump wasn’t calling him a liar every day?

      Same place shows Hillary beating Trump head to head, and shows Rubio beating Hillary head-to-head (by 5 points, even a bigger margin than Cruz).”

      This is something I have not understood at all for quite a while.

      Assuming the numbers are based on the same set of voters, how can the numbers work out that Republican voters prefer Trump over Cruz but not Trump over Hillary while Cruz does beat Hillary?

      The only way this can make any sense at all is if the people voting for Trump don’t seem to realize that if he gets the nomination, at some point he will be running the General Freaking Election. It’s like the Trump supporters do not seem to understand this is only the first step of a process.

      Or, as has been floated, the Trump supporters are really D’s that registered R to vote in the primaries to crap on the GOP primary process. That would explain it, too.

      Both are possible explanations.

      But, in general, in an honest election cycle, there’s no way an informed voter could possibly favor a candidate in the primary only to plan to vote against that candidate in the general election.

      • Don’t listen to that crap. Pay attention to the empirical evidence:

        1) Trump is leading in delegates,
        2) GOP primary voters are breaking record numbers while dems are in the dumps.

        Add in that:

        3) Most likely a significant proportion of Bernie voters will not vote for Hillary under any conditions.

        • There are an awful lot of GOP voters saying they will NOT vote for Trump in the General Election.

          I’m not a mind reader. I don’t know what people will do. The data we have at the moment, right or wrong, strongly suggests Trump may well not be able to beat Hillary.

          Trump supporters can wishful think this stuff all they want, but the numbers are the numbers. You tell me not to believe the numbers, but there is no reason to choose that. It’s a 50-50 guess. Are the numbers representative or not?

          I heard something else recently that was interesting. No presidential candidate that was the “primary front-runner” during the early primary season has gone on to win the General Election. Think about that one for a moment, then look at Trump being the present year “primary front-runner.”

          The best that can be said was said above. This is all theater and has really not much, if anything, to do with the outcome of the Election in November.

      • “Or, as has been floated, the Trump supporters are really D’s that registered R to vote in the primaries to crap on the GOP primary process. That would explain it, too.”

        Okay, so here’s something interesting. As you say, there are states that have “open” primaries (anyone can vote on any ticket, so D’s can vote in the Republican primary) and there are states with “closed” primaries (where only R’s can vote on the R ballot).

        So far we’ve seen voting in four closed-primary states – Oklahoma, Alaska, Iowa, and Nevada. Cruz won three of the four. All the others are open-primary states, and Trump won (almost) all of those. Why the difference? It’s not regional (Alaska, Iowa, and Oklahoma are hardly the same region!) Is it, in fact, because D’s are voting for Trump as the more beatable candidate?

        According to this article in the Washington Post, the calendar is tilting towards more and more closed primary states. Does Cruz begin to pick up speed now? Does Rubio continue to flounder (Jeb II!) Does Trump face real Republican primary voters who aren’t buying his message and schtick?

        Maybe what you’re seeing in the polls (Cruz beats Hillary, but Trump beats Cruz) is dependent on whether they’re asking “all voters” or just “likely Repubs” or “registered repubs”…

        • Agree Eye-roller. Anyone remember Rush Limbaugh’s operation chaos(?). Vote in the dem primaries for “fun”. I’m a CRUZ guy but it would explain a lot. And yeah-little Marco needs to go. I’d be happy with Ted in the Supremes…

    • This is best case, but the RNC hasn’t had a good track record of acting within its own best interests lately.

      And cutting Trump loose opens him up to run independent and hand the presidency to the Hildebeast.

      Shit be fucked.

    • Kind of early for those types of poll, every one of them show in the margin of error. My gut feeling says that Hillary/Media Machine will eviscerate Ted Cruz in the general if he were to get the nomination. He won’t play dirty enough, the thing he did to Carson was amateurish at best. He also won’t draw independents, anywhere but Texas his ceiling is probably about 30%. How does he win any of the northern swing states if you disagree?

  15. Why are we getting into party politics at all?
    Can’t we just wait until the conventions are over and then back the most pro-gun candidate?

    • Why? Because the state primaries and caucus’ are the place where individuals have the most influence over who actually represents them and the most opportunity to compare the candidates and choose their favorite. By the time of the conventions the choice is essentially made and at that point we must wait for November and just decide D or R or None of the above.

  16. The theory that Trump goes down if Rubio/Cruz/Kasich/Carson/All of the Foregoing will just do the right thing and drop out depends on the questionable assumption that all their support goes to Cruz. The equally valid assumption is that it puts Trump immediately over the top.
    I loathe Rubio, Cruz creeps me out, and I don’t like Kasich or Carson, but I’m voting for whoever gets the nomination because if Granny wins we will have confiscation, for sure. Sitting the election out is not an option, because the bitch will win for sure. On the other hand, if gun owners drag themselves to the polls to vote against her, that’s a decently big block of votes.

    • Voting is as easy as ABC in the general election….


      The primary is the time to vote for the person who best represents your personal values. For me, that’s Carson, or Cruz.

      For the next guy, it’s someone else. I’m ok with that. God Bless Merica

      Remember! ABC…


  17. Glenn Beck was floating the idea that Rubio drop out and take Cruz’s VP spot and Carson should run for Rubio’s Senate seat. If you’re looking at a Cruz, Rubio ticket I think they definitely beat Trump. But handing Florida to Trump might make it a long shot.

    Delagate wise Trump just barely beat out Cruz last night, so maybe the voters are starting to tire of Trump’s schtick.

    • ” so maybe the voters are starting to tire of Trump’s schtick.”

      One can only hope…

    • Trump doesn’t need Florida handed to him. He is winning Florida on his own. “Teddy Bears for Rapists” Glenn Beck is just too delusional to accept that.

      • “Glenn Beck is a wacko’s wacko. Why do people still listen to him?”?

        The fact is not many are, conservatives I know cancelled their subscriptions to his (failing) network and views/clicks on his website have plummeted, he’s hemorrhaging money and has laid off over a hundred staffers at his studios nationwide (though he did buy Richard Melon-Scaifee’s jumbo jet and a new Maseratti).

        • Beck was having health issues and left the company to be run by others. I don’t know about conservatives cancelling their subscriptions, but the company was burning through money at an unacceptable rate and Beck jumped in and let some people go. Beck’s pulling in nearly 9 figures, so I wouldn’t expect him to go away anytime soon.

          Personally I listen to him for 2 reasons – 1) Pat and Stu are hilarious, 2) Beck is very prescient. For instance, everyone was laughing at him for talking about a ‘caliphate’ a couple of years ago, and now we’re all wringing our hands over ISIS. I do think that he needs to brush up on ‘Quantitative Easing’ when he starts talking about runaway inflation, (every time half of America makes a mortgage payment the money disappears into thin air now) but his opinions are at least worth serious consideration.

      • I lived in Torrance California from 1963-1966 and my father worked in Hollywood , He made eyewear for some well know celebrities during those years , like Robert Sterling and Michael Landon . I have accused him
        ( jokingly ) of fitting more than glasses on one , Mrs. Mary Beck , during those years , since she lived in the neighboring state during that time frame and apparently was impregnated with one . Glenn Beck , during this time .
        Glenn is so much like me , he could easily be my brother , I will very often think of something just days before he does and visa versa . I have felt a very strong bond to him since Sept . 11th 2001 when I was driving to the office and listening to the nuts wonder how a plane could fly into the WTC while I was screaming terrorist at my radio and flipping through the stations to try and find sanity when I stumbled across Mr. Beck who said , dare I say it , Terrorist .
        You called Glenn a whacko , so you call me one too . I take offence to that , you have soiled my honor , so I challenge you to a duel , your sitting , twenty yards , pistol of choice .

    • The GOPe (“e” for “elites”) are already selling out one of their own, Rob DeSantis my former congressman in New Smyrna Beach Fl (I used to split my time between NJ & Fl). DeSantis is a true “conservative”, intelligent, well spoken and well informed on issues, he’s not running for reelection to congress instead focusing on winning Rubio’s senate seat. Ben Carson has admitted members of the GOPe not only promised boatloads of money but also Rubio’s senate seat thus cutting one of their, DeSantis’ legs out from underneath him. The RINOs and GOPes are a dastardly bunch and it’s just another reason I’ll be voting for Trump.

      Want to know more on what despicable party insiders and sellouts offered Ben Carson?

      Read it here:

  18. Ah, the Rube of FL. The chosen tool of the R political establishment and all the wealth donors and special interest groups which control their every move.

    There is a blatant irony in all the people who cannot stand the idea of Trump being president, mostly, I assume, because he is a rich, self absorbed, half deranged, greedy a$$hole. Yet, those are the same types who purchased and currently own ALL the establishment folks, like Clinton, Rube, Obama, and Romney. With Trump you’re just cutting out the middle-man. Going straight to the psyco, billionaire sociopath without all the BS and ceremony.

    Rubio was made to look like a chump by Christie, of all people (which tells me everything I need to know about him.) And yet, I’m supposed to believe that Rubio is the guy. That’s the leader of the country – the guy at the head of the table.

    You know, Trump is a clown, no doubt. But, he isn’t a complete puppet like The Rube. That’s why the establishment hates Trump, on both sides of the political spectrum, because they cannot guarentee he will be controlled.

    But, maybe that what is needed…

    When the world corporations and the global bankers see Trump, the unchained madman, in office, maybe they’ll finally drop the hammer the fiat currency known as the dollar. So, we can finally devolve fullspeed into the Fascist police state we already slowly habituating to.

    And then, it might be a hell of a lot easier to answer that question everyone has been asking about when is the time to load up and storm the castles.

    But, what the hell do I know… Nothing much, really. Except two things – I’m not voting for Hillary or Bernie and the fact that Trump is pissing everyone off is cracking me the hell up.

    • You know RockOn, it’s a little unsettling that you and I see the global economic picture of a Trump presidency in much the same way. The bailouts and ignoring the debt is how the RNC brought this Trump rage on themselves in the first place.

      • People actually believe this Three Card Monty is a straight-up game…

        A conglomerate of global banks control our unbacked currency, we dump billions of tax payer funded dollars into global aid and money sucks like the UN. And spend trillions more on winless wars against drugs, terrorism, or whatever other boogie man is the direct result of our unchecked boarders and interventionist foreign policies.

        All the while, I am being pumped full of media propaganda and lies about how my kids’ futures and my job is not being sold to overseas interests. Keeping in mind, the media (sans alternative media, of course) never reports on that Neat-O-Dorito little secret meeting of the 100ish wealthiest people on the planet, which happens every year (the Bilderberg Group.)

        And, let us not forget, being told my freedom and individual rights are the real problem here and why the boogie men are constantly trying to getting me by polticans who if they were required to wear their sponsor names like NASCAR, their suit would be plastered with corporate names… Also like nascar.

        And all this is just the tip of the Holy F*ck-balls Iceberg and I’m supposed to believe who is in the White House matters…

        Until there was the Donald. Oh yeah, you know the globalist don’t like that prospect, at all. And I’m sure they will come a-runnin’ ready to sink what is rest of the Ol’ USA before the Donald throws a wrench in their gimmick.

        • Don’t forget the $5T of money just willed into existence for QE.

          But this^. It’s really hard to explain to the average person that despite the fact that these players now operate with such impunity it’s almost in the open, they really believe that all works as they were told as a child. Hell, even with Snowden putting stuff out there, they still don’t understand how they’re surveilled.

          Maybe some really believe that Trump can’t be controlled into being a useful occupant of the bully pulpit. But there are ways to leverage everyone, and I bet there are groups in the shadows working on The Donald’s weaknesses as we speak.

        • Spot on 16v , the feds will have to fire up the vacuum some time to try and pull this back and with a real threat of deflation still looming , when they do , the proverbial SWHTF . The banks haven’t lent this money back and business hasn’t sucked it up and the general public isn’t spending it like the fed expected and it is really closer to 7T so when the hens come home to roost , the hen house will already be occupied by the masked raccoon who is notorious for not just killing all the hens , but just killing them for the hell of it and drinking their blood too . I’ve raised hens for 28 years and I’ve lost my flock to a bandit on more than one occasion , so I’m not just shootin shit .

  19. Minnesota has a caucus system I do believe. Not that it isn’t as corrupted by the special interest groups as any other electoral process in this country….

  20. Rubio is the statesman we need in the white house.
    The way i read that gun ban thing was on” use of guns”. In parks.

    Maybe im wrong?
    Anyways…..rubio is my choice.
    I dont need to sell it to the folks here.
    One vote way back in freaking 1999….cmon folks?
    Anybody ask rubio why he did what they say he did?

    • Why ask a question you already know the answer to… He did what his financiers told him to do, like all the establishment R’s do.

      George Carlin said it best,”…there’s only one party, and you ain’t in it.”

    • Correct me if I’m mistaken but isn’t “defending yourself or your family” with a handgun in a park in fact “use of a handgun” in a public park? See how that works?

      Remember we’re dealing with bureaucrats and lawyers here, those that wrote the laws and are charged with enforcing them, according to them it’s they who decide how the law is interpreted and even if we are “in the right” they make sure it costs US more to defend ourselves than the fine may be and there’s always the threat of “incarceration” used a leverage to force us to submit to THEIR tyranny.

  21. he’ll stay in there as long as the puppeteers of the world keep throwing money his way (yeah, he’s the candidate for the puppeteers)

  22. I am just stunned by the number of people here who seem to think that Trump really cares about the 2A. I would bet my last dollar that when it comes to throwing our 2A rights under the bus in the name of political expediency, Trump would be first in line. Ahead of Sanders even. (Hillary doesn’t need political expediency to trash the 2A.)

  23. Here’s an idea: let’s all keep infighting and pointing fingers and get mad and go home, then when our “perfect” candidate doesn’t get the primary lets get all butthurt and note go vote and let Hillary win and ban guns, shut down TTAG, and we’ll all take up knitting or some other liberal hobby.

    Whoever wins the GOP we need to unite behind, unless you WANT to be standing infront of your local Police Department turning in your 2,000$ AR.

  24. The spoiled brat Rubio needs to get out of the race. Cruz is the only one with a path to victory over Trump. Rubio won’t even win Florida. If Rubio gets behind Cruz there is a good chance he overcomes Trump. Rubio voters are establishment voters so they will follow their candidates lead. If Cruz left the race his voters would be split, at best. They are not happy with the establishment and would have little reason to go to Rubio when there is another anti establishment candidate, who happens to be winning, already in the race.

    • Stop talking politics and get to the choppuh , GET TO THE CHOPPUR !
      google search Jimmy Fallon and Arnold Schwarzenegger QVC , get to the chopper .
      just for giggles .

  25. “Cristiano Afeminado” Marco “Foam Party Boi” Rubio would sell us out in a heartbeat just like he tried to do with his cohorts in the “Gang of Eight” and their “amnesty” bill.

    Rubio is desperate he’ll do whatever his patrons tell him, Floridians despise him, he’s not running for reelection to the senate his “career” (thankfully a short one) in politics is over and he doesn’t have the “juice” needed to be an influential lobbyist thus he is at his most dangerous and desperate men do crazy things as evidenced by his frantic attacks on Trump as of late.

    We shouldn’t worry about South Beach’s “Poquita Nina”, she …. I mean he, will be alright after all his best friend of thirty (30) years is a well known “entertainment executive” in Miami (not everyone has pals in Hollywood) albeit he’s a a Gay Porn “producer” known for his male-on-male videos featuring older muscular Black male “tops” and boyish Hispanic male “bottoms” (sound like anyone we know?). Oh and that “best friend” (pimp), he’s the same guy Rubio was caught with in the car by police at age nineteen (19) after dark while cruising the notorious Miami public park known as a “pick-up” spot for gay sexual encounters. Fear not Marco has many “skills” I’m sure he will “earn” a living somehow as he does seem to be a determined “Poquita Nina” I mean Little Man.

    • I’d hate to see Cruz leave the senate, with all the dinosaurs including McConnell, McCain, etc. on their way out in the near future either due to old age, primary challenges or natural deaths Cruz will rise in “seniority” and soon be “in the leadership” or at least have a measure of influence, he can do much good for decades. Should he leave the senate I see only one other position where Cruz can actually do good for us and our nation for an extended period of time and that’s sitting on the Supreme Court.

  26. Trying to think of reasons why the “conservative” gop deserves my undying loyalty and I’m having a hard time coming up with anything.

    If Trump ends up being the end of the Republican party, he most certainly isn’t the one I would blame for it.

  27. I just want to point out that earlier today, Dr. Ben Carson suspended his campaign. As much as I admire the man, I’m pleased that he has ended his quest. He was probably the only one too good to be in the race.

  28. As a Cruz supporter, I must state that I am sick and tired of getting shit on by the Republican party. During the last elections, the GOP pulled out all the stops to keep the pet Roberts in office as opposed to the Tea Party backed Wolf. So now that they can’t force another RINO like Rubio down our throats, they intend to sacrifice our future by not supporting Cruz or Trump? If they bail on us again, it will be time to take the tea party mainstream. As for beating Hillary, it can happen with either Trump or Cruz. Even the Dixiecrats that couldn’t force themselves to vote against Obama because it would be support for another Radical Republican have seen the error of their ways. Remember if amnesty happens (Clinton, Sanders, or Rubio) we have seen our last conservative president ever. No conservative presidents mean liberal judges. Liberal judges mean an end to individual’s freedom and liberty.

    • I reached my limit with Cruz quickly, all it took was him acting as Mitch McConnell’s stooge and sabotaging Chris McDaniels to save RINO octogenerian Thad Cochran’s senate seat (Mississippi). And that mistress Cochran denied having, he married her a few weeks after the election last November, right after his wife died in the nursing home where she had been for years.

      • ……………..and you are what ? ……………. Twat , humm , well now , isn’t that interesting , ……….. and who told you to say that ?
        Was it SATAN ?
        SNL , giggles

        • My screen name, “Watts’ Twat” is an “homage” to Shannon Watts of Everytown, Bloom-BOIG’s stooge and mouthpiece, she of the cut-rate nose job and hardened silicone titties.

  29. Marco “Foam Party Boi” Rubio has announced no matter what happens he will still be going to Cleveland for the GOP National Convention and he will be bringing his family along.

    To those of us attending the convention don’t be stingy, remember to leave a tip for your maid as it’ll be Rubio’s wife and daughter making your beds.

    His sons? The two boys will be busy picking up empties and dumping ashtrays. As for Marco, he will be doing something constructive in a familiar place (to him), he’s been hired to be the Men’s Room attendant, yeah I know it’s a step down from the senate and his dad’s job as a bartender but hey it’s money.

    Remember to tip these poor, under-employed “refugees” generously, they’re going to need every penny they can get.

  30. I’ve read most of these comments; lots of generalizations and few good thoughts. Lets get some things cleared up.
    If Cruz gets out, not all his supporters go to Rubio.
    If Rubio gets out, not all his supporters go to Cruz.
    Trump only gets some when either gets out.
    Trump knows as much about the two Amendment as he knows about the two Corinthians.
    Cruz has a record of defending the 2A and defending Constitutional liberty. He is a Constitutional lawyer, not a typical slip and fall lawyer that everybody hates. No other candidate running belongs in the same room with Cruz when it comes to working for the 2A. To entertain the idea that Trump or Rubio care about gun rights is an exercise in absurdity.
    Avoiding Cruz in favor of Trump because of ooga-booga Christian religion is buffoonery; Trump wins evangelicals way more than Cruz. A President Cruz isn’t going to cramp anybody’s sinful lifestyle because the GOP establishment won’t send him any bills to sign into law on the subject anyway.

    As for the GOP establishment, it wants to maintain status quo at all costs but is starting to realize it may not be possible at this point. The good news is the field narrowed again today and even Lindsey Graham said he’d take Cruz over Trump. To me this means there is some major working behind the scenes to keep Trump out but the establishment hasn’t all committed to the same playbook yet. There is hope that Rubio can close the Florida gap with Carson voters but some are hedging their bets with Cruz having more than twice the delegates as Rubio. Even with Carson out, Florida is a looong shot for Rubio. I don’t see it happening.

    I’m all in for Cruz. For me personally, I won’t vote for Trump for anything. I don’t believe anything he says. I try to entertain voting for Rubio if Cruz gets out but then Rubio gets a TV interview and invariably opens his mouth and lets sound escape. He lashes out at Cruz and Trump and never points to his accomplishments or anything he has done for gun rights. Rubio is probably better than everybody but Cruz but he is not in the same league as Cruz on the 2A. Make no mistake though. If Trump is the nominee, I’ll vote for my pro 2A Rep and Senator.

    • I will concur 99 % and will continue to pray to God for , monetarily and morally support and with the best of my ability , orally support Ted , until the end .
      God bless .

  31. Surest way to win is a Cruz/Rubio ticket with a Rand Paul cabinet nomination and a push for Carson to take the Rubio Senate seat. I’m not a fan of Rubio’s history on illegal immigration, gun control, or the 4th amendment but making him vp would actually stop Trump who is the most mentally unstable egomaniacal fascist I have witnessed in American politics. There is no path to victory for anyone unless Rubio drops out. He says he wants to stop Trump whatever it takes, now we see if he is a statesman or a politician. People of the gun, vote accordingly

  32. Well it’s “The Donald” or Cheech and Chong, Doctor Who? or the Nutty Professor. The door on the clown car fell off and some of them are gone, good riddance. Putin likes “The Donald” so what’s the problem? I think the President should be an @sshole that dosen’t take crap off pi$$ants and says what he means not what he’s “told $$$ to say” Trump or Billery? I’ll take Trump.

    • Problem 101 James .
      There were a lot of wonderful , patriotic Germans in 1931 who were tired of seeing there once great nation falling right before the eyes , economy in tatters , money devalued to nothing , industry leaving for more prosperous lands and people said nyet to Hindenburg and Weimer system and said yes to Hitler .
      Problem is , Trump may take you .

  33. Rubio can’t be trusted on guns, immigration or anything else. Cruz is the only true 2A candidate.

  34. Personally I hope some non political Hack wins! the F***ing political parties are destroying this country, the Democrats especially. this administration is an abomination too the principles of Freedom, along with the other democratic run entities like the IRS, BLM, EPA Home Land Security, and traitor’s like Holder, and other ass kisser’s who are unqualified too lead so whats the big deal if Trump wins. the Political Party Hacks wouldn’t be able to control him and will then the establishment fakes will be shown for the FARCE that they really are! as long as the Parties are set on total Control from cradle to grave, freedom lovers might as well go down swinging! we are not a country formed too appease the world, as TR said use the damn big stick and screw them if we are not liked! of course a treasonous bitch like Hillery is given a free ride, never mind people getting killed because of it as long as she get’s the Gold Ring! the RINO party is no different!

  35. Hahahahaha! All these Rubio and Cruz people trying to prove they’re better than Trump supporters. Disavowing Trump won’t make the rest of you Republicans any less racist, bigoted, or non-violent. People are waking up and can see through the facade you all put up, right through to your Klan robes.

    • Hey there “child” and “aspiring astronaut”, got Skittles, Arizona Watermelon drink, and Robitussin (codeine)? What’s the matter “Gentle Giant”, did you run out of Swisher Sweets for yo’ “blunts”?

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