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Taking that Tweet at face value, Matt’s just another anti acting out. [Click here for a video montage of similar comments.] But I’m left wondering what circumstances Matt envisions that would lead to this horrific scenario for Soldier1eaODGrn. Is Matt fantasizing about a spree killer delivering sweet justice against a gun rights supporter who opposed legislation that would have disarmed the psycho? I’ve actually heard that sentiment voiced. Or is Matt imagining . . .

government forces sent to disarmSoldier1eaODGrn taking out the pro-gun guy and his brood because he refused to surrender his “assault rifle”? Another sentiment I’ve encountered in Travels with Antis. Setting that aside . . .

I would feel very good about my gun rights if my kids were bleeding in my arms while I’m dying with a bullet to the brain. I’d take comfort in the fact that A) I had a chance to defend myself (even happier if I’d wounded or killed at least one attacker) and B) other Americans are armed to protect themselves and their children from a similar fate and, perhaps, avenge my death and that of my kids.

Am I wrong?

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  1. Who cares what this douche thinks? There are plenty of people of good will who are “anti” only in the sense that they have not really thought about guns rights and they just happened to believe whatever was on TV. Let’s focus on those people and not worry about douchenozzle here.

    • Yeah, he’s a douche.

      Except that’s disparaging an otherwise fine and occasionally necessary feminine hygiene product.

      Pond scum then.

        • Catfish are delicious, and a necessary part of the eco-system. He may only be one of those things at a time.
          Bear food, then fertilizer

      • I wouldn’t want to use this guy for biofuel, so no on pond scum…

        I dunno, actually … B-movie script writer?

    • Yes.

      Why are we (collectively) creating articles around tweets or comments by anti-gun nobodies? When the statists do this featuring stupid pro-gun, trollish comments we deride them as the asshats they are.

      Can we please stop emulating the opposition?

    • remember to defeat ones enemies one must first understand what drives them to be our enemies. is it fear? of what and why?? what can we do as law abiding gun owners to address and change the situation and remove/mitigate this?? just calling a moron a moron does nothing to diminish the supply of morons

  2. Anti-violence (read pro-control anti-gun) people are some of the most violent people I know…as long as the government or criminals are the ones committing the violence on other people they ideologically disagree with.

  3. Amazing how these idiots feel free to express insulting/horrific/vaguely threatening posts online, when they wouldn’t DREAM of saying those kinds of things to someone’s face! In other words, easy to be an Internet Tough Guy…

    • Looking at his Linkedin profile, this “anti-GOP activist” is plenty familiar with internet tough guy bravado. Just in case he’s more than angry talk though, watch out near Baytown, TX and his apparent travel company.

      Best part though was this: “Currently, the pace of the shows has slowed because of two herniated disks in my back and I unfortunately do not have health insurance.” Wasn’t Obamacare supposed to remedy this?

      • Yep. Looks like his healthcare chickens have come home to roost…

        Back problems can be excruciatingly painful.

        I hope he gets hooked on his painkillers and occasionally ‘runs short’.

      • He’s in for a rough couple of tax seasons then. This year is the first year that the penalty for not having health insurance kicks in. And if he still doesn’t have it at this point, he’s also going to get dinged for next year because the enrollment period has passed. So he’s either paying a pretty substantial fine or he’s lying on his taxes. In case of the latter, he’d better hope he doesn’t get audited.

  4. Not as bad as you will when you and your ilk are being raped by the powers that be?

    If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face — forever.

  5. Variously called the Snipers Prayer or the Shooters Prayer this sums up my sentiments…


    Let my Aim be True and My Hand Faster Than Those Who Would Seek to Destroy Me.

    Grant Me Victory Over My Foes And Those Who Wish to Do Harm to Me and Mine.

    Let Not My Last Thought Be ‘IF ONLY I HAD MY GUN . . .’

    And Lord if This Day is Truly The Day That You Call Me Home,


      • Mack Bolan….now there’s a name I haven’t heard in a long time. Bet he could take out the trash at the WH.

        Trivia, anyone remember Mack Bolan, ‘The Executioner’ #1 and why he became the Executioner?

  7. Did a quick check to see more of the conversation for a better context. @thewarzone handle has been suspended. Apparently he didn’t handle the heat very well.

    • Really. Obamacare is “settled law.” He’s required to have it or other qualifying insurance (or, like other violations of law, pay the consequences).

  8. If I’m dying from a bullet in my brain I don’t think I’m going to be feeling much anything. Matt ImAPendejo has let his apparent fantasies run away with him, he’s borderline incoherent.

    • That was my thought. I’d probably be walking toward the light, blissfully unaware of pretty much everything.

  9. i was going to wax all poetic but it comes down to this, Not nearly as bad as i would feel not having done everything in my power to defend my daughter.

    • Because they are so dedicated to non-violence, of course. Self-contradiction is the life-blood of liberal “thought”.

    • CB – Excellent question. My personal belief is that they are so dissatisfied with their own lives that they feel helpless and impotent (r). I pity them, so full of self loathing and destructive feelings. Perhaps if they could open their hearts and let Jesus in, they might just learn to love their fellow man.

  10. Now why isn’t this person being investigated and hopefully arrested for making terroristic threats online??

  11. I would like to ask Mattwhatever how he thinks the European Jews felt as they and their families were being stuffed into the boxcars by the SS, on their way to the camps? Especially the ones who were WWI vets who had dutifully given up their guns when the Nazis passed their civilian disarmament laws in the 1930s. Do you suppose their last thoughts in the gas chamber involved wishing they could have taken a few of the Nazi bastards with them?

  12. That was a direct threat by Matt Impelluso to kill Soldier1eaODGrn and his son. I can’t read it any other way.

  13. I don’t think exploring the logic of a comment that obtuse is a terribly good use of time. So the kids in this situation have presumably been shot, and you’re holding them in your arms, but you have also been shot in the head? Come on buddy, engage brain before putting tweet in gear.

    To the presumptive “real” point i.e. how would you feel about gun rights if your child was shot: just like everybody else. I’d wish I was there to protect them, with the most effective tool to do so.

    To be clear, this is a classic false choice. These two things are not mutually exclusive. There is no choice of 2A rights versus personal safety. It is not a balancing act or a tradeoff. Owning or not owning a gun has no impact (putting aside deterrence) on whether some individual or group will endanger your life. What owning a gun does do is give you a better chance of surviving in the event such an attack occurs.

  14. I wonder how he would feel if he were the one with the bullet in his head? Knowing that he might have saved his loved ones! I mean with all the training he would buy. LOL

    Nothing but another anti-gun coward if you ask me.

  15. I thought for a moment it was a person saying “how you going to feel when you could have saved your kids & yourself.”

  16. Some people are just unhinged. This guy is one of them. Look him up on Facebook. He is a nut. Who care what he thinks.

  17. I’ll feel just fine knowing that I had given everything I had and done everything I could to protect my child. You win some, you lose some, and it would suck that I lost. But I would feel absolutely foolish and terrible if I had chosen to be a disarmed victim who had no recourse except to beg for my child’s life in the face of an armed criminal who didn’t give a crap about anyone’s life but his own. I would much, much rather go out fighting. At least my child and I had a chance to live, instead of cowering and waiting for the end.

    Putting aside the obvious logic error of me feeling anything with a bullet in my brain, of course.

  18. The same way he’d feel about his driver’s license after a drunk driver crashes into his kid’s bedroom?

  19. I know this will not win me any friends here, but…
    Isn’t this article (and the common mantra that goes with it: another ‘peace-loving’ anti-gunner, etc) exactly equivalent to the anti-gun use of ‘another good guy with a gun’ thing they apply whenever anyone (generally someone who clearly is NOT a good guy) does anything bad with a gun?

    • Sort of, but not quite. This is the face of the anti-gun movement. He’s not anti-violence. He’s vehemently anti-gun. So much so that he’s willing to kill someone who is pro-gun rights(threaten at least). Looking through anti-gun commenters, there are many who wish violence on pro-gun. Even when not making direct threats like this(his prior tweet was saying he was going to shoot the guy), they wish for the pro-gun folks to experience losing a child to gun violence…

      His attitude is similar to a good portion of the anti-gun movement.

      • I have a brother like that. He actually takes the mere possession of a gun by someone (not a cop) on the street as an active threat against him. Those inexperienced with guns actually seem to think that someone with a gun spends all their time thinking of, looking for, someone to shoot. It is as if they think everyone with a CCW is like the three fifteen-year-olds in Overbrook, Philadelphia, today, who shot, apparently for polar-bear-hunting sport, the poor 50-year-old man walking his dog. Maybe this guy and those kids have something in common.

        When I read the bizarre threat I simply thought, “no, that’s how you end up if you do NOT CCW.” Obviously. And, again in Philadelphia today, who puts an end to the insane bloodshed at the barber shop? The guy who DOES have a gun, the training, and no murderous thoughts, but a willingness to defend his fellows. Simple.

  20. Yeah, good ol’ Matt’s statement is ambiguous at best, but we’ll assume he has somewhat humanitarian intentions in mind. Matt apparently believes mere signs will stop criminals and that because it’s illegal for them to possess firearms, they won’t. Since they have this magical self restraint, the populace at large has no need to own a firearm either. If such an unlikely event were to occur, you would only end up shot down in a puddle of blood and angst for having tried to defend yourself.

    Too bad the largest school mass murder in the United States didn’t involve a firearm.

    And it’s rather unfortunate that in the absence of firearms, people turn to other impliments of slaying.

    On the flipside, if Matt’s statement was less than auteristic he only proves my early point– Expressing his impotent rage my inflicting his hopeful violent fantasies upon others while ignoring the inherant hypocrisy that comes with them. The law doesn’t affect the change he wants and the gun owners aren’t voluntarely cooperating with him. Hate fantasies are the only thing left for this sad individual; fantasies where storm troopers kick in doors of firearm owners and shoot them because they have a firearm or sought to defend themselves with one.

    • Oh, and I forgot– The police are magically only seconds away to stop the few that would seek to use their illegal guns against the populace. Remember, you cannot be trusted with self reliance. Or more to the point, matt and his friends don’t trust you.

  21. I don’t know how many of you guys engage these a@@holes on Twitter but Soldier1eaODGrn and I and about 150 other guys just like us are a@@es and elbows with them all day long.

    You can’t guess what these retards are saying – You have to make them tell you. That’s when you find out how stupid, ignorant, baseless, empty, shameless, dumb, logic-free, vile and retarded the position behind the tweet really is.

    Usually when you get to that point they’ve deflected, gaslighted, goal-post moved and slung plenty of personal insults such that when you get to the “aha!” moment, they block you.

    They are all 100% the same.

  22. Hmm, except that reality does not support your attempt at equivalency.

    The reality is that a law abiding gun owner is the most law abiding of any demographic, more so than police. So their example is not backed by fact.

    Where as, this posting by this anti-gun person is the norm for the vitriol of most of the anti- freedom crowd.

    Various examples as being an “ammo-sexual, red neck, penis compensating, racist, vigilante, child murdering, society destroying, Rambo wanna be John Wayne” and “I’m hoping that you shoot you own child with that gun you love so much” is the norm for the level of bigotry, intolerance, judgemental and just plain hatefulness
    of the majority of anti-second amendment posters.

  23. It doesn’t matter what we say, they’ll just take it, twist it around and try to use it against us. Their brains are programmed to think that way, just like us, except we’re tuned to use logic.

  24. First off bird brain if I were shot in the brain chances are I would be dead. Secondly if someone were to start shooting people in my presence I would draw my weapon and shoot them. Thirdly your anti gun screed is and always will be a lie. You reject the fact that it has been proven across the country that armed citizens reduce the violent crime rate EVERY time. No amount of your wetting your pants will change that FACT. I pity people like you who live in a perpetual world of borderline panic.

  25. What bothers me most used that even if we win and get full national constitutional carry and the NFA repealed, we will have spend a lifetime defending it until all these idiots die off from old age and newer generations have been raised understanding this right all of it’s implications before anyone can rest.

  26. Semantics dictate I would feel anything cause I’m dead, the badass in me dictates that there would be one helluva blood bath before it ever got to that point so as long as I fought back and wasn’t a victim I’d feel pretty damn good

  27. Could this jerkweed be charged with a crime? Making terroristic threats??? He does look like a loser boy…

  28. By being smarter and faster than the dumb shit that required to to pull it in the first place. Wow do all anti 2nd. Amendment think your way? Watch your six with guys running around like this.

  29. More and far better men than just him have tried.

    They didn’t just try and fail.

    They all tried and died for it.

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