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If so, when, where, with what and why?

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  1. Yep. Because my 11-year-old son’s best friend is from a family of hunters, and I like guns. So my son and I are learning together. So far we’ve hunted jackrabbits, pheasants, and grouse.

    But really, why? What could be more fun than spending time walking around the woods with my son and our guns? Harvesting a critter occasionally is a plus.

    • What could be more fun than spending time walking around the woods with my son and our guns? Harvesting a critter occasionally is a plus.

      True that.

  2. Surprisingly enough, with all the firearms I’ve owned over the years, most of my hunting is done with bow and arrow. Make that LONG bow and WOODEN arrows. I’m about one step away from just throwing a sharpened stick at critters. Still, I haven’t hunted myself in years, just too expensive and time consuming with all my other activites. Took the youngest last year deer hunting for the first time. Single shot Rossi in .243, got a nice buck at ~75 yards in South Texas. Didn’t get a chance this year.

  3. Yes, I hunt.


    Take one bite of venison backstrap that was walking around less than 24 hours ago, and that has been lightly grilled over the coals of a wood fire, served along with potatoes slow cooked with rosemary and olive oil, accompanied by a glass of red wine, or a fresh homemade beer, and you’ll know exactly why I hunt.

    Because Bambi, and his mother, taste great.

    And so does their little furry friend Thumper.

  4. Shooting an animal as food and having fun during the hunt and shooting – OK
    Killing for fun and not eat it – Not OK!

    • I don’t hunt, partly b/c I wouldn’t know what to do with the thing once it got dead, but in a lot of places there are just way too many deer. Of course there are food banks that accept donations, so there is still no reason not to use the meat, but they are a nuisance.

  5. Furr, I would almost agree with you in principle.

    However, I wonder what experience you’ve had with critters like coyotes or crows?

    I have shot crows before, in defense of the gardens my family depended on for summer food.

    I have attempted to coyotes that preyed upon a neighbor’s goats, but they proved far too wily.

    With predators and animals like crows, there are reasons to whack them and not eat them.

  6. Yes, I hunt many critters here in ND. Some I hunt for food some I hunt for pest/predator control and I enjoy every bit of it. The firearms I hunt with are AR’s chambered in .308 & .223 and for my shotty’s I use a Remy 870 12 ga and a Marlin model 200 12 ga single shot(I like to get my Fudd on occasionally).
    I don’t bow hunt but if that’s what turns your crank have at it. I’m first and foremost a gun owner and a hunter second.

  7. Never hunted in my life. I don’t think I could shoot a Bambi, but certainly have no problem with others doing it (I love when they cut loose with the deer sausage at Christmas time).

    I’d love to bird hunt some time, but have never had the opportunity.

  8. My dad and I were planning on deer hunting a few times and even bought tags but never got around to it.

    It’s a shame I never got to trudge around with an M1 Garand, a Winchester 94, or a Savage 99 hunting for deer.

  9. Oh. Hell. Yes.
    My seasons run from Labor Day through the end of January. Birds, birds and more birds. I also hunt Spring turkey in Iowa late April. Grew up hunting deer, but can’t seem to get back into it. Shoot crows to stay frosty, and run set ups on yotes when time allows.
    ND, MN, WI, and IA.
    With What:
    Browning Silver, and an 870 Super Mag
    Grew up on a farm in SW IA and was always around it. Have taken a poke at just about everything the above 4 states have to offer. In the last 7 years I took up raising and training my own gun dog (German Wirehaired Pointer). Dream scenario is a late season chopped corn field w/ 5 dozen goose decoys, two duck spinners, and layout blinds with a couple three good buddies. Getting swarmed by a tornado of fat mallards looking to stuff themselves…heaven. Sometimes we just sit and watch. Amazing sights and sounds.
    Pretty much all about the dog work, what you can put on the grill at days end, and the company. It’s hard work…but it’s fun work. There’s not one thing I dislike, so everthing involved is the why. From getting up at 2AM, to leaking waders on the Mississippi in December w/ -5 temps and ice flow. Never gets old, never the same from one day to the next.

    • Jesus I love hunting in South West Iowa! I went to college nearby and loved every moment of it. Where did you get your Wirehair, only family I know with them is from Anita.

      • I grew up in Corning! Spent 7 yrs in the San Diego area and that’s were we got our GWP. Conviced the wife we needed to be closer to family to raise kid’s (it was a trick, better hunting ops back here), so now we’re in MN. Still have family down in Corntucky and spend a fair amount there still.
        Ha….Anita. You want to see live and dead deer, that stretch of 148 south of town (state park?) doesn’t get any sketchier.

  10. yes, I hunt, as homo sapiens have since we have exsisted.
    I don’t mean any disrespect to those who don’t , but the instinct, clearity, and focus that comes over you when you when you see a game annimal is an extrodinary experience. It’s not a blood lust like those who don’t like hunting would have you believe. It a focusing of the senses, concentration and thought. the most instinctive thing we do next to reproduce.

  11. I love hunting deer in Maine at my buddys cabin. I almost bagged a bear once but the bugger ran away real fast. I’ve been to Alaska twice, and they warned us about the big bad bears and we even took a class on bear safety. I thought that maybe they should be teaching the bears a safety class cuz their the ones getting shot at. All I got in Alaska was tired and cold(but it’s a beautiful place to visit). I never got to see a single bear. My weapons of choice are my two favorite Benelli’s and my S&W 500’s.

    • I also heard that that the ones that carry sidearms for bear defense up in AK have the sites removed. You know…so it doesn’t hurt as much when the bear shoves it up their ass. LOL…;oD

      • Jake, you must have never fired a S&W 500. I don’t care how big that bear is, one shot from one of these badgirls and that bear won’t be shoving anything up anyone’s ass cuz he’ll be pushing up daisies. I’ve never shot a bear with mine, but my buddy shot a big one with a 500 grain flathead from his snubbie. He’s got that bear mounted in his cabin, so I’ll be sure to ask the bear how many 500’s he shoved up some hunter’s ass.

  12. Nope, never hunted, unless it is required for survival doubt if I ever will. Just a personal preference, if others want to hunt best wishes and good luck.


  13. I don’t hunt. I think hunting is a sick, perverted activity undertaken mainly by insecure men who just love to shoot things, and who then try to justify it by talking about the good eatin’ or even funnier, about the conservation aspects of culling the herd.

    No offense.

  14. Nope. I can eat it but I don’t want to kill it. But I don’t have anything against hunting. Now if it were coming after me or I needed the food, that would be another story.

  15. My dad was a hunter and he taught me to hunt when I was growing up. We hunted a lot together for several years but after he died I pretty much stopped hunting. I tried it again many years later but found nothing enjoyable about it anymore. When I was younger, I killed many deer and helped dress many others but I couldn’t eat the meat. I am still not a venison eater. It’s like spinach to my taste buds, even if you don’t tell me it’s in the dish I can taste it and the taste is unpleasant (actually, it’s nauseating to me). Maybe if I were very hungry and it was all there was available…eat it or die, yeah. I could eat most anything for survival. Right now, I don’t have to.

    Of all the hunting I’ve ever done, I would probably try quail hunting again. I remember the days in the field with my dad and his dogs. We walked for miles and for hours, enjoying the day. The sound of a flushed covey of quail remains one of those pleasant childhood memories. The taste of those quail also remains a pleasant memory and I still love that taste on the rare occasions I get to partake. Unfortunately, there is no more “open range” for bird hunters around here. All open land is fenced with “No Trespassing” signs so following the dogs for hours through the fields and pastures is a thing of the past.

    No, I no longer hunt. While it’s nothing I want to do, I don’t think it’s productive to pass judgment on those who do hunt. I know all the good reasons for sport hunting–maintenance of habitat and healthy species, etc. However, personally I don’t like the idea of killing as a sport. Killing should be for necessity–food, pest control, self-preservation for example. Guns are important to me because they fulfill those necessary roles. I also find them to be enjoyable objects and shooting to be a satisfying endeavor, but not tools for sport hunting.

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