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Hauer is never given much room to develop his character, unlike those he portrayed with such vigor in MINOTAUR (2006) or FLYING VIRUS aka KILLER BUZZ (2001). Instead, we see him on a killing spree, doing away with the trash of Fuck City in more ways than you’d imagine possible. If anything, by the time this HOBO flops onto theater screens, those responsible for it just might find themselves living on the streets, reduced to being a “Hobo with a Shotgun” themselves.

On the other hand . . .

But what a midnight movie crowd is looking for is gore, breasts and humor, and Hobo With A Shotgun pulls through on all three with a masterfully lurid tone that perfectly destroys the line of good taste.

Watching Hobo With A Shotgun is pleasure sensory overload, and not for fans of subtlety. Its more more more philosophy equals that of Hedonism Bot or Lafleeze the Orange Lantern. It’s the movie equivalent of being extra drunk and getting a hummer while eating chocolate pudding as your favorite Stones record plays. And for God’s sake we all need some of that once in a while.

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  1. Oh, Rutger Hauer, how the mighty have fallen. From watching C-Beams glitter in the darkness off the Tannhauser Gate to…



  2. That’s from a site called “Cinematic Assholes” that openly admits to the fact that its writers hate movies. New York Times, HitFix, and UGO all loved it. I’m still cautiously optimistic.

  3. I was so fortunate to be on set when Rutger Hauer was shooting and even move so that I got to be an extra in this movie..don’t weep for Hauer, he doesn’t give a shit what anybody thinks! This was just good dirty fun…


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