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Needless to say (an oxymoron if ever there was one), I’m not using the word “collect” in the casual sense, like “those dust bunnies sure seem to collect underneath the bed.” I have no doubt that most of TTAG’s Armed Intelligenstia collect a large number of firearms without really trying. Or at least that’s what they tell their significant other. Hey, how did THAT get in here? I want to know if you ever buy firearms for something other than utilitarian reasons, such as historical value or investment purposes. And if you do, have you ever contemplated purchasing one of these limited edition commemorative pieces? And if you did, did you ever shoot the thing? Go on, spill. Tell me about your safe queens.

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  1. I bought a S&W M36 (built in 1967) for less than $100. I had it nickel-plated to “High/Bright” by S&W and replaced the bubba’d “bobbed hammer” with a factory unit. She sits in the safe, only coming out for a few brief appearances a year. Everything else, from pistols to mil-surp rifles, gets shot as much as possible.

  2. If I was rich I might, but if I had the discretionary money for a true collectible I would put it towards some NFA toys instead of a fancy-pants shotgun from Cabela’s. Also I am kind an oaf so I would probably end up scratching the scroll-work anyway.

  3. I collect historic firearms. I love black powder with all my heart and my all-time favorite cartridge round is .45-70. Some of the guns are fired, some not, depending on age and condition. So replicas and retros are nice shooting alternatives, but not commemorative models like the above — which are overpriced for what they are, have unknown future collector value, and are generally over-decorated and over-hyped. The Colt Army above is way too pimpin’ for me.

  4. Nah, I just have a bunch of guns. But I do have a fine collection of ammunition that I’m willing to share with anyone who breaks through my door.

  5. I will never buy a commemorative type firearm, because those lose their value when you shoot them.

    Even gun I own is meant to be fired and enjoyed.

    That said, I have purchased plenty of firearms for other-than-utilitarian reasons. And not one of them was specifically bought as an investment, although I’m sure a couple have actually increased in value since I got them.

    Among that number are an 1898 Krag-Jorgensen, an M96 Swedish Mauser, a couple of replica blackpowder cap-and-ball revolvers, a Queen Anne style flintlock reproduction, a copy of an 1853 Enfield Rifled Musket, a CZ-52 pistol, and others that I got because they were historical, reproductions of historical pieces, or just plain unusual or weird.

  6. The only gun I own that I haven’t fired is my belt buckle(it has a button that pops out the gun) derringer. It’s a really cute lil six shot 22 short, but I might nick a finger if I try to shoot it and it’s useless as far as taking down a badguy. The rest of my guns are all top quality(no cheap quality Kel-Tec’s here) and I shoot them all on a regular basis.

  7. I have a couple of very nice Kel-Tecs that I keep real close as often as possible. I plan to buy more.
    I also have an old Flobert .22 rolling block that hasn’t been shot in at least 50 years.

  8. Money, or lack thereof, is the primary reason why I don’t/can’t collect guns.

    Secure storage, or lack thereof, is the primary reason why I don’t have a long gun as of yet.

    The 3 handguns I do have are very utilitarian. Not beaters but they all serve multiple roles as defensive, training and just plain fun firearms.

  9. The only one of my guns I haven’t yet fired is a Chiappa 22-cal version of the 1911. I’m waiting for decent weather to take it to the range. I’ve “collected” several guns over the years, but they’re all shooters, not collectibles. I can’t afford to “invest” in a gun I don’t dare shoot because I’ll ruin its value.

  10. I collect rifles used in WW2 and I’m trying to get one of each major variant. Each one is a piece of history you can hold in your hand, even if (for some) their condition excludes the possibility that they saw any real use. All of the rifles I have are “safe queens” in the sense that I do not fire them. No, I do not collect commemorative weapons.

  11. I see no point in these specially made “collectors edition” firearms.
    If I intended (& was allowed; I live in the UK) to collect firearms, then it would be examples of historically interesting or rare types & most emphatically NOT some visually “enhanced” but functionally mundane version of an everyday model.
    I’d want to shoot whatever I had whenever I liked without fretting over scratched finish or reduced value.

  12. I have a cz-52 that is a blast to shoot. But my favorite is a CZ-24 handgun. It is .380 and has a locking breech. It is the most comfortable handgun I have ever fired. I am sure that to make one today would cost $1000, so I will never have anything this cool again.

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