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Glock will be introducing a new line of sportbekleidung at next month’s NRA shindig in St. Louis. And we’ll be there with bells on. Their new apparel will be, as you’d expect, crafted with perfection in mind. Not to mention plastered with the the Teutonic titan’s iconic name. But that’s not everyone’s cup of tea. Or schnaps. Look around the range next time and you’ll see logowear from most of the major (and some minor) gun makers. Some folks just love to flaunt their chosen brand of heater for all the world to see. Then there are others who actively avoid the whole human billboard thing. Either because they figure that if they’re going to walk around advertising for a company they ought to be paid, or they just prefer to keep things on the down low. So how about you? Do you wear it loud and proud or is inconspicuous the way to go when it comes to gun brands?

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  1. I tend to keep my CCW status on the DL, at least out in the real world. I don’t wear anything that might tell the BGs, “Hey! Shoot me first!”

  2. Inconspicuous all the way.. I’m just not a logo guy. Besides, Glock’s logo is almost as ugly as the gun. Main reason they have to plaster it on the hottest strippers they can dig up in Atlanta.
    Good guns though, just ugly.

  3. I personally don’t have any wear that advertises my personal liking of brands. I am only a sig owner, but I have room in my future for Glocks, S&W, Remington, and so fourth. In my searching for shirts and other apparel (which I have skimmed over from time to time), I wouldn’t mind wearing shirts or hats that are branded so. With that being said, I am not an overly flashy guy, so I wouldn’t be wearing the shirts that the whole back is one sticker. Give me a little logo on the chest or an amusing slogan and i’ll take it. Simple man wants a simple shirt

  4. I prefer to not advertise for most products I use. I did like the Palmetto State Armory logo and I considered putting the sticker that came with my last order on my rifle case but my wife grabbed it first for her’s. I’m not really sure how many people out here would recognize the logo.

  5. Have a Sig Sauer blue on the back of my car, say what you will but uh, my car hasnt been broken into and I havent been stopped and questioned about it by any police officers so…
    The chance of my Sig sticker giving away my intentions of protecting myself and it being a bad thing? .001%
    Just my 2 bucks.

  6. I never advertise that I own or carry firearms in any manner. In doing so, there is no upside whatsoever, but lots of potential downside.

  7. I refuse to purchase clothing with the brand name plastered across it unless I get it for free. And even if I get it for free, I usually wear it only around the house, almost never in public – doesn’t matter if it’s gun related or not.
    On the other hand, sometimes it’s cool to wear something with a small, subtle logo – you get to meet people who are in the know.
    For example, I had a shirt with a small Beretta logo. One day at work we had a fire drill and while standing outside, one of the upper management types saw the logo and asked if I own a Beretta. I said yeah, and he told me about his collection of 140 guns. And that was a huge NJ based telecom company, so it was a pleasant surprise to meet like minded individuals.
    I also like the AR and AK bolt face t-shirts. Most people wouldn’t know what that’s all about, but you may meet some gun enthusiasts that way.

  8. There was a story out of Wyoming back in the 1990s, maybe apocryphal, about a guy whose truck bore the famous sign: “This vehicle protected by Smith & Wesson.” As the story went, the sign was considered probable cause for the cop to pull him over and arrest him. Details were sketchy, and who knows if it’s even true. Anyway, my Springfield Armory shirt, though near and dear, usually only comes out to play when I’m at the range or not going very public. There just don’t seem to be many good reasons to draw attention to oneself that way.

      • If only there were some sort of network where you could find information – like definitions – right from your computer…

        • It might work by typing words, like say dictionary, followed by punctuation, like say a period, and then a funny fragment of a word, like say com.

          Nah, couldn’t be. Never mind.

      • Sorry, didn’t mean to throw a curve. It’s like those books in the Bible that some consider not authoritative. Maybe true, maybe not.

  9. There isn’t any single gun brand that I love enough to want to walk around as a billboard for it. I’d also rather be inconspicuous, and I always CC; even if I felt like making a point, OC is more effective than a shirt with a logo on it.

  10. I wear whatever’s clean. When nothing’s clean, I do a load of washing and then start over again. It’s a very good system.

  11. I do not Advertise that I might carry a gun. Granted the 511 tactical TDU pants are tough to not say “Tacticool” But they are my work pants (Paramedic), and comfortable. Most times I am out in Jeans and T/Hoodie, or summer shorts and polo. Any Gun-culture stuff is reserved for Gun-culture locations.

  12. I refrain from any gun related logos/stickers on my car. My range box is covered in gun related stickers but it’s only visible to others at the range.
    While on vacation, I usually wear a gun-related t-shirt as a possible conversation starter with a fellow “gunnie.”
    I try to mix a firearm related experience into every vacation, but in non-permissive destinations, the best I can do is talk about guns.

  13. Most BG’s won’t know what something is other than Glock or S&W from rap videos. I am getting some Hornady gear but doubt anyone who would cause me problems know what that is or means

  14. I’m not sure I currently own any clothing with firearm brands plastered on it. In general, I wouldn’t advertise too much anyway. Subtle is good.

    I make an exception for 1791 apparel, especially the Izhevsk and Tula designs.

    Not affiliated, yadda, yadda.

    • I have two shirts from 1791 apparel, the AR sight picture and AR selector switch. Not even my pro-gun friends have noticed what the shirts are about. Other than that, I sometimes wear a BCM hat that came in the box with my upper.

  15. ‘speech is silver; silence is golden’
    — an old Swiss proverb.

    “Silence is a woman’s best garment.”
    — a 16th Century proverb.

    Silence is made in Heaven.
    — Wycliffe’s Bible, 1382

    When I was 18 years old and had just completed Airborne School, I proudly wore a black t-shirt with the jump wings image and “Death from Above” written on it. Those days are over. Now, my speech is silent in public on owning a gun and so are my non-verbal expressions in dress and gear bags. I ghost and seek to reduce my vulnerabilities in as many ways as possible in modern corrupt and dysfunctional society.

  16. What draws more attention A logo T-shirt or the combat boots, camo pants, knife clipped to the pocket, multi-tool and photographers vest?

    Or how about the guy who is constantly pulling down his shirt?

    I don’t think it matters. Only another gun guy/gal will spot his own kind.

  17. First off, at 6′-3″ and weighing in at 295, I don’t blend in anywhere except maybe at a retired pro wrestlers convention. I don’t wear firearms logos on any clothing, or any logo for that matter except John Deere. I’m a Deere share holder and figure I’m helping the company sell stuff by wearing the hat.. Plus the hat does allow me to almost blend in, in my neck of the woods. I did have a Dan Wesson belt buckle that I wore for a while over 20 years ago, but I don’t recall anyone ever noticing it. It eventually broke. Apparently Dan Wesson made MUCH better firearms than they did belt buckles.

  18. I wear my Scouting (particularly Venturing) logo stuff as often as possible.

    However, concerning firearms-specific logos, I’d wear them at a competition to do a little “bragging” if I knew the others I’m competing against real well. On the street? Nope.

  19. I’m proud of my heater, so if it’s clean I tend to wear my “If you want to be warm, ask for a RHEEM” T-shirt.

  20. 6′-3″ 296lb, have you ever found one of these logo shirts in 3x tall, that didn’t shrink up to a G String after the first couple of washes. Also they don’t have a pocket, why don’t they put a pocket on them?

    • I know EXACTLY what you mean about the shrinkage in the typical cheap logo “T” shirts AND I also share your complaint about the lack of pockets. Apparently since smoking is now almost illegal, the shirt manufacturers figure we don’t need pockets. But that is typically where I carry my cell phone.

  21. My gun-related clothing (including the German surplus cammo raincoat in some of my videos) only gets worn to the range or the gun show. I’m not an open carry guy, and concealed carry should also be discreet. Photographer’s vests, Ruger caps and ‘operator’ gear are about as discreet as a drop-leg holster and a plate carrier vest.

  22. I like to draw no attention to myself for any reason, so I definitely am not a logo guy. I do have a hat for Surplus Ammo and Arms, which I keep in my range bag and wear to keep brass out of my face. Otherwise, the only logo gear I have is for the Sounders.

  23. My Beretta ball cap…. I love it….. only wear it to and from the gun range, other than that, no advertising whatsoever that I carry concealed with permit. At the range, everyone can see and hear my pistols… need to be discreet there!

  24. I have GL tattooed on one butt cheek, and CK on the other.

    I’ll let you think about that for a minute.

  25. Only a very subtle antique-looking S&W pin on my hat, next to the NRA logo. Across from my 1st Cav pin.

  26. Pink Hello Kitty T-shirt, XXXL so it covers the Sig P220 in the IWB. NPR hat shaped like Michael Moore’s completes the camo.

  27. As discreet as I can be with short hair, decent level of physical fitness, and awareness of my surroundings. Those are dead giveaways – but to those who are paying attention. Most folks are blissfully unaware of their surroundings and the dangers therein.

  28. Do I blend in? Not bloody likely. Do I advertise that I am armed? Not unless I am opening carrying.

    Probably not, except when I was in the military I have had a mohawk for the last 13 years. I have 8mm (0G) hole in my ears and a Amagi tattoo from wrist to elbow. Most of my t-shirts feature either libertarian messages or old goth/punk/rockbilly band logos, I have a handle bar mustache and am usually wearing a flatcap, bowler/bowler or a cowboy hat. When cool enough I wear a flannel or western shirt with either a painted up biker jacket or hooded dickies jacket and my formal wear is embroidered western shirts …

    I generally use a a Hybrid IWB holster (Old Fiathful) and a shirt over it. If it is warm out I wear a work shirt over a t-shirt. If I wear long sleeve shirt, no additional cover is required. There is virtually no printing and it is really comfortable. With a pair of hiking boots, trail runners, or work boots (occasionally dress shoes or flip flops). I do not look “armed” or “tacticool” at all.

  29. Living in a very rural area in NC, most folks are sporting Browning, Remington, Ruger, or Ed’s Gun Shop, or something. I don’t buy stuff with logos, except for the odd Carhartt item, and prefer plain pocket t-shirts, so I stick out like a sore thumb.

  30. I don’t, but it’s simply because I only own one logo’d item, an S&W t-shirt that’s a size to small. If it fit, I may be inclined to wear it. I have nothing against it. If I see a guy wearing a Miller Lite shirt, I don’t assume he’s plastered.

    If you’re talking about the shirts you see on “Wear A” like “The 2nd Amendment is my Carry Permit” or “iPack” then no, I would not wear that.

    I don’t tell people I don’t know I carry. The friends and family that do know either carry themselves, or aren’t dumb enough (or dont care enough) to discuss it in front of “others”. The one time it did happen (Mother In Law mentioned it to some people once), I politely explained not to do that, and life goes on.

    I won’t raise my blood pressure over it. And I certainly won’t judge someone for wearing a damn t-shirt or having a damn sticker. In fact, if I see you wearing one, I may be inclined to give you a friendly nod and a smile.

  31. I wear free apparel to advertise stuff I use & recommend. I don’t buy anyone’s advert. NO gun or gear apparel… ever.

  32. I have a couple of ball caps with logos on them. Generally, I don’t wear them if I’m packing. Rather, I usually wear one if I’m not. I’ll throw one on if one or more of the destinations I’m going is a gun-free zone. I don’t like to advertise that I’m armed, but if I’m not, I’d prefer people to think that I am!

    • I travel a lot for work and I love to wear my t-shirt with big-ass ar-15 silhouette in places like New York, Illinois, etc.

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