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I realize that zombie sympathy can only go so far, given that they’re flesh eaters. Or are they? In movies and videogames (the above being Sega’s Yakuza: Of the End) zombies always seem more plentiful than food supplies would suggest. Then again, a zombie’s metabolism is probably slower than a real live human’s, what with zombies being dead and all. So maybe they’re not like my teenage step-daughter at dinner (i.e. they pace themselves). Anyway, I reckon zombies are just as misrepresented as Neanderthals. Well, Geico’s Neanderthals. In fact, it’s high time some bright ad man championed their cause. Just don’t go unarmed. (Leave that to the zombies.) Gun owners. Zombies. Love ’em or loathe ’em?

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  1. Zombies are like John Madden; I LOVE to HATE them!

    And they're both imensely popular despite being repetetive. Both have insatiable appetites and can't form coherent sentences and each sells about a billion video games a year. Jeez, I think the question for today should be "Is John Madden a Zombie?"

  2. This video reminds me eerily of the Left 4 Dead series: 4 survivors, zombie apocalypse, huge zombie mutants, etc:

    Familiar, ain't it?

  3. Zombies in video games – meh. I prefer my first person shooters to have enemies that fire back.

    Regarding zombies, shooting, and general firearms' use: I'm curious about AMC's upcoming "The Walking Dead". The level of realism vrs video-game-ism will be interesting to see on the network where Story (supposedly) Matters.

  4. Didn't you see "Shaun of the Dead?"

    "Zombies" is pejorative, stereotyping, offensive term to the members of the undead community.

    The official term is "mobile deceased," which shows a much higher level of sensitivity and awareness of the valuable contributions to brain-eating, staggering around, and smelliness made by the members of the undead community.

  5. I think there's a new "Question of the Day" – What percentage of TTAG’s Armed Intelligentsia spend time wargaming? Maybe it's not that easy…. paintball, military ops, zombie killing, Battleship, Parcheesi, etc.


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