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Despite what the Civilian Disarmament Industrial Complex would have you believe, more Americans seem to be concerned about societal breakdown these days than being victimized by street crime. Some of this is reflected in the media. For instance, it’s been argued that the demise of slasher films and the growing popularity of dystopian action flicks are evidence of this kind of societyal angst. And who could forget NatGeo’s Doomsday Preppers?

Maybe that’s because, with violent crime rates at historic lows and more people owning and carrying guns, handling a micro problem like a random mugger seems a lot more manageable than dealing with a macro problem like a pandemic or large scale terrorist attack. Hence this (year old) flick from Savannah River Armory.

It doesn’t look like they ever produced a second episode, so we may never know what they did with the uninvited family that arrived at their secluded compound. Did they shoot, shovel and shut up or take them in? Either way, they were clearly prepared for whatever S might HTF.

How prepared for trouble are you?


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  1. “No comment”, I remember a pressor released by the federal government a few years back asking grocery stores to turn in people buying a large amount of food, bottled water and the like in if they pay with cash…. will search the interwebs for a copy.

    • The flyers were titled “Communities against terrorism”, there were 25 flyers and while some was common sense like buying large amounts of fertilizers some was like buying morning coffee with cash. They were mostly released in 2012.

    • That’s every taqueria and taco truck from L.A. to Houston, plus every caterer and the like. That’d be useless metadata, which probably means it’s true.

        • This is my thinking too . I’ve been a prepper for 27 years and have managed to go completely off grid on my farm , should I choose to . I don’t think the Feds really give a rats ass about little old me and I don’t give a rats ass about big bloated over stepping uncle Sam . Their ineptitude is one of the only things we can count on today .
          I know I couldn’t fight a well armed military or law enforcement detail and wouldn’t even try , I go out of my way to support my communities law enforcement officers and always support our military community in any way I can , both finically through my business and personally .
          I have the ability to generate my own electricity , produce and purify my own water , plant , grow , harvest and cultivate and grind and store my own grains , plant , harvest and store vegetables , grow and harvest my own meat , hunt for game and harvest , process , cure and or dehydrate the meat and long term store it . We can , dehydrate of dry store our own productions every year . We heat with wood harvested and replenished on our own land . I make my own ammo . I produce my own arrows and bolts . I have my own gun and bow range with a 500 yard capability that my wife and I use with regularity . We raise chickens , turkey , Ginny hens , goats and hogs and occasionally entertain a few cows . I have an ethanol still that I have used to make engine fuel and we store 400 gallons of gasoline that we use from and replenish . We have grain and meat grinders and corn a sheller machine . I fabricated my own sickle bar harvester for our grain with a battery powered hedge trimmer and a thresher I made out of 55 gallon plastic drum , a 1/2 inch steel rod and an old drill press , my winnower is an air controlled leaf blower and a special made box and the finished product is 85-90% clean . I love tinkering with stuff and making things and reengineering stuff so my prepping has always been an enjoyable affair for me . I would prefer to tinker in my garage than go to a movie or watch a ball game so I could care less if any of my concerns about a coming social collapse ever come to be , I have learned a great deal about self sufficiency and enjoyed each and every detail . I don’t want TSTHTF but if it does , I’ll be better prepared than most and I’ll have about 20 quart mason jars full of dry grain seed ready to hand out to friends and neighbors and the wisdom to teach survival skills necessary to keep their families alive and hopefully safe too .

      • It’s not useless metadata to the feds, if they have a store owner reporting anyone, for anything i’m pretty sure that can be parlayed into an anonymous tip, and then reinvented to show just cause for snooping around in anyone’s life. That’s why meta data gathering seems innocuos and useless to so many, but is very useful to big brother. So if you do anything from shop at Costco to give to a Muslim charity, the gov has “just cause” to tear your life apart.

      • I wonder what they think of my buddy and I who show up at the fish docks around Labor Day and buy 1-2,000 pounds of tuna. And we pay cash for a discount.
        Us and several other families have an epic weekend canning assembly line.

    • So, our “benevolent” government thinks that we might be terrorists if we purchase a lot of food with cash?

      What does that say about the mindset of government bureaucrats?

      • Google is your friend, I posted the name of the flyers and above Danny posted a link where someone put them together. They were issued by the FBI. No Tin foil required!

  2. The government tells me everything’s fine so I stopped prepping and then as luck would have it I accidentally lost all my weapons in that deep lake, you know, that one lake that swallows up weapons. Boating is dangerous.

    Go Bernie. He will save us all.

  3. I must admit that Doomsday Preppers increased our household awareness. No matter what you may be prepping for there’s certainly no harm in taking moderate steps to ensure your family’s safety and security. Here on the east coast, hurricanes are a likely source of mild social breakdown. Loss of power, lack of food staples in the stores, loss of water. We bought several of the buckets of dried food stores. These are relatively cheap and store indefinitely. We have a well and keep water stores and purification devices. We added a generator and have upped our home security. Are we prepared for TEOTWAWKI? No. But weeks or perhaps months of self sufficiency? Yes.

    • Agreed. I am no prepper but I have taken small steps to help in a emergency. Way more than most people.

      I think the focus should not be on one type of scenario just any scenario that overwhelms the emergency response services for a short to long time. Many things cold cause this, natural disaster, really bad financial collapse, really big terror attack, pandemic, really big riots in your localized area.

      Think back to the LA riots and more recently the Ferguson riots where there photos of people well armed (AR/AK, chest rig) in front of their business. No one bothered them because they were not easy targets.

    • this. there’s got to be a balance of factors in deciding what to prepare for. Nuclear war? the Yellowstone Caldera? Those are frankly borderline impossible to prepare for and highly unlikely. Extreme weather, riots, etc? Much more likely and much more manageable for people of limited means.

  4. While breaking op-sec is generally a no-no, I would be shocked if most people on this site didn’t have plans for a 14-30 day SHTF bug-in scenario. While in a long-term situation, I would be hosed… A short term Fergusson / Baltimore / Katrina sort of situation is fairly simple to prepare for.

    My housing development has good boundaries (single access road with water features covering 60% of two sides and a nice set of heavy woods covering the remainder) which means that, as a community, we can deal with even moderate sized groups of aggressors. It’s important to remember that for any short or medium term situation, you really should consider less lethal options. I happen to have a good supply of smoke and CS devices that should help disperse groups without putting bodies in bags.

    It goes without saying that you should know and be friendly with your neighbors. Being able to quickly form a neighborhood militia could make the difference between an inconvenience and your entire home burned to the ground.

    • I would second that conjecture. There is just so many variables for a long term scenario its hard to prep for everything. But everyone should have a 14 day survival plan that is well rehearsed.

    • I’d be more worried about the threats from within the common housing development/complex, than anything outside of it. While it’s possible to maintain a working relationship with immediate neighbors in preparation for potential SHTF, what about those a couple streets over who’ve done absolutely nothing to prepare? A running generator or word that somebody has a good supply of food/water will attract attention pretty fast, and it won’t matter one bit that they live in the same neighborhood.

      • Depends how active people are in the HOA and how large your complex is. Mine is less than 100 units which is about the max size for a setup like this.

  5. As a reformed former gun owner, I can tell you no one is coming for your guns. You should voluntarily turn them in to the local police. No one needs a gun, only well trained government personnel need to have guns to protect us from dangerous internal enemies and foreign forces that support them.

    After one night time hooded helicopter ride, a short train trip and a few months in the William J Clinton Adult Re-Education center, I am now a compliant follower.

    • I agree 100% and I am also in willing compliance the NWO protocols .
      I remember you dude , you were 10438 and I was 10441 , I was the one who was banging on the bed rail every night until I learned about the truth and realized the dangers of guns and the need for total disarmament .

  6. A second Katrina-like situation is the most likely event, a full-on apocalypse is pure fantasy.

    I live in the middle of Tornado Alley and have kit prepared as such.

    • Bwhaaaa! What would you call the collapse of Rome? Europe in WW I? Europe, Asia, and much of the World in WW II? Korea? Vietnam if you lived there? Currenty, Venezuela, Middle East, and the Hell Hole that Europe is turning into? I left off Cambodia, Laos, and a bunch of other places.

      The US has been blessed with our isolation by the oceans and productive capacity. But, unfortunately, our time of hell on Earth is coming soon at the hands of our own government. Over 200 TRILLION dollars of debt and the politicians are still spending like drunken sailors. No way out of this one. When it blows this country will tear itself apart.

    • One EMP from NK or Iran or one maximally malicious computer virus from those or several other countries, and we’d be screwed. Six to twelve months without electricity and millions of Americans would be dead from disease, starvation, freezing/heat stroke, accidents, and civil unrest.

      • A few WEEKS of no electricity and many Americans would be dead from the hissy fit they throw. They’d miss Dancin’ with the Stars, NFL or whatever other time wasting, brain smashing TV delivered distraction they are addicted to.

        • I have 500gal of water, 2000rds of ammo for each caliber of weapon I own, 12mos of food, 3 types of stocked fuel, 2 decks of playing cards, a bug out bag and bug out vehicle…but didn’t even consider NO DWTS!

          Gotta go set my DVR NOW!

    • Grindstone,

      The real wildcard is a solar coronal mass ejection. If a good one slams into Earth, that could destroy most equipment and appliances that use electricity. A few “hardened” devices would still function. Many of the rest would be degraded or destroyed.

      Look up the Carrington event of 1859. That solar storm was so intense and induced so much electricity on wires that telegraph operators didn’t need batteries at either end to send and receive telegraph messages over long distances. I want to say that I remember reading that it even injured or killed some people who happened to touch telegraph wiring at one point or another.

      A less destructive event disrupted electricity in Quebec in 1989.

      The probability of such events are quite real. Two have occurred in recent history. And I thought I read somewhere that experts put the probability at something like 10% during each solar maximum period. (Solar maximum periods happen about every 11 years.) That means there is a 1 in 10 chance that we would experience widespread disruption and/or destruction of our electricity grid and appliances every 11 years.

      • Update:

        An event narrowly missed Earth in 2012 that was equivalent in magnitude to the Carrington event of 1859. According to the summary in Wikipedia, “Ying D. Liu, professor at China’s State Key Laboratory of Space Weather, estimated that the recovery time from such a disaster would have been about four to ten years.” (emphasis added) If you want to read the summary yourself, you can find it under the title “Solar Storm of 2012” at Wikipedia.

        Large solar coronal mass ejections are the real deal and a serious threat to modern life. Plan accordingly as you see fit.

  7. I am much better prepared than the last time this question was asked. Maybe I will be able answer a less reserved yes in about two more years.

  8. “Here on the east coast, hurricanes are a likely source of mild social breakdown.”

    It’s not just weather. You’ll be a lot happier around 1-2 times / year if you are configured to go 3-ish days without utilities, open roads, or fresh food, whether the reason is weather, an industrial mishap, civil unrest, or presidential motorcade (or would-be pres campaign bus).

    “Prep” pays off in other ways. Having a chest freezer gets you a stock of food for quite some time (even without power), *and* lets you buy and process in bulk or in season. And healthier, too. If a chest freezer doesn’t pay for itself in the first month or two, you are doing it wrong.

  9. I am not very ready, but working on it. Not gun ready for sure. First things first, though. Need to take some Krav Maga! That crap is expensive, though. :/

    • While Krav Magra is awesome, it isn’t the only way to win hand to hand, a simple kick boxing class for cardio is better than no training at all(not by much). I have a background in boxing and have studied Kenpo, TKD, have been in the MMA cage twice, and sparred with world class Savate kick boxers. I can tell you without a doubt hand to hand combat sucks! If shtf I would rather lock in and defend the door with a 12 guage.
      When it comes to hand to hand it is 50% cardio, 10% techniques, 15% fighting dirty, and 25%wanting to win more than the other guy.

      • Good points. I did take that one self defense class when I was a kid. So I at least have some background, haha. Mostly I feel it’d be nice to have at least some formal training as well as a structured place to get my butt kicked (and hopefully do a little of my own) to get used to the adrenaline dumps and how to handle it.

        My wife and I talked it over and figured knowing how to handle yourself was kind of step one of this whole process. The neat thing is the local krav maga studio very explicitly encourages (and hosts/teaches) firearms training.

        Anywho, yeah I would rather have a gun, too, but right now I am in school, so I am more worried about those odd moments I am out and about unarmed. I feel like God is my first defense, then my brain, then all the other stuff. So good self defense courses get help get the fitness and right mindset.

        Man, I really do need to get in shape. Not sure where to start, though. And it’s not like I’m in bad shape. Just a tall lanky straight shape with no stamina, haha.

    • I learned to fight as a kid from my Army Ranger eldest brother. That’s some hardcore stuff to bring down on the typical schoolyard bully trying to push me around, but I wasn’t all that great at it. So nobody got seriously hurt, but they did get the serious message.

      Then in college I became good friends with an Israeli international relations visiting professor of mine, who’d served in the IDF. He taught me KM over the course of a year or so, primarily as a workout regimen, but fairly seriously, too. Came in handy a time or two in my 20s.

      The thing about both systems is that they’re designed to be learned quickly by those with minimal experience. You don’t have to be an athlete. You don’t need to pay big bucks to a formal Krav Maga professional trainer. Between books and Internet videos, you could teach yourself IF you had an equally committed partner or two to train with.

      The combatives aren’t that hard to learn. They’re actually pretty intuitive, by design. The key to half decent competence is to PRACTICE. I need to get back into, myself, as I haven’t practiced in more than a decade.

      • I was actually wondering that. I got a brother nearby. And maybe I could convince the wife even. But for sure my brother is interested (with prodding with his wife). I bet if I bought the sparring gear he’d learn with me.

        I’m actually really interested in medieval martial arts as well, haha. Not sure what they have in the way of unarmed techniques, but’s it’s pretty basic motions and broadly applicable. Man I am a huge nerd.

        Thanks for your advice!

    • Just being in good shape is HUGE over many, many other preps.

      Lots of FAT mall Ninja’s with all kinds of gear. That is fine, I can take their gear when the drop from a coronary.

      If you can’t run a 5k easily you are out of shape.

      • I am not fat. Well I guess my BMI said I was overweight. But come on. I’m a 196ish pound 6’2″ guy. That is not fat. A little love handle is the most I got on me.

        Still. I am not in shape. At all. Need to get that squared away somehow. Running in the morning maybe?

  10. Free America thanks you for shouldering a sig brace, on camera…

    Because FTATF’s opinion.

  11. Unless you are able to “shelter in place” or have the ability or get to some other remote stockpiled location the idea is unrealistic.
    I live in a pretty densely populated suburb outside of a major city. My house is wood, Sheetrock, and a bunch of windows. Not remotely bullet or fireproof.
    In a true disaster, my wife and I would have to relocate to get away from the biggest threat which is other people.
    Most of the roads would get jammed up with others fleeing. So that means we would have to go on foot. There is only so much weight a person can carry, and we are in an area that’s hilly enough to make things difficult. Mind you, we are both very in shape, avid backpackers.
    This is assuming we would even be able to both get home to grab our gear and go. I often travel for work, and my office is in that major city.
    In some parts of the country, and for some people, significant prepping would give them and their loved ones a really good chance. For others, like myself, I have enough realistically portable supplies on the off chance I can get home, but my only real prep is hope that I’ll never be in that situation. That and a couple of thousand rounds of ammo, with enough appropriate delivery systems to defend as long as possible.

    • Don’t forget about bicycles; after all, the NVA/VC used them to great effect. A decent hardtail MTB can haul a lot of gear in panniers and on a towed trailer, in addition to increasing mobility/range and being fairly stealthy while never needing fuel (beyond that which you eat). I’ve even seen purpose-built mounts on down/top-tubes for rifles & pistols, an AR carbine or folding-stock AK can fit quite nicely on a bike frame.

      • I don’t know if you were being funny or serious about the bike , but just in case you were serious , I do keep what is sometimes called a beach bike at my office just in case my truck would be disabled I could still have a better chance in getting home and if I made it home I have a back road / jeep trail / gas and power line trail to make it to my farm which is 26 miles from my residence . I can live off grid at both places but the farm is (was) my designed prep residence for 25 years and it would be more suitable for sustained survival .
        Most people are not prepared to last a week without a grocery store or even their cell phones .
        Most medicines can actually be contrived from my pastures and hillsides and I have purposefully stayed away from pharmacology and doctors as much as possible and take NO medicines for maintenance , relying heavily on faith based maintenance , instead . At 57 years on old planet earth I have had my share of health issues and firmly believe that modern medicine often kills prematurely .
        Eat small meals of natural foods , work hard when you’re awake , go to bed early , sleep soundly , don’t over indulge in anything ( moderation ) , try to limit your exposure to viruses and crowds of sick people , stay away from alcohol , smoking , drugs and vise and find someone you can truly love and will love you back and find a way to be a faithful believer in Jesus Christ as your personal salvation , put your trust in Him and your burdens on His back and mankind’s biggest killer , stress , will disappear .

  12. My wife has finally clued in that we should be ready for a bad snow storm or tornado.

    Currently creating a small bug in house kit.

  13. The uptick in crime in certain areas dominated by a certain demographic is a sign of societal breakdown at least in those locales but most of the SHTF stuff is just a combination. Of wishful thinking on those who think anarchy is cool and paranoia. So am I SHTF ready. Yeah, at least for the kind of S that I likely to encounter.

  14. I incorporate “prepping” into my shopping habbits, I don’t buy anything I wouldn’t use anyway. I have a few weeks worth of canned and dry goods available should the SHTF. I stay in good shape, I keep more ammo around than I could conceivably carry. Beyond that, I’m probably screwed along with everyone else that doesn’t have their own personal fallout bunker. The idea of bugging out is crazy unless you are in the path of a hurricane or something. A human being simply cannot carry more than about a week’s worth of food. And you would have to move from water to water. I’ve done long term expeditions, living out of my backpack… they suck after a while.

  15. Nope-not well prepared. Financially challenged at the moment. Maybe I could pull a kickstart scam…

    • That’s one great thing about being prepared it starts with a mindset. Supplies can start with an extra $2bag of rice or $1 can good every shopping trip…. Not hard to accumulate 30 days of extra food in the house after a few shopping trips. I can’t go to the store and buy 3 months of food, but I can go monthly shopping and get 33 or 35 days worth of food, after 12 months you have 36+ days of food in the pantry.

      • The problem is not the food, it’s the support gear. The two biggest problems most people don’t know how to deal with is heating and cooking.

        A good kerosine heater / stove will set you back a couple hundred bucks.

        • Heating food is a non issue if your starving, cold can goods and rice can soak for 12 hours and be soft enough to digest. Try to get no salt added can goods so you can also drink the water. Heat is a big problem especially in the northern hemisphere, if you don’t have a wood stove or fireplace your behind the curve. There are cheap stoves that can be made to fit anywhere, just don’t burn down your shelter and all your preps. Short term heat can be obtained from the dollar store in the form of candles.

        • Hit up ebay, Goodwill, Craiglist, or garage sales. I picked up lots of cheap camping gear that way, including a Coleman stove.

  16. I have lots of guns, thousands of rounds of ammo, sufficient pet supplies, many gallons of water and a couple of cans of sardines and Vienna sausages. So yeah, I am ready. Bring it on! Whatever “it” is. Just be sure that “it” doesn’t last more than a couple of weeks, or I’ll run out of BP meds and stroke out.

    • Get a 100 doze prescription filled at CostCo, you can actually set up about half a year working with your doctor.
      Costs without insurance are generally $12-$30 for BP med for 100 pills.

    • We T1’s have it worse, once my insulin spoils I die . So I get a kick out of the hard core preppers. What are you going to do if appendicitis or some other serious infection happens to you or your loved ones. Mortality has a way of showing you who is really the boss.
      I do keep about 6 months supply of insulin and a small Honda generator that sips fuel to power a small fridge with.That and some food stored is the limit of my preparation.


      • I hope you get a chance to read this, but replacing the fridge with a chest freezer is more efficient, you’ll just have to learn how long to plug it in.

  17. Depends on what, when & where. If nation wide, you can bet Martial Law would be declared if occupant in the White House is a Demorat or a Rino, “Never let a good crisis go to waste”
    Your government has not prepared for damn near anything on a national level from currency collapse to EMA (Electromagnetic Attacks) natural or planned

    • The government is very prepared for these sorts of events. They’ve built themselves luxurious, well stocked underground bunkers in various locations all around the country.
      Oh wait….you meant for the rest of us…

  18. I am what I consider very well prepped. I have hoarded information in non electronic format. I have a couple notebooks full of recipes for things like biodiesel and gunpowder.
    I also incorporated sections on edible wild vegetation, water purification methods arial maps of my surronding areas.
    I also have a book with schematics for simple items like weapons.
    My prep is more towards long lasting survival for myself and my family to be able to live for any duration

  19. I am all set for a short term disruption. The real problem for all of us is any long term disruption. Unless you have 40 acres of land, livestock, enough seeds to replant next year, horse-drawn equipment to work the land, an infinite water supply (both for you and your livestock), enough food to last until the next harvest, another 40 acres of forest for firewood, some way to cut that firewood down and cut/split it, AND SOME WAY TO STOP YOUR NEIGHBORS OR HORDES OF BANDITS FROM TAKING ALL OF THAT STUFF, you won’t last long term.

    Oh, and you better have a family member who is a dental hygienist who can keep everyone’s teeth clean because there probably won’t be any dentists around who can pull rotten teeth. (Of course that means you have to have a large supply of toothbrushes, toothpaste, and floss.) And did I mention having your own pharmaceutical factory for manufacturing and restocking any critical medications? I won’t even bother to mention acute/emergency healthcare needs if no one is left to staff, operate, and restock hospitals.

    • Unless you live like the Amish, only much better hidden and remote, you’re likely to die in a true end of the world scenario.

      I keep enough stuff on hand for likely disasters. I’ve lived in snow country, tornado country and now I live in earthquake country. So a little prep is wise.

  20. Fairly well here. The decision to bug-in was made long ago. I’m quite a ways away from a hell hole like Portland would likely turn into.
    I like to can, so I’ve got lots of food. Deer are almost pests around here, so there’s protein on the hoof.

  21. Absolutely not. I don’t have much stored water, I’d be dead in a week.

    And I’d get sick of backpacking food before that week was even up.

  22. I’m not sure if this was already mentioned or not but I talk to a Survival food company rap And he emailed me a copy from Department of Homeland Security that was asking this big name brand survival food company I’m not going to mention names But The US government wanted to know exactly how much food they could produce in a 72 hour. How much food they had in stock at current time and how long it would take them to produce that amount of food in that 72 hour. And have it on a truck Destination unknown. That’s something to think about that’s kind of scary if you ask me He got his internee I’m bald And they did not send back any correspondence to it. His attorney informed him That if he told them the information that they were asking for that in a time of martial law That they could come in and sees all of his food and make him manufacture food for the United States government For reasons unknown So in other words who knows where it’s going and why. Not to start an x-files or something like that but it was one of the major manufacturers Of Freeze-dried type survivalist food thats good on shelf for 25 years. Just something to think about since we’re on this topic

  23. The company’s representative said that he heard from above That They were Sending these letters out on my flight form letters to all Survival type food manufacturers to see what type of inventory they had on hand It only seemed kind of like they were seeing if martial law was enacted Seems like part of Obama’s scam Take away your Firearms Enact martial law And then you’re going to have to stand in line at a food line waiting to get your plate of food Scary thought.

  24. First, that is an awfully big fire if you are camping out in a SHTF situation. I think everybody should be prepared for a high intensity short duration (30 day) SHTF scenario. It is part of being a good, responsible citizen.

  25. Depends on the type of S and the size and power of the F. 30 days without needing to leave my property is possible as long as things are only that bad. My limiting factor is definitely clean water.

    Pandemic, Coronal mass ejection, EMP detonation or any near mass extinction event? Yeah good luck to all but the truly prepared, lucky and naturally immune..

  26. I think for most people, water is the issue. We have always lived in suburbs, ex-urbs, or smaller cities and have always kept plenty of canned goods on hand. Used to can ourselves. Most of us could live for a long time on half rations, given our fat stores. I have charcoal and a decent enough amount of propane to run outdoor cook-stoves. But water is hard to store and heavy, needs to be replaced so that it does not go bad. That is the one that scares me. At some point, probably at our next house, I will likely get a cistern so that rain water can be collected and flushed out/replaced easily. Where we live now is a neighborhood that is pretty well cut off from outside influences with only one road in; so could be defended from hordes. Where we plan to live, the entire town can be separated from the hordes by closing a bridge. I very much believe the local police would willingly manage the barricades with help from deputized citizens who would willingly do their part; and we will have a garden in any event. Sewage will be another issue but could be handled in the short run. A few guns that were bought through FFL’s and some ammo were not lost in that boating mishap and could be used to help on the barricades. Others that were bought in private sales and most of the ammo were lost. Funny how that is.

    I am one who believes that in all likely SHTF scenarios, there will be chaos for a few weeks, and the police will not be the enemy. In too many communities, there simply won’t be enough of them to keep the looters at bay, and that’s when people will have to fend for themselves or their neighborhoods, especially if their neighborhoods cannot be cut off from the hordes. Something like a solar flare that destroys the electrical grid and takes 4 to 10 years for recovery — all bets are off. I cannot imagine how the densely populated urban areas could function. Disease and starvation apocalypse would be real for them and martial law would be required to keep things from degenerating into pure savagery.

  27. Savannah River Armory has a fund raising link on their website:

    apparently the first episode cost over $20K so they need help keeping the story going.

    I sent them $10.00 because i think the first one was at least interesting.

    Ted Koppel has a new non-fiction book out concerning the potential of an attack on our electrical grid. He was interviewed on both Fox and CBS this week (check YouTube for the interviews) and he makes a pretty convincing argument that he is really afraid that it is going to happen. I don’t particularly like Ted Koppel that much but while i would consider myself a ‘prepper for all seasons’ my two biggest worries are an economic collapse and a nation-wide electrical grid failure from either a cyber attack, a CME or an EMP attack.

    I live in a very rural area now but I am in the process of moving to an even more rural area.

    I have no idea if anything is ever going to happen but I have seen too much in my time to believe that it is never going to happen here. I have absolutely no faith that the Federal (or any other level) government will be able to handle a nation-wide emergency.

  28. After reading through responses again, water for some folks is an issue.
    Think about those cheap self leveling back yard pools. They usually come with a filter and pump. Cover it with a tarp during the winter. Inexpensive filtration devices are really handy to keep for keeping it potable. Even a small pool can hold a thousand gallons.

    Gun food I think is really essential. Not only to keep any looters at bay, should that type of emergency arise, but for hunting.
    It’s hard to beat fresh meat. I got lucky at cabelas yesterday. They had just stocked their ammo shelves with several brands of .22. (I had to convince the cashier lady that .22lr and .22 mag were for different guns)

    • Tom, not to disappoint but you do know that several game species were almost destroyed by the great depression. I can only imagine the deer/rabbit/squirrel population in America with over 300 million humans. Hunt first and hunt often before turning to the preps 🙂

  29. Don’t forget there are 30-40 gallons of potable water stored in your water heater….at 1 gallon per person, per day, that’s a significant store.

    • To add to that. Another 20 gallons if you have a pressure tank, if you have a well you can pull water up with a pvc cup and a rope. I have access to a swimming pool.

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