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If there’s a tinkerer out there who’d like some free internet exposure, TTAG is interested in seeing what a [functional] coffee maker looks like on an AR-15. Maybe a Keurig capsule-based ballistic hot beverage device? I dunno. But I do know that our Armed Intelligentsia are clever. So if a coffee maker isn’t AR-compatible, I’m sure you guys can think of something truly, epically dopey – and a way to affix it to your rifle. Send a pic of the result to Dan the Man Zimmerman at [email protected] with the words YES I REALLY DID PUT THIS ON MY AR in the subject bar. Duct-taped AR accoutrements entirely acceptable. Meanwhile, what accessories does your AR have attached to it? Light, laser, bipod, sights, extended bolt handle, suppressor, new furniture, key mod rails? What? Be ridiculously specific!

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  1. Which one?

    Right now, my go to rifle is a Mk18 clone with a monolithic upper, a light, VFG, and an EOTech.

    That’s the beauty of the AR platform. Very rarely will two rifles be the same once a person has had them for about a year.

  2. I have only one AR for now, and I keep it just the way god and Gene Stoner intended — damn near nekkid.

  3. Favorite – 10.5″ 300 BLK SBR, with Ergo-grip, NiB BCG, CTR, T1 Micro, Magpul BUS, Spike’s BAR rail, Magpul VFG, RRA 2 NM 2 stage, Quark’s Tactical Light, and 7″ SAS Reaper Suppressor.

  4. One of them, EOtech, back up sights, geissele trigger, sling
    One low powered variable, 300BO, Timney Trigger
    One long barrel, timney, scope bipod

  5. I used to have a forward vertical grip and a bipod on mine, but that was just silly! Now, it’s just plain MOE mods.

  6. SR-762 has a Redfield 3-9X40, Harris Bipod w/ rail adaptor of course and a CMC 4.5 pound single stage trigger

  7. Bipod adapter, vertical grip, 2-7 power vortex scope, 45 degree offset sights, magpul sling, and MFT backup light.

  8. A coffee maker on an AR? Silly. If you put a marijuana bong on one, though, you could cross-promote with your new venture!

  9. May one day have a bunch of stuff that has been on order since between the times when the oceans drank Atlantis and the rise of the sons of Arias.

    • Well, I should say that so far I really do like the Ergo Tactical Deluxe Sure Grip pistol grip it is large but works well with my slightly less than average sized hands. Also the Armageddon Tactical gen II charging handle seems nice so far but the can to really test out its gas ‘busting’ with is one of the things that I have been waiting on. The Ergo buttstock feels nice and solid but is too heavy. With just a 10.5″ barrel the thing already weighs nearly 7lbs and that is without optic, sights, sling mounts, sling, suppressor, light, and vertical fore grip.

      • Oh, hey, I had weighed it with a full 15rd mag. 15 rounds with 200gr spitzers, so it is really only about 6.5lbs. I thought it felt heavy!

  10. I lost my AR-15 when my canoe capsized in the Pacific Ocean. Before I lost it, I had nothing more than iron sights. I wanted the simplest (e.g. most reliable) system possible for engagements between zero and 50 yards. For me, that meant iron sights.

    • Song is a parody of a song “Be Our Guest” sung by Lumiere – Beauty and the Beast, Disney cartoon. This, in turn, is a parody of Maurice Chevalier.

  11. Pretty simple. Magpul grip and handguard. Standard milspec stock. Magpul flip-up sights, and a Leupold Mark AR Mod 0 1.5-4x optic. It’s great. Simple point-and-click interface.

  12. 2-7x Redfield Revolution scope and a sling.

    That is if you pronounce ‘AR’ – Mini-14.

  13. My AR? Which one? I don’t even like ARs. I only make them all day long because it makes Liberals cry. I don’t even have sights on them… I don’t care.

  14. Mine stays mission oriented. If I’m going to the range, then its likely only dressed with my red dot/scope. If I’m in the field, then I consider a sling. But… Since my “in the field” with my ar is usually varmint shooting, probably not. I’m considering getting a flashlight for when it’s propped up in my bedroom instead of my shotty. That’s about it. If the NFA silencer thing actually passes, my muzzle brake will get changed for a hearing conservation device.

    Now if a prize were offered, I might be tempted to fashion a picatinny mount to my coffee maker…

  15. Mine is pretty basic. It’s a full-length rifle, as I wanted more velocity plus a longer sighting plane with irons, and I also wanted something as close as possible to the M16-A2 I used in the army – the M4 wasn’t as widespread then as it is now – though I used an A4 upper rather than an A2. My scope is a bit unusual, though – it’s an Israeli Trilux S.U.I.T., which I replaced the tritium vial in so the upside-down sight post glows red-orange in low light conditions.

  16. Well, my “AR” is a Tavor and it has: Geissele Super Sabra trigger pack and Lightning Bow trigger, Manticore curved buttpad and LUMA safety levers, Gear Head Works short Razorback rail, Meprolight M21 optic and MX3 magnifier, Midwest Industries ejection port cover, T-Rex fore end rail, Mako spare mag holder cum vertical grip, and the flash hider from a Ruger MkIII (because I like the way it looks).

    Or at least it did have all of that… before the trip to the lake. Dang boats.

    • Oh yeah, then there’s my Kalashnikov. Saiga 7.62×39 with Kushnapup stock, Carolina Shooter’s Supply railed gas tube, and Russian Kobra optic.

      While my SKS has a Shernic Gun Works bullpup stock, most of Murray’s Gunsmith Shop’s catalog, and a Trijicon optic.

      Both at the bottom of the lake with the Tavor, unfortunately.

  17. Smith & Wesson M&P-15 Tactical, featuring:
    -Burris MTAC 1-4×24 scope + Fastfire III red dot on PEPR mount;
    -Mako T-Pod foregrip + bipod (black);
    -ambidextrous safety (I’m left-handed/left-eye dominant);
    -ambidextrous rear sling adapter + QD mount (black);
    -black single-point sling w/ seatbelt cushion (it’s pretty comfy too);
    -Magpul MOE+ Grip

    Plan to add:
    -ambidextrous charging handle (AXTS, BCM Gunfighter, or POF, maybe);
    -left-hand mag release (maybe)

  18. As I expect this to be my only AR, I decided to build a general-purpose, rather than an all-purpose rifle:

    Carbine on Aero Precision receivers, Multi Cal. lower, in 7.62 X 39, Cason Eng. bolt, med. contour barrel, Vortex flash hider.
    YHM flip up front sight, w/ short rail at 6:00, accommodates a Streamlight TLR2.
    Magpul MBUS rear sight, MOE handguard and ACS stock in FDE. Some spare goodies in the compartment.
    PA red dot, and an old Simmonds 4 X 28 SKS scope that can be mounted if conditions warrant.
    Generic sling, convertible from 1 to 2 point. (I find I prefer 2 point config.) Splurged and got QD sling mounts.
    Future upgrades might include variable/illuminated scope, and perhaps a trigger assy.

    I am very happy with this rifle, and would build one essentially identical if it were tragically lost in a boating mishap.

  19. Noveske 14.5″ lopro pinned/welded AAC Blackout upper with SWS rail, UBR stock, POF EFP trigger, front and rear BUIS, and M203 leaf sight… Just because it was kicking around the office.

    Bastard child AR with a 14.5″ pinned/welded AAC Brakeout pencil barrel, MI keymod handguard, BCM KAG, Inforce WML IR, BCM Gunfighter stock and grip, Aimpoint T1, Geissele Super Dynamic Threegun, and AAC 51T Brakeout.

    I use the same sling between the two of them, Ares Armor Husky Amentum 2. I’ve tried a bunch of two point slings and that’s the best I’ve found.

  20. I only have an M1A, does that count?

    It has a custom stock so it can accept buffer tubes for AR15 style buttstocks. It’s got a Magpul PRS on it right now. I’ve got a Bassett scope mount with a TRS 25 red dot and a vertical foregrip. I need to get a sling though cuz its heavy as hell.

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