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If George Zimmerman is brought to trail and acquitted for the shooting of Trayvon Martin, there will be race riots across America. Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and the rest of the race baiters who’ve latched themselves onto the Martin homicide have inflamed public opinion to the point where anything less than jail time for Zimmerman will, at some point, ignite a conflagration. The “civil unrest” will start as a protest against perceived injustice and quickly mutate into looting and random acts of destruction. Martin Luther King Jr. would be ashamed. Be that as it may, are you ready to defend your life and property from public disorder? How? Bunkering? Neighborhood watch? What? (Needless to say the question applies to ALL of our readers, regardless of their ethnicity, religion, sex or income.)

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  1. The fuse has been lit….I really wonder how Zimmerman will get a fair trial..I can’t get over the number of people who just want to lock this guy up without it even going to trial..Or worse, how many people want to just kill him…Scary stuff.

    • That’s what happens when politicians and the MSM can so easily manipulate the minds of the weak. Welcome to modern America.

      • True. A reason why the Founding Fathers originally created a Republic form of government and not a Democracy that is a rule by the easily manipulated mob of sheeple form of government.

  2. I have been ready for two years now.

    I just continue to add to and modify my emergency supplies & equipment.

    All it takes is ONE natural disaster for you feel the pain of NOT being ready, and you are a prepper for life!

    When I lost power 2 years ago because of some severe storms that shut off the electricity for 2 weeks in my town, we got too see just how quickly everyone would be FORCED to return to living in the 1800’s that was not prepaired for it.

    Since then I have made sure that me & mine could live off our supplies for about one month, without forageing and have the tools needed to cook, eat, clean, wash, and live, with no help of any kind from anyone.

    Oh, and of coarse guns & ammo for me & mine with spares, and hidden stashes for the old “just in case” in all of us!

  3. As long as, geniuses that they are, they burn and loot their own urban neighborhoods as usual, I don’t care. In fact, I hope a good chunk of urban leftist whites face destruction and looting as a challenge to the insane policies they support that led to things like this in the first place. It won’t work, of course…nothing ever does with them.

    Me, I’m stocked.

    • Thanks for the broad minded, nuanced commentary Silver. As a white guy living in an urban neighborhood, I really appreciate you hoping that my family and home get threatened with violence so that some of my neighbors who don’t share your views can be “woken up”.
      Personally, I don’t care if the granola family down the hall believes what I do.. they are still good people, and I’ll do my best to protect them in the unlikely event. Same goes for the conservative Christian family that thinks birth control pills should be illegal. Same goes for the African-American family… They are all good people, even the ones who vote differently from you.
      Wishing harm on them is low.

      • Wishing harm on the innocent is low. Wishing that those that made the bed should have to lie in it along side those who didn’t make it, that’s justice.

  4. I’ll be honest: Every time there’s a riot or threat of riot in our enlightened urban areas, my first thought is, “Good. Fvck ’em.” Not saying it’s right, just sayin’.

  5. I am ready, if the unrest starts I will GTFO of the chicago area. My hunkering spot in WI has less than 5% minority population and the nearest large community of minorities is 100 miles away. I dont see masses of white or hispanic people rioting over this. Unless this leads to TEOTWAWKI I think I will be ok.

  6. Guns, ammo, food, water, first aid kits, firewood, charcoal, water purifiers…have I missed anything? We live in earthquake country. Anyone around here who doesn’t have all that stocked up (which is probably most) is an idiot.

    Better get more ammo.

    • Just so you & everyone who reads this knows:

      I just bought over $1200 worth of ammo online (best deals anywhere!) and there is ZERO shortages of available ammo to buy.

      All calibers are still plentiful: rifle, shotgun, & pistol.

      So do NOT believe the hype or BS you hear about “no ammo anywhere” from the MSM or any other fear-mongerer.

      • Roger that; I just picked up a few thousand rounds of common calibers, for very reasonable prices. That’s not a shortage in my book.

      • I think this post here IS fear-mongering… and if even 1% of us bought $1200 dollars worth of ammo tomorrow, you’d see the massive shortages real quick.

        • I agree with you Josh, you are fear-mongering in the worst way!

          You don’t know one thing about me yet you assume because I bought $1200 worth of ammo and am PROUD of that fact, that I am a fear mongerer?!?

          People like YOU, Josh are the PROBLEM.

          Uninformed mouth-breathers like you projecting your fears and stupid thoughts on an honest person’s comment just to try to help my fellow-man save a buck and getting their supplies online, delivered right to your door!

          So, Josh, keep your trash-talking opinions to yourself or to matters that you are qualified to comment on with zero information…

          Do you think anyone cares if turn out the lights when you leave your mom’s basement?!?

        • I’m with you, bud. I’m just not as angry. There’s not much to do but hope for the best, prepare for the worst, and try to inject a little common sense into this world whenever possible.

          With the excitement and media coverage of this incident, the chances of a riot somewhere in the US are pretty high.

        • I was talking about the post, not your comment.
          But yeah, if everybody gets 1200 bucks worth of ammo tomorrow, there will be a shortage.. that part was in reference to your comment.

  7. I was stuck on the ground floor of a parking garage in downtown Atlanta during the Rodney King riots that swept across the country. Atlanta was nowhere near as bad as LA, but it did have some riotous mobs roaming around the downtown area.

    I will never forget how it felt listening to the radio news constantly report on where the mob was, what direction it was heading, and realizing the only weapon I had was a large Mag-lite.

    Fortunately, the nearest mob always stayed about a block away from where I was stuck, but I will never forget the feeling of “what am I gonna do if they start pouring into this garage?” I have been better prepared since that event, and will follow this situation closely.

  8. Maybe the media will force it to trial, but without them I don’t think it would. It looks like Martin played with fire and got burned, even if he didn’t deserve it such a harsh penalty. Oh well, an armed society is a polite one. Maybe the next hoodlum in a hoodie will be more civil. But no, the media want their distraction. They like to divide to distract from important issues, like the federal reserve and endless wars of imperial conquest where many thousands, more innocent than Treyvon Martin, die.

  9. A friend suggests that Jesse, Al, and the chief executive have made a rather drastic mistake which it may be too late to correct. It’s a presidential election year, yet they are setting up the black inner city for random anger blowouts if GZ is not brought to trial, or is acquitted at trial. Sure, that’s going to encourage Mr. and Mrs. Middle America (including Hispanic America) to give the current administration four more years. The alternative is not much better from here: If GZ is taken to trial and convicted, and comes to be viewed as a victim of railroading, trial by media pressure, middle America will be equally repelled. Who wants to mix with the black community if any conflict may be converted from an investigation of crime into to a race claim in the media just for leverage? What a ridiculous message to highlight in a key election year. Puzzling.

    • Yup. This is not something any sane politician wants to have going on during an election campaign. OTOH, I’ve heard Jackson and Sharpton don’t much care for Obama, so maybe they don’t give a rat’s about him getting re-elected.

      In any case… if you live in an urban area, make sure your fire insurance is paid up and review the policy to make sure there aren’t any outs for the insurance company that relate to riots.

  10. I live in Los Angeles during the last two riots. Mostly it was localized and on main streets. As long as one was in their home, you’re pretty much safe cause the looters are out stealing brand new stuff from the stores.

    Always amazed how an excuse for gang theft is excused because it is the result of some percieved social injustice.

    As far as now, I live in a small town far away from the most likely suspects who would go out for a day rioting so I don’t really have much to worry about.

  11. Not worried about my house. I’m far enough away from any highly populated areas that the Sh^t would really have to have hit the fan at about Mach 1 before I’d be worried. Now my daily commute to Cincinnati…. That’s another story. I’ll be car carrying for sure. If there is another race riot there’s a good chance that Cinci will be in flames

  12. Me? I’m not falling for the reverse of the Martin Hysteria.



    But if this does take a nasty turn, those of us who learned at the gentle and tender knee of Drill Sergeant Lee (heh, that rhymed) know that the response to “Ready?” is “Always ready!”.

    • I don’t think it is unreasonable based on prior incidents that have occurred with this level of ginned-up racial animosity to consider the possibility of if-then. Unlike the zombie apocalypse, there have actually been major incidents of civil unrest in the last 50 years or so, and nobody wants to be immortalized on YouTube as the next Reginald Denny. The “are you prepared for X” hypothetical has been out and around gun blogs for years, this is just another example in part because no major zombie movie is in the offing until “World War Z”, whenever that comes.

      Considering the “celebration” of the Kentucky victory over Louisville, there’s a lot of stupid out there. The question for pondering becomes not if you’re prepared to engage a mob (I have the weapons and ammo to do so), but under what circumstances you and your family or neighborhood group opens fire on a crowd of hundreds.

      Me, I see a lit Molotov cocktail within 100 yards of my house and I will be hard-pressed not to ventilate the carrier. After that, 29 rounds to a mag reload…can you stop a mob with a rifle? Is there a better was to disperse a crowd that civilians can have than multiple GSWs?

      • I’m not so sure race riots will start or not. Maybe they will, maybe they won’t. But I’m with you. Molotov cocktails? Guns? Knives? Baseball bats? They better not come my way.

        • The thing is, I’m not sure that opening fire is the best alternative. If they have guns, well, now you’re in a gunfight. If they don’t, the assumption is that civilization will return tomorrow (imposed by the National Guard if need be) and absent the heat of battle you’re going to have to explain why you fired a high-powered semi-automatic rifle at a crowd of what by then will become “innocent bystanders”.

          Perhaps something we should all consider adding to our bug-out or bug-in bags is something cheap that records HD video and audio. Never hurts to be in the right and have a recording of what went down. If things happened the way George Zimmerman said they did and he had his iPhone running the whole time until (according to GZ) he got decked by Martin, this would not be as big of a news story. Cops have dashboard cams, if you’re going to have to shoot someone then having a video of the threat you’re in might not be such a bad idea.

          An even better idea is a chain of CS grenades or stingball grenades. Good luck getting those.

    • I don’t think it’s unreasonable to say that “race” riots are essentially inevitable with this case. There will be a riot if he’s not arrested, there will be a riot if he’s not charged or charged quickly enough, and there will be a riot regardless of whether he is convicted (celebration riot) or is acquitted (anger riot). This is exactly what we saw with Oscar Grant, Rodney King, Sean Bell, etc.

      • Yes jeff, you are right.

        Once the “animal” is set free in a person, it is very hard to make them calm down, let alone see reason or fairness!

        Seems to me that the blacks like to riot, the muslims like to behead people, and the jews like to screw you in secret by owning your soul.

        Yup, it’s just another day in Obumbles amerikka, the land his wife can finally say something nice about, aside from her 17 vacations in 3 years.

        • Thanks for the informed commentary on blacks, muslims, and jews. Its very retro… say 1939?

      • i understand and that makes sense, but sometimes it seems this site is defending zimmerman. He’ll have a lawyer for that. Can’t we just sit back and see what happens?

        • Based on past events, widespread riots and violence might just be a part of “what happens”.

        • This seems like bullshit to me. If he’s not guilty and the D.A doesn’t have the evidence to prosecute him, he shouldn’t be prosecuted. Lawyers are expensive and spending 5k+ on a lawyer to be found not guilty certainly doesn’t seem like justice to me. And they won’t just give you a public defender. If you have any assets at all, they make you waste those before they’ll grant you a public defender. Even if you’re not guilty, you’re punished.

  13. It must be realized that race riots are seldom about the actual incident in question. The incident being cited is only an excuse the criminal mob use to act like the animals they innately are by choice. Note that I said a criminal mob;being a part of one has no reflection on skin color or cultural affiliation.

    As far as preparation goes , given my rural location it will consist of a singular google search and some popcorn. Those of you less fortunate readers located in urban America should be ready for some unpleasant events in the near future, as either way there is going to be a riot.If Zimmerman is aquitted or no-billed it is not to much of a stretch to gather why there would be unrest ; but even if Zimmerman stands trial and is found guilty of a charge it won’t be enough for the race baiters.

    Sound bytes from the future:

    “Zimmerman kills a man in cold blood, and he only gets 5 years in jail for wrongful death !????”

    “When OJ was tried, they charged him with murder . Zimmerman kills and he only gets manslaughter??”

  14. “If George Zimmerman is brought to trail and acquitted for the shooting of Trayvon Martin, there will be race riots across America”

    No, there won’t be. But it sure sounds like race baiting abd race-based fear mongering to assert there will be. Let the hand wringing begin.

    • If you’re so confident of that, why don’t you come down here and stay in Sanford for a bit? It’s a nice place most of the time. Unfortunately these protests are killing the local businesses.

    • koolaidguzzler: While I’d take the over if you bet on less than 3 riots on acquittal or no-charge, that isn’t the interesting question. More curious is why the black leadership thought cranking the case up nationally was a good idea. I can’t see any benefit to them beyond energizing the loyalty of their very most local supporters. Against that I think the risk of creating disgust in the rest of the US voter pool is much greater. Is it selfishness or is it foolishness? You decide. The media is a strange bird. I’ll never forget the outpouring of positive coverage by national media when Reginald Denny gave an interview and announced he forgave his attacker: This, after the brick to his head had left Denny with severe brain injury and thus inevitably at least 30 less IQ points. Now that’s a remarkable picture.

      • Rope, this is one of those things where you almost have to grow up black or around non-privileged blacks to understand their frustration and suspicions. I don’t usually go there, but after reading all the comments on this subject, I see the perceptual disparities jumping out from many posters’ words. Growing up black in america is fundamentally different than growing up white, even poor whites. They see things in their community that most middle class whites do not see, and do not care about. Your question is one which usually comes from a class where everything appears to be equal in opportunity. Virtually no black person I’ve ever met shares that assumption. If you grew up non-middle class black, you probably wouldn’t frame the questions that way. But to answer , I don’t think it’s particularly interesting. Those black leaders are trying to keep the media spotlight on the possibility if not likelihood that zimmerman was racial profiling and selected and confronted the victim based on “walking while black.” And numerous posts on this site in the last few days have mirrored that view. If you grew up as america’s premier oppressed class, you might not find that question as interesting either. I’m using “you” in the non–personal representative sense, since obviously we don’t know anything about each other.

        • I don’t like to go here but you have to grow up in a nice upper middle class neighborhood to realize whites aren’t just given everything in the world. You can’t possibly understand the position. Besides, black people aren’t oppressed. They’ve been given every opportunity to succeed and have squandered it and blamed it on white people. If your only answer for black failures is white racism then you’re either being ignorant or disingenuous.

    • Michael, where I live next door to one of the most violent cities in america, consistently in the last 50 years. I don’t fear black people, not even in angry groups. And to many of the other commenters, the primary victims of urban mob violence aren’t whites. It’s blacks and latinos. Too many posts here ignorantly and alarmingly assume that black mobs will be wreaking havoc in your middle class white enclaves. Wrong.

      • I applaud your patience and self-control Kool. Must be hard to try to explain stuff to so many people with opinions already set in stone, but no real background knowledge of where you are coming from.
        Its kind of like one of these guys trying to explain Second Amendment rights to a bunch of commenters on Daily Kos who’ve never even fired a gun… a thankless task that probably won’t get anywhere but someone needs to at least try. I salute you.

        • Thanks Josh. Though I’ve been higher than lifetime nra member for 40 years, i don’t like hanging around groups of shooters too long, because I can almost set my watch to when they’ll start dropping snide hate bombs at some minority’s expense. There’s a ton of moderate and liberal gunowners in america, but IME they don’t habitually hang in shooters’ clubs and hobnob at ranges events. Individually, most shooters are fine. But get them together for long, and they start acting out like d*ckheads. Oddly, I’ve found my liberal friends far more tolerant of my gun habits than my conservative shooter friends are tolerant of my less than conservative political views.

        • In my opinion it comes from a general narrowness of experience. I could elaborate, but it basically is that… alot of folks just don’t have the ability to really, truly see things from another perspective. I grew up as a white kid in a mostly black neighborhood. I got my ass kicked a few times, but by a select few individuals who happened to be black and bullied other black kids for other reasons than skin color. I also have lifelong friends from there that have always had my back. Spent summers in west virginia… and saw how the culture of poverty transcends skin color. And I got it…
          From here to Iraq to Chechnya… a few assholes in every corner, some better armed than others… but generally, most folks are just trying to live their lives. They aren’t fixated on mobbing up into a “horde” to storm over the bridge into the privileged folk’s neighborhood…
          Funny how I heard that exact same scenario from rich Sunni’s worrying about Shiites in Iraq, rich Brazilians worrying about the poor ones in Favelas, and white suburbanites worrying about blacks in Detroit… but you never heard it mentioned by the poor in any of those places. The poor just wanted to live better lives, barring a few individual assholes who victimized their own folk far more than the occasional rich guy they mugged.
          Thats my take…

  15. I’m concerned about this possibility, and I live in an area with a significant black population.

    Should any rioters start off towards my house, I’ll unleash whatever force I have to. It should be pretty easy to point out how retreat was impossible with a mob wanting blood out in the street (sadly I live in a state without SYG).

    I’m not going to be the victim of them wanting to lash out at whitey. Plain and simple.

  16. How? By living in a lily white suburb of course! Well, except for the 50% of my neighbors who are ‘minorities’ of one stripe or another.

    Seriously though, I live in a blue collar neighborhood (nothing worth looting around here), several miles from downtown (lots worth looting down there); I’m not particularly concerned about trouble but if it comes, my two neighbors across the street are Viet Nam vets, next door neighbor on one side is a WWII vet (with a bad heart, but he can still sit in the upstairs and shoot if need be), neighbor on the other is a PG-1 vet. None of them are unarmed and neither am I.

  17. Watching fools burn their own neighborhoods to the ground is my idea of reality television. Fortunately, we’re not going to see any of that because, guilty or innocent, GZ is going down. The status quo requires that sacrifices be made. It’s inevitable. And in an age where better young men from all over the country are sacrificed every day in foreign lands, I can’t be overly concerned about one “white Hispanic” from Florida.

    The MSM wants his blood, the racial arsonists want his blood, and POTUS wants to avenge the son he never had.

    • Ralph:

      You are an attorney and I am not so please explain to me how the prosecution can get a conviction on anything given the evidence that has so far been revealed? There will be Hispanics on any jury, and despite the leadership of national Hispanic organizations, individual Hispanics are going to look at “Jorge” Zimmerman, look at themselves, consider the evidence and vote not guilty. Any reasonable individual would look at the evidence and say not guilty. Only racially motivated African-Americans are going to vote guilty regardless of the evidence. At best you get a hung jury and mistrial and at worst you have African-Americans and Hispanics going at in the jury room for an instant mistrial.

      No prosecutor is going bring this case to trial. They like putting “Ws” in the books not court room disasters. The same dynamics happen in any Federal civil rights trial. They will have to go outside the state where they are unlikely to get Hispanic jurors. This COA will lead to loss on appeal.

      • The only evidence we have is what has been provided to the media and filtered through it, so I don’t know what evidence there is. What I do know is that there’s a grand jury investigation going on right now, and I fully expect an indictment.

        • Prosecutors are elected and they don’t get re-elected when they go forward with an unwinnable case. No indictment.

  18. If the current passions are the same when the trial ends, and GZ gets off or is given a light sentence, then it is certainly possible (the mass media and opportunistic agitators hope for) that race riots will occur. I am not going to try and predict what might or will happen since I have no idea. I do know that shortly before and after the trial ends I will be very careful of where I am physically going to be located and the routes I will be traveling. I recall watching the videos of the post Rodney King trial.

    People living in ghettos or lower income areas, and ‘some’ minority groups ‘feel’ victimized, oppressed, conspired against, helpless, bitter, hurt, etc. I am not writing here about the legitimacy of those feelings as I am their existence. Deep feelings can become dangerous when manipulated by others and channeled into riots and other forms of violence.

    BTW, I lived in San Francisco during the Rodney King Riots which was given a curfew that the rioters ignored. Rioting occurred and many of those who joined in were 20-something adults (white/hispanic/asian) with 2 and 4 year degrees. They rioted to be hip, cool, rebel, and to steal. I recall watching a video shot in Los Angeles of Korean shopkeepers defending their stores from whites (and other groups) attempting to loot. FYI, I am white and just pointing out that in modern America enemies and allies are increasing coming from diverse groups.

  19. I think once the facts of the case are all released, one of 2 things will happen.
    one- the facts support a zimnmmerman and public intrest fade.
    two- the facts don’t support zimmerman and he will face some kind of manslaughter charge.
    NOT !

  20. In my neck of Colorado (Boulder) it is a bit monochromatic… or at least mostly Caucasian, Hispanic, and Asian. I doubt there will be trouble here. If there are, well most of Colorado is open carry, so it will be dealt with as necessary.

    I’d be a bit concerned about my dad in FL if he wasn’t ironed up like a small army. My dad’s wife could be Travon’s cousin, that ought to confuse the looters long enough for the old man to reload.

    • Dude! I grew up in the People’s Republic, back when a 14 year-old could sling a 12-guage over his shoulder at 4:00 a.m. and hike from the condos at 28th and Iris all the way to the Boulder Reservoir to hunt waterfowl. The only question I ever got from deputies was “How’s the hunting out there?”

      Boulder is astonishingly white, although it manages to feel incredibly guilty about it. With a median home price of nearly $400k, the only color you’ll see in the 80302 is green. I’m sure that none of this will stop the Californians attending C.U. on their parents’ money from trashing the Hill and the surrounding student ghetto if Zimmerman is acquitted. They don’t even *need* an excuse to do that.

      Unfortunately Colorado is one of the few western states that don’t honor any of my CCWs, and won’t generally issue them to nonresidents.

      • Hey I was born in Boulder! There was a mountain lion problem back then. Apparently very few people hunted the big Rocky Mountain bucks in the area, so they came down the mountain and starting standing in front of the little eco friendly compact cars on the road. Then one day the deer disappeared. Then the next day mountain lions were being spotted everywhere and going after old people going on Sunday hikes.

        • “…next day mountain lions were being spotted everywhere and going after old people going on Sunday hikes…”

          Circle of life.

        • But what about that shadowy place?

          That’s beyond our borders, it is called fascism. You must never go there, Simba!

  21. When did TTAG get bought by Matt Drudge? Honestly, do you really think the question you posed adds any value at all, or are you just trying to drum up page views with loaded questions about a controversial issue?

    • A blog about self defense asks a question about how readers would respond to (the reasonably likely event of) widespread violence and you think it’s inappropriate?

      • Widespread violence is NOT that likely IMHO. A better question would be, how prepared are you for a civil disturbance or natural disaster? This Trayvon stuff is pure speculation and tinged all over with nasty racial politics.

        • Bravo and amen, brother.
          Many of us could break down in detail the tactical and legal cold realities to trying to defend a structure against a determined mob. But inside the US, it’s a silly question mostly entertained by bunker-buster fantasizers. You nailed the relevant question — surviving in a mass disaster, whether weather, pandemic, or earthquake. The more one breaks down the options into nitty-gritty, the more ugly the reality gets, and the less relevant that gun/ caliber/ammo choices becomes. When the system collapses, guns will be more valuable for peace of mind than for the necessities of staying healthy. Sometimes when I’m feeling down, I’ll youtube search “best SHTF gun,” when people stridently argue the merits of .40 over 9mm for the apocalypse, just so I can feel better about myself knowing that there are bigger losers out there than me.

        • “This Trayvon stuff is pure speculation and tinged all over with nasty racial politics.”

          …which is exactly why the question put forth in this article is relevant. The “this could never happen” mentality is the kind of thinking we try to purge from antis.

          The media and race baiters will never let this case rest until there’s violence, plain and simple.

        • I don’t think full blown race riots are immenent but I don’t think that it’s a possibility that should be dismissed out of hand.

          And you’re right, it’s much more pragmatic to be prepared for long periods of high crime rates/ interruption of utilities/ interruption of welfare/general lawlessness due to either natural disasters or broke local gov’ts and the resulting weak police presence. But, if we didn’t speculate and conject, we’d have nothing to talk about 😉

    • You laugh at page views? Have you followed Facebook or Google values? These articles have helped me, incidentally, despite your page-view to page complain: I’ve added Skittles and Iced Tea to my evening walk kit. Live and learn.

  22. Roof top? Check.
    Lawn chair? Check.
    LAR-8? Check.
    30 round DSA mags? Check.
    1000 rounds of Commie bloc .308? Check.
    Case of Dos Equis? Check. 😈

    But seriously. If violence does wind up breaking out, I’ll probably be sitting in my central Ohio, mostly white, low crime, suburb and watch it all on the news. Columbus has its fair share of gang activity but I don’t see ‘race riots’ coming to my neighborhood.

      • When rioters reach your house, they loot themselves, because you are The Most Interesting Shooter in the World.

        • When rioters reach his home, they wait quietly in line to enter his home, because he is The Most Interesting Shooter In The World.

  23. Here in Chicago, we’ve had plenty of riots of the years. If something like this were to happen again, which it will someday, they’ll most likely end up burning down their own neighborhoods, again. It’ll most likely be confined to a half dozen or so crappy neighborhoods that have always been crappy and are only a good excuse away from full-on rioting anyway. I suppose it could spill over into the nicer parts of town, but it’s at that point the police (& nat guard?) go full commando on orders from the Godfather. No way he is going to let Barry’s “hometown” be shown in a negative light by some two-bit hoodrats and street thugs terrorizing the nicer parts.

  24. Not to worry about riots. If they do break out the only ones that are affected are usually the neighborhoods that the rioters are from. Rioters (with the exception of sports fans) usually destroy their own neighborhoods so in the case the white community that this web site caters too has nothing to fear. Black homeowners are usually armed anyway and have a long history of not being hesitant to shoot intruders …sometimes fellow family members. So no worries there either.

    Now the bigger issue of whether you can shoot someone and when the police show up say it was self defense! Even though in your call to 911 the police dispatcher told you NOT TO STALK the possible perp. But, he did anyway which resulted in the cause of death of that individual is what is at stake. The law as applied here seems way overreaching and will again come back to haunt the police and citizens of the state of Florida. Acting like James Bond with a license to kill out on open ground without home invasion just seems like nuts to me. There will come a time when the race is reversed and it will be a black dude “defending” himself from a white guy he stalked. COUNT ON IT!

  25. I don’t think there are enough black people in my community to have a race riot. They could probably round up enough Democrats to have a nice little demonstration down at the courthouse, but as a general proposition, the closest thing we get to riots are the occassional brawls at the bars at closing time. Being 150 miles from the nearest large urban area, all I’d expect to happen is an increase in business at the local hotels.

  26. There is an excellent op-ed piece in today’s NY Times by, believe it or not, Bill Keller, the former executive editor. Using the Tyler Clementi and Trayvon Williams cases he argues against hate laws. Keller points out that they criminalize people’s supposed thoughts, instead of just their actions, and provide fertile ground for demagoguery by rabble rousers like Al Sharpton. As he rightly puts it, “they [hate laws] seem to me a costly form of sanctimony.”

  27. I’m at ground zero, less than 2 miles away from Trayvon’s home town. I’m ready for whatever may come but to be honest it shouldn’t affect me at all. I think Miami Beach PD has a plan in place for locking down the bridges so that the rioters can’t make it to my city.

  28. If there’re are riots, it wont be because of Trayvon, it will be because of Trayvon and the couple other unarmed black folks that have been shot by cops in the last month. If black cops went around shooting unarmed white people, white people would riot too.

    Hell, white people rioted Joe Paterno got fired for not firing a pedophile. What’s more grounds for a riot unarmed people getting shot or a football coach getting fired for covering up pedophile rapist?

    • The ‘entire’ of any group rarely does anything. But 4% often cause a big mess, whether it’s cops gone bad, angry black people infuriated by slanted TV reports, or farmers protesting ’70’s inflation. Every topic has it’s day, I suppose.

  29. I have little hope this issue will resolve it’s self without civil unrest, 50 people lost there lives as a result of the Rodney King verdict, and as this world is going from bad to worse…………… I believe it’s going to be a total cluster.

  30. It amazes me how everybody on TTAG thinks BECAUSE ZIMMERMAN HAD A GUN HE IS IN THE RIGHT………….I don’t know all the facts, but Zimmerman’s whole story doesn’t jive with ANY of the facts.

    • And Zimmerman had gotten arrested for assaulting a cop and domestic violence. I don’t know the whole or real story, but I know I don’t buy Zimmerman’s and I do know that when Zimmerman first saw Martin he was just a kid walking home from the store.

    • You don’t know all the facts, yet you claim Zimmerman’s whole story doesn’t jive with any of the facts?

      Do you see a problem with what you just asserted?

    • “Al says:

      April 2, 2012 at 16:03

      It amazes me how everybody on TTAG thinks BECAUSE ZIMMERMAN HAD A GUN HE IS IN THE RIGHT………….I don’t know all the facts, but Zimmerman’s whole story doesn’t jive with ANY of the facts.”

      FLAME DELETED Not everybody on TTAG believes that. The vast majority of us are waiting for the facts to come in. You know? After the media feed the cattle FLAME DELETED and you process the crap (eventually) into something beneficial. It will take you a while but you guys will get there.

    • I repeat the known facts.

      (1) The 911 operater advised Zimmerman to stay in his truck (not binding)
      (2) Martin’s GF says he told her someone was following him
      (3) Nothing further until a community resident calls 911 and describes Martin beating the snot out of Zimmerman, Zimmerman calling for help and then the fatal shot.
      (4) Zimmerman has face and head injuries and a handgun with a FTF. All are consistant with the stuggle described by the eyewitness
      (5) Martin has been suspended three times, once for likely possession of stolen goods; The current photographs show him to be a likely gangbanger.

      Those fact are not consistant with Zimmerman being the aggressor.

      • You missed the “fact” that analysts say that the screaming voice for help in the recordings is not the voice of Zimmerman, which implies it’s the voice of Martin. That’s all I’ll say about so-called facts in this incident, because experience indicates ad nauseum that fact-f*cking incidents as reported in the media or internet is pointless, because, as time passes, the alleged facts change in nature, in substance, and in context. So every time that people in internet discussion blogs argue “facts” regarding developing news incidents, they’re mostly wasting time, because they’re mostly distorted and misleading at best, and often wholly incorrect at worst. In addition to all that, if this is prosecuted, the only facts which matter are the ones established in court. That’s why it’s said that the gulf between legally proven facts vs “known” street facts is huge. And having been in that CJ process repeatedly, I can affirm that it is.

        • You missed the fact that there is an eye witness that identified Zimmerman as the man on the bottom being beaten and calling for help. That is a real time fact backed by a 911 call.

          When the law is on your side pound the law, when you have the facts pound the facts, when you have neither pound the table. If you keep pounding the table you will break your hand.

      • Facts.
        Zimmerman was fired from a security job for being overly aggressive with a female patron. He shoved her and she injured her ankle.
        Zimmerman had numerous claims of domestic violence levied against him from his ex-fiance. She claims that he smacked her and shoved her on multiple occasions.
        Zimmerman had complaints brought against him from residents in his own community for confronting people and showing up on their doorstep.
        Zimmerman was charged with assaulting a leo.
        All of the charges mysteriously disappeared. Oh yeah, Zimmerman’s father happened to be a retired judge. How many leo’s you know claim to be assaulted just for sh*ts and giggles?
        Zimmerman racially profiled Martin while on the phone with 911. F’n coons, he’s on drugs, all came from Zimmerman’s mouth.
        Those are all FACTS. The mere FACT that he got out of his car shows his aggressive mentality. I mean, really? Who does that? If I picked 10 random people out of this blog and put them in the same situatiin, I bet all 10 of them would’ve stayed their asses in the car. Plain and simple.

        • You do know that the “analysis” on the tape that you are quoting originated at NBC news right? You do know that NBC news falsified the content and context of that 911 call, don’t you?

      • Zimmerman was fired from a security job for being overly aggressive with a female patron. He shoved her and she injured her ankle.
        Zimmerman had numerous claims of domestic violence levied against him from his ex-fiance. She claims that he smacked her and shoved her on multiple occasions.
        Zimmerman had complaints brought against him from residents in his own community for confronting people and showing up on their doorstep.
        Zimmerman was charged with assaulting a leo.
        All of the charges mysteriously disappeared. Oh yeah, Zimmerman’s father happened to be a retired judge. How many leo’s you know claim to be assaulted just for sh*ts and giggles?
        Zimmerman racially profiled Martin while on the phone with 911. F’n coons, he’s on drugs, all came from Zimmerman’s mouth.
        Those are all FACTS. The mere FACT that he got out of his car shows his aggressive mentality. I mean, really? Who does that? If I picked 10 random people out of this blog and put them in the same situatiin, I bet all 10 of them would’ve stayed their asses in the car. Plain and simple.

  31. The only trouble near me is mexican and asain, so probably no riots at my door, and another thing why call this a race riot, isnt it a black riot?

  32. For all the people here citing the Rodney King phenomena as parallel to this Trayvon Martin incident — a little more thought and less stereotyping is required. Just because it’s a black person shot and the black community is protesting, that doesn’t make them the same in political/social nature. King was about an egregious culmination of systematic police brutality toward minority and especially black subjects — govt violent oppression of black americans as a group. Martin is about an alleged citizen-vigilante shooting people allegedly based on racial profiling. King was on video. Martin was not. That last distinction alone is significant. The way many posters here discuss black group conduct, one could conclude that blacks + anger = riots. If you don’t see the inherent racist attitudes in that view, take another look.

      • Did you just +1 your own comment? How does koolaids make no sense? I enjoy most of the material here, but this piece was uncharacteristically panicky. In the age of the new media, it doesn’t take a lot to get people outraged, it takes quite a bit more to get them out on the street, and even more to keep their attention on something like this long enough to try George Zimmerman.

        Maybe there will be a few small scale ‘riots’ performed by looters and thieves (who would always find an excuse to do so anyway) but I doubt we’ll see nationwide Rodney King style action.

    • Being immodestly good at mathematical formulations, I have spotted the missing variables in your otherwise fine quantitative model: As revised,
      some blacks + anger fed by media distortions + egregiously slanted speeches by both self-appointed and elected black leaders + the mysteries given no video = riots here and there, subject to the limitation that the third root of the result has no known useful interpretation. I have a similar riot predicting formula for northern white guys after a home-team Stanley Cup victories, but, alas, I can’t give the entire text away for free.

  33. Blacks in sufficient mass for a riot are 50 miles away. I actually do have some Hispanic communities near by. ( 20 miles). No problem there.
    Problem is Daughter will be attending college at IUPUI in downtown Indy next Fall. Not so great on that score.

  34. It’s amazing how many people on this site think they can solve just about any problem with ammo and stored food/water.

    We’ve already seen where armed vigilantism gets us. If and when the shtf I plan on doing what I have to do to protect me and mine from getting caught up in the violence. I’m going to gather my family and surrender to the nearest chapter of the NAACP, or as a back up plan maybe I’ll turn myself over to the New Black Panther Party. I’d rather go with the NAACP, since I’m sure their treatment would be more humane, but in either case I’m sure that my captors will offer me decent treatment and negotiate my release after the cessation of hostilities.

  35. If the London riots were any indication, I’m taking cover in a book store. For some reason the oppressed always bypass them when “liberating” shopping districts.

    • Just be sure that the book store doesn’t have a coffee shop inside. You do not want to be between a leftist mob and the lattes and frappuchinos they are entitled to have.

  36. ‘Stand Your Ground’ doesn’t apply to Zimmerman. The 911 dispatcher told him to stay in his car. Instead, he got out and chased Martin down. This action placed him outside of the law. He was getting a well deserved beating when he fired the fatal shot. He should go to trial for murder. I have no sympathy for him. I don’t have a bit of use for ‘wannabe cops.

    • So you would be okay with Zimmerman getting beaten to death as Zimmerman’s crime deserved the death penalty?
      Interesting thought pattern.

    • The dispatcher told him “we don’t need you to do that.” So he was a volunteer. It has nothing to do with SYG. In fact, anyone shooting while being held down and having their head banged on concrete has no SYG issue, since retreat for them is not possible.

    • “Instead, he got out and chased Martin down. ”

      [Citation Needed]

      All we have evidence of is that he got out of the car and at some point in time, ended up with Martin on top of him and Martin bashing Zimmerman’s head into the pavement.

      He shot someone trying to murder him. The only reason this is an issue is it was a black wannabe thug trying to murder him. If it was someone of any other race, no one would have heard anything about this – but this is the USA, where blacks are superior to all of the lesser races.

    • the dispatcher wasn’t that firm speaking with Mr.Zimmerman. We don’t need you to do that. leaves loopholes and it sounds more like a suggestion.
      some people talk militant to other people.the dispatcher was too feathery with George Zimmerman.
      Ma’am/Sir don’t do that! is a command and a more firm. right then and there a person stops doing and it ends then someone else takes over.
      therefore Mr. Zimmerman can’t decipher between what’s a command and a suggestion.

  37. Well I can’t say that I am expecting riots across the country.
    I have a feeling by the time this all gets sorted folks will hopefully have calmed themselves a bit, or a lot.
    I do hope that any action take gets done soon. Since most material reports regarding the case are sealed at this time, we are all faced with questions regarding the case.
    I think what happened was a tragedy. I think there were miss steps all over the place, and not just by the two involved in the incident.
    Regardless of the outcome with regard to Mr. Zimmerman, I hope the department and associated agencies can possibly learn something from this. Also I think it will force legislature to take a look at the SYG laws, and how to provide better verbiage to it. Ambiguous laws which are poorly written help no one. If it is left open to interpretation or conjecture then it leaves us as gun owners asking questions and also those who might be affected by it, i.e. Trayvon’s family asking questions.
    Regardless of your stance on SYG there needs to be clear and concise wording so those of us who carry, and those of us who don’t understand fully what the law means and how it may or may not be applied.

  38. While I do not want it to happen, if it does I will protect myself. Over 1K in 5.56 400+ in 308 over 300 in .38 Special same for 9MM and 45ACP and about 100 00 Buck. If attacked I WILL defend myself.However again I do not want it to happen. 🙁

  39. I am sorry to say that we are more apt to have a Class War than a Race War. Not one so called riot has really left the Black community. Unlike in Tulsa Oklahoma where White Folk Started by dropping dynamite from a crop Duster causing Black folk to defend themselves and their Community has there been any incursion to any White Neighborhood. Hahahaha we are not stupid.. Most Black Folk are not armed to the tee like suburbia America. If George Zimmerman is aquitted, that to most of us will be nothing new. So I am sorry to say that you will not be able to try out your new 223, 30-06, or the new round the .338 Lapua on any Black Flesh because we will not be out there. You are more Apt to have to use it on some of the folk who are training in the Hills talking about over throwing the Government. In that case again, we again will be home. That is who you should be concerned about. Black Folk have been the Buffer between the North and South for years and if we were not here I think that The American Civil War Part Deux would have been fought already. So just be Thankful that the 2 Americas the haves and the have nots still have someone to Kick around and blame everything on. We have big shoulders. So any of what you are fantasizing about forget it, and remember that them der Hills Have Eyes.

    • You’re joking right? I hope you were under some sort of influence when you typed this up or maybe you wanted to spark up a debate and I was not observant enough to catch on to your sarcasm or failed to see your well thought ideas.

      Your post STINKS of “us vs them” and “woe is me”, which goes counter to what point you’re attempting to get through to us readers.

      Please choose your words carefully in the future. The line between sounding like a reasonable citizen and a complete fool is thin -FLAME DELETED

  40. I have to agree that there’s a rotten odor in the assumption that Brother Al can make a few reality-challenged speeches and all of Black America will take to the streets.

    That said, the MSM is grossly irresponsible in perpetuating the narrative that Zimmerman shot Martin for racist reasons and was let off by a racist police department in a racist state. It should be obvious how it plays into the hands of people who want to instigate violence. If there is blood, it will be on the media’s hands.

  41. People shouldn’t listen to Rodney King!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he got everything he needed to survive after the the LAPD beat him to a pulp. Mr. King got a chance to speak out for himself in court. Mr.King also got so many millions of $$$$$$$$ from the city of L.A.
    Rodney King survived and healed. the time to mass protest was back then on 4-29-92(and riot).
    As for Trayvon Martin he died instantly from a fatal gun shot wound by George Zimmerman. Mr.Martin will never get a chance to speak in court about what happened on 2-27-12 between himself and Mr.Zimmerman. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, and president Barak Obama did well by speaking out for the Martin- Fulton family.
    let’s get another thing clear. some people when asked to do something or not to do something may just go ahead and do just that. when the dispatcher said to Mr. Zimmerman (and i don’t think he was firm about it) “no we don’t need you to follow the person.”
    now how many people have been told this? Ma’am don’t do that! Sir don’t do that!
    i have many people have been talking militant to certain people all their lives.
    DON’T DO a thing means just that you stop there and it ends and some others take over.” we don’t need you to” leaves loopholes. it’s more of a suggestion. then maybe Mr.Zimmerman can’t decipher between a command and a suggestion.
    so i’m not encouraging people to riot if George Zimmerman is acquitted but we all have the right to act upon our emotions.

  42. I have been thinking of a “Tactical Dragons Breath” 12g round. I think it would be great for riots.

    I want to make a dragons breath round with magnesium shavings and have some darts in the shell for non-fire damage. I would love if I am able to make it work in my Saiga-12 shotgun.

    A mob is a horde of individuals, if they can overtake something as a group they probably won’t because they wouldn’t by themselves. I also think that lighting a few people on fire (inside and out) would be a great deterrent of further aggression by triggering an innate fear of burning alive. Although just sending a few rounds of fiery hell into the sky will deter them as well. (I was told flower and rock salt)

    I have also been looking into a newt that you can get as a pet that has the same poison as the puffer-fish. I would like to find a way to weaponize it, as some sort of grenade (non-explosive). I want to try and make it a “less than lethal” grenade so I can sell it to law enforcement but it is a nuro-toxin…. If you get a deadly dose you are fully aware and paralyzed and suffocate till death. It is the same thing that the voodoo priests use to make “zombies” by making a person almost die.

    It would be cool if there was more of a form setup with a chat room so we could PM and talk instead of just post comments.

    I do not intend to make any weapons “illegally” and dont intend to use them “unlawfully” on any good citizen of this United States of America.

  43. Lady die gots my back when the rubber hits the road. Stay safe for andersteins sake. Lock and load if you must… kill em with kindness

  44. Black people: “We hate how society looks at us as savage thugs to the point that we can get shot without repercussion so to show everyone their perceptions are wrong let’s violently riot.”

    Of course this is translated into English from the original “if dey dont kill Zimm imma kill me some cracka”


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