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I had a date with a particularly charming young lady once who had a sleeve tattoo. No big deal. Until she asked if I wanted to see the tattoo on her back. She was wearing a full set of angel wings. I resisted the urged to tell her I don’t like chicken. And something pithy involving the word “pluck.” But that was pretty much that. While I wouldn’t totally discount dating a woman with a pistol pointing to her reproductive organs—depending on the action, caliber and verisimilitude of said firearm—I am completely mystified as to the tat’s symbolic meaning. Besides, what happened to the rule “never point the muzzle at anything you don’t want to destroy”? Oh wait. Anyway, the net is chocka block with female (and male) abs adorned with firearm tats. What’s the appeal?

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  1. Not sure why the “Mexican carry” tattoo is popular either…probably becasue is gangsta…you know, tough but chic at the same time. Much like college hipsters drinking Pabst Blue Ribbon. Do you still have that girls phone number…???
    I live in Mystic, CT, surprised we haven’t bumped into each other at Providence Place Mall.

    • Nature’s cruel joke – a girl looks hot so you want to have sex with her, then she gets pregnant and the hotness goes away.

    • When my girlfriend was younger, she thought it would be a great idea to have a tattoo of a dead cat. Yep, a dead cat.
      Ah yes, to be stupid and young (and from what she says, on meth as well)

      Well now that she has wised up, cleaned up, and had a kid, she kinda of realizes that the dead cat tattoo was not such a great display of individuality. Rather it is a just a stupid tattoo that will stay with her forever.

  2. It depends if the person is a shooter or not. Sometimes the tats are of guns that don’t exist, or are very bad representations of actual guns, or are a 1911 and M9 hybrid or something like that. Its a shame.

  3. I can tell you from personal experience with family that live in the communist parts of amerikka (like chicago), it is a way to “represent” without getting busted for a real gun.

    Also, it is REAL BIG in gang culture to “tat-yo-gat” somewhere on your person to show how the pay-back will be dealt if mess with me & my tat!

    I have no problem with tattoo’s and there are as many different tats out there as there are people and just like always, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, right?

  4. I am not a fan of tattoos really; however depending on the content, classiness, and quality, I wouldn’t be against dating a woman with them. Areas I cannot stand tattoes at are: tramp stamps, gaudy tats (especially on the torso and back), neck, and breasts (in fact face down to solar plexus (save ribs, and shoulders) should be free of tattoos, IMHO. As far as firearms related tattoos are concerned, don’t like em (gaudy).

  5. I don’t know why either, but if you said “Yeah, that’s what I wanna be aiming my .38 super chimichanga at, too!”, the little piece of trash – I mean young lady – might get all offended; but actually, probably not, so. . .

  6. It’s fair warning for all men. to me it says “Its a trap! If you value your junk, stay out!”. Kinda like a “Beware all ye who enter here” sign.

    Also from my personal experience with the tattooed ladies, a target on the hip keeps the shot out of the belly button when your gun goes off without a holster on. I dated a girl who had sparrows on her hips, but should have gotten swallows instead…

      • Haha thanks. I liked the first 3 years of my college career. A lot. And put a ring on the finger of a girl with a 4-leaf clover under her bikini bottoms. Lucky me!

  7. I guess its everyone’s basic instinct of carrying a gun on your hip, you cant put a gun in your waistband barrel up (hopefully no one is out there reading this and trying to prove me wrong lol), and I actually like and am attracted to it. But that also might be the whole picture that I like.

  8. Simple… she wants someone to shoot at her snizz… it really isn’t that hard! Oh wait! Unintentional pun?

  9. 1) A warning message to any man with common sense that the bad girl chick is going to be trouble for him.

    2) A phallic symbol declaring her sexual preference for bad boys.

    • aight. I got a Glock 17 on my right hip done.
      and ya I would say part of the meaing has to do with defence/protection and warning or message for the guy the other side is preferance for badass sex and generally it reflects the tough girl which is part of what I see myself to be
      something like “I’m a proud gyal if you allowed to enter here then only because I give you permission to do so and then I expect you to be rough”

  10. “what happened to the rule “never point the muzzle at anything you don’t want to destroy”? ……gigitty….

  11. I’ve found there is only one thing that can be more deadly than firearms…causing men to kill/do crazy things…oh the great Punany. Women know this, some of them revel in it.

  12. I’ll tell you what this means, I had it figured years ago.
    Not just the gun tattoo, but ANY tattoo on a female.

    Tattoos on women and girls mean ” I have issues, emotional and or mental, as you will find out, if you hang around me long enough.”

    Usually they are daddy or mommy issues, not enough attention, my parents were strict, or she was abused. Such markings, as well as piercings, attract low life men generally, ones who will fill a need by providing an abusive relationship.

    In a very few, tattoos simply mean ” I’m stupid, dumb as a box of rocks. I have the intellect of a gnat. “.

    BS you say?

    Just wait, you’ll find out.

    • Wow, that’s a pretty narrow minded and lame statement. I have the most emotionally strong, mature and amazing wife…and her single tattoo sure doesn’t seem to be an indication of what you elude to. Now, perhaps a completely tattoo laden, pierced up girl might have some of the baggage you describe, but be careful trying to pigeon-hole all women with a tattoo into your ugly little cage. You still single Steve?? LOL

        • Thanks “Mr. Grammar/Spelling Nazi” (Shakes head, wondering why Mark N has nothing to say on the actual subject. Instead he has to step in like another unwanted internet english teacher). Keep the cause alive Mark, you’re doing great work! I feel smarter and much happier already.

        • I take it you didn’t get the pun. And an old friend of mine got a tat 30 plus years ago–and she regrets it. My daughter has one behind her ear. I do not approve. In this town, there are more tatoo parlours than bars, so I see them all the time. I see a guy with face or neck tatoos, I go on high alert; I’ve seen too many of them in the local mug shot gallery.

        • LOL, sorry got the pun…in my haste I thought you were just another Grammar Nazi’s that didn’t focus on the topic.

        • Your narrow experience doesn’t apply to everyone else Steve-O. Been married for years and its only getting better with my “tattooed” wife.

      • Then she either has repressed memories or is concealing something. No offense.

        It’s also a matter of degree.

        • Are you for real? You may not know this, but you haven’t met every woman in the world, no matter what you think. With roughly 3.5 billion (with a “b”) females on our little ball of dirt, your sample size is somewhere in the “laughable” range. The smaller the sample size, the more likely that a data point exists that is outside your expected range. Get humble.

        • Steve-O is mad that girls don’t look at him anymore…even the tatted up ones with baggage don’t want him.

        • I’d say that his comments are far from “rational”. Basically saying my wife will end up becoming/being a headcase?

        • FWIW, I read the same thing in his comments that you did. And my initial reaction was much the same as yours. There’s no reason to stoop to that level, though.

  13. “Basically saying my wife will end up becoming/being a headcase?”

    Not precisely, no. I’ll give you an example. That argument you had back when? You know, the one where she was being totally illogical, the one you mislabeled as “feminine logic” or PMS or some other lame rationale other than you being in the wrong?

    That wasn’t PMS. That was a past issue, unresolved, especially by that tattoo she has.

    BTW, any female with a lower back tat has even more serious issues. Calling it something derisive like “tramp stamp” is not only demeaning, but ignores the underlying issues that drove her to get it.

    It can be as little as repressed anger over mommy and daddy’s divorce, or some other negative event that went un-dealt with.

    • Steve, you’re unbelievable. Don’t project the experience with the head-cases you used to date onto others. Unlike your narrow (minded) experience, there just may be women out there with tattoo’s that don’t have any of those issues. My wife for example (one tiny tattoo under the bikini line), takes responsibility for her own emotions and doesn’t hold me hostage to them. She has her moments but knows they are hers, not mine. In general, she handles her emotions with poise and grace (as long as I give her some time/space). Imagine that…even on a tattoo’d woman! Enjoy the hand lotion, while you debate why real women can’t stand you (ya’ wanna be Dr. Phil).

    • Steve…
      You’re a f*cking moron and probably the most ignorant person on the face of the planet.
      I have 9 tattoos. That’s right…9. And I’m not a head case. I grew up in a very loving family. I don’t have daddy issues or mommy issues. I have been in a stable relationship for 10 years and have 2 beautiful kids. My tattoos are not a cry for help. They are not due to repressed memories. I’m not a “tramp” nor have I EVER been. I’ve slept with 1 person in my life and that person is my husband and the father of my children. My tattoos are an expression of who I am. My body is my journal and my tattoos are my story.
      If you believe that anyone with tattoos has serious issues then you are bunching almost 25% of Americans into one stereotype.
      You want to know the difference between tattooed people and non tattooed people?
      Tattooed people don’t judge you for not having tattoos!
      Grow the f*ck up or keep your ignorant closed minded opinions about 25% of the American population to yourself.

      • I completely agree with you! I have 8 tattoos, fairly large. I am 20 years old, make nearly 6 figures self-employed with my own business. I don’t drink or smoke. I have the most loving parents, siblings and friends. I serve our country in the Army National Guard. So for whoever says women with tattoos have issues, maybe they should take a look at themselves in the mirror. Because they are the ones with the issues. Arrogant and close-minded people are only that way because they aren’t satisfied in their own pathetic life so they feel the need to put the focus on other people.

        So Steve….take your opinion and shove it up your ass. Have a wonderful day (:

  14. jesus, you guys don’t get it?

    seriously, are you all so old or out of touch..? she snaps her jeans closed and viola, she’s got a gun in her waistband and that’s cool.

    and the guy who said it was a gang sign is truly clueless, worse than the guy who said women with tattoos are emotionally unstable.

    sometimes people, a spade’s a spade.

  15. Last August my wife and I boarded a connecting flight in Paris CGD bound for Málaga, Esp. Cutting ahead of everyone in line was a recognizable FC Milan footballer accompanied by perhaps the most beautiful woman I’ve seen in years. Clad, an overstatement, in short shorts and a loose sleeveless blouse, she had perfect everything. I would have guessed she was ca 23 and French or Belgian. Once at Málaga airport we two couples met again, the sole victims of lost luggage. I struck up a sympathetic conversation with the two of them. He spoke Italian Footballer. She spoke fluent English with a trace of a, surprise, Dutch accent. But yes, a pair of wings at the small of her back. I decided one intruding bitch stamp would no longer affect my opinion. I said nothing about her. But here’s the proof: On the way out of the airport my wife said to me, uncharacteristically, “that woman was incredibly beautiful !” Saved me the trouble. A gat tat might, only might, have overwhelmed the effect. The guy only said to me “I take this flight once a month and they always lose our luggage.” Naturally. They like the chance to provide home delivery a day later.

  16. I have never quite understood the reasons for women getting tattoos. I personally don’t find any of them attractive. I much prefer women with minimal augmentation so I’m not a fan of boob implants, trout mouth, and metal hardware installed all over the place. And having seen what my grandfather’s Navy tats looked like when he was in his 60’s and 70’s, that revolver pictured above is gonna have a crooked barrel with grossly distorted engraving after she hits 40.

  17. I never understood this type of gun tattoo on women, either. I thought it might imply surviving and overcoming violent sexual assault. Either that or just wanting to look really bada**. I could’ve asked a co-worker who had this tattoo, but didn’t in case her reasons were very personal. I myself have six, no heavy baggage, and a wonderful open-minded husband (something to stun Steve).

  18. You guys are looking at this alllll wrong. A gun on a woman’s hip is supposed to look like you’ve got a gun tucked into your waist band…you know how gansters carry their guns in their waistbands around that area…. well ya when a girl gets a gun tattooed on her hip its supposed to look like that. It doesn’t really have any universal, deep meaning…it’s just supposed to look cool

  19. I got a Glock 17 on my right hip done.
    and ya I would say part of the meaing has to do with defence/protection and warning or message for the guy the other side is preferance for badass sex and generally it reflects the tough girl which is part of what I see myself to be
    something like “I’m a proud gyal if you allowed to enter here then only because I give you permission to do so and then I expect you to be rough”

  20. Gun tattoos that look like they could be “quick drawn” off the girls back or hips denote that the girl belongs to someone and is prostitute. Stars near the gun say you got turned out by your pimp into a porn star.

    If you are a girl and you have one of these tattoos, it might mean something different for you, but when I bend a chick over and the tattoos are positioned like I could draw them out of their holsters… if they where real, in any configuration….. you got a hooker’ed pimp tattoo and…..
    I am left wondering if I owe somebody money after I’m done.

    If you ladies ever get to prison, you will know this… By how you get treated by the guards and inmates.

    Keep in mind that if you got one of these with a name on the handle, YOU KNEW IT… deep down you knew it…

  21. Nobody on this thread has ever heard of a gun in their waste band
    maybe packin’ heat in your waste band is stupid but I’ve never heard of anybody who takes everything literally being referred to as the smartest.

    and if nobody here can appreciate freedom of expression then why dont yall move to china where theyll keep your assess off the internet

  22. everybody dissin this chick must be covered in flawless, O.G., one-of-a-kind, masterpieces in places on their body with no meaning?

    Is it not ok for people to have similar interests and only so much real estate ?

    If you dont understand it or if it doesnt look good on you, i dont see why you should hate her


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