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George Zimmerman’s lawyer Mark O’Mara admitted this his client lied about his finances at his original bail hearing. In fact, O’Mara used the replay for a trail run for Zimmerman’s trial. “At times, the hearing took on the appearance of a mini-trial, with the defense calling the paramedic who treated Zimmerman and replaying a 911 call that came in at the time of the shooting in an effort to highlight what O’Mara called Zimmerman’s ‘extraordinarily strong argument for acting in self-defense.’ O’Mara said he brought up the evidence to counter what he said were suggestions by the judge that the prosecution’s case was strong. One of the considerations a Florida judge can use in determining bail is the strength of evidence in a case, O’Mara said.” Clever man but  given the contentiousness of the Trayvon Martin homicide, George Zimmerman isn’t going free any time soon.

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  1. Yes, there could be video of Trayvon clocking Zimmerman from behind with his container of tea/watermelon juice and nothing would change. But, to call the prosecutions case ‘strong’, that is a reach. If I were Zimmerman, I would be making sure that I get a jury trial.

    • In your wildest dreams,that scenario u describe ever took place! As a matter of fact,your hero,the cowardly bigot GZ said he was hit from behind by his truck then changed it to hit from the front about 40feet from his truck! Right after he,TM,jumped out the bushes oh wait then he said appeared from the darkness! Plus there is footage of GZ walking around the clubhouse with his flashlight! Something he failed to mention.These are just a few of the MANY inconsistencies this liar,who can sit idly by while his wife commits perjury! This is why the judge says there is a strong case..

      • Don’t confuse yourself with the facts. Slide on over to the Conservative Treehouse website and do a little reading. You may stop this whole “The 28 yo overweight white racist shot the 14 yo unarmed child like a dog from 50 feet away” nonsense.

      • Wow, RNS1, what a vivid imagination you have. You forgot the part about George Bush driving the truck too.

      • well, you wouldn’t want him to attempt an argument without slathering it in racism, would you?

        • Arizona Iced Tea brand Watermelon Juice (

          It’s a popular ingredient along with cough syrup, Skittles and Sprite or 7-Up. It’s a recipe for a drink called Lean, or Sizzurp, or simply Purple Drank. It’s something teenage drug addicts make when they can’t find (or afford) any actual drugs.

  2. Cops and judges tend to get pissed off when they discover you were lying to them. Especially when they think you might have murdered someone.

    • No doubt they do, being fluent liars themselves. I’ve sat through a few trials, of people I knew, and I can tell you, he who lies best, wins. That’s just the way it is.

      • Exactly. And once their stupidity & incompetence were completely obvious to the public, they had to ensure some form of ‘justice’ was served.

        Right before the murder-2 charges get thrown out of court.

    • I understand judges getting mad about lies, but cops have the legal authority to lie to suspects to try to get confessions or admissions that can later be used in trials. If the police can lie with impunity, why should they get upset about people lying to them?

    • The question was not decided during the hearing. They expect the decision “early this week.”

  3. George Zimmerman, usually so full of himself, was suddenly afraid to take the stand because the judge ruled that if he wanted to make a statement he would have to answer questions from the prosecution. So his attorney advised against it, but this was his one chance to explain to the judge why he got his wife to make all those transfers of money into her account and then lie about in court. Why would the judge grant bail without at least an explanation and an apology?

    If you watch the tape of that first bond hearing you can see that Zimmerman appears completely calm while his wife lies to the judge. This is exactly what a pathological liar does and it’s the reason he passed the lie detector tests. His lawyer has his hands full – what will George and his lovely wife do next?

    • That’s what I understand that George Z. was supposing to apologize to Judge Lester, but George didn’t want be questioning by DA so, he backed down. Judge was puzzled by him like how dare he runs the courtroom. I respect Judge as he mentioned that this isn’t how it work in court. George likes to run his show the way he wants as he had been in court many times. He showed no respect in court. He wants everything his way. Sorry George, you need to do what Judge wants you to do. Judge granted you to dress in street clothes and no chains, where is your exchange of thanks to him. To me, respect to do what court system and do what DA has the right to question you (George) in Bond Hearing and Trial. Your Daddy can’t do it, Judge Lester does as he is in the chair, not your Daddy. Judge Lester can’t do anything to grant you on Bond till you do what court system does, your attorney and DA question you, George. Unless Judge Lester already makes his decision before I post this. Thank you for reading this.

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