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No question about it, if you’ve been suspending your holster with with a cheap Wally World special, you have no idea how much difference a good gun belt makes, both in comfort and support. My belt of choice is a Daltech Force Bull Hide Belt. It’s reasonably priced, tougher than year-old jerky and has 3/4-inch hole spacing for a perfect fit whether I’m toting IWB or OWB. What’s your favorite gun belt?

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DeSantis Gunhide Question of the Day: Got Kydex?">Previous Post
DeSantis Gunhide Question of the Day: Should Pot Smokers Be "Allowed" To Carry?">Next Post


  1. DM Bullard Double Thick Leather Gun Belt – Azle, Tx.

    I also like XS Sights, because they’re based out of Fort Worth.

    I try to keep things local, when I can.

  2. Exodus gunleather for sure! My friend and I each have matching 1911 holsters and mag pouches for our belts. Can’t beat them!!

    • + 100

      I have a Bullhide Belt as well. Love it. Yes, and the closer spacing is wonderful because I find I need that depending on what I am wearing.

      I also have a Magpul Original which is solid and I always take to training classes.

    • Same here. They are good. I have the synthetic version which works extremely well for inside-the-belt carry. It is something like 5 years old at this point and still looks and functions like brand new.

    • Same here. Been wearing it for years now. Ordered it 02/2012 and wear it daily. I cinch it up tight to hold my gut in and hold my weapon firm.
      I swear by the products produced by Bull Hide Belts.
      The belt I got was a Havana Grooved Edge Bridle Leather Belt with the Brass Paul Revere buckle.

    • Another vote for the beltman. His work is fantastic and he puts out a quality product that will stand up to years and years of use and abuse

  3. I use the one from Alien Gear. They ran a two holster and belt special. It’s a thick steel core belt. Works just fine.

    • I tossed one in with my first Alien Gear order a month or so ago. Seems nice so far.

      Before that I wore a Blackhawk! Instructors belt daily for about 3 years. Those are definitely stiff and they last.

  4. S.O.E Cobra buckle belt. Expensive, but worth it EDC’ed for 5 years. 1500 pounds test weight. I look like a jackass when I wear a suit, but screw it. Lol. Does anyone know of a company that uses a Alpine Cobra buckle on a leather belt? I would buy that.

  5. “a better belt” horsehide 3/4″ spacing, reinforced, for everyday iwb and pocket carry.
    lenwood (he made me a bullhide) for hunting with either of the .44mags (super blackhawk, deagle).

    • Yup! I’m wearing one now — Hank’s Amish CCW gun belts are well-made, sturdy, and priced right. And yes, I enjoy the irony of wearing an “Amish” belt to support a gun.

  6. Daltech Force double layer bullhide with 3/4 inch spacing. Been thinking about trying one of their thinner belts. Sometimes the thick belt won’t work with my work attire.

    • I have their BioBelt w/ 3/4″ spacing. It is extremely durable with almost no signs of wear in almost a year of daily use.

  7. I bought a thick leather belt at Walmart about 18 years ago (not a joke). I’ve worn it daily since. Took it on deployment with me and wore it under my DCUs, It’s still got the wear marks from that deployment and I still wear it every day. Best $10 I ever spent.

  8. Ken Null 1.5″ horsehide belt with proprietary brass hook-and-eye buckle. Matching OWB holster as well. He’s about 30 minutes away. Pretty much as local as things get around here.


  9. I’ve had a Texas CHL for going on 14 years now, and my go-to carry belt has always been a 5-stitch Wilderness Frequent Flyer (same as their “instructor” belt, but with polymer rings instead of the aluminum buckle). I cannot recommend these belts highly enough.

  10. Elite Survival Systems 1.75″, cobra buckle w/D-ring, Grey Ghost Ranger belt 1.5″ w/1″ cobra buckle, both are great belts


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