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Violence in Milwaukee

A police-involved shooting of an armed suspect fleeing a traffic stop has led to looting, arson and senseless racial violence in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It also serves as yet another example of how quickly the social order can break down, particularly in America’s cities under the Obama administration and why it’s important to carry the tools and skills with which to keep yourself and your family safe.

The suspect in Milwaukee, no stranger to the criminal justice system, died at the scene with a handgun reported stolen in a burglary in March.

A large crowd numbering about 100 began forming shortly after the incident near 44th and Auer streets.  The local NBC News station described the crowd as “protesters”, but troublemakers would prove a better description. The “protesters” threw rocks in addition to expletives at the cops, taunting law enforcement while ignoring lawful orders to disperse.

Word spread on social media and the crowds doubled in size and became more violent.

Within hours, the crowd had begun looting businesses, setting at least five of them on fire.    Gunfire prevented firefighters from responding.   Besieged employees of an affected BP filling station had to be rescued by a police department armored car before fire consumed their building.

The local media retreated from the area because of violence directed towards them from the mob.  One Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reporter got a beat down from the crowd before fleeing with other reporters and a photographer.  Other media outlets pulled reporters as well before they became victims of the crowd’s violence.

The “protesters” reportedly targeted whites for beat downs –  including reporters and passersby in vehicles.

Lessons to be learned

The violence in Milwaukee serves as another illustration of how quickly things can go sideways in our world.  The veneer of civilization is a lot thinner than most Americans might think.

It’s also a living, breathing example of why The People of the Gun should practice personal preparedness in their lives in addition to situational awareness.

For people from Rio Linda, that might include carrying your concealed carry piece. I know many people have carry licenses or the ability to carry without a license in nearly a dozen states, but don’t carry everyday.

Carry. Every day.

For those who carry a tiny pocket pistol for their personal protection needs might want to reconsider their carry choice given the changing nature of threats in America’s cities. A .380 might make a fine carry piece – as a backup to something more substantial particularly if you’re in or traveling through urban areas.

Especially if your family is traveling with you.

Yes, the best way to avoid confrontations is “to not be there”, but sometimes America’s criminal class doesn’t play by the rules. After all, they don’t call them criminals for nothing, right?

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  1. These animals are not looking for a fight, they’re looking for an easy target – like any other common criminal, street scum.

    One merely has to start firing into the herd to make the roaches scatter.

    • They’re looking for any excuse to run wild in the streets and vent their racial hatred. And how does the Racist-in-Chief respond? That we’re to blame for their racist hatred and need to be disarmed.

      • They don’t wait one second for facts to come in. If a cop shoots a black, it’s “riot time,” right now.

        • Even when, as in this case, the police officer involved was a black man. How is this a “racist killing”? And the Democrat Propaganda Ministry (not the “news media”) forgot to mention that Milwaukee has been run by Democrats for about 70 years.

    • Upping from EDC LC9S to SR9 with SR9C backup (love the capability to use the SR9 magazines!). A little extra printing, but using retention holster. Avoiding questionable areas, but flash mobs at malls still a potential hazard. Similar action (safety) that I practice. Adding 1 more magazine to EDC for now. (2 x 17). Donald J Trump comes on Tuesday. Would love to support, but too much potential for leftist violence. I will avoid.

      • Upsize your wardrobe – don’t downsize your carry gun.
        Never settle for a single-stack.

        The life you save may be your own.

        …we need to start an ad campaign based on this.

        • You know, its funny, I always held to the belief that absolutes are almost always wrong. Thankfully “Next Pres picks the Supreme Court” is here to show us one of the cases where that’s not true. See, I would have made the silly assumption that the issue is more nuanced than that, and that the algebra involved in weighing each person’s choices regarding wardrobe and carrying would be widely different across different locations, different size/shape people, different climates, different shooting abilities, different skill/training levels, and a whole host of other variables would vary wildly from person to person. But nope, apparently wearing more clothes is ALWAYS the answer, and there is NEVER any purpose ever for a single-stack gun. Good to know.

    • Every time I see rioting I can’t help but think:

      You know, a couple guys with shotguns and a bucket of #8 birdshot would make this problem disappear in 30 seconds.

      No one dies, no buildings get set on fire, and everyone goes home in one piece. A few rioters will leave with some nasty bruises and a valuable lesson about “do unto others”.

  2. Cops shouldn’t kill black thugs. Instead, cops should escort the thugs back to their own communities where they may continue to represent their communities with the level of class and dignity that the communities so richly deserve.

    OTOH, cops should continue to kill white thugs when necessary so they won’t further pollute their communities.


      • No—Mike Brown had a box of stolen Swisher Sweets. Trayvon Martin had Skittles and Watermelon Juice Cocktail. I have always wondered why the media kept saying iced tea instead of what he really had?

        • Bill Whittle has a very detailed breakdown of this on his old PJ Media show Afterburner.

          In short though 1. “Racial Sensitivity” is the overt media excuse because they did not what to stereotype black people as liking watermelon. 2. The skittles and juice drink are 2/3ds of the ingrediants for a street drug called purple drank. The media was trying to obfuscate that. Martin had day of postings looking for cough syrup, the 3rd ingrediant, as well as extensive liver damage that goes with heavy use. Obviously pointing out that he was a heavy drug user would undercut the story of him being a good boy.

          Bonus knowledge, side effects of purple drank are aggression and paranoia. Wonder if that may have played a role in things…

        • Because what he had were the ingredients for Lean – minus the cough syrup.

          Watermellon Juice + Skittles + Cough syrup = lean.

  3. there are multiple videos of the crowd calling for attacks on whites, but I’m sure the media is saying there was no racial motivation for the beat downs. This is the result of years of race baiting and the politicians in Washington DC are to blame.

    • Gotta tell you, they need to restrict their vitriol to encouraging attacks on *unarmed* whites, ‘cuz just like the cops, we will defend ourselves.

      • Cops might have to be there but the smart citizen will not be caught in such a riot. They are predictable and visible enough to avoid.

        • You would think that but its not always true. I found myself in the middle of one in St. Petersburg back in 96. Drove to a job in the area and while there cops shot a young BLM future member who was in a stolen car with narcotics on his person. When he tried to run over the cops who stopped him they shot him dead. All hell breaks out, looked like Furgason, Baltimore, etc. I drove into the middle of it before I realized what was going on. Since it was dark and I had tinted windows I was able to get out of there.

    • I believe the media is more responsible for the race baiting than the politicians. . The people in Washington talk about it but the media are the ones pushing the message out to everyone. Their job is to fact check and report on what happen, not to be biased and promote the progressive agenda. If they reported the facts then millions of idiots would not believe Ferguson was a racist incident and that he held his hands up and said don’t shoot. That lie pushed by the media started the BLM movement. After witnesses testified in court this never happen the media did not report it.

      As a country we have some major problems before things can ever get better. 1 all the corrupt politicians on both sides of the isle. 2 the media that is biased and pushes the progressive agenda. 3 the progressives that have infiltrated high ranking government positions and have taken over the education system to indoctrinate kids all the way from high school to college. When I see reports of the media getting attacked I laugh since they are the ones that created these conditions. Maybe one day the disgusting people in the MSM like Don Lemon, Bob Costas etc will fall victim to their own creation. These people lie and do all they can to try and destroy the 2nd amendment, they are more of a threat then any politician because politicians can get challenged or beat in an election, the scum on these new networks will be there for years to come.

      • The media certainly plays their part — just think of the ratings. Lets not pretend that a commercial media that relies on viewership to drive up ad content costs does not help their cause by purposely causing false or real conflicts.

        • Very true in that they profit from these headlines and probably love when they happen. However not all of them care about ratings, pushing the progressive agenda is number 1. Just look at CNN or MSNBC and how their ratings are in the tank but do they make any changes to gain more viewers? They have millionaires and billionaires that support them so they can care less about ratings. Just look at who owns and runs these networks and you will see why they are so liberal. Fox used to be ok years ago but even they have gone downhill. Now with his radical kids taking over it will become just as bad as MSNBC.

          Just look at how they covered the GOP convention VS the DNC or any of Hillary’s rallies. I have not heard a single story reported about the father of the Orlando shooting sitting right behind Clinton at the rally. When questioned by right wing outlets they lie about how he got so close to her. They personally choose who sits behind them so they can make it look good for the cameras, when choosing these people they have to be screened and vetted so they know exactly who he was. I don’t care for Trump but if he had done something like this they would talk about it 24 hours a day and do their own investigations into it.

  4. “Anti white race riots broke out in Milwaukee, today, following weeks of racial agitation by the president, who infamously told the families of the Dallas police massacre to accept their share of the blame for what happened to them.”

    That would be the headline, in a sane world.

    But no, Trump must have gotten a middle eastern looking guy to assassinate an imam even though imams are regularly targeted by ISIS.

    Yay. Media!

  5. No mother should have to fear for the life or her son just because he stole a car and a gun, and then ran from the cops while brandishing a weapon!


    • Its really the veneer of civility on top of savagery.

      The fact that the majority of blacks have failed to integrate, and black society exists as a separate world within the greater construct of a a civil, western society,they are in fact and application, barbarians within the gates.

      When you let barbarians insides the city, the city burns.

      Desegregation and integration have not been a winning recipe for either white or black society.

      • “When you let barbarians insides the city, the city burns.”

        All the more ominous considering the instructions from the White House to force wealthy areas to accept HUD section 8 housing or lose federal funds, thereby effectively ‘exporting’ crime into suburbia.

        At the start of his administration, Obama said he intended to “fundamentally transform America.”

        Obama is making good on that threat. Not by encouraging upward mobility, but by dragging every everybody else down to a lower level. That is the progressive idea of ‘fairness’.

        If you haven’t read this article, it is well worth your time:

        • The wealthy have been attempting to “clean up” (aka, move the poor folks out) the downtown urban centers for years… Where else can the riffraff go, but the burbs?

          The well-to-do want downtown for themselves.

        • “instructions from the White House to force wealthy areas to accept HUD section 8 housing or lose federal funds”

          Why in hell do “wealthy areas” receive “federal funds” in the first place? Because free money makes us slaves to uncle sugar.

        • The well-to-do used to prefer living downtown.

          Then crime began to rise, and the affluent left the inner city for the suburbs. This was viciously derided as ‘white flight’, and they complained loudly and bitterly about it.

          Now, the affluent are beginning to return to inner city. That is now viciously derided as ‘Gentrification’, as property values rise and the poor are evicted.

          So, what do they want the affluent to do, leave or stay in the inner city?

          It seems there is no way to make them happy…

        • It is Obamas plan for social engineering. They tried this years ago and it failed massively, even government reports admit it was a massive failure. The reason the democrats want to do this is they hope to gain more power in these areas. The republican party now has the most power and control of the country at the state level than they have ever had in over 100 years. The democrats win the big cites and that is it but when you go anywhere outside the city especially the suburbs its all GOP. The States are supposed to have more power than the federal government according to the constitution and they can take it back if they vote to form a Convention of the States. So the obama can care less about poor people, to him they are just pawns in his game to gain more control.

      • The thing I’ve never understood is why do the barbarians loot and burn in their own neighborhood? They’re pissed at the man, so let’s burn our own hood? Never made sense to me?
        I say contain them and let them burn it to the ground and make them continue to live there!

        • Because they know fora fact when they try and leave their area whites (and non whites who want live rather then exist) will mow them down.

  6. Due to the BLMUSBB uprisings (Black lives matter unless shot by blacks) I have changed by carry gun from 45 to higher capacity 9mm for the additional rounds

  7. The culture of American ghettos and ghetto life is very much like that of third world nations. The only difference is ghettos in America are filled with people who feel entitled. That sense of entitlement seems lend itself well to the lawlessness and uncivilized conduct demonstrated by many members of those communities. What is ironic is the constant pleas for more funding and relief from “the system” while actively cursing the taxpayers who fund said “system” and anyone who represents it, such as law enforcement. If the man or white people are so bad…….quit begging us for money and begging us to fix your mistakes.

    • +1. This is what happens when your nation’s poor have a higher quality of life with greater access to goods, services, and utilities than poor people all over the world. Being on welfare is supposed to suck. Living off it alone is supposed to make you feel so miserable that you have to find a job, work hard, and *GASP!* eventually get off welfare for the rest of your life. People used to do this, but that was when hard work formed the cornerstone of American culture.

      • “This is what happens when your nation’s poor have a higher quality of life with greater access to goods, services, and utilities than poor people all over the world.”

        Good point. This is also the exact phenomenon that’s causing the migration from the Middle East and Africa to Europe. Economic migrants come to Europe looking for an easy life of endless welfare payments. One reported cause of urban violence from economic migrants is their disappointment at not getting paid enough. Getting to Europe ain’t at all cheap so the people coming from the Middle East and Africa cannot be said to be poor. In particular one manifestation of rising relative wealth in the poorest African nations is that millions of their citizens can now afford to make the journey to a coastline and then pay people smugglers to transport them to Italy or Greece where they hope to go on to Germany or the UK and a more comfortable life on public welfare.

  8. Five years ago the thought of a dedicated truck gun was silly to me. Now I think it is a good idea.

    • Just start carrying a high cap gun, IMHO.

      These folks are not SEALs, they’re criminal opportunist, only embolden by their mob numbers.

    • “Five years ago the thought of a dedicated truck gun was silly to me. Now I think it is a good idea.”

      A carbine with a folding stock is ideal for that use. Like a Mini-14, for example.

      Think along the lines of the ‘tank crew’ M-14’s in WW II…

    • Besides my daily carry I have a full size 9mm with spare mags under my front seat locked in a small safe that’s attached to the seat frame. Its a just in case I find myself in the middle of another BLM fire sale.

  9. The chiefs of police and fire should pull their people out of that neighborhood and let the good “citizens” fend for themselves.

    • The only problem with that plan is that there ARE good people stuck there.

      They should just be sacrificed?

  10. The chiefs of police and fire should pull their people out of that neighborhood and let the good citizens fend for themselves.

  11. What’s this? Police in an armored vehicle rescued folks from the heart of the storm? But, but……That’s unpossible. Folks right here have told me that the cops are going to look out for themselves and take no chances on our behalf.

    • The police are a good fall back in such situations but an AR-15 per employee and a few hundred rounds each would have likely been a preventative measure.

      • Oh, yes. I do believe the citizens have the right to the same gear the cops have. But in the back of my mind I’m glad to know there’s an agency that will come to my aid if I’m in over my head.

        Most of us citizens are working as individuals. A mob comes to loot and burn and we’re on our own. Do we call 911 or our good buddy bernie at the range to come help?

        I should be able to fight back with the expectation that the cops are doing their best to get there to me.

    • The people here have said that police response is hit or miss at best. Maybe they roll in with armored vehicles. Maybe they sit outside the club and sit on their thumbs for three hours.

      The issue isn’t that sometimes they aren’t completely useless, but that you never know what their response will be. You wouldn’t accept that kind of reliability out of a firearm, even one just used for sporting purposes. Why rely on it out of a police department when your life depends on it?

    • No one ever said it was impossible, or even unlikely. It appears that this issue involved a Bearcat (not mil surplus) and a SWAT team. So, exactly what they are supposed to do versus every cop having their squad car replaced with an MRAP. Also looks like the National Guard has been activated once things progressed beyond ‘an isolated incident’.

      Good to see yet another ‘civil’ discussion with our fellow BLM-minded citizens… ugh, sickens me to even *sarcastically* call them citizens…

  12. great point re concealed carry. I’ve been using the S&W Bodyguard .380 for several years. fits comfortable in my pocket. But in light of recent events, I just upgraded to the H&K P30sk.

  13. Traffic stop?

    What does that really mean?

    I wish the Chiefs of Police, and their spokespeople, could come up with more precise terminology so that it was apparent whether:

    A: Somebody failed to signal a lane change. (And had an apparent disinclination to undergo a records check.)

    B: A known person of interest or suspect was observed by the patrol officer.

    C: A felony warrant was being served in the “stake them out” manner rather than the “kick in the door” manner.

    Sure, everyone is supposed to put their hands on the wheel and call the officer “sir.” But knowing just what was meant by “traffic stop” might give all us Monday morning quarterbacks a better idea of how hard the officer ought to have been chasing the person, and how reasonable it was to resort to lethal force to consummate the chase.

    • While it would be nice to know the original violation, there are some very serious dirtbags in this world who have been located and arrested for no licenses plates, speed, and busted tail lights. I know because I’ve done it.

      Do I agree with crappy tickets for 32 in a 25? Of course not. But finding criminals out of simple infractions is also very useful.

      For the record, I’ve never stopped anyone for 32 in a 25.

      • When on night shift we regularly stopped cars for broken taillights and rolling stops after 2am just so we could look in the car while giving the driver a warning. Nothing to see? No problem, go on your way and drive carefully.

  14. If Hillary wins the election, expect this behavior to accelerate, at the same time our gun rights are taken away. Something all of the “Never Trumpers” should think long and hard about.

    • Meanwhile, Trump is champing at the bit to snatch your First Amendment rights, something all of you “Trump’s not that bad, and certainly not worse than Hillary-ers” need to think about.

      Face it, America is over. The singing hasn’t quite started, bu the fat cankle lady is warming up. All that’s left is to manage the coming breakup of the country: peaceful, thoughtful, legal and constitutional dissolution, or something else foolish and undesirable. One way or another, it’s coming, and in YOUR lifetime.

      • That’s a stretch. Trump hates lefty progressive “journalists.” And they hate him right back. I’m totally with Trump on that. In fact, I’ve got Trump stickers on my car and Trump flags in front of my house. Not only am I refreshingly right wing, but I don’t mind offending lefties.

  15. Has Sheriff Clarke from Milwaukee COUNTY weighed in? Lowlife thugs gotta’ gangbang. Oh I agree with higher CC capacity. But ALWAYS having that tiny 380 in your pocket is a helluva’ lot better than an empty pocket…

  16. Speaking of pocket pistols, has anybody found a true pocket revolver, in anything larger than .22?

    Took a look at the LCR in both .380 and 9, and it’s a little to big to really be pocketable without printing.

    • Katy, as the size and mass of a tiny revolver shrinks, the *pain* in shooting it goes *way* up.

      I don’t know what your daily attire consists of, if you are a skirt wearer, an elastic thigh holster offers excellent concealability. That makes guns like a single-stack 9mm usable…

  17. The thing is they know better than to take the riot to the white neighborhood. Question. If you’re White when are you taking your outrage anywhere? When are you going to stop looking where “the Man” tells you to look? Whites have been mistreated in America since it began. Not by the Indians, not by the Black slaves, not by the Chinese laborers. By whom? Who sent your jobs to China? But really? Wake up! A man who is White sends your job off shore for his profit. You think, “I can’t criticize him I may be rich one day.” Meanwhile we buy cheap goods at Walmart while our jobs are gone. When are you going to ask the real question? Turn around and think. You’re a bad @&& American Hero and he scares you with “here come the Mexicans and here comes ISIS.” Think about this. Realize that perhaps you are being lied to for the profit. (While your brothers were fighting in Iraq, Cheney was cutting Veterans’ benefits.) Look that up. Whose side was he on?

        • I love that bit, it really does show the vast cultural chasm that existed even then.

          You know a guy by the name of Rev Abernathey wanted the funds for the Apollo Program to be wasted on welfare, it is sick to see his vision won out. 22 Trillion wasted on welfare for Americans (and imported hordes) while we stagnate on Earth…

          For half a Trillion we could have teraformed Mars, instead we created, imported, and funded leftist voter blocs and for what?

  18. Here’s my concern about this:

    This is deeply rooted in race problems. You can see that in the videos that emerged on social media this morning of crowds of black guys yelling “Dey white, get dey ass!” as a mob commenced to physically attack and in at least a couple cases beat the living hell out of someone just for being white.

    So what happens if the person they attack happens to be a CCW permit holder who ventilates a few of these thugs? Well, I’d like to think that the crowd would scatter like roaches, the cops would come, declare it a good shoot and that would be the end of it. However, I don’t think that will be the end of it. I think that a lot of these people have been so fired up by the recent BLM narrative that the CCW shoot will be spun as a racist multiple murder where a white guy was “hunting” blacks. I’m positive that certain elements within the media will run with that narrative while the far Left rags try to tie it all to a larger, culturally acceptable racist attitude towards blacks that’s pervasive and generally unspoken (white privilege).

    Given the way things have been going in the last couple of years, that might cause a certain subset of these retards to say that giving someone a beat down isn’t safe and simply start shooting non-blacks the way that Imam got murdered in NYC yesterday.

    If that happens, if it happens, who knows what happens afterwards? Things could go sideways on a much larger level very, very rapidly. Now, I don’t want to get all tinfoil hat here but ask yourself this: If things went sideways in this way, how long do you think gun rights will survive once the government feels the urge to “do something”?

    • Somehow it’s become a right to riot and destroy property, no matter what the event or circumstances.

      How do you walk that back?

    • It takes a small amount of additional effort to wipe my EDC ammo of fingerprints, keeps them from corroding don’cha know. Do you?

      • Definitely. Oil is the enemy of magazines.
        But there are cameras everywhere. Literally, everywhere,

      • No. I don’t bother wiping down my casings. I’m not Agent 47 and I’m not interested in making myself look even more suspicious to the cops or a prosecutor if I do have to shoot someone.

        • Thumbs up for the Agent 47 drop.

          Its better to not leave any thing behind you need not leave. More over how is lack of fingerprints any cause for any kind of worry.

          Is being clean a crime? More over it would give you alot of grounds for a malicious prosecution counter suit.

        • In a country where people have been prosecuted (unsuccessfully) for shooting a home invader with a handloaded “Frankenstein” bullet that the prosecution argued was meant to be more lethal than commercial loads I’m not going to take chances by doing things that make me look like I watch too many movies about assassins.

          I’ll come right out and say that I think that most Americans are ignorant if not half-retarded.

          To them, after a shooting the question of “Why did you take proactive measures to make sure there were no fingerprints on your casings?” is a legitimate question that puts you in a tough spot when you have to explain yourself to people who don’t know a damn thing about firearms. Now you’re trying to explain why you did something your average idiot associates with John Wick, Jason Bourne or The Professional. Those are not questions you want to try to explain to a DA or a jury especially when the DA is politically motivated and trying to nail you on a “You provoked a confrontation so you could kill someone you sick racist fuck” case.

          Look at Zimmerman and the Baltimore PD. Those were political show trials designed to avoid riots. If a conviction came out of them well, those people were gonna be the sacrificial lamb to placate the mob that “needed space to destroy”. I don’t see the point in doing things that cast doubt on you as a good and law abiding person who was unfortunate enough to be forced into a DGU. That’s the last place you want to be answering “If you’re so upstanding, why are you doing things like a professional assassin?” type questions.

          Policing your brass after a legit self-defense shooting is even sketchier. Bare minimum they’ll nail you for evidence tampering if you do get caught. And since you’re not a hardened criminal pulling a shooting at the time and place of your choosing it’s likely that you will be caught.

          In a country where it’s viewed as suspicious that someone doesn’t instantly dial 911 to get an agent of the state to save them you can bet that wiping down fingerprints of policing your brass is going to get a lot of attention, attention you don’t want.

        • Here in my state we have some extremely stupid laws when it comes to protection. If someone invades your home you first have to escape the home and call 911 and allow them to rob you. If you shoot the intruder and don’t show you attempted to avoid confrontation then you will be charged.

          A friend of mine owns a small business and had been robbed twice so he decided to buy a gun and got his CCW. A guy walks in and points a gun in his face in an attempted robbery. The owner shot the guy and he later died from the wound. He was arrested and the DA is deciding if they will charge him but in the mean time the courts are allowing the family of the robber to sue him for millions. We don’t have stand your ground or the castle doctrine here. Yet we have almost no restrictions on what you can buy and it is legal to open carry.

          I agree with you I believe the majority of Americans are severely mentally challenged. They are distracted by their phones and TV to care about anything else. They also believe everything they see or read on the internet. They will use FaceBook post as facts. This how BLM and the riots on this article got so big and attracted so many idiots, through social media.

    • “However, I don’t think that will be the end of it. I think that a lot of these people have been so fired up by the recent BLM narrative that the CCW shoot will be spun as a racist multiple murder where a white guy was “hunting” blacks.”

      All it takes is for there to be the “right” kind of prosecutor and government for this to happen. Look what happened in the Trayvon Martin case in Florida or in the police trials in Baltimore. Hell, for that matter, look what’s happened to the bikers in Waco!

  19. There has been 50+ years of government cheese and this is the result.
    The answer to this problem is not a pretty one.

  20. Okay, if you live in a city like that maybe it’s time to retire the 5 shot snubby, and start carrying a Wondernine.

    Unless getting hauled out of your car and beaten up appeals to you.

  21. Overheard in an urban setting somewhere:

    “I got it! How about #BlackHomeBurglarizingOfficerFleeingOfficerThreateningOfficerImpendingMurderingLivesMatter for a hashtag?

    Naww….that’s too long. Let’s shave some wording the way we shade the truth and just shorten it to #BlackLivesMatter”

  22. Two friends and myself could stop this in less than 10 minutes. The only reason it might take that long is the time to chase em down after our shooting starts.

    Go ahead, let’s get this race war fired up.

    • In 1914 they said the war would be over by xmas.

      Fetterman said that with 80 soldiers he could ride roughshod over the sioux. He had 82. Guess how many made it back to the fort?

      Your kind of stupid gets people killed.

      • They also claimed “diversity is a strength” and ‘immigration makes America stronger, wealthly, and freer”…Love of delusions is the root of all evil.

        • What has this or your comment below got to do with a dumbass believing 3 men can run roughshod over a riot?

          If you want a war, have at it. But don’t be stupid or you’ll lose before the first shot is fired. I’ve had my war. It wasn’t anything like the virgins expect.

      • And only fools think war can be avoided.

        Only fools think importing people from non compatible cultures and that have non compatible political views can co exist and share the same government.

  23. What is going to take for white people to wake up and realize that they are now targets for these cowardly animals who only attack in groups? I used to be concerned for my fellow man who chose not to carry or thought the police would protect them. Now I could care less. If you are not willing to defend your family, your life, your property, then reap what you sow. The animal that thinks it will hurt me or mine is going to die. Period.

  24. *** For those of you who have not lived in the ghetto… but think you know all about those blacks and latinos… ***

    I grew up in Washington, D.C. …I went to college in New York and Miami, and then moved to Arizona.

    I’ve lived next door to and with black people all my life… I am not black; I’m Asian. I live in a Mexican ghetto right now, and have for four years… keeping a low overhead in a ghetto apartment, to fund my kid’s tenure through college in San Diego, so she does not have to carry student loans for years thereafter.

    Some of what you all (the many of you who commented and nodded as you read along…) think about poor people and the “thugs” is true. The worst kept “secret” in the world is that too many are far too dependent on the government, and there are plenty of lazy ass gravy trainer losers around. Everybody likes “free stuff,” but that’s not very race-dependent. It’s learned behavior, and/or a character issue.

    But when I read y’alls comments… I don’t think it is necessarily racist, just somewhat ignorant and prejudiced (meaning you’re pre judging about many things you think you understand, but may not actually know much about in reality…).

    Living in the black neighborhood, with genuine black people, you learn much about them. Up the road from here, I rented half a house from a black woman, who liked much that I was armed. She considered it a blessing. She, and so many others in the neighborhood who went to work every damn day… they just despise the “thugs” and the lazy leeches. They don’t want anything to do with criminals or criminal behavior– it is never-ending plague to the quality of their lives. And these good people are so much a bigger portion of the black populace than you think.

    Part of the reason there are so many black criminals is because: the cops go to where the calls are! Y’all certainly don’t send the cops there. And who do you think calls them? The calls come from WITHIN THESE BLACK NEIGHBORHOODS, from black people. Hard working people who are plagued by recidivist criminals and their “thug life.”

    But when you think that, and you’re not wrong necessarily– remember, please, who the Americans are who are most affected by these criminals. And know, most of that community feels the same as y’all do about the thugs.

    We had the cops come to our street every week, at a minimum. We even had a shooting at our house (a startled burglar shot a relative who dropped in to visit… he got away, and our friend survived…). Unfortunately, sometimes the thugs are “interwoven” within the immediate and extended family networks of many very good hard working people. My friend/landlady’s brothers– one was a drunk, the other a crackhead. She changed the locks 3-4 times a year, called the cops on her brothers constantly… but her mother also lived in the neighborhood— another fine American. And the boys could just not stay away… they were losers, and everything bad you’d think about them would be right. It was always tense for us when they were being released. Yet still, these good people tried their hardest to work hard and live normal American lives. Why most of the children turned out to be good citizens, but the pair of brothers did not… it is a complicated thing, probably, lots of reasons…. But these other people from this family, I’m telling you, they were smart, driven, and the furthest thing from the “thugs” of the area. And yet they still had to live with this plague– affected far more than most of you would be by it.

    The Mexicans in my current neighborhood… there are a handful of brazen, apathetic, near-sociopathic youth. And absolutely, some of them are downright dangerous (e.g., I had one try to bum a cigarette, and when I told him I didnt smoke, he said FU, and returned a few minutes later to throw a brick at my head… then he ran away). Yet, many, if not most, of these neighborhood people are the same as y’all. They despise these criminals. They pull their hair out constantly fed up with the behavior of some of their neighbors’ relatives. They go to work every day (…and my god, these Mexicans work insane hours for far far less than you or I would…), and they try so hard to raise decent kids. Almost all of them try to attend or send their kids to the community college, then to University. Yes– most of them are here because of some relation to illegals– and y’all, WE, are not wrong about their illicit entry into our country. Yet, they were born here… anchor babies or not… they didn’t choose that, their parents/grandparents did. And they make the best of their American citizenship. I don’t know how we solve that… I do know it must change; unfiltered illegal immigration does no good for us Americans.

    Overall Point being: these communities are not nearly as simplistic as many of you believe. There are a hell of a lot of good, hard working Americans in the ghettos and barrios. So many, many of these blacks and latinos have come back to these communities from serving in the US military (as enlisted personnel– they volunteered and are very proud). Indeed, we have a heavy criminal and heavy police presence. The police come to my apartment complex at least twice a month. But it is WE who call them (constantly).. we try to work togther to get these fkn assholes back in jail… it’s a long and tedious process. But it absolutely involves most of the good black and latino Americans in these neighborhoods. (I have personally sat in court with some of them and testified during eviction and criminal hearings to make our neighborhoods better by ejecting criminals….)

    Final thoughts: The cops respect our right to be armed. And I do not understand this part about many older black and latino families… many just don’t see the value in self-protection and guns; they fear guns, they support gun control. However, many of the new younger people do exercise our 2nd Amendment right to keep and bear; especially the new veterans. It’s very encouraging. This is Arizona, after all… but listen, if you see one of these black or latino people open carrying– he may just be on your side. And if so, I can guarantee you, he has a chip on his shoulder about the thugs who ruin our communities more than y’all can possibly know.

    I know there must be some of you out there who relate exactly what I am saying here. Stay safe.

    • Wrong, they are simplistic as are the solutions to the problems we face.

      Of course they support gun control, thy are r/ Selected people who support trading their rights (and yours) for a welfare check and love the idea of disarming “mean racist whitey” because of “muh slavery” or “muh immigration laws/border crossed us”.

      Just because the young ones support the 2nd does not mean anything if they vote Democratic. A gun owner that votes Democratic/supports mass immigration is like a man who waters the try that will hung him.

      • I definitely didn’t expect reading comprehension from a certain segment… and yet I still blurted out, “Huhhh?” I’m gonna go with: ya, it was long and a lot of folks’ eyes are sure to glaze over… especially if they already know all there is to know about the world. Yup.

        Something is simplistic, of that I am certain… but this ain’t the same conversation.

        Stay safe from them libbrulls, bud.

    • I can see your point but I can’t relate to a lot of what you say. I am a minority who has always lived in the ghetto and even though I am well off I choose to live where i grew up anyway. I know everyone around me so I never have to worry about being a victim of a crime. You are correct that living off the government is taught and not a culture or race thing. I see it in my own family who pass it down to their children.

      Of course there are some good people in these neighborhoods, which is why I choose to still live here. My city was recently ranked as the 5th most dangerous city in the country. All of my friends are either black or New Mexican like me, some of them convicted felons as well. The stereotypes exist for a reason and the blacks and my race only have ourselves to blame for it.

      You have it backwards when you claim these people think they understand but really don’t. To back up your point you talk about all the good people that live in these neighborhoods. As I said before of course there are plenty of good people but a lot of them are enablers and that is a cultural thing. You see the youth that are the thugs have family, family that you would consider good hard working people but they know exactly what their kids are doing and don’t do anything about it. They love them no matter what and will do anything to protect them. I have had friends that have murdered people and their mom would lie to he cops for as long as she could to protect her son. Or what about the others that are good people that you claim don’t like these thugs? Why are they not doing anything about it and running them out or fighting back?

      A big part of why these places continue to get worse is the lack of parenting. Young girls and woman get pregnant and are selfish and don’t really teach their kids any discipline. Often aunts, uncles or grandma helps raise them until they are old enough to go to school and then that is who raises them. Mom is out having fun because why should having a kid prevent her from pleasure? Dad is no where to be found. Then when this kid grows up to be a criminal it is not his fault, he is a victim of a broken family so everyone in his family excuses his behavior. Then when it catches up to him they blame it on the cops or racism.

      You may have lived around these people but I grew up and they are my people. Except I was too intelligent to be indoctrinated by liberalism, also I can think logically and see we are to blame. This is the consequence of our actions. The democrat party doesn’t help and actually makes things worse. They practice modern day slavery by keeping these people on government programs and use threats that the evil republicans will leave them on the streets if they vote for them. Most are not educated and are too dumb to realize the democrats have had control of this state for 70 years and it has only gotten worse yet they continue to vote for them.

      • I agree with very much of what you pointed out…most actually. Bearing in mind, my comment was to simply balance another side of the picture to the neighborhoods, not necessarily discuss the “why” as you have. You tell it a lot like it is, true enough. And, as we both know then– because we choose to live here, the like minded will usually always attract… just like the criminals, good people will end up knowing good folks, and I guess we’d probably be neighbors. But all in all, I understand exactly what you’re saying. Stay safe.

        • DD …in fact, you are precisely the character of person I imagined when I mentioned that the good people in our neighborhoods really are fed up with the criminal nonsense of certain people. Right you are that there are a lot of enablers– but there are also a bunch that get it– that would echo your thoughts almost exactly. The feeders and the breeders… yeah, they have lots of enablers. …it is frustrating for many people.

        • Mert another reason the good people don’t stand up is because in the ghetto we play by a different set of rules. You never call the cops or you will be labeled a rat. Once you have that label you are a target and you may pay with your life. I did stupid things in my teens but I went to college and realized that is not the life I wanted to live. Even though I am a good person now I still would never call the cops. I will take care of things on my own if needed. Besides the cops are not the answer to clean up these places. The answer is a change in leadership from the government and the public school system. If we can educate kids so that they can choose a better life then they will not make poor choices and have children they never take care that grow up to be criminals. I blame the democrats and feminism for this. Democrats promote sex and doing whatever pleases you. Feminism also promotes and celebrates woman who sleep around. Feminism also promotes the hatred of men and how they are not needed anymore. All children need a mother and a father figure. If we can manage to put the traditional family back then a lot of these problems would go away. Look how much you love and what you do for your children. I don’t know if you are male or female or single or married but you are there for your kids. I can guarantee almost every troubled youth does not have a parent that cares for them like you do for yours.

  25. Let’s be realistic here. These are not people expressing justified anger over some excess of the police, these are criminal thugs and scum using anything they can get as an excuse to loot and be criminals egged on by Obama and the Liberal agenda.

  26. For those of us in big cities, is it now a gun with 15 rounds or more a must? A lot of people don’t like the Glock 17. If I lived in a state with constitutional carry and limited prohibitions, I would drop my cool, skin tight hipster clothes and go with the military look to have clothes that easily accommodate big guns in multiple places. The savages are now in groups and it seems that a revolver or a seven round S and W shield may no longer be enough to stop a group attack. I wonder if police grade pepper spray with a revolver would be equal to a high capacity pistol.

    • Glocks are not the only pistols that have magazine capacities greater than 15 rounds.

      With many companies like S&W, Ruger, Springfield, Beretta, SIG, CZ, FN, H&K, Browning, Walther, Turkish imports, Italian imports, and a whole slew of others out there there making pistols that meet and/or exceed what Glock does there is no excuse that one can’t find an autoloading handgun to fit their needs.

    • I can fight through police grade pepper spray. I was snorting it off of s napkin last night to help clear up s sinus infection. I’m not Jason Bourne, just one of the people who’ve been desensitized to OC (Oleoresin of Capsicum) and tear gas from my time in law enforcement and in the Marine Corps.

      In a less lethal encounter, less lethal weapons *might* work. If things are really sporty, a lot of ammo is the way to go. The only “less lethal” weapon I regularly carry of duty is a good Benchmade knife. The Mrs. carries OC spray and / or a Taser C2 because she doesn’t have a carry permit.

  27. Criminals are emboldened by weakness. Hitler didn’t take power by being weak, and Saddam Hussein didn’t take Iraq in a coup by playing nice. Violent people will use any excuse to justify their behavior, and if you don’t meet them with force, they will continue. Western society has thought that coddling criminals would solve the problem, but it hasn’t solved anything.

  28. Australia here. (Feel free to make fun of our draconian gun laws).

    So… when is your president going to remind African Americans that they should seriously consider obeying the law? Most of the BLM martyrs have been shady characters at best. The violence and general mahem of BLM supporters is completely unjustified.

    He can’t let this madness slide whilst also questioning the second amendment.

    This whole situation is nuts.

  29. I know the comments are a few days old but I wanted to add something. I live about 45 minutes from the area of the riots. The “suburbs” you could say. I wanted to make sure everyone saw the video that has been on the internet of the Sister of the “victim”.

    I will let you decide where exactly the problem is.

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