Can 200 Layers of Tyvek Stop a 3″ Magnum Shotgun Slug?

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What will Magnum shotgun slugs do to a Tyvek system of body armor? We’ve got just the guy to test it.

This video shows some special Tyvek targets (set up by Greg, TAOFLEDERMAUS’ test shooter) which included 200 layers. See what happens and whether it could serve as armor.


  1. avatar Accur81 says:

    Federal slugs are legit. There’s really not much out there that can replace Kevlar / Spectra.

  2. avatar ArizonaRanger says:

    Really? More auto-play videos? Is it so hard to have TAOFLEDERMAUS’ videos play though a YouTube player? Also, do none of TTAGs writers or editors read the comments saying we don’t want auto-play videos. It seems to all be coming from WideOpenSpaces, so either have them stop with the auto-play videos, or find someone else to re-post from other blogs and post substanceless product ads.

    1. avatar Texheim says:

      They don’t care about the comments because we keep clicking on the damned post to say how much we hate the auto play. All they care about is the clicks. If we, all those that hate auto play, stop clicking and commenting then maybe they’ll listen.

      1. avatar Terclinger says:

        Try MickeyD styrofoam.

    2. avatar Tim says:

      They don’t autoplay in my browser.

    3. avatar AMP says:

      Add this filter to AdBlock:
      It works for me (Chrome).
      [And now let’s see if they “censor” my post.]

  3. avatar Bob15 says:

    When you post a video that clearly shows the results there’s really no need to make the headline a question. Unless this is just clickbait. At least you didn’t say “And see what happens at layer 88!”

    1. avatar Weskyvet says:

      Better title
      ” He shoots 200 layers of Tyvek with a 3″ magnum assault shotgun. When they get to layer 199 I’m blown away!”

  4. avatar YourNameHere says:

    Remember when TTAG wasn’t a fucking clickbait site on top of having clickbait ads out the to yang? Pepperidge Farm remembers.

    Really need to remove this nonsense from my news feed. Anyone have a better… Well, bad phrasing. Anyone have a favorite better site?

    1. avatar former water walker says:

      Ummm…no I don’t remember. Been around for neatly 4 years and lurked longer. I RARELY click on video’s. And 3″ magnum slugs will leave a mark 😋

      1. avatar 16v says:

        As someone who has been here (on and off) since about week 2, I can assure you things have, umm, progressed.

  5. avatar Stinkeye says:

    Can 300 loaves of bread stop a .276 Pedersen? Who gives a shit?

  6. avatar Sian says:


    There, saved you 5 minutes.

    1. avatar FedUp says:

      Danke Schoen.

      There’s no video on my screen, autoplay or otherwise.
      Apparently my internet protections are adequate.

  7. avatar BradP says:

    Veni, vidi, I sinistram
    (I came, I saw an autoplay video start, I left)

    I’ll try again next week!

  8. avatar Gov. William J Le Petomane says:

    The answer my friend
    is Tyvek in the wind
    the answer is Tyvek in the wind

    Bob Dylan – very loosely paraphrased…

  9. avatar James says:

    With my luck, I’d miscount and have only 175 layers… (sigh)

  10. avatar D-Day says:

    What happens to internal organs even if this powerful slug were stopped by this stuff or whatever? Home invaders increasingly use body armor, from the cheap stuff to AR-500 plates. That’s why I bought two ARs and why I’m looking for something better to kill AR-500 plates.

  11. avatar little horn says:

    ugh, more stupid, useless youtube crap.

  12. avatar Hank says:

    If shotguns didn’t exist ‘TooFatterDouche” would have to invent them.

  13. avatar IdahoBoy says:

    Who cares?

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